Is Aubameyang already regretting signing “da ting”? (Opinion)

The Sun has reported this week that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has reportedly liked a tweet that stated he “deserves to play for a bigger club,” but is he signalling regret on his decision?

Does he deserve to play at one of the biggest clubs in Europe? Of course he does, but is he? NO! and why not? Because he has committed his future to Arsenal, a club where he is loved by the fans, the staff and his teammates. A club where he has cemented himself as a captain and a leader, and a club that has given him the opportunity to become a legend and a club where he will surely leave a legacy!

It could have been easy for him to have left and gone elsewhere for big bucks! Yes, he could have left us and deserted us when we needed him the most, but in the most unpredictable and challenging of times he stayed when we needed him the most, and that says a lot about his character and personality.

That is what we have been lacking with previous players who have left when they are down to the final moments in their contract and have previously left us in deep trouble because they thought the grass was greener.

Reports also suggest that he has since removed the like though, but he is entitled to his opinion. Had he liked it before he signed then a lot more questions would have been raised, but he has signed and is staying with us!

Committing to anything is a big thing, but committing to a new manager, in uncertain times, just tells me that Aubameyang will end his career at Arsenal as a legend no matter what happens! Gooners?


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      1. Arteta will deliver. We lose one match against defending champions and everyone is like ‘what a crap’. Even Liverpool will not certainly win it unbeaten!

  1. Jesus!! Give the guy a break!! Give us fans a break with posts like these!! Let it be, these discussion only create bad vibes around the fanbase

    1. Here goes Shenel again. All of these posts because Arteta is not playing Ozil. I told you Eddie a few days before the game that some fans will like to see us lose against Liverpool just to be “proven” right. Shenel and Icw are two very strong anti-arsenal fans

    2. Arteta will deliver. We lose one match against defending champions and everyone is like ‘what a crap’ even Liverpool will not certainly win it unbeaten!

  2. Why you guys always negative no one was says that when sanchez went to man United.
    We are always, the scape goats of the media. Arsenal going unbeaten in the Premier. Arsenal having players legs broken in the league by wild malicious challenges but nothing is said. Talking about our drought of titles when spurs have won nothing for years and only start to enter into the top four positions.
    Liverpool only winning the Premier in 30 years but nothing being said.
    Get off Arsenal’s case and look at the other teams who haven’t performed for years

    1. If nobody talks about you, then you are nobody, whether its true what they’ve said or a lie.
      That being said, all these media talk always about Arsenal shows that we are a big club.. Spurs are as small as they are, so nobody talks about them not winning anything, cos nobody expects them to.

      Arteta needs time with his squad, same as Klopp got.
      And he needs the fans to back him up.. The fans online only help the media escalate the problems we currently face.

    2. Yeah Mikey, but Liverpool did win the Champions League twice in that thirty years. Take you point about Spurs though.

  3. I guess Shenel took over from Konstantin on the doom and gloom articles…… even though I sometimes feel there’s a good reason in Konstantin’s articles, but regretting already?!….. come on man!….. and that coming right after an article criticising our playing style, just give it a rest, we only lost to Liverpool, the defending (runaway) champions…. I believe with the right additions, we’ll be among the top 4 come end of the season…… we all should be glad we’re able to keep a world class striker like Aubameyang, and not keep spreading doom and gloom about his new deal….. COYG!

  4. In the space of one day, he is either coasting now that he has his new contract or regretting signing.

    Amongst all of that Khadii made me smile with his assertion that Spurs are a small club. Cracking!

  5. Are football players not allowed to like things? If aubamyang likes cake will fans hate him for that too?

    1. Darren, yes because I prefer savoury things to sweet cakes. Anyone for biscuits, cheese and salami? 🍰😒
      Aubameyang is being paid exceedingly well to play for Arsenal and I am sure he will deliver. I just hope that the Board and senior executive uphold any promises of undertakings they gave him at the time he signed. This transfer window will show whether Mikel Arteta will be supported.

  6. I hope the money has not started to affect him like it did Ozil.Ever since he signed ‘da ting’ the guy has become invisible in matches and no goals since then.Well maybe it’s me or maybe it’s true but we need him to start banging them goals in cos we need him at his best ASAP. My cheeky opinion anyway.

  7. I’m just more happy now that we don’t have fans at the stadiums right now. They would have tried to pressure Arteta into starting Ozil already like they did to emery. They would have started booing players too on the field. The negativity would have returned so early in the season and we would have had a similar outcome like last season if anti-arsenal fans like shenel are anything to go by. You would think Liverpool was a poor team that beat us 10-0. Really happy that fans are not back in the stadium, gives Arteta the peace of mind and freedom to improve the team at his own pace without any pressure from the so called fans.

  8. I assume rich tea then tastless not exactly savoury keep the salami though. Actually just give me the damn cake make sure it is chocolate though or you might end up wearing it.

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