Is Carlo Ancelotti the best man for the Arsenal job?

Since the announcement that Arsene Wenger will end his Arsenal reign after 22 years at the club, there’s been plenty of debate and speculation as to who will fill the post, with opinion seemingly split amongst fans. Some believe a younger coach should be appointed, with the aim of planning long-term, while others feel the club needs to bring in an experienced world-class manager, who already has a proven record of success.

A host of names have been linked with the job, including Zeljko Buvac, Massimiliano Allegri, Carlo Ancelotti, Luis Enrique, Brendan Rodgers, Eddie Howe, and Leonardo Jardim. Depending which newspaper gossip you read, or which supposedly ‘in the know’ Twitter accounts you follow, quite literally any of them could be in the mix.

For anyone following the bookmaker odds, staggeringly, the football betting favourite for the Arsenal job is Liverpool assistant manager Buvac, amidst rumours fuelled by his current leave of absence until the end of the season and speculative reports from his homeland of Bosnia, but surely such talk must be taken with an almighty pinch of salt?

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The 56-year-old clearly has a wealth of coaching experience as Klopp’s right-hand man, regarded as ‘The Brain’ amongst his coaching colleagues for his tactical knowledge. However, on his own as a manager, Buvac only has a three-year stint at German semi-professional club SC Neukirchen on his CV. Hardly inspiring if he is indeed amongst the options being seriously considered by the Arsenal board.

If the Gunners are inclined to go for a younger manager, who already boasts success at the highest level, then 47-year-old Luis Enrique would appear to be the most sensible choice. After all, having cut his managerial teeth with Barcelona B, Roma and Celta Vigo, the Spaniard returned to Barcelona and enjoyed great success.

Enrique ticks all the right boxes when it comes to playing style and winning mentality, landing an impressive haul of seven trophies during his three-year tenure at the Camp Nou. However, salary demands of around £25m-a-year according to the Mirror could prove excessively high for the Arsenal board, scuppering any chance of his arrival at the Emirates.

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Another name boasting both consistent success and a wealth of experience is Italian coach Allegri, who has guided Juventus to unstoppable domestic dominance. Since his appointment, Juve have won three consecutive Serie A and Coppa Italia doubles, with a potential fourth on the way this season. The 50-year-old would certainly be a great choice for Arsenal, but in reality, and having never managed outside Italy, luring him to the Premier League could prove impossible.

43-year-old Jardim certainly has plenty of potential, given he prefers attractive attacking football and putting faith in young players, which led to impressive seasons with Olympiacos in Greece, Sporting in Portugal, and the 2016-17 Ligue 1 title in France with Monaco. There are clear parallels with Wenger’s pre-Arsenal experience here, with the Venezuelan seemingly the obvious choice as a manager in a similar mould, but would Gunners fans be patient enough with him?

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers certainly seems a popular choice amongst the media pundits, although he didn’t win a single trophy with Liverpool or Swansea City. He won the Scottish treble last season and could do so again this season, but with a team that’s so vastly superior to any of the competition north of the border, it’s hardly comparable to the challenges he would face as Arsenal manager.

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As the 2005-2015 Football League Manager of the Decade Award winner, Eddie Howe has earned great respect for his achievements managing Bournemouth, including consideration for the England post prior to the appointment of Gareth Southgate. Having taken his club to the Premier League and kept them there, and at still just 40 years old, he’s clearly a manager with plenty of years ahead of him. However, at this point in time, the Arsenal job is probably too big a role.

Finally, and perhaps one of the most serious contenders with a marvellous managerial career to back his credentials, Ancelotti can arguably be considered one of the best options, as things currently stand for Arsenal. What’s more, the 58-year-old Italian has managed some of the biggest clubs in European football, so would be more than comfortable with the pressures and expectations that await at the Emirates.

Having won major trophies with Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, very few other managerial targets can claim to have achieved such consistent success, at the highest level of the game. After reportedly turning down the Italy job, Ancelotti is available and appears to be keen on the possibility of returning to England. If he’s interested in the job and the project on offer, Arsenal potentially have the best candidate of the lot.

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Is Ancelotti the one?

Pat J

Updated: May 4, 2018 — 3:10 pm


  1. Honestly in my mind this result has set us back two years.

    Allegri won’t come .
    Half our team are dog#####

    I’m beyond gutted
    Can’t wait for ozil bellerin mustafi xhaka all those chumps to leave

    Could have been so different .
    He could have left a legend .

    Now he leaves us in the worst season we have ever had under his tenure .

    Season is done
    See you guys in the summer

    Have a good one peeps

      1. Break-on-through

        I feel your pain Muff, am devastated that we have another European season of this crap. We are too big to be down in this league, don’t even know half of the teams and it only gets interesting if a big club mucks up in the CL group stage. We never got knocked down from CL into the Europa which again is telling on the quality usually faced in this comp. Am sick we have another season of non-pronounceable teams. Am sick seeing Spurs and Liv playing in at, and whats worse is they needed the extra money after pitch developments and are finding it too easy to make. They are finishing ahead of us with point difference you’d usually associate with title challenging teams. It’s embarrassing. Xhaka Mustafi Kolasinac was an awful waste thus far, I think Kola can still come good but for money spent on them you’d demand a good instant impact, two of those players were important positions along the spine, a problem area for us that became worse. Arteta and Mert cannot hold a candle to these two.

        1. Paulo Fonseca is the new arsenal manager

    1. *applause*

  2. I’ll take Ancellotti right now and he can bring the brain with him as his number 2 ? definitely no assistant managers to take the lead role as the club is no shape to be experimenting and certainly no Arsene Wenger clones his style proved it’s a recipe for disaster! Here’s an idea stop trying to play like Barcelona and get men in who can actually defend! Koscielny is finished now 32 ruptured Achilles his career is over! Mustafi’s has never got off the ground much like himself! Full backs need major coaching in crossing and to not switch off every few minutes! Ozil the biggest fraud after Wenger 350 grand a week I’d sell him this summer for whatever we could get! Simply doesn’t turn up in big games! Biggest problem is who would take him ? A player that’s ravaged by flu every couple of weeks ? and seriously our forwards need to learn how to SHOOT too many touches and stupid flicks etc whoever comes in has his hands full because frankly the team is a complete mess! What puzzles me is that some people were happy to have Wenger carry on for more years they must of been seeing something I haven’t! Could be a long time before arsenal are a force again they are so far behind its scary.. dreading another Europa league campaign bloody Thursday-Sunday all over again ?


      1. Thanks Jon and of course you’re right.. I only speak how I find much like yourself! I call a spade a spade we’ve all seen how this great club has regressed over the years under Wenger’s leadership and some people chose to ignore the blatantly obvious for their blind loyalty to the man but truth is Wenger has probably been here 10 years too long! I remember losing 1-0 at craven cottage back in 2008 and said then his time is up so you can imagine my elation when his departure was announced and like you pointed out Jon much thanks to those passionate season ticket holders.. I’ve never been a season ticket holder but I do pay good money for my match ticket and like you Jon ive stayed away and will stay away until the long awaited change has been enforced.

  3. Are we looking for a safe pair of hands
    to guide us through a 3-4 year transition
    or is the new man expected to
    win the title in 2 years?
    If it’s transition then Ancelotti ticks all the boxes.
    If its win in 2 years then it’s any one at all
    as long as Stan green lights the 500 mill transfer fee.(As if)
    But money is no guarantee because City Utd Chelsea
    even Liverpool can spend more.
    6 teams want to win one trophy so no matter how much
    they spend 5 teams don’t win the PL.
    Utd got Moyes then Van Gaal and now Mou but
    despite 5 years of mega spend have not won a big trophy.
    Spurs and Liverpool play great football but still have nothing to show for it.
    Transition makes more sense and is more the Arsenal (Kroenke) way.

  4. Jardim or Enrique for me. If Ancelotti were 15 years younger I would favor him also.

    1. Enrique I think is again may be overrated Manager…. Only won Major honours as a Manager of Barcelona where he had one of the strangest squad in entire Europe… The MSN was was Enrique’s forwards… He bought Suarez of 75 Millions and Neymar for 60 Millions… And In Roma with small club and Limited Budget he doesn’t have anything to show…

    2. I can see Jardim coming in probably after our last home game we should expect announcement I don’t care about how Wenger leaves Arsenal he was the worse of his own enemy for bringing in average players and keep talk shit year in/out like we only need one or two players. Squad depth has been biggest problem for Arsenal I hope Sven will fix that we need A.Madrid defense type and Liverpool attacking forward like and good DM

  5. Gone already.
    Chamberlain Gabriel Gibbs
    Walcott Coquelin.
    Cazorla. Achiles, Koz. Achilles. Mertz retiring.
    Monreal is 32.(Free) Perez 31. (Free)
    Cech Ospina.
    Bellerin Chambers Holding Mustafi Mavropanos Kolasinac Niles.
    Xhaka Elneny Ramsey Wilshere Ozil Mkhitaryan
    Iwobi Nelson Willock Nwakali
    Lacazette Aubameyang Wellbeck.
    GK Pope. 7m
    LB. 6m
    CB Evans 4m
    25 man squad.
    Total spend. 17m.
    Possibly sell Ozil Mkhitayan Wellbeck.
    Possibly release Cech and or Ospina

    1. Wait so Evans is our savior? An LB for 6M? Who is Pope? Where is Nketiah?

      I want to have whatever you’re smoking.

  6. Ancelotti wins Trophies wherever he goes

  7. I just hope transfer budget is ready for this transition. Enrique or Ancelloti for me. If Enrique needs 200 million just give it to him that is a bargain for rebuilding. Look at others 200 Mil is nothing in today market maybe 2 WC players plus one decent. Or one Neymar plus one decent Haha.

  8. Break-on-through

    Allegri for me. Like that match there tonight, Simeone picked up all those tricks over in Italy. They know the dirty side of tactics, they do whatever is needed to get it done. Allegri gives good instruction to defence and offense, he has a team ethos. I’d be willing to give Ancelotti a try, he has the experience but would he want to take a long term project like AFC. Definitely not Rodgers, and I feel the same way about Enrique. Enrique won’t have the money to play tika taka at the standard that is needed, we’d be something similar to what we are now in my opinion. Mistakes at the back and only certain players capable with the final pass. If Mislintat does want Buvac, I’d be willing to listen. Mislintat would get more control over players arriving and leaving in this scenario, Raul Mislintat and Buvac together, Mislintat knows if he has the personality for it to work. It’s a pity that we couldn’t get Klopp, with all the ex Dortmund we target I reckon Klopp would have came here.

    1. I agree Allegri, Ancellotti or Jardim. Arsenal require a manager, who has the proven capacity to compete with managers such as Pelligrini, Mourinho, Klopp, Ponticelli, Simeone and Conte; a manager who is tactically adept and can coach defence, instill grit and determination and encourage leadership ability within the team.

  9. Am utterly gutted today…..Trolls are coming in thick and fast…..Allegri or Buvac period!!

    1. Agreed. allegri, buvać, jardim might win against the odds.

      ancelotti & enrique – good with
      top quality squads

  10. Despite the huge wage demands and iffy managerial success record pre-Barcelona, I’d like to start with Enrique. He’d shake-up the dressing room with a winning mentality and filter out the crap from the players with genuine winning potential. If it did work out then another manager can be hired in a few years, and I’d be happy to wait if a real desire to complete with the best is being demonstrated.

    Next-up for me would be Jardim. He seems to match the “Youth development” philosophy of Arsenal’s board, but with more nowadays ability and success-rate than Wenger. I would be happy to see Ancelotti have a go, but worry that he might get frustrated with his player-shopping at Arsenal. Not because the club can’t afford it, but because the owner might be too tight-arsed. It remains to be seen how this element will pan-out in the post-Wenger era.

    Dunno why but I feel a bit hesitant about Allegri. Maybe it’s because Arsenal and Juventus seem so much like “Chalk and Cheese” at the moment, but who knows. I’d definitely say “NO” to Brendan Rogers. He strikes me as a “Big fish in a small pond” manager, and with the EPL being one of the biggest ponds around, he’d have no chance bringing success to Arsenal.

    Guys like Howe or Buvac, who have proven success at smaller clubs and/or in No.2 roles may turn out ok, but I would expect to see something amazing very quickly if it were somebody like that to be appointed to replace Wenger. Otherwise why not let them learn & develop somewhere else, and get an experienced manager that can hit-the-ground-running? After all, Arsenal aren’t exactly poor!

  11. *didn’t [work out]

  12. Who would want to manage the state we’re in???

  13. Nothing changed

    Didn’t Conte come to Chelsea when they had no European football? If we pay well enough we should be able to land Jardim or Allegri. For me, Ancelotti is not the right man. We need a young hungry manager who still feels he has something to prove. Ancelotti has nothing to prove.

  14. Sue, there are some positives to attract a top class manager to Arsenal; based in London, competive salary, top class stadium and training facilities, supporting managerial staff (Sven, Raul etc), loyal club (not revolving door like some others), some class players and younger players with potential and a world wide fan base. Hopefully with the right manager, the only way for Arsenal is up

    1. I agree with what you’re saying Ozzie… I just meant the players.. can’t defend, won’t defend…. too weak etc etc

      1. Arsenal problems have been known for over 10 years now “recruitment “ has been the biggest issue until the new manager come in and get right some players don’t have a birth right to play for Arsenal like Wilshere demand big pay for what football? And I hope and wish that was the end of Kozy career

        1. Sue and Arnold, notwithstanding his age Arsenal could bring back George Graham for 6 months to straighten out the defence, although some may argue it may take a lot longer given the 10 years of decline

        2. Sue and Arnold, notwithstanding his age Arsenal could bring back George Graham for 6 months to straighten out the defence, although some may argue it may take a lot longer given the 10 years of decline.

  15. the best no … a possibility yes … would prefer a younger manager personally … the best for me is enrique in part because if he came he would be pitting himself against gaurdiola which would be a massive incentive to perform … but he would need 200m war chest … that is a 100m new mney plus sales … should not be out of reach for a club claiming its stadium put us in the top tier in europe but whether the greedy tax dodging yank with no interest in the sport will ok it is another matter

  16. For me Ancelotti is A good Manager with regards to team spirit management. However, he is also too soft like Wenger in taking action on non performing players and in bringing energy & stamina to the team. IF we are going for a young manager, 100% I prefer VIERA, who is well aware of the club’s value & culture. He can bring every thing to the club through time. Any way “status quo is more dangerous than launching to the unknown”. I mean nothing will be worst than the current situation.

  17. If Ancelotti In Ozil is Out….?
    Can’t wait for it

  18. Ancelotti is my choice as the next Arsenal coach………..he has the experience to guide us through a transition period………..maybe two years then bring in a young ounger coach……..

  19. No he isn’t, he is a cup manager (3 titles?) and AFC are sick of not competing for the EPL.
    He also needs a fortune to be spent to win stuff, he BUYS TITLES, just have a look at how much he has spent to win those trophies.
    Who has he developed? We have some great kids coming through and last thing we need is a cup manager not giving them a chance in favor of big spending signings which may not be needed in all areas.

    People who think CA is the answer doesn’t know as much about football as they claim, dumb panicky people who will follow the media like sheep.

    If we want a big name then get a name that got more points then Pep at Barca, who set up the famous MSN attack, Enrique.

    If we want to be cheap then got for Jardim who can develop AMN and Nelson along with willock and Nketiah into WC stars.

    CA,m the man who couldn’t do it in Germany so wants to take over AFC and AFC fans are excited about that, oh my…. Hungry for failure, Wenger has a LOT to answer for!

  20. I just don’t understand why some fans Sven has the right to decide our next manager, he is only a scout for God’s sake. A scout role is to recommend players, he doesn’t get to decide if they are bought or even played, I guess that’s why Tuchel had problems with him.. In January some fans kept heaping praise at Sven as if to say he is our new messiah, he is good at his role but that doesn’t give him a say in deciding the next manager like some fans think.

  21. On the topic at hand, I would rather pick Allegri or Low.

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