Is Brendan Rodgers the right man to succeed Arsenal’s Wenger?

Paul Merson has tipped Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers as the man to follow up from Arsene Wenger as Arsenal boss.

The Gunners boss is tipped to leave the club in the near future, with many fans hoping that change is made sooner rather than later after enduring a second season of disappointments.

Champions League football is believed to be the key goal for the campaign, and their place in the competition for next season in serious doubt, with a 12 point gap having grown from us to fourth, and with Chelsea also chasing a spot with 10 points on us also. The Europa League could well save us from another year out of Europe’s elite competition, but I don’t believe winning that would be enough to convince the bulk of our fans to change their minds.

Paul Merson is now tipping Celtic’s Rodgers to take over from the long-standing Frenchman, claiming he is a great fit for the club.

“I don’t know why he doesn’t get the Arsenal job,” he said.

“He fits Arsenal great, the nearest Liverpool have ever come to winning the league for a long long time is when Brendan Rodgers was in charge.

“He’s done nothing wrong at Celtic.

“To do what they’ve done, people can say it’s Scottish football and Celtic are head and shoulders above, but every team they played on that run treated it like a cup final, which is difficult sometimes.

“I think he [Rodgers] now needs a change and needs to come back down.

“I’ll be shocked if he didn’t get a good job, I’d be quite shocked if he didn’t get the Arsenal job.”

The former LFC boss has no doubt impressed in his time in Scotland, but it is hard to compare the vigours of the PL to that of the Scottish division, and would be somewhat of a risk should our board choose to make it.

Would BR be a good choice to follow Wenger? Would he be a safe bet to continue with our style and play but bring what is needed to make us serious contenders once again? Would a Europa League win convince any doubters to get behind Wenger once again?

Pat J

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  1. Does anyone even listen to Paul Merson?
    Has never got over being kicked out of our club, along with Stewart Robson.
    As far Brenda, no thanks.

      1. Jon,
        I had to check what I’d written ten times as I felt sure I must have made a mistake somewhere!!!!
        Just goes to show, look long enough and hard enough then something good always appears!!!

  2. When someone like Paul Merson says “Brendan Rodgers to Arsenal is a no brainer” It all makes sense because Paul Merson is brainless (possibly caused by too many headed balls).

  3. I’m sorry, not only do I not like Rodgers being an ex-liverpool manager in the near past, but I don’t think he is the right man to take us forwards. Maybe into the top four but I think we are gonna need someone better if we want to challenge for the league and in Europe. Sadly I think Wenger will be staying, he has know won two games so pressure is off. If he wins us the Europa League I will actually shut up.

  4. Hell no, he isn’t fit to tie the shoelaces of the calibre of Managers we need to go for and deserve.
    A huge step backwards from who we already have.
    Let’s be frank, a blind baboon could manage Celtic to win their league so any success there is irrelevant.

  5. A none too difficult prediction for the article writer. Not one serious fan on here will want Rodgers. Rather a waste of an article , I think.

  6. I don’t see Rogers as a tactician. I might be wrong. I think managers like Pep, Allegri and even Mourinho use tactics and manage into important details. I would like to see us get a manager who is a tactician and a manager who has the ability to take a talent like Bellerin or any other player and actually improve his game.

    We need a manager who can close the financial gap by adding value to the team through improving team play and players using tactics and individual coaching.

    Wenger has not managed that in quite a while. Sadly Spurs got themselves a manager who has them punching above their payroll and investment level by bringing the best out of his players.

    I would like Allegri or Jardim (Monaco lost a boatload of players and is still doing well. Jardim also managed to embarrass Wenger in a direct head-to-head CL tie.

    We need a motivator, tactician, detail oriented player improving manager with an eye for talent. All the aspects we lack at the moment.

    1. Pochatino is punching above his weight doing what? How many trophies has he won ?
      In a managerial career spanning 13 years he has never wo a trophy that shows he has no winning mentality unlike Wenger who has regularly won trophies but most of you plastic moron fans don’t seem to appreciate that
      We have the worst fanbase in football bar none

      1. Thenry,
        It makes me laugh when the Spuds manager is compared to Arsene Wenger.
        The thirteen years quoted is such a telling stat and yet he is seen as an upgrade?
        I have said many times that our fanbase has been turned upside down over the manager debate and have tried to explain why in the same way you have done with your post.
        The FACTS are impossible to argue with and Wenger has been a great manager for us and something we should never forget.
        He has earnt and desererves our respect, but is it time for a change?
        We are all very passionate about our club and our personal views, so as a likewise thinking gooner,please don’t drop to the level of personal attacks.
        Leave that to those who cannot debate properly and stick to your beliefs.
        Two good points coming out from this though, Merson’s a nobody and Brendas a no no…on that we all seem to agree!

          1. Pires,
            Thanks mate, keep up with your views and don’t let those who try and shout you down stop you from making your opinions known.

            1. You mate and Jon Fox(even if i disagree with him)are our “elder brothers”.I love your passion for the club.The authentic passion of English fans that we don’t have we, foreign fans

              1. Pires,
                Your a gooner and that means your part of the family.
                Your tweets show you have the passion and the b***s to stand up for what you believe.
                A true gooner indeed!

        1. Listening to you lot you all don’t know who would be better in for Wenger. I think Rogers could do well given the chance as for saying Suarez and Gerard’s kept Liverpool up there what has Wenger done when Berkamp Henry Pires Vera finished.
          Gave us Gervinho Cegan Almunia Bentner Gibbs Senderos all Crap and still gets crap defenders and average mid fielders who wouldn’t get into Celtic. Rogers why not.

  7. The only reason he was made to look good at Liverpool was the players he inherited.Suarez and Gerard carried that team and he still got it wrong.No Way is he the right man for us.
    I think Merse must be back on the pop

  8. Allegri great manager tactician and coach look what he has done with the old lady of Italy Arsenal should go for him tie it up with him Now

  9. No.

    Just No.

    The dude is so far up his own @rse it’s a wonder he’s still visible to the naked eye.

    If he came to Arsenal,I’d seriously consider that after 47 years I’d need to find another club to support.

  10. I wish one day Arsenal sign Goncalo Guedes the valencia player (psg loanee) he is class. Hope with a new manager coming in next season ( Henry my preference) he will be world class for us

  11. i think its the second joke of the year (after aw) to appoint Brendan its better to play without a manager – gooner = for ever

  12. Think it’s a fair call from Paul. We ‘re terrible at moment and the only reason we ‘re not further down the table is the teams below us are even worse.Give Brendan a chance.

    1. the only reason why spud, utd and liverfool are above us is kane, luakaku and salleh….

      chelsea on the payroll of roman are not far superior than us….they have problem scoring too…they have a stronger defense

  13. Do we deserve a world class manager?. How on earth could brendan rodgers be considered as one?

    Here is a list of what I believe are world class
    Joachim low
    Luis Enrique

    I probably am forgetting a few, youll tell me. But these coaches all have well defined styles of play, they all belong to a new group of managers. They know how to deal with 20yearolds, how to motivate them. Get the best out of them. Coaches like Aw, fergusson, ancelotti, capello, rodgers, and most of coaches who are on their late 50s belong to another time. Games different now. Players are different. We need young blood.

  14. Personally I’d be happy to see Ancelotti for a season just to steady the ship,and provide a break between Wenger and the next longer term manager.

    I’d be happy if our next long term manager is Vieira.

  15. You all clamouring for new coach, sins Wenger don’t deserved to see through what he has started, let Rodger take over , even if Wenger performe better we yarn for new coach just because other club are sacking and employing , so arsenal has to do same thing. no we are arsenal God bless you all.

  16. Robin Vanpayslip V2.1 ( now with cojones - firmware update to bring cojones up to Chuck Norris level) says:

    I don’t mean to state the obvious but isn’t dude wack. I though that was the whole reason he went running with tail between legs north of the border.

    And Merson – I mean what is the point? Someone we can laugh at? Sure. But that is not the done thing nowadays

      1. Robin Vanpayslip V2.1 ( now with cojones - firmware update to bring cojones up to Chuck Norris level) says:

        Deeney has sent me into a downward spiral ???

  17. I would take wenger on life support before Rodgers. This coming from someone wishing to personally boot wenger out of arsenal.

  18. When is he going to realise people are laughing at him and not with him

  19. I think Arsene should leave at the end of the season and winning the Europa Cup would would be a good way to go. I admire the man for what he has done for the club and it is OK to criticise but he does not deserve the constant abuse and disrespect he is getting from fans, the media, so-called pundits and ex-players.

    I agree that his time is up and the Board should tell him so but for Merson to suggest that Brendan Rogers should replace him is a joke which exactly describes himself. Rogers’ claim to fame is that he has won the ‘one horse’ Scottish Premier League.

    Whatever happens he will still be the greatest manager I’ve known at Arsenal since I started following the club in 1958 and I will always wish him well.

      1. Thanks Ken.

        You sound like a long term Gunner who has witnessed many spells of under achievement. I can honestly say that in the 60 years I have followed the club, only three managers stand out, Bertie Mee, George Graham and Arsene Wenger. I will miss him when he finally goes it will be the end of an era.

        1. andcliff,
          It’s over sixty years for me also and ditto with the managers!
          The problem with some of the younger fans was, perhaps, the Invincibles.
          They think that they should have that success as a right.
          I really hope that Arsene can win the Europa cup and then bow out as the great manager he has been, as it feels the time is right.
          I keep reading that there are fewer and fewer fans who see Wenger as we do, but it’s funny how we never seem to go away and, in fact, keep coming forward with our views.
          That’s despite the abuse and personal attacks from so called Arsenal fans.
          Nice to know your out there mate and let’s keep our message going.

          1. if the board doesnt financially back the new manager

            the same issue will arise…

            the new manager will be trying his luck, trial and error to obtain success

  20. OFF TOPIC, but seriously why did you take out the upvotes? or if it in this format why not introduce notificaitons? whats the point in commenting seriously if you dont know you will some form of response unless i revisit the page

  21. Apparently Allegri is very keen on coming here

    We can do better than Brenda

    Id be happy with any of these
    1. Allegri
    2. Ancelloti
    3. Low
    4. Enrique
    5. Jardim
    6. Simeone

    And a handful of others could possibly be better than Wenger also

    1. I did initially think Low was a good candidate but am not sure now. He managed at club level and was not anything other than ordinary. Germany is/was like Barcelona, the old one, they had no equal and only now other nations might have groomed enough young stars to really try them. But everything was too easy for Germany when they won that cup, and as well as playing keep ball to death they also had good defenders. I wouldn’t necessarily say Low is great just because Germany were, the Germans have a great history. Enrique no way, Barcelona players listened to him because he’s one of them. He knew the tactics and basically told them to keep doing what we were doing. But if he had to implement that from top to bottom at another club, I don’t think he’d know how to go about that. It starts way down, then to find the right coaches for down in the academy as well as finding some first team ones. He doesn’t get to bring ghis Barca coaches with him, all the best managers have some loyal men around them, the unsung heroes.

      Low and Enrique I would not put on that list. Allegri and Simeone, start there and then worry about it, my guess is that at least one of them would say yes, but there is a good chance that both of them would scrap each other if meant the winner got the AFC job. England is where the competition is at, any manager worth his salt knows that there isn’t a better place than Prem to earn your name in right now. You get two bites at the cherry, CL then home and away games against the best, also you test your knowledge v the most expensive teams and the highest earning players on average.

      Now is the time …we cannot stand by and write another season off, I don’t know about you but am feeling pissed how easy Tott are starting to make top four and it coincides with the need for them to make it debt wise/stadium? What has happened to our spirited fighting club.

  22. Innit, like your list, but Conte in lieu of Low.
    As for Paul Merson liked him as a player, but “not the sharpest tool in the shed” at times!

  23. I think Juventus’ destruction of Spuds is a “sign” that we should sign Allegri.
    Just a gut feeling or maybe sign from above

    He also wants to come here (if rumours are true)

    But, As ibrahim said whoever comes here can’t be too restricted with money. The board should financially back him or her.

    Selling a few players would help too.

    1. selling players do help…but if the board dont finance new quality signings ….it will be the same…the new manager will still be required to gamble on youth players and bargain signings….

      sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t

    2. A way out of that is to go for a manager with experience in running a club on a low budget. Simeone, Allegri, Jardim.

  24. He’d be good at a certain level, but not for clubs with the biggest names, I don’t think he’d get enough respect from them unless he done wonders straight off the bat. Allegri looks the best candidate, similar spend and similar pulling power at Juventus compared AFC. The Tott game isn’t why I want him because I think he’s done better things than beating Tott, if I was him I’d almost take that as piss taking. Madrid or PSG could be a problem though if they decide on him. He’s the manager with best balance between attack defence. There are some candidates that are more open playing and are looking good.

  25. Many managers would improve our results, even Rodgers I think.
    But, we should aim for a manager, who has also proven, he can do well in Europe.
    On top of that, we should get rid of the idea, that our next manager is a “lifetime” manager for the club.
    Those days are over. No top club in the world in the world keep their manager, if he doesn’t deliver. We should learn from that.

  26. Jardim of Monaco ticks all the boxes and he may well be available unlike Allegri or Someone who does not speak English and has indicated a desire to move to Italy.

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