Is Aubameyang’s Arsenal future in doubt? (Opinion)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was dropped from the starting line-up for this weekend’s North London Derby victory over Tottenham, but could his Arsenal future now be in doubt?

The striker was supposedly in line to start the clash before turning up late on matchday, before finding himself benched.

Arsenal went on to win 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium without Aubz touching pitch, before he was later reported by The Athletic to have left the stadium whilst the post-match interviews and the team’s warm downs were taking place.

Taking into account that PEA is the club captain, and a leading member of the playing staff, this isn’t the sort of reaction you would want to what appears to have been a warranted punishment, while the star has previously been warned about his antics off the playing field.

Aubz was investigated after a video of him recently getting a tattoo was posted on social media, an incident which happened whilst tattoo parlours had been forced to close because of Coronavirus protocols, but before that he was give special leave to go and visit his mother who was poorly.

That leave did appear to give him a new lease of life as he returned to form after months of struggles on the pitch, but his happiness could well be in doubt after the latest conflict with the boss.

Arsenal showed that they have what it takes to win without him, but it is no secret that he is amongst our most important players, and we will likely need him if we are to push for a place in Europe for next season, either through the league or Europa League.

Should Arsenal fans be worried of the aftermath of Arteta’s actions and the player’s reaction?


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  1. The incident is unlikely to lead to Auba being transfer listed, but it does raise the prospect of him losing the Captancy,a position for which he is not suited in any case in my opinion.

    1. several months back fans and media wants Auba to sign the contract

      now they want Auba to leave

  2. No no no no no no no it is not… Reporters and writers like will make this worse.
    All the Athletic spoke about was hhis punishment and the reason and his reaction. No single thing about stirring up doubts regarding his future. Now you guys are writing this. Do you know how many players get disciplined by their club and both parties move on with it?
    Was this article necessary at all? Do we need this sorta air among the fanbase now? It’s not that deep, move on with it and drop this silly talk

    1. Eddie, this article is typical of GoonerP, he’s always looking for controversy and to stir things up.

        1. AdPat it’ll be interesting to you because it draws traffic to your site but it’s pathetic stirring up this mood among the fan base right now

  3. I would say Move him on ,let the younger guys get game time ,we didn’t miss him yesterday . But his wages will be a problem so can’t see
    He’s been brilliant for us but this season he seems to be struggling .
    Regarding the captancy I would give it to Luiz anyway ,not sure why he was made captain in the first place

    1. Dan
      Agree with you love aubes but this season he has gone off the boil
      I can take the drying up on hos goals but his lack of energy in games has also suffered and we press harder up top without him in the team
      KT is my choice for the captain role
      As for lucca.. he is not the person to stay up top
      A fresh hungry striker is required

        1. Spot on…
          Youth, hunger, raw talent and pure energy
          Unfortunately I thought Lacca goal papered over the cracks in his ability to take the chances when needed and he looked so unfit he looked like he was being carried most of the game

  4. That z to teach other players that no one z abov club bt he z a good captan so i expect him 2 tun up postively next time

    1. We keep up learning Everytime!. Obey the rules and everything is fine. Disobey or break the rules, then you face the consequences! Auba will learn from this!. It’s got nothing to do with his future with Arsenal.

  5. No. Please stop spreading negativity, because we’re still in the crucial phase of this season

    If you’re truly an Arsenal fan, you wouldn’t want to add fuel to the fire

  6. We vant keep on giving the armband to ex rival players nonsense let Leno have it rather than Luis both the same amount of mistakes

  7. Oh come on!!! The matter has been dealt with and Auba is available for selection on Thursday. End of.

  8. There’s no need of argument about this issue…. Aubamayang has realized his mistakes. He should lead by example. Arteta did this to avoid problem in the dressing room.
    Up Gunners

  9. well do you guys even know that the “Captain Arsenal” never celebrated with his team mates after the game, again it was reported that he was the first arsenal player to leave the stadium after the game….

    sure he is a great player, but may be arrogant for a leader in a club like arsenal.

    1. Could I just add a small thought. Aubz wasn’t sweating out on the pitch or getting dirty and probably didn’t need a shower, so would obviously been ready to leave before the rest?
      Just sayin’

  10. I’d love to say lets all move on, to forget this ill discipline and not make too big a deal of it. I really would!

    But all my instincts warn me that Auba , by leaving the stadium early and by generally not acting as a captain should , by being late and dever being a hard worker on the pitch, is looking for a way out. In short, I believe he now regrets signing his new contract. He was always the clear wrong choice as captain, as he is not a mature minded man. His protracted antics about signing”dat ting” and his giggling when doing so on social media tell me (as a mature judge of how humans act) that he is, though now 31, not mature enough to be captain.

    In the medium term I believe we willl be better getting him off our books and his regular effectiveness has markedly lessened this season.
    I agree that is far from what we need, BUT I have never believed in hiding from the truth, however much of a problem that MAY present and not facing up to the way ahead, even if not an ideal one.
    IT SEEMS CLEAR TO ME that Auba has but a short time left at Arsenal. That he chose to push limits with Arteta and found his bluff called in no uncertain manner, tells me that MA will not stand for this sort of behaviour. Nor should he. That being so, I can see only one ending for Auba and that is a move, if not this summer then certainly by the next summer, at latest.

    IMO, ONCE A PLAYER STARTS TESTING A DETERMINED MANAGER, the player always wants out, no matter what public utterances may be made by either side.


  11. After the surprising omission episode that saw Aubameyang omitted from the Arsenal starting XI team sheet in our last home PL match against Tottenham by Mikel Arteta his manager on a claimed disciplinary ground.

    I personal think for this bitter pill forced down in the throat of Aubameyang to swallow, his future at Arsenal could currently be in doubt. But it hasn’t yet reached the level of being seriously in doubt until probably during the summer window if Arsenal may want to sell him if this matter between him and Arteta is not amicably settled.

    For, like Ozil did to Arsenal to stay put when Arteta wanted him out, Auba could decide to emulate him by staying put at the club refusing to be transferred. Save, if the signing club will match his Arsenal wages and improve it for him. If not, I can see Auba waiting to have his contract mutually terminate by Arsenal before he’ll agree to leave.

    By punishing Auba with a bench axe punishment in our last Spurs game could maybe be the appropriate punishment served to Auba for his lateness to match preiving protocol.

    But I say maybe is the appropriate punishment severed him because us don’t know what exactly transpired between him and Arteta in the changing room on this matter. But to me, Arteta making Aubameyang benching punishment of his club captain a public knowledge is undesirable. He should have left the matter in-club.

    But rebuking his club captain publicly is tantamount to putting him in shame. But I think Arteta who doesn’t want ugly incident happenings at the club revealed publicly knew what he’s doing. As he has gone public himself with his punishing Auba with a bench punishment. But why did he do this? I think Arteta wants to put Auba to shame. And only God knows when their rosy relationship started going weird.

    Nevertheless, for the sake of Arsenal quest to obtain a PL top-four place table finish this season, and win the Europa League Cup this season too. I will strongly advice both Arteta and Auba to return their swords to their sheds and do what is needful for Arsenal to achieve what is left to achieve by them this season.

    1. It is important for us as fans to understand why he was benched. Because these players manipulate fans on social media making it look like the Manager is wrong when in fact they are ill-disciplined. No qualms with what the manager did.

  12. Hopefully we will field:

    Martinelli Auba Pepe

    Against Olympiacos. And I expect Mari Holding partnership.

  13. First of all. I applaud the Manager for taking such a bold step. Auba’s behavior and others like him is exactly why this team has been performing so bad in recent years. No player is bigger than the club. If he wants to leave than let him leave. You cannot behave that way without consequences no matter who you are. Well done Mikel!!
    I hope this sends out a clear message to all the players that no one is above the rules. So if Auba is a professional he will apologize to club and the fans.
    Give the armband to someone else!!
    If we lost that game he would have to shoulder some blame for it. He does not behave like a leader and it is unacceptable. So hopefully he learns from his mistake and repays us.

    1. He is a habitual late comer. He had similar issues at Dortmund during trainings and matches. Getting omitted from the starting eleven is a minimal punishment. They should have chopped part of his salary as well.

  14. Not even a little. He’ll be here until his contract runs out. glad he’s picked up the pace the past few games. not been a great season for him. hopefully we get more out of him next year and he can get us a Europa League trophy.

  15. This situation could quickly spiral, as it reminds me a bit of when Tuchel used the media to try to embarrass Auba into compliance…the particulars are a little different, but Arteta’s passive aggressive press conference comments won’t be well-received by Auba, some of his teammates and potentially future transfer window prospects

    I have no problem with a player being admonished for any actions the club might feel to be detrimental to the team, especially if this has been a consistent course of action for the manager, which of course hasn’t been the case, but to have this play out in real time by using the media, prior to the game, as a tool to deflect attention from himself and onto the player, was both tactless and manipulative on his part

    to suggest anything without providing a detailed explanation, leaving everyone to wildly speculate, was either a purposeful act or a clear indication that he’s far too naïve to be a professional manager at this level…I tend to believe the former, as this certainly wasn’t how he dealt with disciplinary issues regarding players like Willian or Xhaka, even though their actions could and should be deemed far more potentially detrimental

    in a way, it makes me seriously wonder if this could be his version of Wenger’s campaign to sully the relationship between the fans and Sanchez, when things started to go sideways…I can only hope not as that led to us once again losing our best player, with nothing functionally in return, (which reminds me that Miki’s lighting it up in the Serie A) and the ridiculous Ozil contract, as a way to appease a justifiably frustrated fanbase, who I’m sure Wenger felt would have gone bat sh** crazy if we had lost Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey within a 12 month window

    if Auba was be punished for his tardiness, I would have pursued a series of monetary fines, on an escalating scale, and if that didn’t do the trick, then and only then, a gameday suspension and the taking of the captain’s armband…but don’t wait until you’ve actually benched the player to suggest this wasn’t the first time because if that was the case you should have either informed the media from day one or said nothing at all

    this should have been a classic in-house situation, where nothing is said to the press and a viable excuse is made that doesn’t require damage control on the part of either party involved…unless Arteta was intentionally trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill…another classic cake and eat it too attempt by Arteta and I’m not a fan whatsoever

    the fact that some are suggesting it shows Arteta’s commitment to creating a highly disciplined atmosphere at the club is farcical considering the litany of clown show mistakes we’ve committed this year, yet none of the individuals involved ever seem to be punished for said acts of stupidity…I believe the real reason he chose this public denouncing of sorts was so that he could deflect much of the blame towards the player should we have lost

    1. I think it was correct for Arteta to go public because if he stayed quite there would have been a lot of speculation and as Dboy said above the players have a tendency to manipulate in Social Media.

  16. I see we have some very Biased and ungrateful fans. That’s why it will be an uphill task to make significant progress, with the kind of thinking some people have (Media people inclusive). People Always looking for controversy over nothing. This is a non-issue and we have moved on. Auba is the King and will always be (whether you like it or not). Lastly Arteta won’t be here for much long.

    1. LW
      I hate to shatter your fortune telling skills but I think MA Will be around alot longer than aubes
      You know what they say
      The king is dead long live the king
      Aubes is having an off season to date and as an arsenal supporter and a fan of his I hope he finds his mojo again as an aubes firing on all cylinders is as good as most strikers in the world but it does show thwt we can play without him and win without him
      Onwards and upwards

  17. It really depends on his attitude and how he responds to being dropped.If he takes on on the chin and gets on with it, then it’s business as usual and looking ahead to the next game. Personally I don’t see it as a serlous crisis for the club. Yes, he is our only effective goal scorer, but he doesn’t appear to have much energy left in the tank, so it’s probably about time to start some serious scouting in search of alternatives.

  18. Also, after reading the above comments, why do so many people see him as a leader. He obviously isn’t, not in terms of inspiring and motivating those around him. His goals have often saved Arsenal from further humiliation but Arsenal need a true captain,one who doesn’t stop working,chatting and pushing his team. Now who could that be?

  19. Dropping your star player for the biggest game of the season will always make a lot of noise, but nothing more than that.

    Let’s move on from this, and finish the season well.

    1. Most of us realize that Aubameyang is not captaincy material, because he does not demonstrate leadership skills.
      He was dropped by the manager for being late to catch the team bus, apparently not for the first time. Not a good look for a captain not wanting to travel with his team mates on the bus to the stadium. Is it poor time keeping, or does he prefer to drive his Lamborghini rather than travel by bus?
      How Aubameyang reacts to this appropriate discipline will say a lot about his character. Hopefully he sees he erred, takes it on the chin and puts all his efforts into being punctual, supporting the team ethics, training hard and playing to the best of his ability.

  20. Arteta was lucky. Arsenal with auba plays with 10 men and he knows it. If he is clever enough he will drop him but to sell him is impossible. Another Ozil
    another wrong signing.

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