Is Arteta the best thing to happen to Arsenal since Arsene Wenger left?

Is Arteta the right man? by Shenel

Having had a fairly good start to his Arsenal Reign and having been unlucky to run into the lockdown period where his team have taken a slump, is it fair to say that Arteta may not be the right man for the job long term?

Many fans have their own views on Arteta, but one thing that is clear is that he is clearly passionate about his job, the Club, and the players he is surrounded by. He seems to have the vision of what he wants the club to be like. Although the struggles are real and apparent, and it may be a long while until our beloved club is back to where it belongs, it can be said that for now Arteta may be the best thing to happen to the club since Arsene Wenger.

Playing for the club under Arsene Wenger, being taught by Guardiola for 3 years, and then coming back to the club to teach them all that he has learned can only be a positive move, and it can be said that he has the best knowledge of managers available to be able to drive the club forward right now.

His passion seemed to be reciprocated by the players for the first set of games they played and a change in the team spirit and focus was visible, probably the most committed we have seen since Arsene Wengerโ€™s day. But the unpredictable and unprecedented times from the lockdown have caused major issues for the club, both financially and physically.

I have faith that Arteta will do the right thing, keep the right players and move the club forward in the best way that is possible. Keep the faith Gooners, he canโ€™t be as bad as Emery.

Shenel Osman


  1. Yes he is. If Luiz and Mustafi can look good, he needs backing. He clearly has a plan. But I don’t believe he will get it because of Kroenke ownership. I will always put that out there. Look at Chelsea and tell me Lampard deserves all the signings coming in and look at us. If you don’t perform at Chelsea, you get sacked because the tools are available. But Arsenal, “be excited” then the whole fanbase allow themselves to get tricked again. We will stay like this until fans kick them out by holding back their source of money.

    1. Arsenal should be planning ahead, beyond Luiz and Mustafi. One canโ€™t afford to have a promising midfield and attacking setup, while the defense is aged and prone to making silly mistakes, it would undo whatever job the players do up front and grinding results becomes hard. You can refer to the Brighton game for reference and weโ€™ve seen that happen many times over

  2. I believe in Arteta and his ways, but he has been making some strange decisions in team selection which are questionable. Like side lining an in form Mertinelli in favor of the likes of Willock and Nketiah why?
    Ozil is not good enough anymore YES but we don’t have a better option ATM why?
    And then there’s Torreira.

  3. Emery finished 5th, only 2 pts off 3rd, and got Arsenal to our first European final in 13 years, which was impressive given what he inherited, and the crazy injuries as well. Although it ended badly for Emery, and I was pleased to see him go, Arteta has got a very, very, long way to go to better Emery’s record.

    Far too early to judge Arteta, but I have mixed views on him at the moment, although I feel he does have potential.

    1. I know you have praised Emery, but the difficult aspect for me was the early success followed by a calamitous fall from grace as early as the Spring of 2019. This season was too awful and I had genuine fears that we could be in a relegation battle.

      I don’t know if Arteta is able to restore pride and some success. He is certainly going about it in a professional way and I would prefer it if the fans held back and gave him some time to prove himself. Baying for blood so soon is definitely counter productive

      1. For fairness Mikel Arteta needs more time and support from Raul, Ravi, Edu and the Board than Unai Emery received.
        I support TMJW in that despite the fall from grace as pointed out by SueP, Emery does not get enough credit for the Club’s achievements in his first season as head coach, following a legend in Arsene Wenger.

      2. Until Arteta goes 22 games unbeaten, we can call him the best thing. If emery had the love of the players like Arteta did and the backing of the board to get his own players. He would dwarf wenger’s achievements in a few years. The language was the only barrier for him. Arteta just makes unwise decisions game after game that you wonder sometimes if this guy wants to actually win

  4. Edu, Arteta and the rest of the Arsenal technical staff are slowly losing the respect and patience of most of the fan base. If this is not a clear indication to some that still harbors faith in the current owners that they have no intention of improving the team then nothing will. I hate to pessimistic but I cant say I am surprised. Arsenal will continue to slide as long as Kronke is the owner because improving the team and actually challenging for titles are not his priority. I think its going to take a huge effort on the part of the fans to unite and drive this man out of this club, but somehow it has to be done.

    1. The more I read these comments the more I believe that Arsenal fans are, in fact, the worst football fans in the world. You can’t not address the fact that the club’s pestered with injuries and that Arteta has inherited a horrible defense. And then a promising defender Mari got injured. Cut the man some slack. It’s two bloody games after the huge break. The entire club is run on complacency because the pressure from the top is to stay in the Premier League and with that in mind, Vikram and Raul can be as clueless as they are.
      If you want to blame someone for the state we’re in, blame the people who bought Mustafi and blame Raul and Edu for signing an extension for Sideshow Bob (who btw, still plays for Chelsea).

  5. What a question to ask, right after we have discovered MA’s troubling assessment of individuals at this club. If Luiz was at any other top 6 club, he would have received his marching orders by now. Loris Karius did his shenanigans at Liverpool and he was immediately shipped out on loan. If Arteta believes players of the calibre of Luiz are worth having around at Arsenal, then am afraid am beginning to have my doubts about him.

  6. No.It was s crazy appointment.He has no managerial experience yet he was given probably the most difficult job in the premier league.I am sorry but he will be sacked next season and Arsenal will be fighting off relegation.The new contracts given out today says it all๐Ÿ˜ก

  7. And today he has showed that he can make very unpopular decisions and stick by them.He knows what he is doing.

    Wait for when he sells Guendouzi and retains Xhaka….

    1. Saw rumours today about him wanting to sell Guendouzi…… doesn’t really make much difference to me though, but I think we should keep him.

  8. Affirmative.
    Currently we see the hazy outlines of his work or nothing. It is understandable why some have condemned him especially in the face of the recent back to back defeats. But sooner than later, I believe we will begin to smile again and be swollen headed and brag about.

  9. Diego Simeone would have been the right guy for Arsenal, he’s playing style would have suited the Gunners, but hey maybe next season , Arsenal should really go for Simeone

    1. Simeone the right guy for Arsenal? You might as well champion the claims of the equally defensive minded Mourinho!
      For a long time now Arsenal’s ethic has been to play attacking and positive football. It may not work out but that’s the plan.
      I have no idea where some people get their ideas from.

  10. The problem, and it’s a big one is that arteta is a top coach learning his trade at man City. A club that has quality players that are able to perform as the manager asks. He hasn’t got the experience to get the players to play at their strengths. A manager like big Sam has. I’m not saying big Sam for arsenal. Atreta only has limited experience and cannot do the job without the tools. You can’t polish a turd.

    1. Sorry but what evidence have you to say Arteta is a top coach?This is his first post as a coach,which isn’t going that great.

  11. I dont really sรจe anything that Arteta is doing better than any other ordinary manager. He always sticks with the underperforming players like Ozil, Xhaka and Mustafi. His style of play is boring. We are not used to boring football at Arsenal. Love it or hate, but Wenger was the most passionate manager at Arsenal. Arteta lacks the experience to compete with top teams

  12. I do feel sorry for Mikel… the job is massive, maybe even bigger than he envisaged? The muppets above him aren’t making it any easier… the same people who need to shape up or ship out!! I’ve said before he’s got the benefit of the doubt, as far as I’m concerned…

    1. You’re right Sue, catching the virus, the lockdown and a few serious injuries – not a great few months for him. But it will definitely test his character.

    2. Spot on about the muppets above Arteta, especially Sanllehi. He’s the Head of Football and yet takes advice from agents for crying out loud !!??
      What are they going to tell him. “Yes Raul, of course Raul, the player I represent will be perfect for your club – sign him up for some exorbitant amount and I’m sure all will be well. Er, you’re not going to actually send someone to scout him are you? No – you’re happy to take my word for it? Great – my fee is safe. Thank goodness you managed to oust that Sven Mislintat! He would have taken one look at my player, pronounced him a complete no-hoper and blocked him from signing for Arsenal – just as he tried to block Denis Suarez. And then what would happen to my exorbitant fees? What? Yes of course I’ve got the welfare of Arsenal at heart. Just trust me and my fellow agents and you won’t go far wrong.”
      Sure – and Buddy Holly will be singing at half time in the Southampton game. The songs?
      For the fans: ‘Rave On’ and ‘Wishing’
      For hopes of a resurgent Arsenal: ‘That’ll Be The Day’
      With numpty’s like Sanllehi at the helm how can things possibly go wrong?
      Guess we should all feel sorry for Mikel.

      1. Which brings to mind the old joke:
        What’s the difference between Sanllehi and a supermarket trolley? The trolley has a mind of it’s own.

    3. Sue, I still quite like watching the muppets with my grandchildren; however I don’t like watching the antics of the current Arsenal managers and Board.

  13. The Arsenal will not gain any success with the present owner pulling the purse strings.His sport clubs in America all make money but win FA.Our only chance would be to remain mediocre ,run at lose forcing Kroenke to sell the club .

    1. Roy, Kroenke’s biggest issue/fault is the people he picks to manage his Arsenal asset. It is unbelievable that a businessman of his acumen, cannot see the damage these peanuts are doing.

  14. Arteta has never come over to me as a good/great manager in the making, he lacks personality but what do i know. He may or may not be a great manager one day but at the moment he is making lots of bad calls. He may learn from them he may not but if it is not, he will fail. The job may be too big for him but he needs time to find his feet. Im not over confident though that he will.

  15. He is definitely the right man, it’s too early to judge him. He should be looked at as a long term solution. He is young, learnt from two of the best in business. Has respect of then players and club. Hardworking, technical and intelligent. All in all a true professional. Why are fans jumping up and down about him while he has been only incharge for few games. People need to look at the fact that he took a very badly balanced side from Emery, way low on confidence, fans were already turned against players, no quality creative midfielder to string the team, injuries and low in the table. It will take time and some transfer windows to get things right. A lot of players need to be shipped out and chance should be given to new players who are not afraid and have much more hunger. It’s the whole mentality of that need to change which has formed deep roots in our club. …the way I see it is to change most of the squad …new players new mentality, no link to past failures.

    1. Mohsan, who gave Emery “a very unbalanced side”, as we all know the players he actually requested and was denied?
      Didn’t people have a right to criticize players, who didn’t support the head coach, lay down tools and didn’t show pride and commitment to the Club and personal pride as professional footballers?
      I sincerely hope that Mikel Arteta gets more support from the senior executive, Board and players at Arsenal than Unai Emery did.

      1. Your timely reminder of downing tools under Emery shows two things. The first is player power and the second is that how that power manifested itself against Emery who they had lost faith in.

  16. I still feel Arteta requires more time and more support from the people above him. Lampard has the total support of the Board and that is why they were able to sign Werner and Ziyech. We need some top quality signings specially at defence. Louis Dunk would be a good signing, a very committed defender for Brighton.

  17. Having a good coach is fantastic, but do we have the right players to execute the judgement? Its so pathetic, i have been with this Team for almost 30 years now, i have never been so depressed as i am now. We just need 2 good signings on the defence line and a good creative midfielder and a good winger. If possible we could use Pepe as a swap deal for any good winger

  18. I have not read any footage on the question. My take is that it was too premature for Arteta to be given this position. He still needed time to manage human behaviour and best sync it with skills. The tendency is to try and reign in some players as a way of stamping himself as Strong and Strict. I don’t believe that will work.
    Don’t think Arteta will do it for the Club. The Club should still be shopping for a Matured, Tested and Seasoned Manager. He is not the MAN

  19. He is young, very clever, smart, witty and highly intelligent , he is also a seasoned professional and our former Captain, what better qualities are you looking for – I predict he will go much farther than Arsene Wenger given all the support he desperately needs…so YES, he is the next best thing after Wenger and possibly, the KLOPP of Arsenal football club.

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