Is Bukayo Saka making a late claim for an England call up for Euro 2020?

Bukayo Saka is having a solid season and the 18-year-old is set to get even better as the season climaxes.

He has been the main creative force for Arsenal in their last couple of games and he is sure to play an even more prominent role for Mikel Arteta’s side.

Is there a possibility that he can play his way into Gareth Southgate’s plan for the Euros?

England is currently blessed with some of the best players in the world and even Jadon Sancho struggled to get his time in the senior national team.

Southgate worked with most of England’s youth team before he became the manager of the Three Lions.

He has shown that he isn’t afraid to use young players who have proven themselves at the highest level, however, I think this summer would be too soon for Saka to earn an England callup.

There are a few English left-wingers currently as influential as Saka has been for Arsenal, yet I think it would be a step too soon for him to be involved with the English national team.

Saka has done enough to justify his selection if he eventually gets selected by Southgate, but I think he should be allowed to develop his game gradually and he shouldn’t be placed too much in the spotlight.

Of course, injuries and a drop in form of some players could see Saka drafted in and there is a long history of teenagers turning out for their country but in the big scheme of things, Saka remains relatively inexperienced.

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  1. Give the guy a chance hes played well in a bad team so far We have all seen it before.
    If hes still in the team at the start of next season then I’d say call him up.
    But for now it’s too soon I think

    1. “He’s played well in a bad team….” What team are you talking about @Icebox? Not Arsenal, I hope.

      Oh, maybe you’re one of those people…

  2. Will be very interesting to see what Arteta does with Saka once Tierney is fit? Not only is Saka now our best LB (by some distance), he’s actually become one of our most important players. For a young lad, in his first season as a professional, his stats are incredible!

    If Saka is happy to become a LB, I would make him first choice in that position. If he wants to keep his natural position of LW, then I would start him there, drop Laca, and play Auba upfront. Or drop Ozil, and play Laca just behind Auba maybe in a more 4-4-1-1 system.

    1. Tierney is one of the best left backs in the world right now. There is no way he can be dropped when fully fit.

  3. too early for call up

    England call up has to be earned

    will not do him good

    he needs to play consistently and regularly first

  4. If I am Arteta, I will play Saka behind a striker, where he is playing Ozil once Tierney come back from Injury.

      1. I agree, perhaps he should choose Nigeria.

        But like other EPL players who have a choice to make between England and another nation for which they qualify, they should be aware that one day a new rule may come whereby an EPL team may be required to field a minimum number of players eligible to play for England.

        If so, irrespective of the passport they hold, those that have chosen to play for another country would not could towards that number.

        They should therefore choose with their eyes open to that possibility.

    1. Yeah but that doesn’t take much PAL does it? I mean if Iwobi gets a game for Nigeria the standard is obviously pretty low.

      1. @ Phil no disrespect but Lingard gets a lookin at the England national team something that will be unheard of in a Nigerian team . Christ even welbeck .
        IWobi plays for Everton now i dont know why your still having a hardon for him. Or do you think Declan Rice is better than Ndidi . I will take Victor osimhen over Rashford .Football is no longer about names else Argentinian and Brazilional national teams would have been unbeatable .I dont think England can definately beat Senegal or Algeria .
        MY advice PAL is keep the ignorance at a minimal pace.

        1. @Gizzle-it’s not ignorance PAL. Would Iwobi ever get a look in as an England player? Of course he wouldn’t otherwise he would not be playing for Nigeria. Is Ndidi in your opinion better than Declan Rice? I don’t think he is anywhere near that level. And as for both Welbeck and for Lingard, they both HAD decent performances AT THAT TIME for England but obviously wouldn’t get a look in now.And no disrespect who is Victor Osimhen because I’ve never even heard of him.

  5. I remember when Wenger persuaded Sven to take Walcott to the World Cup
    What a waste of time that was. He never played and probably took the place of someone who was likely to.

    I know that Saka is a very bright star in the making but rushing him into the Euros this summer is a tournament too soon

  6. I will advice him to Pick Nigeria ahead of England. Yes I am a Nigerian and I would definitely love a talent like that to represent my country but the more reason I hope he picks Nigeria is because he will have more opportunities with Nigeria compare to England. He will win just an appearance or 2 and that’s over.
    No matter how good he is, English FA will prefer a pure British who is average enough over him.
    U cant expect Gareth to start home over chidwil.
    He his certain of going to 2022 world cup with Nigeria than with England. And Nigeria has almost the same chance with England if it comes to winning the world Cup

    1. Get some reality in your life PAL-why would a talent like Saka consider playing his international football for a third rate football nation like Nigeria? Of course you would want him. But why would he even consider this? I would imagine he is being considered by England for the U19’s or U21’s who play many games and in good standard European and World Tournaments. Nigeria have embarrassed themselves at the last World Cup and couldn’t even win your poor quality ACON. So what tiny cell in your small minded brain believes Saka is going to choose Nigeria over England? I know your desperate PAL but wake up to reality

      1. Olaitan, please define “pure British” to me, who is Australian and has English forebears on both sides.
        I believe your comment that the ENGLISH (not British) FA would discriminate against English born Saka, because of his Nigerian heritage, insulting.

        1. Quite agree ozziegunner. If you look at Rio Ferdinand’s heritage for example he could have played for England, Ireland or St Lucia. Ashley Cole’s dad came from Barbados.

          Some people just don’t think it through

      2. We know what you are ,.lol
        England with all their glorious players have not won a throphy in more than 30 years . Thats sad. Argentina ,GErmany all had crappy worldcups .Nigeria had a tougher group than England and here you are talking nonsense .
        There have been a long list of players who rather play for Nigeria than England and vice versa . Tammy Abraham for example prefers England even though he will be a Third rate striker in the team .
        Moses played for England till the under 21’s and chose to play for Nigeria .
        Though i am not inSaka’s mind i think he will tilt more towards a Nigerian callup because of his upbringing .
        As for calling ACON poor quality . Its funny that the 3 golden boot winners in EPL are all African . My advice travel more and broaden your scope it helps

        1. @Gizzile-let’s get one thing straight here.I actually do not give a toss about England and International Football. So when it comes to what player would choose which country to play for it just doesn’t bother me on bit. But be serious PAL- why did Iwobi and Moses choose Nigeria over England? The answer is most clearly because they were both intelligent enough to realise they would never in a million years get a game with England. That’s why they chose to play for Nigeria and no other reason.
          And in regards England not winning anything for what is now coming up to 54 years, all I can say is that there is only one competition that can be won every two years ( euro’s and World Cup).The fact England have never won either of them since 1966 is simply because they have not been good enough. I dont believe anyone would argue with that. But you seem to feel as though every England fan expects is to win these competitions every time we qualify. There is a big difference in wanting to win and actually believing they will win PAL.
          Do, back to the question you still haven’t answered-who is Victor Osimhen? because I’ve never heard of him.
          Golden Boot winners? See that’s your problem right there PAL isn’t it.How many were Nigerian? You include Africa as a continent to try and justify your position. If I did the same it would be the whole of Europe and I can assure you it would be more than three. So do you follow ALL African teams or just Nigeria?
          Tammy Abraham’s will be a very good striker and I can see him replacing Kane very soon.As far as is concerned, he will be up against Jordan Sancho, Hudson-Odie for competition. If he proves good enough then he will get in the team. If it’s proven he is not good enough, or If he himself decides he will not get enough games then he would have the option of third rate international football with Nigeria.

          1. Nigeria is third rated. England is third rated. What is the difference between England team and Super Ragles. Same chance of winning any international competition. Nigeria is Africa and places in Africas competition. Or do u expect us in euros. We have won the competition we played in. Has England WON ANY?
            U couldn’t even beat that third rated team with all ur stars in 2002.

          2. @ Phil while your right they are players who will rather play for England if given the chance . They are also players who would rather play for Nigeria its just fact .Granted Iwobi isnt a world beater . Yet he play his whole youth football for England but chose the national team because he knows the importance of playing for a team his uncle played for .Youve had Agbonlahor who played for England and probably regrets it till today , You have people like Dele alli who will never play for Nigeria even before an England callup .
            Good response though . I dont rate Rashford so i may be bias.I dont just like overhyped players but i will tell you this football has passed names so dont be suprised if England cant beat a Nigerian team who you think is hopeless .

      3. Phil can you please try and get a point across with using phrases like “tiny cell in your small minded brain” Me and Pat are in full agreement that we will start deleting posts that attack someone else for an opinion. This is not personal, others have also been told the same thing.

        1. Ok AdMart-noted
          What about banning an admin who calls a contributor a Twat? Does he get banned? Or does that not count?

          1. Admins have to abide by the rules as well, however, we are human like everyone and warnings are issued when emotions get the better of us, as I have done to others on here. But there are also certain privileges and leeway enjoyed by admins because they are the ones that get attacked the most and work their nuts off on the site.

        2. @ Phil. I do have a lot of respect for u and I hold u in high regards. What is wrong in me saying my mind here. Everyone is open to his or her opinion. So why the insult. Even the guy we are arguing about said he is a Nigerian. All this time u people keep claiming Anthony Joshua and regarding him as British. But the guy sees him self as a Nigerian and he is never shy of saying that anywhere. Even though u rated Nigeria as a third generation country.
          All I did was Express my opinion. Why cant you just Express yours without any insult.
          If Saka eventually pick Nigeria over England. What would u do?? Start critcriticising him like u did of iwobi?
          Saka said Nigeria blood runs in his cabin and he is open to play for Nigeria. So let him decide. If he picks England I will wish him best of luck and if he picks Nigeria I will be glad. But one thing I am sure of is that, the same chance Nigeria has in winning the world cup is the same chance England have.
          As for comparison, De Rice is no where near Ndidi. He is just another English hype as usual.
          OSHIMEH PLAYS FOR LILLE. He is in for the highest goal scorer in French league. Just to tell u a little about him.
          And why is England so bent to Nigerian Guys. Ur youth teams is half Nigerian.
          This guys have a better chance of playing in world cup by choosing Nigeria over England.
          God Bless Arsenal, God bless Nigeria.

      4. He has a chance of winning international trophy with Nigeria than that overrated English team, when last did England national team won a trophy last??, if am correct, the only trophy they won in their entire life was the World cup they won with controversies, if I was Saka, I’ll choose Nigeria ten times for choosing England once.

        1. Winning ACON is the equivalent of winning the Halifax Sunday League Division Eight runners up spot PAL. You might not realise this but nobody outside of the African Nations actually give a flying toss about your football. Sounds harsh PAL I know but that’s the problem, the truth does hurt.

          1. Phil bro, you are Disillusioned for comparing Afcon to a Sunday football league or what do you call it, England didn’t have any Continental trophy to be proud of .
            Overrated team, who can’t stand a chance against Any Africa team in a cup final.

    2. Olaitan,
      You really need to be careul when you make a post like this – it suggests that the FA are racist. Looking at the players who have represented England over the last 30 years for example, many, many players are of mixed heritage and have descendants from other nations. Raheem Sterling for example was born in Jamaica.

      Saka was born in England and has already represented England at lower levels. It is extremely likely if he carries on developing as he is at the moment he will walk into the England first team.

      I can understand why you would want him to represent Nigeria.

      I am not going to get into a slanging match about the virtues of Nigeria or England as some have done, but it is rather pathetic

  7. A LATE call for England eh? I can just imagine him outside his back door late at night shouting “England, England”. TO BE SERIOUS, IT IS VERY EARLY DAYS AS YET BUT HE IS A REAL TALENT AND IS ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER. When you are THAT good at 18, the world is your “lobster”(as Delboy would say!).
    All this assumes , of course, that he chooses England over Nigeria, which is entirely his own call and not the business of anyone else whatsoever.

  8. At SueP, thank for the warm and sensible correction. But I dont mean it that way. I meant he will have a better chance in Nigeria because there would definitely be more competition in English team than in Nigeria team. Yes. because England is a first generation country(in Phil’s voice) and would attract more talents than Nigeria.
    Gabriel Agbonlahor was in good form that year but was overlooked for the Euro proper. So was John Fashanu.
    I bet Tammy abraham will end up with just caps for friendly games cos I dont see him playing ahead of Kane( who has at least 5 more years in the top), Rashford, And who says sanchi can’t play as a center forward, Greenword, etc. Tammy made thr wrong choice.
    As for tomori. He is far more in the parking other. Cant even nail a shirt in a Chelsea squad.
    Tammy and Tomori might not make it in England but would definitely make it of they pick Nigeria.
    Saka cant displace Sterling, Rashford, Sancho, grealish, foden, in the wings which is his favourite position. He has more competition bro. I am sure more talent will emerge soon. So to my sentiment, he better pick Nigeria ahead of England.
    He has the same chance of winning the world cup in Nigeria as with England.
    England isnt good enough for any major trophy. Just a higher Average tean than Nigeria

    1. You are Nigerian and proud to be so.
      I am English and proud to be so.

      As the rules allow Saka to choose, then he is luckier than an English player whose heritage is English only.

      If Gareth Southgate with England doesn’t fancy him for the national team then there is always Nigeria. Does that make Saka English or Nigerian? A tricky question to answer if his choice is only based on getting to play international football.

      I remember Zola Budd running for us in the Olympics based on her having a British relative. She was South African through and through and I thought it was wrong then and I still do.

  9. Arsenal youngster Bukayo Saka has said neither England or Nigeria has approached him on his international career but he is open to playing for either country.

    “I am always thinking about it but I haven’t made a decision yet,” Saka told BBC Sport.

    “No-one has been in touch but when I make a decision you will find out.”

    Born Nigerian parents, Saka is eligible to play for both Nigeria and England whom he has represented at youth level.

    The 18-year-old Arsenal youth academy graduate said he is not in a rush to decide on his international allegiance.

    1. If you are going to copy and paste from other sites and not use your own words at least remove the words advertisements. I did it on this occasion, next time I will just delete it.

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