Is Aubameyang really going to sign the contract?

When Ramsey and Welbeck left last summer as free agents we were promised that no player would be allowed to run down their contracts again.
Yet as we kick off the new season on Saturday Aubameyang has less than 12 months left on his deal. Officially he can talk to foreign clubs from January.
Now various sources continue to claim an extension has been agreed while the player himself is acting that way.
He and his family went on holiday wearing Gunners merchandise, he’s interacting with gooners on social media, etc
You don’t do those things if your intending to jump ship.
It would be a PR disaster if Arsenal lost money on an asset simply by taking someone by his word.
Only the parties involved know how close a deal is to being signed or if it already has.
I remain confident it’s just a case of dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s yet I am struggling to find reasons why the delay?
I’m hoping it gets announced the day before we go to Fulham , a deliberate ploy to send us to Craven Cottage with a feel good factor.
My theory is it gets confirmed in the first week of October, making our fanbase ignore a lack of transfer activity.

Arteta is so relaxed, he clearly believes his top striker is staying . Yet while nothing is concrete you just never know.
What if a Barcelona or Real Madrid suddenly came swooping in ?
I do believe Covid has helped us in this situation.
Any other summer , Auba would have had numerous options . In the middle of a Pandemic, few have the resources to pay over the odds for a 29 year old

So I still think Auba will sign . I just thought he would have by now

Arsenal will be a laughing stock if this turns into a saga. Clearly they have it in their minds this is happening but the longer it’s not finalised they are vulnerable.
We been told since the Cup Final terms were agreed . You would think in a month it would be a priority to sit him and his agent down
When you heard Chelsea were first linked to Chilwell, it felt like it was confirmed two days later . Same with City and Ake
We on the other hand drag things out yet manage to leak things to the press
Can’t blame Arsene Wenger for this one
Be Kind In The Comments

So , nothing to worry about ?
Why the hold up ?
Did you think we would have heard by now ?



  1. According to a very reliable source, Auba signed the contract about three weeks ago. He’s never entertained the thought of leaving the club btw. So nothing to worry about.

  2. TO YOUR FAIR QUESTION DAN, I AM IN TWO MINDS. YES WE SHOULD HAVE HEARD BY NOW, but we are Gooners and know so very well how our club does not care about our feelings. By “our club” I of course mean Kroenke , not Arteta, who is a fine and decent human being . But ultimately Kroenke uses us for his own pocket and unless one is massively naive, which most of us are not, then we know only too well how little we fans and our feelings and frustrations matter to that “gentleman” sitting in his three quarters of a billion dollar ranch, while we struggle to raise funds to buy decent players like Partey. That says it all , I’d suggest, about Kroenke and his methods.

    1. Just like this unnecessary article, you are making a fuss out of nothing. Mikel has said not to worry and he is our manager he knows what is going on than everyone here combined.

      We are starting a new season tomorrow we should stay clear of negativity at least for few days.

      1. HH, How onearth do you think that I am making a fuss? I am merely restating , because it is vital never to forget, it that Kroenke is harming Arsenal. Amazingly, some Gooners don’t seen to care about the harm he does to us (and if that cap fits, then please wear it!). Truth is never “negative” but is a positive thing always to keep in mind. When you are older, HH, you may actually learn that important life lesson!

        1. Yes you are making a fuss Mr Fox. While your opinion regarding Stan is true I don’t see how it is related to Mr Arsenal contract announcement.

          Just like I don’t see the point of this article other than to plant doubt and negativity when Mikel Arteta himself has gone on record on our official website to tell us that we should relax regarding Mr Arsenal contract. Would Mikel have gone on record to say those words if he was not sure that the contact will (or has already been) signed?

          And based on how confident our manager is regarding this issue it looks like the contract has already been signed.

        1. Everything points to the deal being done. Didn’t like this one but I always look forward to your articles.

      2. Thank you Highbury Hero, MA has said we should relax that settled it, we should think of how to ballance the team not Auba issue anyone

    2. But why did Arteta accept the job if he knew the Krankies wouldn’t invest a XXX buck in a better squad? I (a naive bastard) thought that was one of the main questions for a new coach/ manager to discuss with the owners: Will you give me enough money to buy players for in the summer, so I can go for my visions? And if Daddy Krankie said: No, boyo, I will not. Why then? Why did MA accept the job? Was he so bloody eager to be coach for Asn’l that he didn’t care if the owners ruined his chances to do a decent job?
      Come on, Krankie, give us at least money to sign Partey!

    3. But why did Arteta accept the job under those circumstances? I thought that it was one of the main questions to discuss with the owner for a new coach/ manager: Will you give me enough money in the summer to buy players for, so I can go for my visions. And if the owner say: No, boyo, I wont give you a XXX buck. Then the intended new coach should have left the table. This situation is humiliating, for MA as managing director, for us who are so called fans, for all football lovers. This isn’t serious business. Shame on the Kroenkies. Give us at least money to sign Partey.

      1. Is Partey the only DM in the world? How are we even sure the club is pursuing him? Mikel as the manager is well aware of which player he want to improve his team and I am confident he is working on bringing the required players as he already done so with our defense.

        Regarding Kroenke as the owner he has never been stingy on purchasing (not sure it’s the right word) players.

        Under his ownership we have seen a lot of players signed. Mesut Ozil, Aubameyang, Alexis, Santi Cazorla, Pepe, Lacazette, Monreal, Arteta, Martesacker, Podolski, Wiliam Saliba, Willian, Gabriel, Tierney, Torreira, Leno, Granit just to name a few good ones.

        Were did all those players come from? Sent from heaven? Born at Highbury?

  3. Mikel himself on our official website has said we can be relaxed regarding Mr Arsenal. I think that wraps it up and I don’t think there is any room for doubt or things like that.

  4. Dan’s comment regarding AW, is actually such a relevant point.
    We were told that this would never happen again, once gazidis took control of transfers, contracts and salaries… but here we are again.
    It reminds me so much of the RVP scenario – and we all know how that ended!!!

    I really can’t believe it will happen again, Auba doesn’t seem like judas type of person.
    The question, however, must surely be, what is Hussy doing, especially if we believe Auba, who said he hasn’t seen a new contract!!
    If we’re not careful, he will walk away just like Ramsey did, wondering what the hell was going on.

    1. The big difference will be seen over time I guess. Yes it has happened again, which is frustrating, but all in fairness, there has been so much upheaval over the last two years at the club. Those who criticize the new regime, seem to have very short memories, as the new regime inherited an absolute nightmare. 2 years later and they’re still struggling to offload players from the previous regime, which has a knock on effect to any new deals.

      Despite Auba’s contract, there has been a huge improvement though. On the whole, the dross isn’t getting new contracts, we’re actively trying to sell earlier, and new contracts aren’t being left to the last minute.

      As we both know under the Wenger/Gazidis regime, EVERYTHING was left to the very last minute, which resulted in consistently poor deals.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Auba contract was announced around the same time as the Martinez transfer to soften the blow.

  6. Why let your opponents know what cards we have in hand, it might be that if we let the world know Auba is staying then other clubs will strengthen their squad this way keep them guessing as I’m sure they do to us or it could be that Auba wanted to see who we sign before he puts pen to paper, it can also be that he didn’t get the personal offer he was waiting for from other clubs, we can afford to pay him more in salary then other clubs because we don’t have to buy him and pay huge sally

  7. From the general look of things surrounding the Aubameyang’s contract extension now turned to a saga at Arsenal this summer window, I don’t think this guy Aubameyang has signed da thin at the club.

    Otherwise, what will the Arsenal be waiting for other than to have announced that he has signed if in the truth sense of it he has?

    Nonetheless, I am increasingly of the opinion that Aubameyang has delayed his signing of da thin because Arsenal have not yet consented to his demand for a better wages than the one they are reported to have put on the table for him to sign it.

    According to reports, Arsenal have offered him a £350k/w plus wagex to start earning at the club if he signs da thin. But in-turn he has decided to withhold his ascent to accept the club’s latest improved deal offer that they have made to him. But which he looked to have declined it until a much better improved deal is offer to him before he will put pen to paper to accept the deal to extend his staying at the club to thus enabled the club to announce he has signed to extend.

    Let us therefore be hopeful to hope he will sign to extend if this proved to be the case and Arsenal are ready to give him the my purported much wage increase that I alleged he has asked for. Otherwise we wait keeping our fingers cross to see what the outcome of this Arsenal and Aubameyang contract extension saga that is currently ongoing at the club will be at the end.

  8. I agree with some of Highbury Hero’s observations especially regarding Kroenke. I think Kroenke is a victim of the old English saying that ” You give a dog a bad name and you hang him.” To some people everything that goes wrong even on the pitch is attributed to Kroenke! This truly is trivialising serious issues. Let’s apportion blame where we should and give credit where it is due. Much as Kroenke may not be the ideal owner of a club (there never is anywhere) neither is he the devil that some people portray him to be. HH enumerated a number of decent players who have been acquired since Kroenke took over. There is more at stake than just the owner. The Unai Emery era was characterised by mediocrity which Mikel Arteta is trying to reverse. Let us rally behind our team and see how far we go. It took Chelsea fifty years to win the league in 2005! It has taken Liverpool 30 years to win it. I don’t know how long it took Man city or how long it will take Spurs! We are now 16 years without winning EPL trophy but, who knows, anything is possible. Thus we don’t have to engage in invectives against anybody because we haven’t won it. Our time is coming and perhaps soon! The good thing is that unlike some of our immediate neighbours our cabinet is not trophyless. Has anyone cared to remember that we are only one of three clubs, namely Liverpool, Man city and Arsenal, that won trophies last season? Much as some people may demean this a trophy is a trophy! Once you develop a winning culture you will always win even bigger trophies. So all is not doom and gloom at Arsenal.

  9. I believe he is staying. Can’t think of a reason why he’d leave. A great manager and the figurehead of the club as captain! Who else is trying to sign him right now?

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