Arteta’s perfect first team is starting to take shape?

There’s a lot of excitement about what Arsenal will be like next season, and even before the big summer swoops, a lot of progress has been made at the Emirates.

Arteta has already picked six players in whom he has complete faith for the upcoming season. These six have all signed new deals, indicating that they are the backbone of the Arteta project. Arteta has gradually offered his top players better contracts in recent months: Gabriel Magalhaes, Gabriel Martinelli, Aaron Ramsdale, and Bukayo Saka have all signed new contracts. With reports that William Saliba has agreed to a new 4-year deal after months of it being a hot topic whether he’ll sign a new deal or not, he becomes the sixth Gunner to commit his long-term future to Arsenal.

And all the latest news is saying that Martin Odegaard is the next one in line for an extension, so he will be the 7th piece in the jigsaw of Arteta’s spine of the team.

We also have the players that have only come in in the last 12 months, as in Jesus, Zinchenko, Kiwior, Jorginho and Trossard, who are not needed to renew yet, so we should have a stable squad taking shape.

Following the success of tying his key players to new contracts, it is now time for Edu and Arteta to add some of the best talents the transfer window offers. Declan Rice is expected to join Arsenal soon; West Ham is ready to sell him, and Arsenal is ready to bring the London club to the table with their first headline bid for the £100 million-rated midfielder.

Given how eager Arsenal is to bring Rice on board, his deal will be followed by one or two other deals that will provide Arteta with a first team he can rely on to fight for him match after match, year after year…


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  1. Our team would only become perfect if we have an alternative to our diminutive CFs, to win/ keep the ball in the final-third and to attack with a different method

    Defensive midfielders like Rice and Caicedo can never do that

    OT: Romano just said Arsenal remain interested in Gundogan. I’m worried they would choose him over Rice or Caicedo, because of his experience and connection with our ex-Man City employees at Arsenal

    1. Arsenal do not need any new cf
      Cf wasn’t what cost us this season, let’s focus more on what cost we can add cf’s only when we address our Major problems, we conceded a lot of goals and our midfield was over run numerous times
      Defense is what wins you titles, not attack
      Games like Southampton,Liverpool,Westham should have been seen out and few other games

      1. As long as none of our attackers can hold the ball well in the final-third, our defense will always be prone to counter-attacks

        1. City has won titles without ur so called cf,Liverpool won the league and champions league with farmino, there are many systems to play and win football match, ur so cf comes with it’s weakness and strength so are players like farmino and Jesus, if you harness their strength the team will win many games as the are better team players,tricky and better in tight spaces

          1. Man City could only become a treble winner after signing Haaland

            Conte had Vucinic, Costa and Lukaku to win Serie A and EPL. All UCL semi-finalists this season also have that CF type in their starting lineups

            1. Means nothing
              How many important goals or man of the match performance did Harland show in their rout to winning the champions league, city’s champions league was written in the stars, it’s their season they would have won it without Harland, Chelsea won the champions league without any center forward too, Havartz played 9 for Chelsea and won the champions league too.. Liverpool won it with farmino too

              1. Haaland, Havertz and Firmino did hold-up play very well and won aerial duels for their teams, when they won major trophies. Our diminutive CFs couldn’t do it consistently, because of their statures

                It’s good if a CF scores a lot of goals, but his abilities to hold and win the ball are more important

                1. Jesus did it well too, take a look at his games earlier and before he was taken off at anfied, he just need to be told to play more like a 9

                  1. He did, but his ability to play with his back to goal seemed to have gone after he recovered from his long-term injury

                    That’s why we need someone tougher, stronger and less injury-prone

                    1. Haha, how sure the player you want will stay injury free, we bought partay with no injury record but now often injured. The point is you strengthen from your weakest area and cf is not our weakest

                  2. What Arteta accomplished with the Arsenal FC this past season can be bettered next season. The Arsenal management should give Arteta all the support he needs & buy him the players he needs to achieve his dream of making Arsenal FC EPL champions once more. With the right support and structures, all things are possible

                    1. The point is Arteta himself should also learn how to rotate his team perfectly you must not play the same team every week to win the EPL, that is what cost us his unwillingness to change things up sometimes change system and defend what you have. I can tell you that even smaller teams in our position by April would have won the league truth be told.

                2. Haverts has a better hold up play than our CF ? I bet you don’t know what hold up play means.

        2. Saka and Jesus can hold the ball, they are not your back to the goal all the time players – but they do fairly well.

        3. I don’t know if you noticed, ideas man, but we do not lump the ball up to a center forward. We play the ball forward.

          It would be nice to have the option of a big CF, but it is our defence we need to tighten up for next season.

          I am not a proponent of getting Gundogan, I think last season, was his “season in the sun”. I do not think he will be half as good if we get him.

          I am intrigued by the possible acquisition of Havertz though. I think Arteta sees him as our possible holding forward!!

      2. I disagree with you. We need a tall, aggressive CF. Victor Osimhen. I would rather we sell Balogun this summer and buy Osimhen. 100m pound bid for the guy.
        G Jesus would move to RW to provide competition for Saka.
        Teams that win major trophies always get the best talent available.

        Osimhen is the missing piece. He will get 25+ goals in the season

        Front 3: Martinelli Osimhen Saka

        Bench: Trossard Nketiah G.Jesus

        That is an attack defenders would be scared of.
        We are playing champions league in the coming season.. We need a bigger squad with Quality.
        If the only business we do this summer is to bring in Osimhen, that is cool.
        ESR can play the Xhaka role. Rice and Caicedo are not worth the money being quoted for them. There are Cheaper options: Kesie(Barcelona), Onana(Everton)

        Osimhen is the deal. Get him.

        1. We scored 80+ goals
          Osimhen can score 30+ goals and we can still not win anything, Kane scored 20+ goals and Tottenham are out of Europe, city fortunes turned when the reintegrated Diaz and started keeping clean sheets, as good as a center forward is it’s the defense that wins you titles, people still believe we failed apart to give city the title which means even with Harland and his goals their destiny hinged with us failing…
          I entertain the idea of having a deferent profile of cf but that shouldn’t be a priority to us as the team have shown with the amount of goals they scored.
          Our emergency need is midfield, right wing and defensive covers that should be our concern and we can look at the cf situation in next window

          1. I agree with you to an extent

            Can you answer these question
            1. Is Declan Rice worth 90m pounds?
            2.Is Caicedo worth 90m pounds?
            3. Do you think our current attack is good enough to win major honours next season?
            4. If Haaland is offered to Arsenal and he wants to come, will you say no to that?

            A list CFs are hard to come by. Haaland was the difference in that man City squad. Defenders were scared of him. He was a nightmare.. without him, Arsenal would have won the EPL.

            1. Honestly, my experience with arsenal is that they hardly pursue deals like cacaido after what happened in January, personally I don’t want Rice as he is over hyped, over prised but I will take him as his English and you can hardly find better English players.
              We need a better scouting system there are many players out there
              80+ goals is enough to win any league and we are all expecting the players to improve as they are young.
              I will take a deferent profile of cf this season, mind you I am never against that, but I am against the idea of doing so to the detriment of our major problem is what I will not support,
              If winning trophies is all about scoring goals and having a dominant cf spurs we will be in the shadows of spurs as the have Kane who is up there every season, I am not saying they are not important but there is a reason people say defense wins you titles,
              If we are reduce the goals we conceded to like 20goals while scoring 80+ that is a league champion return

          2. The point is Arteta himself should also learn how to rotate his team perfectly you must not play the same team every week to win the EPL, that is what cost us his unwillingness to change things up sometimes change system and defend what you have. I can tell you that even smaller teams in our position by April would have won the league truth be told.

        2. Well, I disagree with you regarding CF.
          A tall aggressive CF is a nice to have but as Gun down has aptly pointed out there are different ways to play; and win championships.
          If we spend upwards of £100m on the likes of Osimhen we will not address other important issues in the team. We need improvements and increased depth in several other areas of the team.
          Where I would agree with you is that it is really difficult to justify similar transfer fees for the likes of Rice.

      3. I agree.
        Of the top-four teams in the PL, only City scored more goals than Arsenal. But we concede more than the rest except United that conceded the same number.
        If you look at the games that effectively cost us the League (the draws against Pool, West Ham and Southampton) they were all down to poor defending rather than lack of scoring goals.
        So, yes, defence rather than attack has been our undoing.
        And our scoring capacity was not down to one player. The scoring has been evenly distributed across the front line, which is a strength.
        I’d be good to have a CF of a different ilk, but I don’t think our life depends on it.

  2. We scored 88 goals! Goals all through the team. CF is not a priority. We have goals all through our team. We need mobility powere and pace in midfield so Rice and Caicedo (or even Onana) would be excellent additions. Possibly anothe full back if we lose Tierney although Tommi can play both sides but injury record not great.

  3. I think we’ll get one fullback who can play RB and LB. That’s why we’re linked with Cancelo and Castagne.

    Also I see us getting 2 new midfielders with Xhaka and possibly Jorginho departing.

    Then final position, if the player is the right one, will be winger/striker or just pure striker as Jesus/Nketiah can be deployed on the wing if really required.

  4. The extensions of contracts of Ramsdale, Martinelli, Gabriel, Saka, Nelson and now Saliba are all fantastic news, with hopefully Odegaard to follow. This means that all these talented young players believe in the Arsenal project and know we are capable of winning trophies and titles. That said, now what remains is Arsenal signing Rice, a full back and a striker and we are good to go with a quality depth for all competitions we are playing. I expect Arsenal to be a PL title contender next season with the FA Cup or atleast the League Cup trophy and go very deep into the CL.

  5. We are in the Champions League. Some guile is needed. If we get Declan Rice we may need a seasoned European midfielder too….Nicolò Barella would fill that brief. Top level player….tempt him.

    1. Declan Rice is not worth 70m pounds. He is a quality player but never worth the amount being quoted. Not that exceptional to be valued at 90m pounds.

      Some fans want Declan Rice Just to add more English players to the squad.. Why should we pay 90m pounds for either Rice or Caicedo? It makes no sense.
      Even if Xhaka goes, ESR can replace him. ESR is an intelligent player in the box. He occupies the left side of the attack anyways.

      We can get Onana for 30 or 40m pounds.

      Onana has that imposing height.
      A CF gets you goals.. that we scored many goals across the team this season should not be used as a yardstick. We were toothless most times. Our Wingers were so predictable and hardly play long balls for a tall aggressive striker to latch on to.

      Arsenal needs to sign a Tall CF.

      WITHOUT HAALAND, Man City would never have won the EPL and Champions league this season

      1. How are sure that city wouldn’t have won the trophies they won without Harland?
        People questioned Harlands contribution that city had to change the way they play to accommodation him, he took goals off the team too… City has been winning the title without Harland, has been to the champions league final without him, what major different did he make that confirms your argument, he wasn’t even the man of the match in their semi final or final in the champions league, city won the league with their Lowest point tally too,
        I want to know the stats that show that Harland made city treble winners

  6. Forget Rice and Caicedo. I’ve watched them both play. They may win one or, at a stretch 2 tackles during a game and make simple passes sideways and backwards. Hardly adventurous or positive. They do however make them selves available to receive the ball, but so do our defenders. They are hardly worth more than £50 million each. I would forget those 2 over priced players and invest £120 million in Jude Bellingham. He would make a real difference and he’s worth the money, and he is a lot younger. If you kept him for 7 years and then sold him, with inflation you would easily get your money back and probably earn a profit on him. Win Win. Edu, please read this and put your business head on. You will get a world class player and make a profit on him. No brainer. Imaging Jude Bellingham playing for Arsenal as a box to box player of a DFM. Aim higher guys, while we have the funds availabe, get only “The Worlds Best” to beat the best.

  7. I’m happy cause Mikel Arteta is faithful to his current players that might develop further next season. Man City’s treble winning team consists of many old players that Pep patiently waited to improve and be part of that unstoppable machine. Our team just need extra 2-3 quality players to challenge first teamers and rise up the quality of the whole squad generally. Including Holding, Tierney, Viera, Nketiah, Tomiyasu, Nelson and Turner.

  8. Arsenal fans have been left fuming with Oleksandr Zinchenko after he congratulated Manchester City on his Instagram account.

    Maybe an article should be put to know how we feel about it too

    1. I’m nit fuming and I congratulated city in their treble win as well.
      I wonder what will happen though, if they are found guilty of the charges made against them?
      Will all the trophies they have won become null and void?

      1. Honestly it’s painful that city lifted the trophy before we did, but we can’t say they bought everything, Chelsea and united have been spending equal money too if not more, we are crying that money be pumped into our team also,I don’t look into the charges too much, clubs have to find a way to dethrone city and break their dominance, EPL in general have been out spending virtually every league.
        I too wasn’t happy that zinchenko congratulated city, he would have sent personal message to his friends in city, than making it public knowing the sensitivity of fans who most are still hurting from losing the league to them

      2. Ken It would be lovely to imagine that City would lose their trophies retrospectively, but no serious minded fans appear to think that is even a starter.

        I dont and I dont think you do either. Unless you say differently, but I predict you wont.

        However I would not rule out relegation.

        Possibly for two divisions below either. PL knows that a fine however large, is meaningless and so what other punishment other than relegation would mean anything?!
        I think we can forget about points deductions for the same reason we can forget abot a fine, UNLESS IT IS SAY, thirty points reduction and possibly for successive seasons.

        When, in the fullness of considerable time to come they are punished, as they will be,IMO, it will be meaningful.

        In the meantime, the clock of life ticks by faster and faster for you and for me.

  9. It’s gonna be a hard fought year. Lot’s of teams trying to dethrone City and their countless monetary riches. It will be harder for us and closer this year. City may end up doing a Juve, although big money corrupts…..big.

  10. Of the eleven first team players, Xhaka is the most vulnerable to be replaced. Not because his talent and performance, which was magical and inspiring this season. It’s his age and his contract period request. We all would love him to stay and guide the youngsters but we understand what the missus wants. Next is Partey who will be 31 next season but his ability now to play inverted right back makes him indispensable next season. A welcome rest for White and Zinchenko. The rest nine players have not hit their maximum potential yet so they are due to get better in coming seasons. We want all active players, first team or backups to really hit a stride next season to repay the trust by the manager and the club. We the fans will cheer and sing louder as we see the players work and play harder. COYG!

  11. I will be very happy if we don’t get Rice.
    He doesn’t worth his price tag. He is not even close to it!

    Arsenal should go for Onana and that Southampton captain (prowess), dude is a set piece specialist. We can get both players for a combine fee of around 60m.

    A tall aggressive and fast CF is needed while Gabriel J. is deployed to compete with saka.

  12. I think the main problem that caused Arsenal to bottle the league was squad depth and a not so great defence. We have argueably one the of the best first team players in the league but when it comes to subsitutes we fall short. Look at the games against City, Westham and Southampton when Holding and Tomiyasu played. They could never do what Saliba and Zinchenko can. And i feel Ben white isnt fast enough as a fullback. Kiwor came in a stop gap measure but do you see him being anything other than a squad rotation player. I would say we need to prioritise beefing up defence getting quality midfield replacements and then CF position would be the last priority if we are to improve this coming season.

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