Is Bernd Leno given enough credit at Arsenal?

Arsenal lost 3-0 to Manchester City on their return to Premier League football last night but it could have been a lot worse if not for the heroics of Bernd Leno.

The Gunners had a grip on the game until two costly mistakes from David Luiz changed the course of the game.

As embarrassing as the scoreline may sound to someone who didn’t watch the game, it really could have been worse if Arsenal didn’t have Leno in goal.

The club posted a clip of the German’s saves in that game after the match and it was obvious to see that if he wasn’t in our goal, we would have conceded even more goals.

Goalkeepers rarely earn praise for their contributions to their team if they don’t keep clean sheets and that has probably taken some praise off Leno too.

The German has not been fortunate enough to have good defenders in front of him for much of this season as Arsenal struggles to get the best out of their defenders. However, he has still kept seven clean sheets in the Premier League.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang understandably gets most of the attention as goals win games and the Gabon star scores most of them for the Gunners.

However, without Leno between the sticks, I think that Aubameyang’s goals would have counted for less because our poor defence would have given us a serious negative goal difference.

Leno won’t be leaving us soon, but I think the German has done enough to deserve a better defence in front of him and more recognition for his efforts.

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  1. I said from the day we signed him we have just bought a quality keeper when a lot of people especially on here were saying he isn’t good enough to be our number one! I don’t think he gets anywhere near the credit he deserves.. he’s a top drawer keeper and yes he does make mistakes but who doesn’t! Chelsea paid 70 mil for Kepa we paid 19.5 million for Leno enough said!

      1. I’m with you on that Dan, I also think he is… Some of his saves are out of this world 👊 people talk about Alisson but how often is he tested? Liverpool have a rock solid defence and Alisson more often than not has a quiet game! Rami Shaaban would look good in that Liverpool team lol

        1. 👍
          Saw your post a while back about Ozark aswell ,(I was banned )my favourite series atm aswell .fcking love that show from day one ,hopefully they will do another 2 seasons .
          If you haven’t watched them let me recommend….
          The last dance
          Gangs of London
          Top notch sh1t

          1. Yeah absolutely Dan it’s a great show 👌 I read season 4 could be released mid to late 2021 probably depends on how this pandemic goes.. I’m watching Yellowstone ATM I love it and waiting on the new season coming June 21. Gangs of London looks brilliant I read the reviews so I will definitely give that a go next 👍

  2. What an absolute steal! He really has been superb… gotta feel for him though, having that horror show in front of him

        1. I would settle for signing a premier League proven defender someone like Lewis Dunk or Shane Duffy play alongside William Saliba no more Chelsea junk Sue 🤦‍♂️

          1. I wouldn’t want Nathan Ake either Sue I would prefer a well built tall CB 👊 I would definitely look at RB too in the transfer window I think we can do better than Bellerin and a complete midfield clear out nobody in there is good enough 🙄

          2. Well can’t be worse than what we have now 😂 someone with PL experience to help Saliba as I do think he will be top class if he stays injury free 🙏

  3. The truth is that we competed for around 20-25 mins before City got their rhythm and started dominating. Clown Luiz was not sent off til his second laughable error some half hour after we lost any so called “grip” we ever had. What REALLY cost us happened 13 long years ago – the day David Dein left and when Kroenke took over soon after. THAT is the real truth!

    1. jon, you and I will always agree on this. Kroenke’s biggest failure has been the inept people he has kept on the Board and selected to manage the affairs of this great Club, the Arsenal.
      The importance of David Dein can be gauged by the performances of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger after Dein’s departure.

  4. You’re right Admin Martin, he deserves a better defence in front of him. I would not be surprised if he is called up by Germany in the next year or two or that Bayern starts showing an interest.

    1. He said Bayern’s superiority in the Bundesliga is ‘boring and sad’… So maybe we can count them out for now 😂

  5. Lenos reflexes are just superb but he needs to improve on his distribution and decision making

    1. I agree shakir@
      But I wouldn’t you be struggling with what’s in front of him ?
      Makes his job so much harder when he sees who he as to pass to .

  6. Many Arsenal fans have and still do under appreciate Leno. The guy is top drawer let down by the system and the players. There are fans who still can’t see how good he really is, nothing matters unless we start protecting him and not exposing him all the time. He is a brilliant keeper and for once, a very very good buy.

      1. For some reason couldn’t reply up top @Kev
        We must have been Split up from birth ….
        Yellowstone is mine and my misses sit down and watch series (the only series we actually watch together that’s on at present)(apart from schitts creek)..
        Your right 21 of June ,last season finale was quality ,only problem that it’s a episode per week ,rather thanNetflix all out in one go .
        Seeing we like the same two series ATM
        Please watch gangs of London ,you won’t be disappointed ,it’s strange Aswell because not many peeps I know like both Yellowstone and Ozark ,so you must have the same taste as me 👍

        1. And how good is Rip Wheeler ?
          Misses loves Kevin Costner that’s the only reason she probably watches it 😂even tough he’s 30 years older than her ..
          She’s Still stuck in the bodyguard past.

  7. Leno is very under rated, saved us from a proper thrashing.
    Anyway, now that England is open for non essential shopping, spurs have bought a trophy cabinet🤣

    1. Just think if Leno had a top class defence in front of him 2 central midfielders in the mould of a Vieira and Gilberto we would be challenging for the prem league as when called upon Leno can pull off great saves at crucial times and keep his team in the game shame it’s just a dream as the poor sod is left exposed time and time again no wonder hes so good with all the practice he gets!!

  8. Leno is a very fine goalkeeper.To support him we need a quality DM and a quality CB to team up with Saliba.With only two quality acquisitions we can transform this Arsenal side.Clearing the poor performing players is essential but will unfortunately take some time.

  9. Leno is a top class gk who happens to play behind an missing defence. Also if he cuts out his few mistakes he can hit God mode de gea level. Was a bloody steal

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