Is Cech effect turning Arsenal into winners?

There are quite a few stats going around the football media at the minute and one of them, reported by Metro, is about the Arsenal and Czech Republic international keeper Petr Cech. So I thought it might be time to take an early look at how our only signing of the summer is doing with his new club.

The 33-year old has already made the news a few times since joining for Arsenal, with his two mistakes against West Ham condemning us to a shock defeat on the opening day and then all the furore when Arsene Wenger left him on the bench for the Champions League loss to Olympiacos, so it is nice to see something positive about him.

The stats show that Cech has the highest save percentage in the Premier League and while that does hint that the Arsenal back four might not be protecting him well enough, there are plenty of teams that have allowed more shots on goal.

Arsenal are now tied with Man City, Spurs, Crystal Palace and Watford for least goals conceded and when you consider how we started and also had two players sent off against Chelsea, that suggests to me that as well as being a great keeper, Cech´s influence is starting to spread through the team, especially the defence.

He was brought to the club for his experience and winning mentality as much as his keeping ability and after Arsenal completed one of our best big game results in years by comfortably beating an in form Man United, is that mentality now showing itself in the Arsenal team?

In short, is Petr Cech effect turning his Arsenal team mates into winners?


  1. He has already saved 4 points for us by now, (considering that save against Martial which might have inspired a comeback for them)

    1. Rubbish! Any decent epl goalkeeper will save those shots. Ospina made better saves last season. Cech didn’t save us any point against ManU ,our attackers and midfielders gave us the three points. Cech did nothing extra ordinary that any other decent keeper would not do. This does not imply he is not a TOP keeper but to ascribe our win against ManU to him is ludicrous.

  2. I loved Chech’s reaction after the final whistle with Man u game…Showed how much that win and clean sheet meant to him against Man U..

  3. While Cech has played his part in our points tally to date, it will be wrong to give him all the credit for the performance of the team in the league. In the second half of last season, while Ospina was in goal Arsenal conceded 13 goals in 19 matches and had the highest number of points. Cech came in to be part of that team, as such the results so far represent a collective effort not individual exploits.

    A higher percentage of saves does not mean a keeper is not being protected by the defenders. You can face 100 attempts at goal, save 30 and your percentage save is 30%, on the other hand another keeper may face 10 attempts and save 5, his percentage save is 50%. So your insinuations are out of step with reality.

    1. @The Analyzer
      I guess you couldn’t have given yourself a more appropriate name – Damn, you miss nothing….lol

    2. @The Analyzer

      Eerm not sure what to say this time, but I feel compelled…………

      I highly doubt anyone else cares that you’ve found a tiny inconsistency while comparing to your Almanac of stats.

      But of course we all know how wonderful it is to be corrected by others, so…. erm …. thanks for that!

    1. yup muff at dortmund he had players like reus gondugan hummels aubumeyang kagawa and nuri sahin whom he achieved a respectable 7 th
      Now he has lucas leiva gomez firmino moreno and coutinho.Wonder what position he will finish at this time

          1. Cruyff reckons Mourinho and Van Gaal are bad for business as they shackle forward thinking players and do not employ enough effort to entertain the fans. He loves Ferguson Wenger Guardiola and Klopp. I respect this guys opinion, I know they say respect everyone’s but when is that ever true. So liv have gotten themselves a top manager it would seem, combine that with the fact that they have been outspending us for eons I must admit to being a little worried. The top is already too crowded as is, I have enough faith in Wengers abilities to let it become too much a worry though. City and Che are still the teams to overhaul.

  4. Apart from Myhill(41pts) and Gomez(43pts), Cech(39pts) has the most points for a GK on Fantasy Football… Just saying… Thanks Chelsea, I know it hurts :D!!!!

  5. Cech effect in not just about making some saves each match its about calming the defence
    Me as a spectator have great confidence when the ball comes toward our goal and this must be the feeling of the defence

  6. I don’t like to judge players by stats. Excluding cech’s first 2 games in an arsenal shirt he has been very effective rest of the time and has often come up with brilliant and crucial saves. Wenger flourished wid arsenal until 2005 because he had a great defence and could focus on attack. After years of torture by the likes of Andre Santos, senderos, almunia etc we have great defenders and great organisation at the back.

  7. At least more fans are spelling his name correctly
    It’s only a fooking FOUR letter word: CECH
    It’s not like Coquelin or Bellerin or Koscielny
    Only two misspelled the name do far in this thread

    Seriously, real fans should be able to spell players names. Not a lot to ask. Just a sign of respect

    1. Mate, seriously, who the F are you, spell checker?
      I’ll koscelny, scezney and cockerlin ur mums belerim all day long

  8. All the Gunners that play in that Man Utd gane are all important. No one is more or less important than the others. But having said that, Cech can turnout to be that special for Arsenal this season if he continues to make such 3 crucial saves as he did against Anthony Martial, Arshley Young and Wayne Rooney in last Man Utd game. Bob, you aren’t far away from the truth. Arsenal defending were short to adequately covered Cech in the Man Utd game. I hope they won’t do such a suicidal looking defending against Bayern Munich.

  9. yes his winning attitude can inspire a lot of players at the club.
    I don’t know if you guys saw gabriel celebration of ozil’s goal vs utd but you need too it was even better than the goal (lol) AWESOME. That guy is gonna be huge for us cuz he’s very happy to be at AFC. I was reading his interview at he’s very motivated to be here for a very long time and he’s young. his idol is Lucio the brazilian, I guess that’s why he’s so aggressive. he plays just like him. he is gonna kill some defenders one day that I can tell you.Exciting years ahead. COYG
    I’m behind Gab5 and the whole team 200%.

  10. Hope he saves us in the Bayern Munich game too. He will be very useful against the goalmachine…

  11. @tatgooner, that’s a wonderful reply. Although he’s fantastic, but it will take some time to settle down…. Who knows maybe some are overrating him??

    1. i disagree bro.

      what i see is a experienced but still relatively young manager, who has proven he can compete with the best in the world an beat them with no budget, not to mention being charismatic and refreshingly honest with his approach with players and fans alike.
      they adore him even now-

      tatgooner has said some idiotic things on here – that adds to it

      one year out of seven he gets seventh, when gundogan wasnt fit, reus an hummels had bad injuries, kagawa and sahin came back diff players that left to they had sold lewandowski and gotze.

      they were midtable when he joined them. they became cl elite and title winners under him.
      In addition, marco reus, Ilkay Gundogan, Sven Bender, Mats Hummels and Robert Lewandowski were all spotted and signed by Klopp at an early age.

      typical bias response cos hes joined liverpool

      1. True that, but its EPL bro… The most competitive league in the world. In current period, you have to literally fight for expecting a win against Koeman’s Southampton, Pardew’s Crystal Palace, Bilic’s West Ham(currently), Martinez’s Everton, heck even Ranieri’s Leicester City… You can only hope for it that our team’s quality must outshine them. There’s more than top 4 teams.
        Liverpool has yet to face Southampton, Tottenham, Swansea, Crystal Palace, and Leicester too.

        1. Actual reply : Still with the team he had at his disposal barring injuries, he can’t win against lower-table teams as well.

  12. It’s a shame he is near 34 because time flys and again we will need a great keeper. Not to many of them around at the moment. But for now brilliant but come January he will need to buy a CD to partner our Brazilian as I see this as the future. LK and BFG are getting on and it shows at the moment then a DM to play along side F Q to lock up when we are winning. We need to lurn that we can’t always play our game. I can’t remember the last time we took the ball to the corner flag to waist time? World Cup winners in our team should no better

  13. Cech is just amazing, still can’t believe how easily we nabbed him.

    Against ..guess who ..manu. When we were three up mid way through the second half after allot of pressure on defense Arsenal players were shouting for ball so to break early. There was a very good opportunity for counter as most utd players were in our half, but one lapse pass and we would have been in trouble. So when they called for the ball Cech just shook his head and waved his fingers saying no no no to about three Arsenal players. Little things like this can make a difference.

    Delighted we have this guy. Going back through Chelsea teams and if I was aloud to choose one of their players this guy would have been in my top three to choose from.

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