Is Bellerin right about an Anti-Arsenal bias in the media?

Bellerin said: “It doesn’t matter how we do, if we win it is always the other team’s fault and when we lose it is always our fault.

“We have just got to deal with it as we have been doing, play our game and show that we have got the potential, that we can win games like this one.

“I think everyone has seen that.”

There is undoubtedly bias in the media against Arsenal and against Arsene Wenger in particular. Many journalists and pundits have openly been calling for Arsene to go for several years now and for some it has almost become a point of honour to see him dismissed. Yet despite their efforts to destabilise the club Arsene has been given a new contract. So when we play well they are reluctant to give him any praise and when we play badly or lose they are happy to blame him for the players’ performance. He is quite literally the only manager in the Premiership who is not allowed to lose a game.

Steven Rose


  1. I don’t think there’s any bias, most pundits/journalists just call it how it is. Even most of our fans know how bad we are as well.

    The reason Arsenal/Wenger gets a lot of criticism is because we’ve been so poor, so for long, after he raised expectation to such a high level. He would have probably have been sacked around 7/8 years ago at any other top club, so it’s no surprise that patience has worn thin. He doesn’t get enough praise for winning, because everyone now knows that it won’t lead anywhere in the long term. The same problems will crop up at some point, and it’ll just be like we’re repeating the last 10 years!

    I really disagree with “He is quite literally the only manager in the Premiership who is not allowed to lose a game”. There’s huge pressure on all of the manager’s at top clubs not to lose, with every defeat being magnified within the press, but Wenger is the only manager who IS ALLOWED TO LOSE. It’s the exact opposite of what the writer saying. There is no pressure whatsoever on Wenger to be successful from a sporting aspect, hence why he has lasted so long. As long as he meets his financial obligations (which he is party to), then he has a job for life.

    1. I am furious but not with you at all. I am furious with the stupid idiots who have disliked your clearly correct comments ,all of which I completely endorse, as they are so plainly true. It is disspiriting to find people with intelligent comments fearlessly written but then stupidly scorned by many of the thickos and one eyed”all is right in Wenger world” low IQ OAFS. I CONGRATULATE YOU FOR SPEAKING THE PLAIN TRUTH AND URGE YOU TO TAKE HEART, BECUASE THERE ARE MANY WHO READ THESE COMMENTS AND AGREE BUT DON’T WISH TO LIKE OR DISLIKE. All who have disliked your comments are dullards, and “wilfully blind to the truth idiots”, plainly! There are none so blind as those who will not see. This obviously includes Wenger too.

      1. Thank you for your response @jon fox. I don’t mind people having different opinions on subjects, because it leads to very interesting debates, but what have a huge problem with, is when people deny facts.

        On a personal level, I don’t like Wenger anymore, but I try my best not to let emotion creep into rational debates about Wenger. I try and base everything I say on the facts, and facts point to Wenger being a very egotistical, arrogant, naive, and just plain poor manager these days.

        1. Third Man JW. It is I who should thank you as you are a regular poster on here and also clearly an astute and courageous man. We all know that most keyboard warriors who dislike comments , from whatever sourse , are actually wet behind the ears kids who have hardly ever been to watch Arsenal at Emirates but think, absurdly, they have LIFE perspective. They have not the experience of life with which to make real comparisons to other , long ago and honest managers we have had. I go back to Goerge Swindin, our manager and ex -goalie way back- who managed in 1958 when we came third in the old First Division. Not a great manager by any means , over the period but he was honest and did not treat fans with arrogance and disdain as Wenger and the board and owner now do. My father and grandfather , who was born before ARSENAL were, instilled the love of a great, visionary, honest and classily run and owned club in me as a very youing boy back in the mid fifties and I first came to Highbury and Arsenal aged 7 and never left, til last year at the stench of Kroeke and the board and of Wengers arrogance, old fashioned and stale methods which are year by year regessing our club. Thousands of us can see this truth plainly but seemingly, Steven Rose and some naive fans on this site cannot. OR WILL NOT, MORE LIKE!

    2. Only Klopp can get away with losing because he’s charming. You have to admit if Wenger/Mourinho/Pep lost 5-0 and 4-1 in the span of 2 months the media would be having a field day. But yes, media just calls it how they see it. Wenger’s Arsenal has been going through the same motions for over a decade. if any Arsenal fan seriously thinks January-March period won’t be an absolute catastrophe yet again, then they are just deluded and refuse to recognize how stagnant this club has become.

    3. Thirdman, you are absolutely right, and the facts prove Wenger is the only manager, at a top club, who is allowed to loose so many games.
      So, I can only assume, that the people giving you thumbs down, actually don’t believe Arsenal can be counted as a top club and therefore can allow the manager to be a regular looser.

    4. So insightful into the inner workings of Arsenal. It’s frustrating for everyone but if you really think it’s that bad, go to the ethiad. Our fan base sometimes frustrates me but then I realise its just a few cowboy warriors (see other replies)\

  2. Well said Bellerin. Sanchez had more assists and goals than Hazard and Mane but he was not included in the team of the year. In the same vein Giroud’s goal was not voted even the goal of the week and the same goal won FIFA goal of the year. It is sad that the English media is so biased. Ronaldo has joined the chorus saying that Giroud’s goal should not have been voted the best, just because it was not scored by him.

    1. nonsense. Ask any fanbase if they think media has a bias against them and they will say yes. Everyone loves to play the victim when that’s just not close to the truth. Only team I would believe media has a love for is Liverpool because many of the pundits grew up supporting them since they were good when they were younger. Klopp is impervious to criticism even though his team is a disaster and he has won nothing, but his charm lets him get away with it. Other than that I’ve seen just as many articles go after City, Chelsea, even United. The world doesn’t revolve around hating Arsenal, lmao.

  3. Hector Bellerinis is right,this is British journalist anti-arsenal and propaganda,had it been that Arsene Wenger is a British manager praises will be flooding every day because of what he has done in English football.

    A club that spent $144,000,000.00 lost to a club that spent just only $44,000,000.00

    1. Give it a break with stupid facts about money ,arsenal on in the top 10 teams in the world for finance..they can spend whatever the fck they want …..but dont …..,Everton have a new owner who is trying to get everton competing with in reason ..Arsenal are a club who have not only gone backwards but fcking 2 steps sideways aswell

  4. This article sounds like it was written by Wenger’s wife or lover, so absurd is it! Plainly it is nonsensical and most “facts” are completely untrue. It strongly seems as if the writer, who posted the article is a Wenger lover too. There is no other plausible explanation for penning such nonsense. The written national press are, by and large fair, to all teams and their vast football experience and journalistic training ensures that. Of course in a game of differing opinions,from journalists, fans and players, some will always jar. BUT this article chooses to totally ignore the obvious conclusion which the article ignores, deliberately and through bias, plainly. That the many thousands of Gooner fans, pro jounos and even ex-players who have wanted Wenger sacked for ages, ALL recognise that our club is stagnant and regressing through old, stale and proven unsuccessful managerial methods. Bizarrely , this article ignores the truth and there are none so blind as those who simply will NOT SEE! Shame on you for writing this tosh, Steven Rose. I for one refuse to harm our beloved club by fooling myself-as others do- that all is wonderful , when clearly they are not . Help the club you love by demanding change, which will cure our many ills and TOTAL lack of owner and boardroom ambition. We need a clean sweep out of all the cancerous people mis- running our beloved club. That , to those with working eyes and brains, is supremely obvious. I speak as an Arsenal fan for the last 60 years , regularly attending as a season ticket holder for over 35 of those years, but still attending regularly til last year, when the stench of the cancerous owner and board forced me to stop attending, since I refuse to pay these dreadfully awful people any more of my honestly earned(pity they can’t say the same) money!

    1. Further to my own reply, I want to add how dishonest it is of the article writer, Steven Rose, to LINK his own opinions(that Wenger is doing a great job, as he thinks) with the attempt by young HECTOR BELLERIN TO STAND UP FOR HIS CLUB. As a young player , in fact any player undercontract of any age, Bellerin is bound to stick up publicly for his clusm his teammates and manager. This is laudable and natural. But it doesn’t make him right, does it? To garner “likes” through siding with a popular and young player, who can hardly be expected to say anything else, Steven Rose is being very cunning indeed. If Steven had more courage he would simply state HIS OWN THOUGHTS, without hiding under BELLERINS apron strings(metaphorically speaking) Knowing how loyal most fans are, if you say you agree with so and so a player, you will always get likes but that is dishonest and cunning, not to also say cowardly, say I! Many fan polls constantly say around 80% of Gooners who attend, actively want Wenger and the owner removed. That is truth and I have the guts to state it, without hiding under players opinions.

      1. Agree 100% my friend ,,Seems to be alot of pro wenger fans around this evening .this club is a fcking disgrace ..rotten to the core .Yea he did well when he turned up on the shores for a couple of years but thats in the past .every club moves forward with new ideas or they get left behind which in our case as happened.Very strange that he seems to have some weird hold on sum fans .Yea he done great but for fcks sake lets move on its well over due

  5. yeah we have been playing poorly over d years and blah blah blah… but I think bellerin is kinda right.. man City played till d penalties and I hear no pundit saying nothing… man u lost to Huddersfield.. still nothing said…Chelsea lost to Crystal Palace… nothing said… almighty arsenal lost to watford and we don’t have balls for the fight… arsenal wins at everton and it’s cos everton are currently poor inform… so yes.. not just d media but also refs and stupid pundits.. don’t slaughter me yet cos I know arsenal at times are quite frustrating to watch…

  6. I’ve never seen pundits hesitate to praise Arsenal. When we play a good game we play a good game. Didn’t hear anyone on MOTD say “its only Everton”. Ozil was praised, same with Ramsey, Alexis, Lacazette. Bellerin is upset, (and other players I assume) because they don’t like to hear the truth, that every year they bottle it, every year we see the same lack of fight when the going gets tough. Everton match was the first time in TWO YEARS Wenger’s team came from a goal behind to win a game. That is an atrocious stat and proves that Arsenal give up the moment things get rough. Face the fact and start doing better. Ignore the media anyways, and start playing as a team that looks like it wants to win EPL. There is still no leader anywhere on the pitch, and even after Everton scored the first goal, I saw players dropping their heads. This is when players should be telling each other not to give up and to keep going for it. Arsenal don’t have the fight in them and the proof is over a decade without being English champions when there is no good reason for that.


    2. Exactly. In fact, Souness called us fabulous on Sunday, even at half time and ONLY 1-1. But he also and again truthfully said how timid we were at Watford a week earlier. He is clearly just , honestly, doing the job he is paid for; giving his honest opinions as he sees them. So do Neville and Carragher, which is why they are so in demand by Sky and widely respected for forthright , honest opinions, even by many who despised esp Neville as a player. Sky IS A WELL RUN TOP PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS AND DOES NOT HIRE FOOLS AS PUNDITS AND ANALYSTS. Almost in unison, all TV ex-players recognise that Wengers time was and is up and that the club -and fans- crave change with an influx of ambition, fight and organisation, none of which we have under Wenger, except once in a blue moon, like at inept Everton. It is a fact that most fans of all big clubs think the media hate their own club. This in ill informed keyboard warrior nonsense and those fans with perspective know this full well. Football is tribal, which is a huge part of it’s popular appeal BUT the media are business people and mainly(though clearly not all) trained journalists whose job it is to write or speak the truth as they see it. Without bias! Realism !

      1. If you think a trained journalists speaks the truth and nothing but the truth then you need to seriously wake up. They report what the editor’s agenda is and if they don’t then it’s goodbye and enjoy working in a coffee shop for the rest of your natural…

  7. Spot on article that makes the simple point that there is a media bias. For those who disagree, listen to Adrian Durham (on talkSPORT) or under cover muppets like Paul Merson on Soccer Saturday. People like these never give Arsenal any credit for anything. They are continually trying to encourage our players to leave, ridicule our positive results and character assassinate our manager. It is highly delusional to deny this.

    1. Lmao, Adrian Durham is the best example you can get! And yeah, Merson hates Arsenal even though he spent most of his career there. No chance he’s overly critical because he wants the club to be good again. The highly delusional one is you for thinking the media hates Arsenal when it’s more clear the media wants Arsenal to stop being a joke and to be good again. But accept these low standards and mediocre manager and we’ll continue to fall.

    2. Your comments remind me of those of Hitler when deep in his Berlin bunker a month before GERMANY WAS DEFEATED IN 1945. HITLER STILL THOUGHT HE WOULD WIN THE WAR. Talk about self delusion! I am NOT comparing you to Hitler but merely your delusional thoughts remind me of his. And yes, Durham is an awful opinionated TalkSport bully boy BUT is fearless and correct in this case and Merson, though likeable, is hardly brain of Britain either, but Merse sees the truth about ARSENAL AND HAS THE GUTS TO SAY IT TOO. So do people far more respected as Arsenal pundits, like Perry Groves, Keown, Alan Smith, Tony Adams, Dixon, Henry and Wrighty, not to forget the Romford Pele too. They all like Wenger but want him to resign. As ex players they can hardly put it in real fan language , can they? But their opinions are crystal clear for those who are interested enough to really listen to what is and what is not said. Loads of highly knowledgeable ex-Arsenal people , sadly, but realistically want Wenger gone.

  8. This boy who can not dribble another player and who runs like a headless chicken. Kindly pack and go back to Barcelona and see if you will ever play a game. Ask TV5 if you think this is being biased. When they write bad about you , you start crying. They feel sorry for you boy.

  9. I try not to think too much about the media. I judge Arsenal, Wenger on my own and as a fan by following our matches, seeing how the players perform and what tactics Wenger uses.

    I am more concerned with our next match, in this case Swansea. They seem to be as bad as Everton and it’s a home match so we got to win this. Let’s win our 5th home match- no loss, no draw.

    And how about Nketiah last night. That was a lovely surprise. Depending on who we play in the next round, it would nice to see him play again.

    Let’s beat Swansea and take our Home record to 5-0-0

    BTW Carabao Cup Draw is in a few minutes
    Would prefer Bristol, Leicester or Bournemouth but any one of those could beat us too. I expect Spurs and Chelsea to win tonight

  10. I do not believe the media are against us. If we play crap we get crap.
    When we play well we get the plaudits. Fact of life, ignore it, live with it.

  11. There has always been a willingness to lay into Arsenal more so than most. The players and managers came out saying all you have to do is kick Arsenal, and they were allowed to. The pundits would sit there talking like we deserved it because we had the gall to want to play attractive forward playing football. That’s a bit different than saying Arsenal need to defend better. We had players legs chopped in two probably due to everyone saying it’s ok to do so. Liverpool aren’t having this said about them, Harry Redknapps teams didn’t have it said, nor the Howe’s out there. The Giroud goal is a good point, and it’s interesting or telling that it was an Englishman’s big toe they gave the accolade to instead of our man. I honestly believe Arsenal had an injustice done to them when we went with a young team after the Highbury years. I can put the Giroud one down to whatever, but telling teams to break us in half is another thing altogether, esp when we are trying to bring through young hopefuls.

  12. With all the unnecessary insults to players and the manager it would seem this is a site used for venting personal frustrations by some. Why would you insult someone who doesn’t owe you anything? Doesn’t even know you exist? Simply because you can hide behind your laptop or smartphone?

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