Is Bellerin’s Arsenal career effectively finished?

Arteta clearly decided on Bellerin’s future a long time ago! by Shenel


For many seasons at Arsenal our main right back has always been Hector Bellerin, but ever since his injury and the Arteta takeover this no longer seems to be the case.


I always give praise where it is due and criticise where it is due as well, and I am sure Bellerin is the first person to sit up and admit his performances have not been the best since his return from injury. All players need consistency, so who can really blame him for the inconsistent performances if he is not getting the continuous playing time he needs to get back to what he once was.


We know a change was needed in the team, and Arteta has come in and done as much even though it has not always worked.


But Bellerin is still a quality player who, when given the chance, can really come good for the team, but he has clearly been overlooked by Arteta for whatever reason that is and I think it is clear to see that this season will unfortunately for Bellerin, be his last in an Arsenal shirt.


It would be a shame to see him leave as he has done well over the seasons but now that Arteta doesn’t see him as his first choice right back, well to be honest I don’t even think Arteta knows who his best first choice players are, but seeing as he is overlooking Bellerin as one of those main first choice players, and seeing that he is close to the exit door, if reports from Italian Journalist Fabrizio Romano are to be believed, then we will just have to get used to life without Bellerin.


And if it really is going to be his last season at Arsenal, then I wish him all the best of luck in whatever his next chapter may be because let’s not forget, he is human and deserves to continue doing what he loves, even if it is no longer in an Arsenal shirt.

But who will Arteta get to replace him?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Bellerin will want 100k p/w.
    Arsenal will want 20 mill transfer fee.
    But we are in a covid ravaged debt ridden financial climate.
    The reality is that the clubs who could afford Bellerin don’t want him and the clubs that do wan’t him can’t afford him. Barca Real PSG Bayern Dortmund Juve Inter ACMilan don’t want an over the hill mid table PL player and other clubs won”t pay Arsenals 20 mill fee especially when they can get him on a free next season. Bellerin won’t take a pay cut now when he can wait to go on a free and get a retirement package in a years time.
    Ramsey Sanchez and Ozil have laid down the template for others to follow and follow the money trail they all will Bellerin included.

  2. Reports has it that Mourinho’s sacking from Tottenham has nothing to do with failure but principle.

    He refused to manage Super League.
    I’m sure the likes of Kloop will follow.

    1. Principal? What principle?
      He managed at Chelsea where they spent obscene amounts of money to buy 5 titles.
      He gets sacked from Real Madrid Chelsea twice Man Utd and now Spurs collecting 20/25/30 mill every time.
      He was sacked because he has failed totally at Spurs.
      Mou is now a total fraud but a very rich one and now trying to leave as a principled martyr!!!
      Oh how gullible can people be.

      1. 😂. Mourinho, FIFA, UEFA, Luis Figo the heroes of modern football overnight. You’ve got to laugh.

  3. As you’ve just said, he(Arteta) don’t know his first choice. To me he’s still gambling with the players

  4. Bellerin, Auba, and Lacazette are not really happy to play under Arteta. Check the body language

  5. Bellerin is a loyal servant but the time to move him on is now. Great in his heyday but to move forward arsenal need to buy better than we currently have. Shame he never worked on his defensive game.

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