Is Aubameyang guaranteed to succeed at Arsenal?

Former Borussia Dortmund striker Karl-Heinz Riedle has labelled Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ‘world class’ and insists he is assured to continue his goalscoring with his new side Arsenal.

The Gabon international joined the North-London side from Dortmund last month, arriving in a club record £56 Million transfer, and impressed on his debut against Everton. The 28 year-old scored a delightful chip over the Blues keeper, and played his part in an emphatic 5-1 win, but had struggles against Spurs this weekend.

Former BVB star Riedle insists that the performance is nothing to be worried about, and insists he will prove to be a good signing, showing his world-class ability and scoring goals.

“He’s proved over the last few years that he is a very good player,” the former BVB star claimed.

“Arsenal have the high-class individuals who will help him to score. So I am sure that he will do well in London.

“It makes an impression to the fans and the club if you make a debut like he did against Everton.

“But it is important to continue playing that way.

“When he came to Dortmund he had some problems at first but developed into a world-class player.

“I don’t think he is going to fail in England.”

Aubameyang is one of the best finishers in the world, but isn’t the best technically, and will need service in order to score his goals. He doesn’t appear to be one of those players who will get the ball back himself and create his own goal himself, but is probably the most deadly in front of goal in the world.

Could Aubameyang prove to be a flop? Will our team be able to provide him enough chances to score over 20 goals a season?

Pat J

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  1. gotanidea says:

    Aubameyang is a typical Mourinho’s player, tall and fast, so he could be successful in England. But Arsenal must accommodate his playing style:

    He has excellent understanding with Mkhitaryan, but he still needs good crosses from the wingers

    1. Thomo says:

      I’m sure wenger will play him out of position and make him a bad player

  2. True gunner says:

    It depends on his attitude. He must fight for every ball and create chances for himself and others. If he just stands up front waiting for others to create chances so he can score a simple tap-in then he will have difficulty. He needs to drop back into midfield get the ball and run at defenders and make things happen so he can be effective, or he’ll just be another overpriced waste.

  3. Give him good service, use his speed, put him one on ones, he’ll do the business without a doubt. Problem is we just want to pass around the back or go down the middle after letting the opposition get all their players behind the ball and compress the space. Great signing if we use him in the right way (just like Kolasinac…)

  4. There wont be any space for auba to show his skills as we keep accumulating players in front of the opposition box and just passing the ball. He needs fast playing, counter attack, space to show his killer speed. Batshuayi has scored 5 goals in 3 games for dortmund. The reason: his teammates are working for him. Giving him room to show himself. If giroud had gone to dortmund im sure he would have scored at least 3 goals given that batshuayi is no world class. On ther hand, auba has scored only 1 in 3 games. I dont think theres more to say

    1. TW14-TH14 says:

      He’s only played 2 games (Everton and Tottenham).

  5. John0711 says:

    The way we play under wenger pass pass pass x 4,000 messi would struggle to score
    New manage new plans new optimism

  6. Phil says:

    With a player blessed with his speed and goal scoring abilities it is vital we play to his strengths.We need to inject more pace and directness into our attacking play otherwise Auba will struggle just as Lacazette.This stems from our “pass the ball to one another at all costs” possession football that has overtaken system we played when we were challenging most seasons for the Premiere League Title 1998-2004.
    We had a World Class GK behind a Defence that he trusted.We had midfielders who could win the ball and use it.We had wide men with vision AND pace.We had a NO10 who was a genius and strikers in all those years who could deliver.
    Where in these teams of those glorious seasons do you find
    Cech-Well past his better years
    Defenders-Who in the current or recent squads would honestly replace the LEGENDS of those past seasons
    Midfielders-Ozil the only one close to being in contention and even he would be a Bergkamp Lite
    Strikers-Auba has that ability.He would have slotted in to any of those teams that is how good he is.
    The problem is we DONT play nowadays with the system(s) we used to.
    Genuine pace?Bellerin is the only one and he has forgotten how to use it to a positive effect when going forward.
    Defensive Stability-There is none and hasn’t been for years.
    Midfielders-We had players such as Edu and Van Bronkhurst who were SECONDARY to the first team squad.
    Wingers-Who do we have with that genuine pace and directness to take players on?PLEASE DONT SUGGEST WE SHOULD NOT HAVE SOLD WALCOTT.
    Strikers-Lacazette COULD and Auba SHOULD have the quality to play in a 442 or 3421 but we need to address what we don’t have now that we had in abundance during our years of success,namely DEFENSIVE STABILITY MIDFIELD CREATIVITY/With all round abilities WINGERS WITH PACE.
    Get these attributes into our side and Auba will end up as a Legend.Stay and play as we do now and he will struggle to have the impact we expect and like Lacazette is experiencing now.

    1. Balogs says:

      So on point.

  7. Twig says:

    He’s a world class finisher with two of the best no 10s behind him. He should do well.

  8. miker says:

    Aubas ? but where are the ???????????

  9. Badenglish says:

    I’m German and I know and very good. He is a Top Ten goalscorer in the world. He is unstoppable because he is very fast and he jump very high. He had good shot and good Header. He is not very good Tripler and not good combination player but all in all he is very good.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    I reckon Auba will be chasing the golden boot next season up against Kane Aguero/other Lukaku Salah/Ferminho Morata/Dybala. I would not be surprised if Aubameyang won it. I don’t expect Salah to have another season like this next season. I expect teams, managers and defenders to get a better handle on him. I think the golden boot might get shared next season.

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