Is Arteta setting up his Arsenal Dream Team for next season? How we will line up..

Is Arteta trying to build a dream team at Arsenal?

Several names have been thrown in the Arsenal ring of transfer targets and fans have been making their picks for a very long time.

With the Gunners on the verge of qualification for Europe’s most illustrious competition, the Champions League, you would expect that the club will plan to recruit some of the biggest names in Europe.

Three names which have strongly been linked to a switch to the Emirates Stadium are Man City duo Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling, and Leicester’s Youri Tielemans.

There is no doubt that the trio can immediately lift the level of the current team.

All of them are at the peak of their powers and still have plenty left on their tank to play at the highest level.

A starting eleven of Aaron Ramsdale, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Ben White, Gabriel, Kieran Tierney, Thomas Partey, Youri Tielemans, Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus is worthy of fighting for the title in my opinion.

If we can add depth to this squad, it will only strengthen the cause.

With European football already guaranteed, the Gunners are need of some good squad depth.

Last summer’s business is reaping rewards, but the club’s hierarchy can’t rest on their laurels just now. Especially if they make it to the Champions League.

Bringing in the right characters to the dressing room would also be a major part of the discussion at London Colney.

Arsenal finally appear to be heading the right way, after a disappointing decade under the full ownership of the Kroenkes.

Every department at the club now seem to be working in tandem and with great effectiveness. Even though it has been frustrating in the past few years, at least now there are some noticeable good signs.

I just can’t wait for the summer transfer window and the journey beyond. This Arsenal team, on and off the pitch, has made me believing!

Yash Bisht

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  1. Sterling is a weak player in a sense that if the team is not doing well, Sterling is the first one to throwing in the towel. Very similar to Özil in that sense.

    Its the kind of player we definitely don’t need as these youngish players need leadership. There’s nothing in Sterling that oozes me with confidence or leadership.

    1. Agree – no Sterling for me either.
      You can add, he is a bit of a “diver”. Don’t want to see that in Arsenal shirt.

  2. Jesus and Sterling would improve us massively, but Tielemans? No, No No for me, but who am I to make that decision. The manager and the club are both responsible for that.
    He’s way worse than Xhaka when he’s not with the ball FFS.
    Even with the ball he doesn’t progress the ball more than Xhaka does. Except I’m crazy, can someone please tell me how Tielemans is better than Xhaka?
    Or am I the only one who watches him play?
    Again, getting Madison for the Left 8 position would be a masterstroke.
    The issue would be his fee, but you can’t tell me a double 8 of Madison and Ødegaard with Partey as 6 won’t be a deadly and creative trio?
    Not Tielemans FFS!

    1. Tielemans has been quite bad this season..

      Aurelien Tchouameni is the midfielder we need. Reminds me the most of Vieira than any other player I’ve seen.

      He’s got height and the physicality, thunderous shot, amazing at winning the ball back. Good wide passing range as well. Already 2 full seasons for Monaco and capped several times by France despite just turning 22.

      Won’t be cheap, but if we could go back in time and buy Kante before Leicester did, wouldn’t we do it?

  3. Sterling and Gabriel. No
    I can only take Gabriel the rest should stay with city or move somewhere else

  4. I don’t see how the club can afford all 3 of those players
    That outlet would surely hit another 150 million spent just on 3 players .
    If we are going to go big I would personally go for gnarbry who apparently is off (mane to Bayern )
    Now that would be a statement maybe along with Bowen from West Ham who’s getting better and better each season .

      1. Yea I think he’s fantastic
        I saw him play live as a youngster for hereford ,then didn’t really follow him until these last couple seasons ,kind of player I see Klopp signing .

    1. but isnt he a winger ?
      he barely plays a no9

      no doubt he is a quality player, but his arrival would hit esr n martinelli’s game time

      it might hinder there development too

  5. There are a lot of tall players out there, besides Sterling and Youri offer less, buy Nkunku instead and the Monaco midfielder or Lucas Ocampus or Lucas pasquet of Lyon.

  6. @Eddie
    I’m with you on the Tielemans deal. When he played at Anderlecht, he was fire. At Monaco he shined somewhat. But at LC, he seems more like a passenger.
    To be fair, I’m not and never was convinced by either Sterling or Jesus. Everyone else around them make them look amazing…They lack the fighting spirit we need, in my opinion…IJS

  7. Thank goodness y’all slating Sterling and Tielemans are nothing more than keyboard warriors.your arrogance is mind boggling.Tielemans and even Raheem are both better players and upgrade on our present players in their respective your eyes,no player is good enough to play for AFC…SMH

    1. @Terrah Exactly! They prefer names like Gakpo, Osimhen or whatever they have on in their fantasy team. They would never learn that we are going nowhere with such players. If Arteta do not act now and bring established players in to complete the youth, they would get frustrated like under a Wenger and bigger clubs would start poaching them to replace their outgoing/agent stars. We saw that with Adebayo, Fabregas, V persie , Nasri, clichy, etc. I am afraid these set of fans are okay with mediocrity based of whatever fanatasy in their heads that would never materialize.

  8. Never afford Stirlings wages plus he’s distracted with his commercial work these days hence the drop in form.
    Jesus could be interesting but doesn’t add height to a short attacking lineup (especially when we cross so much).
    Tielemans I think could be a cracking buy. He needs the right support around him, playing style and coach. He’s young with vast amounts of experience. I think this season, especially after Xmas he has struggled for motivation as he knows he is leaving and nothing to play for.

  9. Will believe bit when I see it as should you all. The rest is BS hype . All aboard the Arteta wagon etc. Look at what happened to the other BS. Harland best mates with Odegaard. Would love to play together with Arsenal. Ha! Dream on fat boy. Haarland is no fool and knows where the best managers m is and where the trophies lie. Gosh/ Josh!!! sometimes we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel in order to defend what exactly??? And your man has had his contract extended. For what exactly?? Oh yes, Possibly fourth place and the same d same old

  10. I would go for Jesus , Ganarby and Tillemans .
    And I would try to convince Niketah to sign a new deal along with Elmeny . First 11 of
    Ganarby. Odegaurd Saka
    Tillemans. Partey
    Trienny Gabriel White Tomyasu

    Next back up 11 would be

    Martinelli. Smith Row. Nelson
    Xhaka. Elmeny
    New Lb. Saliba Holding. Cedric

  11. Love all those players you brought into the squad Sunny, but if Arsenal has a future as a club going places it needs the likes of ESR, .Martinelli and Saliba on the starting list.

  12. If we qualify for the CL,I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to spend around the 200M.
    10M for Guendouzi
    3M for Mavros
    15M for Torreira
    8M for Bellerin
    15-20M for Leno
    If Nketiah signs for an English club, Arsenal will be entitled for compensations of around 8M.then the unknown like AMN, Pépé, Saliba…we could get a fair amount from players sales.

  13. the amount of disrespect Sterling gets is insane. He’s always high in the scoring charts, was excellent in Euro’s, and has scored in some big games for City. maybe when we are favorites for the UCL we can start slating him, but I think it’s crazy ppl are turning their noses up at him when he would improve our attack tremendously.

  14. Stirling, like a lot of his English peers has a tendency to disappear when needed. No one doubts his ability, it it’s too often a case of, “where were you Mannnn???

  15. I do nort see Tielemans as a truly speciial player, as he lacks consistency in my view. On his day he canlook excellent but how often is he actually excellent , esp compared to how often is he nothing special?!
    Not convinced, though he WOULD BE an upgrade on Xhaka, not a difficult feat, one might well conclude.

    Sterling I would take in a heartbeat, top quality beyond doubt but I DO NOT SEE IT HAPPPENING. I DON’T SEE HIM BEING RELEASED FRANKLY AND MUCH DOUBT HE’D EVEN CONSIDER US, even if he were let go.

    Jesus I like and he is more consistently at least good than is Tielemans and I think, of the three rumoured names, he us by far the most likely to happen.

    I’d like Bissouma(and release Xhaka) and a top quality specialist striker most of all. But money will be restricted for MA and we need many decent squad players too , to replace and better the many extremely moderate players who have left already or will leave soon. Reality!
    Important to keep Eddie too, if we can!

  16. If Siamois is right £200 mil could go some distance in getting us our main target.

    Sterling is already peak in my opinion, Jesus would not be a bad purchase. But we would need an out and out number nine.

    Going by the caliber players the gaffer tried to sign recently, I suspect he will be going after top top talents like Nunez, Osimhen and Tchouameni

  17. £200m to spend;
    • Saliba CB returns,
    • Nunez CF £65m,
    • Gnabry LW £25m,
    • Bissouma CM £30m,
    • Hickey LB £18m
    • Spence RB £18m (Cuffy Year Loan)
    • maybe another creative midfielder

    • Ramsdale
    • Turner
    • Okonkwo

    • RB – Tomi / Spencer
    • CB – Gab / Saliba / White / Rob
    • LB – Teirney / Hickey / Taveres

    • CDM – Partey / Lokonga / Azeez
    • CM – Bissouma / Xhaka / ????
    • CAM – Øde / Smithrowe

    • RW – Saka / Nelson
    • CF – Nunez / Eddie
    • LW – Martinelli / Gakpo

    Team heading into 2022/23 Season with Champions League Football.

    Tomi Saliba Gabriel Teirney
    Partey Bissouma
    Ødegaard (c)
    Saka Nunez Martinelli

    1. SmithRowe
    2. Gakpo
    3. White
    4. Xhaka
    5. Eddie

    All can make a difference coming on from the bench along with the others.

  18. The problem with bissouma is the african cup. We would have out bissouma, partey and elneny..thats why i prefer someone la touchineny or gravenberch.

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