Is Bellerin right to criticise Arsenal attacking line?

Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has admitted his frustration at his side’s failings in front of goal, claiming their dominant displays should be bringing home the points.

The Gunners heavily dominated their last three Premier League matches against Manchester United, Southampton and West Ham, but only managed to pick up a total of two points from those matches.

These results have seen us fall from fourth to seventh in the division, and Bellerin is blaming his attacking players for failing to produce, while the rest of the team are ‘good’.

‘It’s difficult because we are dominating the games, we have opportunities, we have the ball possession. But we don’t have the effectiveness in front of the goal, we lack a little creativity,’ the Spain international said.

‘And that’s what makes our game something that people like to see, football with a lot of spectacle, with a lot of first touch, with a lot of speed.

‘I don’t know, we lack this, especially in the last quarter of the pitch.

‘Defensively we are good at the back, we are conceding few goals, but we need to improve at the front.

‘We have to keep working and play the next match with a little more audacity.’

To simply blame our attack on our defeat to Manchester United would be a bit rich considering the errors which saw us trailing by two goals inside 11 minutes, and West Ham also had chances gifted to them which could easily have seen us lose that match, and I personally find it rich that the underperforming defender is blaming other areas of the team for their displays.

Bellerin is one of a number of players who definitely needs to up their game, but is our attack the ones who need to make the most improvement?

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  1. Sue says:

    ‘Defensively we are good at the back’ I don’t agree with that! We’re having problems at both ends of the pitch

  2. jon fox says:

    Bellerin must be off his head to publicly say what he did. Who is he to talk , after his awful last season and a half? If he has actually said ” Defensively we are good at the back”, he should be tested for drugs as he MUST be smoking the funny fags. This immature and physically weedy young man, would be well advised to say nothing, hit the weights in the gym to bulk up and keep his head down and his mouth firmly shut until he has earned the right to talk about his teammates. They sure as hell could rightly have a lot to say about him and he would not like it either. Stupid boy!

    1. Ivan says:

      I’ll say one thing Jon you are right about Bellerin but you know when the dressing room is toxic is when the players start publicly critisizing each other. We are probably at the point where either the manager goes (what I would like) or he sells half the players and starts again.

      1. @ Ivan
        There is not a chance in hell Wenger will resign or get fired. Moreover, the likelihood of us having a player overhaul is equally bad seeing that by the summer we will have lost 77.5M worth of assets in Ozil and Sanchez. We will have to absorb that loss somehow and am guessing its our transfer budget that will suffer. Add onto the fact Wenger has bullishly always said he only believes in adding 2 or 3 players maximum I see no overhaul taking place. This is what I think will happen: Wenger will buy 1 midfielder as Ozil replacement at the beginning of the window for 30M then start playing Lacazette as a left winger in pre season. Giroud will be given back his CF position with Welbeck as cover. Wenger will relentlessly play Xhaka in preseason until he gets injured and buy a back up midfielder on deadline day for 10M.

        1. Ivan says:

          Sadly @ Quantic Dream in my heart of hearts I know you are right and to think we will get worse makes me me sad.?

      2. chris says:

        Wenger will NOT go. Don’t be surprised if he stays for yet another 2 years !

  3. Redpaul says:

    Hector should keep his mouth shut and worry about improving his own poor performances. We haven’t been good enough defensively or had good enough defenders for the last ten years . Get ur own house in order Hector

  4. Maks says:

    Hector is poor this season. He lacks ”balls” and he is only good when passing backward.
    I would give chance to Debuchy long time ago but we still have Wenger who doesnt understand what good comes from competition.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    We’re shocking in defence, in midfield, and in attack! Not one area of our squad is performing, but then what do you expect when Wenger is the one directing things.

    Expect us to make Newcastle look like Barcelona tomorrow!

  6. Mertinho says:

    90%+ of the team have been a disappointment this season. They all deserve criticism.

    Not sure how Bellerin who has been poor for ages now can even say such bullcrap when he is part of it all. Bellerin should be providing the team some width and pace going forward along with a cross here and there, so why is it he always stops, turns and passes back. He is not offering us anything going forward and his defensive displays are shocking at best.

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    Renato Sanches set to leave Swansea…

    Where are the fans that called for the signing of Renato?

  8. KC says:

    Generally true.
    Our attack lacks speed, bite, creativity, width etc etc etc. we just pass the ball slowly side, forward and then back. Then one mistake we lose the ball, and, the defense under tremendous pressure. So easy to park the bus against Arsenal. In fact, teams just sit back and watch. They could even bring out their deck chairs and enjoy the watching the ball played in front of them. German football was like that in the sixties and seventies, which was very boring to watch.
    Possesion doesn’t mean anything unless it’s effective possession.

  9. Vlad says:

    Whoa! Bellerin, out of people, should really keep his mouth shut. He’s been one of the worst performers on the pitch this season, both offensively and DEFENSIVELY. The idiot should start paying more attention to his game rather than his stupid haircut. Cut off that ridiculous ponytail /man-bun, or whatever it is he calls that hideous thing, and start playing the GAME OF FOOTBALL!

  10. Roy says:

    Bellarin couldn’t tackle a hot dinner.

  11. Break-on-through says:

    Bellerin should take some notes from Walcott on diagonal runs, Walcott is s**t at most things but that diagonal run and his shooting are the two things he does well. Also he needs to take opponents on when there are enough players still behind the ball. His pace is not used to good effect, why is it so rare for the quickest players to have good ball skills and good close control. It’s amazing how many of them are only electric when running at full pelt into open space. I was thinking about Bellerin coming through Barca, if Barca couldn’t instill great ball control in him well then am not sure if the quickest players are really worth the time and money. Henry was a one off it seems, a genuine ball player with the best pace around, I don’t think we’ll easily see that again. If Fergie had managed the best Arsenal players back then I believe Europe would have been owned by the wily Scott.

  12. Sarmmie says:

    Bellerin has really been awful, he loses the ball a lot and what he’s best at is passing the ball backwards. His crossing is annoying. His defending is like that of *nyom*. If only he compares himself to his opposite wingback and see the amount of things he does wrong and could work on. I’ve always wondered how Arsenal’s attack would be if it was debuchy that had his pace.

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