Is Brahimi really the best Arsenal could get to bolster attacking options?

Arsenal are claimed to have shown a strong interest in signing Yacine Brahimi from Porto this summer.

The forward is expected to leave his current club in the coming window, with Porto said to be in need of funds. West Ham and Everton have both shown an interest, but it is claimed that the Gunners are at the front of the queue.

Arsenal look likely to lose Alexis Sanchez in the coming months, with a move to rivals Manchester City claimed to be on the cards, and a top replacement will be expected by the North-London faithful.

The likes of Riyad Mahrez, James Rodriguez and Arda Turan are all doing the rounds as possible replacements, but maybe Arsene Wenger has other ideas.

Brahimi has been linked with a move to the Premier League for some time now, but he would need to make some serious improvements in his goal returns to bring anything close to what the Chilean has since moving to the Emirates.

The Algerian forward has scored 20 league goals in his three years with Porto, in comparison to Alexis 53 in the same time-span.

James Rodriguez or Alexandre Lacazette would be the players I would be seriously hoping we can bag should Sanchez force a move this summer, and I don’t see the pair as unrealistic, especially with both on the move in the coming window.

The Colombian was left out of the Champions League final squad, and has seemingly fallen down the pecking order at Real, and that is before new players even join the squad.

Lacazette on the other hand has told the world that this summer is his time to leave, and that he has been told by Lyon that he can have a big say in which club he joins.

Is Brahimi good enough for Arsenal? Could he help to make up for Alexis’ departure?

Pat J

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  1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Hell No!!! ?

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger seems to be haggling over his £31 million fee

    Don’t know much about him. Just that he is fast and good dribbler

    But playing for Porto is not a great sign

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Also, west ham and Everton are after him
      Not teams like United, City, Chelsea, Madrid. Barca lol

      I’d prefer Mahrez, Costa, Draxler, Rodriguez, over Brahimini or Turan

    2. Napersie says:

      Bang average player. His counterpart playing for westham is even better than him

  3. John0711 says:

    Guys why worry look back at the last f
    5-7 years transfer windows apart from Sanchez
    We wait and wait and wait !!!!! And wait

    Then panic panic panic
    Pay over the odds for average
    Rinse and repeat

  4. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    What if, What if… Aw, Bless his cotton socks. He already sounds like a Gooner through & through.

    Sunderland forward Joel Asoro has confirmed that Arsenal are interested in signing him.

    The Gunners are reportedly interested in landing Asoro and team-mate Benjamin Mbunga-Kimpioka in a £5m deal.

    He told Expressen: “People were a little shocked because I have played very little first-team football.

    “I’ve heard a little bit, but if I think about it too much, it becomes ‘what if, what if’. I try not to think about it too much.”

    Asoro, 18 managed just four appearances in all competitions for Sunderland last season.

  5. Timberwolf says:

    Arsene,please don’t buy himi

  6. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Wenger is now apparently interested in Utd’s defensive pair Smalling & Jones… Yup, Next week we will be signing Mary Poppings and the seven dwarfs… ??unfortunately, Snow White refuses to play in the Europa league.

  7. muff d... says:

    we wont get mbappe

    lemar looks a real player
    wenger get the deal done please

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    LoL so I guess Mbappe Is out of the question

    And if Alexis stays forget about Lacazette

    Wenger will NEVER change

  9. muff d... says:

    douglas costa going to juventus

    bayern making space …somehow…i dont think its for gnabry lol

  10. jak benardete says:

    If Sanchez and Bellerin leave, which is very likely. Who will we get to replace them? Is Lacazette good enough? Is he even better than Giroud? We are in deep deep trouble my fellow Gooners. But not to worry Arsene will get us top, top, top players.
    The extremely haphazard, amateurish way this club is run, is nauseating.
    Why do we always wait for our best players to reach the final year of their contracts? Why is that?
    If it happens once, it’s a mistake, when it happens all the time, what do you call that? How is that possible in one of the richest clubs in the world?
    Arsene doesnt make money, in reality he looses money. If Sanchez wanted to leave and gave his transfer request with 3-4 years left on his contract he would be worth 70-80 million in this years market, but it’s his last year and the best we can get for him is 40-45 million.
    And if Arsene had done the right transfers in the last few windows, we would still be in the CL and getting the windfall. Winners make more money than losers. Even financially he is a disaster.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Lacazette is better than Giroud

      1. John0711 says:

        What evidence ?
        Even if you take away the fact that two managers preferred Giroud for France and girouds premiership proven
        Look at their stats
        Lacazzette scored more d
        Goals ? Has he or did he take 14 penalties??

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Kos she said so, the foots down, end of.

    2. Dee23 says:

      We are only in trouble if we believe the bollocks printed in these articles and fake rumours. How are we likely to lose Bellerin, he just signed a 6 year contract renewal last season. City haven’t even approached the club about Sanchez as for all these wild rumours about mediocre players we are looking at, again they are just rumours to get a reaction out of Arsenal fans and stir debates, to get hits and sell papers. Wenger is one of the most secretive managers during the transfer window, how can these reporters claim to know what moves he is making or considering making. No one will know until a deal is almost done on a player leaving the club or coming in.

      The transfer window officially opens July 1st. It’s the 15th of June and people are worrying about things that aren’t even substantiated or coming from better sources than free news papers like Metro and the evening standard. This crap only fuels further Hatred for Wenger which at this point is unwarranted. He hasn’t signed a crap player to be criticised for in fact the last player he added to our first team was Kolasinac who is an improvement on what we had. We know Wenger is out there trying to sign players it’s not like the summer when he was pissing about on beaches and riding bikes. If we haven’t signed any one else of quality by the time the season starts then there will be cause for concern.

  11. ZEN2OH says:

    I watched Mbappe and Dembele played for France and i was thrilled, if we can’t get Mbappe then get Dembele with Lacazette, then we are done, I don’t really rate this Lemar so high in my opinion.

  12. eazyarsenal says:

    Mbappe and Dembele are quality. They are already so good at such young ages. SCary thing they have lots of room to improve. Mbappe was getting caught offside a lot and dembele ends product was lacking at times. Still toyed with England tho

  13. ArseOverTit says:

    Expect nothing and you won’t be dissapointed.

    Save your Wenger Claus wish lists because Christmas is cancelled;)

  14. John0711 says:

    Dembele from France is quality he would improve our right side

  15. Break-on-through says:

    Don’t know much about in truth. Don’t know if these rumours are true neither, we are always linked with players from Portugal but none seem to hold any weight. Arsenal gets used allot for putting players names about. Utd look to have got Perisic it seems, neither does his stats leap out at you. But what he has got, is that he’s a tough competitor. Along with the 80 something percent passing accuracy and the goals as well as assists, you want fight in your players. Does this lad have that, has he got room for improvement, esp if surrounded by better players. I don’t know.

  16. Nebsy says:

    Bahrimi is perfect for Wenger’s and kroenke’s Arsenal. Cheap and useless, just like they like them. FFS he scored 6 times and assisted 4 times in Portuguese league. I reckon he’ll be a regular starter in the League Cup games, where he’ll prove to be another Lucas Perez type of signing (even though Lucas was mistreated imo).

    1. Dee23 says:

      But the same Wenger and Kronke’s Arsenal consists of players like Bellerin, Sanchez,Xhaka,Ozil, Ox,Santi Who brought those players to the club? Santi was a record signing when we bought him as was Ozil. Xhaka didn’t come cheap and none of the players in my list are crap or mediocre. To say that this Brahimi guy is a Wenger/Kroenke type signing is unnecessary unwarranted criticism of the club. We’re not that bad. We’ve signed more quality players over the years than bad ones how else could we have had the bad reputation of being a feeder club for all those years? Many good players have left Arsenal over the years, for that to have happened there would of had to have been good players there to begin with. Lacacette is a Wenger type player because of how he plays and his history of signing French players wether or not we sign him, only time will tell.

  17. paul says:

    if this is true, its another example of Wenger going shopping in the bargain basement…. lets remember how good Wenger is at this,.. Chamakh, Sanogo, !!

  18. Vlad says:

    Where’s Jackson Martinez again? Just saying…

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