Is Arturo Vidal still tapping up Arsenal’s Alexis for Bayern?

Arsenal fans are used to the tapping up tactics used by Barcelona when they are chasing one of our Spanish stars, but it would seem that they are not the only top European club that likes their players to help snare their transfer targets.

Alexis Sanchez’s Chile team-mate Arturo Vidal has been urging the Arsenal superstar to join him at Bayern Munich for the last year, and now they are both playing together for Chile at the Confederations Cup he is certain to be talking to him again about a move to the German giants.

Vidal continues to say that Munich is the best team in the world, and he can certainly point to Arsenal’s humiliation against Bayern in the Champions League to emphasise the gap in quality between the two sides, but he believes that Alexis will make the Germans into an even better side. “We’ll see if Alexis is coming, I do not know yet,” Vidal told Bild. “I know him very well. He is a spectacular player. And with him, we would surely improve.

“We already have a lot of top-level players. We are the best club in the world.”

I am sure most Arsenal fans can’t wait for the Confederations Cup to end so that we can find out what is really going on with Sanchez and his Arsenal contract and also to get him away from Vidal who is surely trying to persuade him to choose Munich as his next destination.

If Alexis does decide to move on, would we rather he went to Germany than join one of our Premier League rivals?


  1. WengerBooi says:

    would Arsenal fans consider a swap for Aguero?

    1. Napersie says:

      Apparently yes if Sanchez don’t wanna stay but scared of his injury record . Get Lemar in there too.

      1. WengerBooi says:

        I’m sure Aguero still has a good two seasons in him and our play might just suit him

  2. Rkw says:

    Would prefer to sell him to bayern with costa as part of the deal … Sell Walcott and giroud (50m) brng in lacazette .. Splash out on aubemayang … Find a robust but creative midfielder … All within budget …And let’s see what happens

  3. tas says:

    Couple of seasons ago we could only dream of having Aguero play for us, still would love to have him playing next to Sanchez in Arsenal not City 🙂

    1. tas says:

      but highly unlikely Aguero is still a top player and for him to be traded for Sanchez would feel like step down im sure he would be more comfortable to be sold to a good team outside the EPL

      1. tas says:

        OR.. maybe he would like to stick two fingers up to PEP and come to us where he would be the top dog getting all the assists from Ozil, Aaron and the whole team to score for the golden boot which Sanchez just missed out

  4. frustrated gunner says:

    vidal knows alexis will leave who cares if its bayern. bayern is perfect for him n us mancity will be a disaster

    1. tas says:

      as long as M-City don’t improve on their defense they will be no difference from last season, but i’m sure defense is their first priority

      1. WengerBooi says:

        Man City are tying up Javi Martinez

        1. tas says:

          why don’t other teams just stop improving so we catch up 🙂

          1. WengerBooi says:

            Pep will lose his job if he doesn’t win anything so he is forced to upgrade. unfortunately Wenger doesn’t suffer the same fate

          2. tas says:

            he can have the EFL Cup we can help with that as long as he leaves Sanchez alone

          3. tas says:

            anyway i want him to get the sack so he can come to Arsenal his a magnet for top players and he can bring back Sanchez

  5. John0711 says:

    Talk sport reporting the aguero swap with alexis is on the cards. I would take that even with injuries he will score over 20 and with lemar and a top DM we would be stronger, however, i feel as though we would need another to challenge for the league. but Lemar, top DM is only about 80m so we still have enough money to but say a mahrez

  6. Goonerboy says:

    The question at the end of the article has one obvious answer; I will prefer he went to Bayern…

    But Bayern seems to have cooled their interest and I think Sanchez himself wants City,if we can get Aguero it will be great as far as we also get Lacazette

  7. WengerBooi says:

    Vidal is that little boy inside

    1. tas says:

      HOPE inside RVP 🙂 SORRY lol

  8. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    The Aguero & Sanchez straight swap deal started off as a Question by the Daily Star and it is now spreading like wildfire ?? Chinese whisper at it’s finest. ??

    1. tas says:

      i wonder if their agents know anything about the gossip

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        ?? They do now ??

  9. ruelando says:

    Well i would suppose he is tapping up, but is if arsenal is going to sell to Bayern , i think not, My point is if sanchez wants to leave let him leave, to keep him would do more harm than good and for me although many blame the manager, i feel one the main reason we got into a slump last season was Alex and Ozil, their negativity affected the performance of the weak minded players in our squad.

    When you sign up for a job, you are always asked to do this job to the best of your abilities, if you are not doing so , you are asked to go, money paid and the company moves on, Ozil and Sanchez did not put in much effort in the mid-season therefore their negativity affected those around them, therefore sell to the highest bidder and say farewell.

    After that look for better solutions, right now many are available , who do not even care about champions league, but need game time

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