Is Bellerin ready to ask Arsenal boss for dream Barcelona move?

Hector Bellerin is claimed to be keen on a move to Barcelona this summer, and is to ask the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to open the door for his exit. The Spain international joined the club from the Catalan giants as a 16 year-old, and worked his way through the ranks before making his debut at the age of 18.

Once breaking into the side in the absence of the injured Mathieu Debuchy, he never looked back, earning plaudits as one of the best full-backs in the division, and was even selected for the PFA Premier League Team of the Year.

Bellerin’s last season in England was not his most enjoyable, with an injury breaking up his early season form, but did begin to impress in a new wing-back role once breaking back into Arsene Wenger’s first-team plans.

The Spaniard’s family have since had to return to Spain, citing family reasons for the return, and Bellerin has since spoken of his closeness with his relatives, claiming it would be hard to continue without them.

There has been numerous interviews in the press of Barca representatives praising Hector, while the right-back has refused to rule out a possible return to the club, and the whole saga stinks in the way that Cesc Fabregas was pursued prior to his return to his boyhood club.

Bellerin is now claimed to be ready to plead with Arsene Wenger to open to the door to his move back to Barcelona, with the club’s current stance being that they are unwilling to discuss any form of exit.

Should Bellerin opt to leave however, we would be more than happy to have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain continue his impressing spell at right wing-back, where I would argue that his best football has been played since joining from Southampton.

Would Bellerin exit even weaken our side in any way? I love Hector but I feel the Ox was just as good in our new role. Should we cash-in? The transfer fee may even pay for Lacazette!

Pat J

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  1. It’s ironic really that we have Sanchez, Ozil and Ox on 12 months left and while there have been rumours about them that it seems the strongest outgoing rumour this window has been whackerin.

    I mean really? He’s not even the near the best. He should just be let go. He should go and join Cesc, Song, Hleb and co in the books of grass wasn’t actually greener.

    1. Unlike many I’m not scared at all if he leaves.You know why?Because I’ve seen better players leave the club and seen where we ended up.He’s very good and world class but not as good as many think.Forget stats for a moment and look at his quality.I also hope the mistake of keeping Mr. Hold up at the club would not be made.Here at Arsenal we compromise a lot and we always ignore the cracks until it’s too late.Wait till Lacazette goes for a three or four month injury.Then we’ll know we never learn.I hope Bellerin doesn’t make this mistake of leaving Arsenal.He has so so much to learn.His game still lacks that something.He needs to know how to maximise his potentials and be consistent.That will only come with more playing time and patience.Arsene should not even think of letting him go as we will have to spend money on a RB and besides we need him.

  2. thou I lyk Hector but since we hv ox to take up da rwb role…let’s cash in on Hector 4 a reasonable amount dat will b used to pursue d likes of lemar.

  3. Hector the speed demon, like the lad and has been impressive on the whole with a bright career ahead on him, I guess that’s why bacca want him back. Funny how bacca can release a young player, watch how they developed and then still have the power and influence to bring them back when they are ready (or at least, try).

    If the lad really does wants to go back to the Catalan giant, thank him for his contribution, let move him on, get a good few quid for him or see if we can raid there stock of players to strengthen our team.

    Would rather see him stay but he wants to go home then so be it.

  4. If he wants to he can leave. I dont want any player who’s not gon be loyal.. i mean like wtf?? after everything Wenger did for him this is how’ll repay us?? Any player that wants to leave should go and never look back. He can go back to Barca i dnt care long as we get the right replacements. I don’t want anything that’ll affect all of us next season in our pursuit of the league. Even Sanchez if he wants to stay he should but be told he’ll stop all those his sulking and dressing room BS we always hear of. Next season they have to give all, and anybody who’s not gonna stand the heat when it gets tough now should just chicken out now. We already have 2 new good signings, we don’t want bad attitudes influencing them once the season starts. So Bellerin if you want to leave and go back to the club that never gave you the chance, you’re welcome to go. But once you do, i hope we never hear poo from your mouth bout the club or how great Wenger was to you.

    1. Give us 50 million and say Bye Bye Bellerin, if he wants to go then go, but he has a 5 year contract so they have to pay a premium.

  5. Surely Bellerin wouldn’t have the guts to confront Wenger and demand such a thing…

    By the way, how do the media know what Bellerin has in mind?? This is bulls**t!

    1. It’s simple mate, News makes money & peeps get paid to talk ???? and if you’ve got a secret of someone who’s in the spot light, it’s time to shout BinGo!!! ??????

  6. Does Bellerin have to come out every few weeks to not believe everything you read. FFS he said it a few weeks ago. You know i sound like an old broken record now…I mean I have a question. Do some of you believe ANYTHING they put out on Arsenal?….Bellerin has to be defending himself ever blasted week because of idiotic fans believing made-up garbage like this. The only way I would believe Bellerin wants a transfer back to Barcelona is if he came out and said he wants to leave so that he wouldn’t have to deal with some of the most idiotic and toxic fans in world football. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the idiotic fans were what drove him away….No wonder opposition fans and the media always troll us….

    1. Reports are already out in the media that he made a transfer request and Wenger rejected it.
      Even if Hector wants to return to Barça, I don’t think it’s best for him, not just yet. He’s not the finished product yet, and he stands a better chance of fulfilling his potentials with regular playing time at Arsenal.
      If he insists, then we should milk them. 60m ? and nothing less. He’s still young and has a long contract to fulfill so, we’re at an advantage.

  7. Barcelona don’t want to pay top dollar for one of their old academy players, they prefer to tap up and get the youngster to wrap up a cheap return by demanding to leave, due to family matters.
    Up until recently, Bellerin was reassuring the fans that he wasn’t interested in joining Barca, anytime soon. But once the Spanish Giants introduced a little bit of Fear Mongerin, giving the poor lad 10 days to comply or watch your Barcelona dreams fade & die!.. As soon as his international duty ended, He quickly ran back to London for crunch talks with Wenger… Probably had a half cut onion in his pocket to give his eyeballs a good old rubbing before he stepped into Wenger’s office … ?? PLEASEEE! Mr Wenger DaD, you’ve been like a father figure to me ( with those big bloodshot puppy eyes, bulging out of their sockets) ?? PLEASEEE let me go, I miss my MoM, Dad and family.. Sob sob ?? and sob some more! ( has a quick glance up at Wenger ?? to see if he’s biting on his bull?) Wenger replies ?? Errrr, Boy, you is stinking more of onions than I doo ?? Get the fork out of here, with those Fabregas tricks! ?? You have a very very longgg top top contract son, you isn’t going nowhere for less than £60 million. Now stfu and on your way out, send Sanchez in. ?

  8. I like Bellerin and would hate to see him go the way of Fabregas, Hleb, Song etc but that is his decision. Take 50m pounds from Bacelona and get Serge Aurier from PSG for 17m pounds. Case closed.

    1. Class player but I thought he was a LB? ?? not sure but I’m sure that I’ll get thumped down whether I’m right or wrong ??

      1. Serge Aurie is actually a right back but his off field antics are a mixture of Nicklaus Bendtner and Mario Balotelli. I think he is presently serving a 6 month jail term for assaulting a police officer.

  9. If only Arsenal had the intestinal fortitude to just once act like a Big club and play hardball with its contract rebels.

    1) Contact Bayern and offer Sanchez for D. Costa and $20M. If Bayern balks sell the Chilean for $55M to Oil City. Wenger wont let him leave for free and Sanchez’s disgruntled attitude could possibly sabotage the team this season.
    2) Offer Bellerin the opportunity to return home for $50M and give Ox the opportunity to be 1st choice RWB. If he insists on a fresh start and pines for a move to Pool than sell his overrated ass for $30M and sign Aurier from PSG. $65M in profit and adding a WC right back that will hold down tbe position for many years is a win for Arsenal.

    I concede that Sanchez will be difficult to replace but Ox and Bellerin are nowhere near finished products and Arsenal can find more than suitable replacements.

    Could this team challenge on all fronts next season

  10. Wenger has already told Barcelona – no and don’t ask again – doesn’t it feel good telling them where to go? The amount of tapping up and Spanish media encouragement has been ridiculous. FIFA should really be giving them another transfer ban…. It would appear Ox is still in the mix anyway (no pun intended) – what is it about L’pool and Southampton players? Half their team seem to be made up of them, and they were after Walcott not that long ago as well … Callum Chambers next? If Ox can stay injury free for long enough, I feel he could really go places (not L’pool hopefully), so I think it’s in our best interests to keep him as well.

  11. Bellerin, Ox are not finish products and i see them not getting sufficient playing time at any team they go to, if they do not want to stay let them go, get the highest possible price and seek the replacement they are AVAILABLE.

    Sanchez a great player, but i do not like his attitude, Sanchez is an Egotistical player, and his first point of view comes from (I, him), not the team, although many blames the coach our 5th position for me is owed to by Ozil and Sanchez attitude. I do not care if he goes to Bayern or Man city once he is not in the team with a negative attitude, let him move on, and replace

  12. Some fans here believe they can negotiate better than d current arsenal transfer negotiators. I doubt.

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