Is Aubameyang going the Ozil way after penning a new deal?

Darren Bent reckons that there has been a drop off in the performance of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang since he signed his new deal.

The Gabon striker was set to leave the Gunners for nothing in the next summer transfer window.

However, the club was determined to keep hold of him and they made it clear from the start that they wanted him to sign a new deal.

He was in fine form for the club during the time that his future was up in the air, and everyone told the Gunners not to lose him.

He has been handed a new three-year deal, but he is struggling to score goals for the club now.

Bent reckons that it isn’t just a lack of goals that has characterised his games so far, but he has also struggled with his pressing and intensity unlike when he hadn’t been offered a new deal.

“It’s not the fact he hasn’t scored a goal, it’s the performances,” Bent said to Talksport.

“Before he signed his contract he was absolutely everywhere – running back, tracking back, putting tackles in, breaking forward. There was a real hunger and intensity to his game.

“At the minute, you can see there’s been a massive drop off. I don’t know if it’s coincided with the new contract, but you can tell that he’s not playing with the same intensity that he had before.

“When you focus so much on getting a new deal like Aubameyang did, you’ll run that extra yard and make that extra effort.

“When he sits down now and analyses his performances before and after the contract he’ll see that there’s been a massive change.”

Mesut Ozil was also in fine form until he earned his big-money new deal, hopefully, Aubameyang will not go the same way.

Do you think Bent is correct in his assessment or is he jumping the gun far too soon?

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  1. No….another nonsense story. So suddenly we’re going to take Darren ‘Bent’s word as gospel? Comical!

    1. You cannot predict the future, so to term something as nonsense may seem rude. In five games he has not scored, Laca went without an away goal for over a year. Title contenders cannot afford this if we are serious about top 4 and above.
      But one cannot compare Auba to Ozil for the simple reason that for the past four to five years, Auba was scoring goals for Arsenal and Dortmund, so there is a likelihood of him to start scoring sooner rather than later. As for Ozil, he was a one season wonder due to Sanchez’s efforts and athleticism of collecting those feeble passes and scoring from there on. Today no one remembers Sanchez but some of his minuscule number of fans remember those 19 assists (which came into being due to Sanchez). Remember he was chucked out from RM and they went to win the UCL. So never compare Auba with Ozil, its sheer disrespect to Auba.

  2. Guaranteed he hits 20 goals plus this season
    I do feel Articles like this does start to divide fans because we all know Arsenal fans love a band wagon to jump on .

  3. Here we go again with the ink barely dry on his contract. But I am afraid that this is only the beginning, we have a further 3 years to go and it’s not only the journos he’ll have to deal with, a section of his own fans will turn on him if there is any drop-off in performance. A sense of deja vu perhaps?

  4. I think the drop-off in Auba’s game can be traced to recent changes to our style of play. The key to unlocking his game, is a constant supply of long balls into the channels, providing one v one duels with defenders. The injury to Mustafi and the recent introduction of Gabriel, over Luiz, impacted our back to front passing game and that’s a fact.
    I really like Gabriel and feel the next stage of his development should focus on back to front passing; this will also address our current midfield creativity crisis.

  5. Unfortunately, Darren is very correct, Auba is our captain and given what was offered him in the new contract and the fact that immortality beckons for him shall he continue to be a worthy servant, he will be a fool to follow Ozil into the wilderness.
    Auba is a great guy so I am sure he will rediscover his form, things like this happens from time to time, remember Alex Laca had a similar struggle almost throughout last season but he is getting back again now. Auba will pick it up, would you Bro?

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