Is Cazorla the key to Arsenal winning next year’s EPL title?

Football is a team game, of course, so no one player can bring success to a team on their own, just ask Argentina who have failed to claim a single piece of silverware despite having arguably the best player the game has ever seen in Lionel Messi.

So if Arsenal are going to end our long wait for another Premier League title it will require a lot of things to be right. Having said that, better players tend to make a batter team and some can be more important than others, especially if they bring balance to a side and make it complete in a way that no other player in the squad can.

That is why I feel that the loss of our midfield magician Santi Cazorla to a long term injury has had a devastating effect on our chances of success this time. There are other factors, of course, but once we lost Santi things went downhill fast.

It did not help that we had let Jack Wilshere leave on a season long loan deal or that Granit Xhaka did not hit the ground running or that Aaron Ramsey has been way below his best if he was fit. However, I still feel that none of the other midfielders in the Arsenal squad bring the same as Cazorla. If you don’t believe me check out what the young Gunner Jeff Reine-Adelaide told when asked who our best player is.

Adelaide said, “I look up to them all. If I had to name one, it would have to be Santi Cazorla.

“He has superb natural ability, he can play with either foot, he can do anything. I think he’s a magician!

“When you watch him play, you can sense he is really serene because he knows exactly what he is doing. Whatever the situation, he will win the ball cleanly.

“I try to be like that so I can play like him.”

He makes the team tick and also makes the players around him better. At 32-years old now the Spaniard has not got too many years at the top level left but he has got some and so next year we really need him to be fit and injury free. Mustafi and Koscielny are a very strong centre back pairing and if Ozil and Alexis stay we have great creativity and cutting edge.

Arsene Wenger will also be looking at the transfer market to add quality, but for me the most important player and the potential key to the title for Arsenal is Cazorla. Do you agree?



  1. Break-on-through says:

    I seen the title of an article, saying something like: young Gunner on the player that can do everything. I said bet that’s Cazorla. We look a million miles away from the team that had Cazorla in the beginning, it’s not even funny. He brings balance, quick passing, players towards him, and the best out of his teammates. We surely miss the little magician. I’d love to see an Arsenal team go the full season without major injury.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      Least we forget! The only thing key to Arsenal having a chance of winning the Premiership is Arsene, the dopey professor, leaving Arsenal.

  2. Sam, need a striker says:

    Cazorla is far better than Ozil in my opinion … We wasted 42M to replace our best player (Cazorla was Arsenal best player the season before we bought Ozil) … Don’t get me wrong, Ozil is good but we should have invest that money on a much needed position, maybe a striker (Bitty that the stubborn one didnot get Higuain for less than 30M) or a defender …

  3. davidnz says:

    So far Cech Szczesny Bellerin
    Debuchi Koz Mustafi Monreal
    Gibbs Xhaka Coquelin Sanchez
    Ozil Chamberlain Wilshere Walcott Iwobi Adelaide Giroud + Wellbeck
    have been “identified” as the “key” to Arsenal winning the title next season.
    Another 30 players have also been “identified” as essential for
    our shopping list because they will be “key” for the EPL title push.
    Now it’s injured 32 year old Santi Cazorla turn.
    If this “key” magician is fit he will surely inspire the team to the EPL title.
    But could Asano Sanogo Campbell Akpom be “key”.
    Don’t forget Flamini Bendtner Kalstrom Santos Chamakh
    Diaby and Charlie George training at Colney?
    They too are “Key”

  4. Jansen says:

    Santi is one of our most important players but can you call an injury prone player “key” to winning? If next season were to rest on Santi remaining injury free we would be in trouble.

    The fact of the matter remains IMO, that no team can win a major trophy anymore with just one star player. You need depth, all our rivals have lost “key” players for spells this season but can our dismal performances be explained by the injury of Santi? Would we have eliminated Bayern if Santi was playing?

    For me it all comes down to Wenger and the spineless team he has build around him.

  5. ger burke says:

    no one single player can win the league for us under the present regime.presently there are eleven losers starting each game for us , not one of them give a damn about the shirt, not even sanchez!.i dont think santi will be around next year anyways,enough is enough , let him go toanother club who will paly him properly. santi is a true genius, ozil could not even lace his boots.

  6. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Santi Cazorla is the most talented midfielder in our midst. unfortunately, he is injury prone and ageing.
    The info at our disposal has it that the penultimate surgery that he had wreak lot of havocks to the extent that the skin of his scapula cum arm had to be scrapped and used to cover part of his foot because the hitherto skin there was not responding to treatments/healings. Scary !
    Isn’t it ?

    How on earth can we be waiting and relying on such player. He is good. dont get me wrong please. But it is suicidal to hinge our hope on such player. Let us fashion and plan our season as if he is not part of it. when he comes back, he can truly be ”like a new signing” (apology to Wenger here)

  7. AsburtonGrove says:

    No, Wenger leaving is…

    We have a squad capable of winning major titles, we have a manager way past his prime holding the entire club back. Wenger out!

    1. Midkemma says:

      Squad capable of winning major trophies?

      You mean players like Ramsey who fails to perform consistently in a Arsenal shirt?
      Gabriel who can’t hold a line?
      Monreal who lets anyone run past him now?
      Coquelin who has no offensive side to his game?
      Per as slow as a snail?
      Giroud who becomes inconsistent when played to often?

      If you look at the players who have been not performing as well as they should then you look at the signings then you will see Arsenal FC slowly rebuilding, I would like it done faster like a lot of Arsenal fans but slow progression is happening… As I said, I am not happy with how slow it is but Arsenal FC could do more if they had the people in who could focus on those aspects.

      You know, like Real Madrid do… like Barca do and UTD and CITY.

      Rumors are we are looking at a sporting director, again I feel it is slow progression for Arsenal FC but it is a step in the right direction, is it not?

      Fans can’t unite for the sacking of Wenger so I do hope that fans can at least unite and support areas where they do well and tell them we are pleased with those things. We all know Wenger isn’t a highlander (immortal) so we have to think about a future without him no matter what! I want the next manager to be able to get his main targets so the next manager isn’t playing with a handicap, I don’t want history to repeat itself with a new manager… Don’t all us fans?

  8. Nebsy says:

    No he’s not.
    It’s Dangote. When Dangote buys Arsenal, Arsenal will win the EPL.
    Here’s why. There is no way that another freak season like 2015/16 will happen in the next ten-twenty years, to be perfectly honest. That season was our only chance to win something under Kroenke and Wenger.
    Then, there’s the Wenger situation. Every season with him is a season without an EPL title, pretty soon without a Champions League spot.
    Though shall not forget that the greedy yank will only appoint a manager that can bring him nothing more than the top four trophy and will issue enough funds to buy players that will help us with nothing more than the top four and last 16 in UCL.
    Also, good luck finding a replacement for Sanchez.
    So, in conclusion, no, Cazorla can’t bring us nothing more than a top four finish, and maybe his absence is the reason we’re out of the top four, but surely no reason we’re not competing for the title.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Why Dangote when Ustmanov already has shares and is frozen out by Silent Stan?
      Ustmanov was found by David Dein, if there is any 1 man alive today who should have no question over his ambition or loyalty it was Dein.

      While Dangote has TALKED about getting shares, Ustmanov has already taken action and tried to buy Arsenal, he got blocked though by the old board when they made that pact to not sell the club into a single majority share holder who was foreign, the foundation of the pact they made and bragged about to us fans.

      I wouldn’t say no to Dangote over silent Stan 😛 but I would be equally happy at seeing how much Ustmanovs passion could take us, more so if it meant Dein getting back in at Arsenal.

  9. Vlad says:

    Things always seem to fall apart when Santi goes down. We’ve witnessed it for the last two seasons now. So being a Wenger fan, one of my biggest gripes with him is that he’s unable to identify the problem area, or too stubborn to recognize it. We’ve been crying for a good DMF for years. Then we get Coq (like a new signing), Elneny, and Xhaka almost all at once. Why? Why did we need Xhaka? We all knew about Santi’s nagging injuries. So not to have an adequate cover/replacement for him was just criminal, IMHO. Shame on you, Mr. Wenger.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Yes we have been crying out for a good CDM for years BUT the players have a lot to blame here.
      When Arteta wasn’t too old and he had some capacity to run for longer than Ramsey was performing better, he was getting back and defending as well as Vieira did… unfortunately for us fans Ramsey only did it for a number of weeks and then got injured and never replicated that form. Ramsey had a choice between Rugby and Football, I think we was all expecting the guy to be able to hold his own in a physical battle but Ramsey let us fans and his manager down. It was recently let out that we missed out on Alonso by 3million! Before you say Wenger, when it was Dein supporting Wenger then was we hearing about this kinda stuff? I wasn’t! Before Gazidis arrived did we hear about missing out on Nasri because he signed a new contract to boost his value or did Arsenal just spend the extra needed to get him? More to Arsenal than Wenger dude and we would ALL do well to remember that.

      Why did we get Xhaka?
      Wenger wanted him, spoke to him and 6 months later Arsenal FC buy ElNeny, ElNeny gets overlooked when the main window comes into play and Wengers main target is bought.

      The real question is why Arsenal FC didn’t buy Xhaka 12 months earlier?

      You ended it with shame on you Wenger.
      Really? Wenger wanted Xhaka 6 months before Arsenal FC bought ElNeny. I like ElNeny but facts are the facts, he doesn’t appear to be favored by Wenger… So why did Wenger want to buy him? Only reason I can think of is because he was told no for Xhaka due to price tag.

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