Is Bukayo Saka turning into Arsenal’s version of Lionel Messi?

Who would you name as a Gunner who has consistently delivered game after game? I’m not sure what to say if you don’t name Bukayo Saka.

Like a cat, the 21-year-old has finally shown his claws, demonstrating for the first time that he can be consistent, with 6 goals and 6 assists in 17 league games. Saka’s success this season earned him a starting spot in Gareth Southgate’s England Three Lions squad at the Qatar World Cup, where he scored three goals (in 4 games).

Many have tried to find words to describe Saka’s brilliance, but I’m sure Tony Adams’ description of Saka is exactly what every Arsenal fan needs to hear. The Arsenal legend appears to be so taken with Saka’s resurgence this season that as per Tribal Football, he says, “I think the player of the season so far is Bukayo Saka. The guy is simply phenomenal. I was a bit annoyed with Gareth Southgate in the World Cup when he replaced him.

“In my opinion, he is at least as good as Lionel Messi.

“Messi is obviously at the end of his career, but still… Every time I see Saka play, he scores a goal or an assist. He is Arsenal’s best player and he is also England’s best player.”

Adam’s claims come just days after Rio Ferdinand declared Saka to be the season’s best young player. Arsenal are in a good position to win the Premier League title.

Just as Argentina players fought for Messi to win the World Cup, Arsenal players must fight for Saka. Winning the Premier League this season could be the perfect way to introduce the winger to the rest of the world.

Imagine Saka signing a new contract with Arsenal and competing in the Champions League next season; the Champions League won’t know what hit them.

Daniel O


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  1. Did you actually watch Messi at 21? Saka is a good player but is no match winner. Not a player to take the game by the scruff of the neck and make something happen. That was Messi at that age. Still lacks the X factor. He is quite intelligent on the pitch but he is no where near the messi comparison. One drawback to his game is lack of explosiveness. Another is that his actual attributes are not many. He needs more space to beat a man at pace, something you need to be on Messi level. Close control is good but nothing extraordinary. He is a decent player
    Nothing more.

    1. Harsh dude! I would say Saka is a proven game-changer. Very much so.

      Can’t really compare him to Messi/Ronaldo/Pele/Maradona yet though! See how he does for the next 10 years and then judge I guess.

    2. I was going to add to my first post that Martinelli is ABSOLUTELY a better/ has higher ceiling than Saka. Saka enjoys serious play from Odegaard whereas the majority of Martinelli excellent work comes from Jesus. Martinelli’s pace and explosiveness alone coupled with his flashy fancy footwork makes him a far better future world beater than system player Saka not to mention immense defensive work by Martinelli. All round better player imo

  2. Saka is no Messi equivalent but he’s defintely bolder this campaign than last.
    My man in this squad is Partey. He’s been too underrated. Yet our winning rate with Partey on the field has been just amazing.

  3. Can’t compare Saka and Messi….Arsenal are set up to play a a team. BARCA were always built around Messi so he had more of the ball…also and very importantly La Liga is nowhere near the level or quality of the Premier League where teams at the bottom regularly beat or draw against the top teams.

    Let Saka be Saka and no need to compare him to anyone else!

    1. First Braca was not built around messi at 21, second la liga is not inferior to EPL just look at the UCL and EL winners record. EPL is the most watched and money making league but not the best league. Saka is unique and is an intelligent player but we should not compare him to messi. Why do we want our own supporters n others to make fun of our own player by doing these stupid comparison.

  4. Look I rate Saka very high, but for starters he’s not world class yet but to compare him with Messi? No ways . Stop overhyping

  5. Messi is a world class player , Saka has quite some distance to cover, he first need to develop that deadly streak in front of goal first.

    But he’s young and definitely going places.

  6. Admin please help us by removing the autoplsy mini video. The sad thing is that it blocks the text and one can’t close it. It’s annoying now

  7. Personally I think Martinelli as took his game to another lvl this year and I would put him above saka ,that’s not to say saka is lacking far behind which is a great position for Arteta to be in having to top top wingers .

    1. Dan i respect your opinion, but martinelli is no way close to saka and i dont think he can ever be good as saka. Martinelli is really really poor in a one vs one with a defender. Saka will be a first team player in that brazil team, i know you love Martinelli because have seen you named him man of the match in matches that he was really average but regardless of how good you think martinelli is, hes still not as good as saka.

      1. Saka won’t get into that Brazil team lol!. Have you seen the payers they have got. Again a British player is being over hyped. I will tell you if Martinelli was British and Saka was Brazillian then all this media n fans will be singing Martinelli’s name as one of the best players in world at the moment. Saka, belingum etc are not even close to Halland or Mbappe…reaching Messi n Ronaldo level is next step up from there.

      2. Martinelli is really poor in 1v1 ?really .
        You might wanna look at the work he does off the ball as well.
        Think we will have to agree to disagree

        1. I wasn’t putting saka down ,I just believe Martinelli as been our best player full stop this season .

      3. Martinelli will be a better player than Saka in a few years. He has the ingredients while Saka is more of a system player.

      4. Saka is fantastic at rolling defenders and has very quick feet. Martinelli more often faces up defenders to take them on. Both are really good and effective dribblers, they just have different styles.
        Personally, I do think martinelli has been one of our most important players this season. A decent number of our goals, including at least a couple of sakas, have been rebounds from martinelli shots

    2. I was going to add to my first post that Martinelli is ABSOLUTELY a better/ has higher ceiling than Saka. Saka enjoys serious play from Odegaard whereas the majority of Martinelli excellent work comes from Jesus. Martinelli’s pace and explosiveness alone coupled with his flashy fancy footwork makes him a far better future world beater than system player Saka.

  8. Saka possesses high attributes, such as close control, trickery, fine first touch, speed and broad vision.They are the most of Messi attributes but the world cup winner has been improving them for almost two decades.Imo Messi is well known for his directness ,closed control, speed, vision, concentration, and the high talent of scoring but he either turns left or right to surpass a player or more than one, he doesn’t possess the trickeries of Maradona, Ronaldinho and the phenomenon. He’s more professional than them and that’s why he’s still playing.

  9. Saka has really improved his game this season, he knows when to run with the ball when to dribble and when to pass, the only thing he need now is to be more clinical in front of goal. Hes by far our best winger and hes in the top 3 winger in the league.

  10. I am much disappointed to hear that Tony Adams , a fine human being whom I much respect, is using silly hype in his opinion of our SAKA .

    Saka is an excellent player as we all know, but to seriously try to compare him to MESSI, is arrant nonsense, I regret to need to say!
    I see no benefit, either to Saka , our club or to truth itself, by using ludicrous false comparisons so wrongly!

  11. While I shall ignore the comparison with Messi, I do feel Saka has the ability to develop into a more rounded and effective player than he is purely as an inverted right winger.Indeed both him and Martinelli could well produce even more as conventional wingers or as central strikers.Like some others I feel Arteta could give them more license to interchange with Jesus and/or Nketiah who are both mobile and difficult to pin down.Against Newcastle there was a certain predictability to our attacks which meant that the opposition were able to double up on Saka and Martinelli with relative ease in the second half.Saka and Martinelli are terrific young players who have the skills to operate effectively without being tied down to one particular position in my opinion.

  12. Saka = Messi……. What the actual…….meds are you on?
    I often wear red tinted glasses when it comes to Arsenal and our players but this comparison is nowhere near realistic.

  13. Martinelli has been out best player this season, closely followed by Saka.
    Both are rough diamonds, being polished to perfection by MA and will be as big, if not bigger stars, than Messi…. if their progress continues as it is currently.

    I have to smile at the comments about Saka being hyped because he’s English!!
    If The Arsenal were to put him up for sale today, every single big club would be wanting his signature…. being English has nothing to do with it.

    We know to our costs, that players abroad are /have been overhyped.

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