Is Chambers set to be Arsenal’s only defensive reinforcement?

Is Chambers The New Defender?

When we were leaving Baku, it seemed inconceivable that our back 4 or 5 for the next August would somehow be weaker. Yet it does appear, even with Koscielny on strike, that we will not be buying a centre back.

With a year left on his contract, Emery is gambling with his job if he maintains that there are zero options out there better then what we have. At Mustafi’s, Monreal’s, etc, age he can’t suddenly expect a dramatic improvement? Why would the same individuals now have the leadership skills not to fall apart away from home?
The only two young enough to coach into a better defender is Holding and Bellerin and they could be out till Christmas. Which brings us to Calum Chambers…..

A year ago, I asked ‘was he loaned out for his development’ or did his new boss simply not rate him? The fact we are not even thinking about replacing our captain surely gives us that answer. If we had paid 20 million for Fulham’s Player Of The Year would we be content?

It’s still an option we didn’t have 12 months ago, we simply didn’t splash the cash for him. But did he do enough at Craven Cottage? In my opinion he can’t be worse than what we have. Like Holding, I think he’s comfortable on the ball enough to get better. I like the idea of having 2 British payers at the back who could be the heartbeat of a new Arsenal. What Chambers is yet to show is does he have the personality to cope with adversity? Does he have the mentality to cope with the pressure of playing for a top side? I rate him but not enough where I think our previous issues will be resolved.

If we miss out on Champions League qualification next season again based on poor defending and Emery has done nothing to address it, it could be a sackable offence…..

Dan Smith


  1. Isn’t it a bit too early to begin to think we will miss out on the fun of Champions League again? Why not put some faith in the coach and his decision? Why wait till the season’s end to do so?

    Our boys will come good and I have no reason to even entertain the thought of failure. There is no wisdom in expecting that the club has not planned adequately for that leaky defence.

    Fulham was in the Premiership last season and I think our boy Chambers distinguished himself on the field enough to earn the respect of the fans over there. It is nothing to be sniffed at to be voted the player of the season (or something like that). I believe he will one good at Arsenal.

    Holding will not hide away. He doesn’t strike me as that kind of guy. I think these guys (Mavropanos, and the others inclusive) will seize the opportunity by the scruff of the neck. Besides, he (Holding) is said to have started full training. That m and he will be back not too long from now. Certainly much earlier than Christmas.

    1. Last year we had the same from Arsenal fans however i was probably the only fan in cyberspace who stuck to his Guns and said 5th or 6th no higher and of course i was proved right.In fact i had forecast 6th which is where we should have been except for the worst united performance in 30 years.It will not happen again they are too big and powerful so 5th or 6th it is again based upon one of the other big 6 falling away which us highly unlikely but because Chelsea have a new untested manager and an embargo it could possibly be them.My opinion was of course based upon the absolute and probably irrevocable mismanagement of the club under the Kronke entertainment circus in the last 10/ 11 years.How is it actually possible that we have fallen so far behind Spurs and liverpool.We are one of the biggest clubs in the world based in one of the richest and important cities in the world.In any event i agree with the writer mustafi must go monteal must be used only as a filler and a top top centre half must be brought in.Look at the difference vsn dyke made to liverpool.Yes if this issue is not addressed we dont need to worry it will be so bad he will be sacked and rightly so the deficiencies are not new and were there for years under Wenger.Chambers is a good player but should also only be a backup so if nothing done Emery is toast.In fact i believe he is finished anyway and will be back managing valencia or st petersburg next year.

      1. Hey Des. it is not Emery who is buying the players if you give him the tools he will do an excellent job TOP MAN

    2. Were did the coach and his decisions get us last season? CL football? No? An improvement over the course of the season? No?

      We went backwards as the season progressed. The only excuse we could think of was to blame the players. This time around there is no such excuse. Many a manager of standing would have resigned over our lack of defensive reinforcements. And to top it all of, we blow a large part of our budget on a player who won’t play for us and another 15 million for a player who is on a one-year loan deal.

      1. @Sip

        Based on facts, we did improve. First European final in 13 years, finished a position higher in the league, with more points, only just missing out on 3rd and 4th. Results against top 6 was similar, but a huge improvement in performances, and huge improvement against top clubs in Europe. Emery achieved that with a horrendous injury list as well.

        1. We didn’t improve in goals conceded and barely in goals scored. More importantly, the manager had no impact as the season progressed. You would expect that as the players get familiar with his methods and as the manager gets to know his players there would be an improvement. Yet we went back as the season got to an end.

          Yes, we could count playing one more game in the Micky mouse cup as progress but playing one more game only to get clobbered by an average Chelsea is, to me, not noteworthy.

          I gave the manager one season to adjust but now he is out of time and needs to show he can fix our defensive problems. Early signs are not good.

  2. What many arsenal fans aren’t noticing is the fact that though our defenders are not in the league of the van digks and Maguires, we have quality at that back to compete. The problem that is often ignored is the fact that the best way to defend is to attack. Arsenal last season lacked midfielders that that could resist opposition press (how we missed santi), we had midfielders with little to no threat going forward that could break defence lines as well (something that ceballos + Ozil + zaha/Everton will give arsenal). I remember Santi cazorla doing the perfect job of sitting deep, collecting the ball from the defenders, beating opposition press with his close ball control and trickery( something ceballos does with ease). Arsenal countless times last season lost possession in the half line and attacking third, leaving our defenders exposed, which also meant little chances created through midfield especially in the away games, which resulted in overloading the wings to constantly rely on kolasinac and AMN, leading to over predictability…. I am really excited about the fact that now we have a new cazorla in Ceballos, we are in talks to bring a natural wide player coupled with a supersonic LB plus our dual combo of Laca and Auba.. Get me Tierney, zaha/Everton + ceballos and we will see emery flourish again….

      1. Holding, Beilik and Chambers represent an upgrade on Mustafi, Socrat is and the aging Kocielney and Monreal.If Emery cannot see that he should have gone to “specsavers”For goodness sake give the young guys a chance and release the dead wood for free if necessary to drive down our horrendous wage bill.

    1. Rotmi – I like your analysis but unfortunately no amount of analysis is going to turn Mustafi and Sokrates into “quality at the back to compete” (as you phrase it).

    2. Last season Ramsey got injured at a vital time. Although many are not admirers I reckon we were worth at least the missing point if he hadn’t got injured and we know how he loves a cup final. Reckon we missed him. Emery got us to the point of qualification and a cup final. Some things are not in the managers hands…. I’m more than happy to give him another season. I see some people saying Ceballos will take Ozil’s position but I think he’s more likely Ramseys replacement. Defence wise it’s not all doom and gloom. Mavraponos carried an injury all of last season, so hopefully he’ll be back to full fitness. Chambers went out on loan. To grow and get experience. That’s the idea of loans. He did that and proved valuable at Fulham so lets give him a chance. Bileik. Same. He’s hungry to prove himself. And Holding if he comes back the same will prove himself top class. Sooner have that lot than someone past their time who thinks the club owes them something. K! Couple of good young players who should be part of the first team..smith-rowe and Nelson could prove quite exciting. Hopefully we buy that wide player with pace and crosses and I’ll be happy to keep watching. Might not win the premiership but still should be a good journey and some eciting football.

  3. Come on Arsenal get Tierney signed up and Mustafi sold! OT fair play to Kolasinac he went all Pete Dunham on those Jackers ? Green Street 4 starring Nigel Pearson and Sead Kolasinac ?

    1. I believe Tierney would come, but I don’t think we would be able to use him in the first half of this season. Because Tierney is still recovering, Emery’d have to use Kolasinac again

      It’s too late to sell Mustafi. Besides, he might be able to improve his decision making, since Bould is no longer the defender coach

      1. Tierney will be back soon mate.. I know he had a double hernia operation but that’s not gonna keep him out until early 2020. Improve his decision making? Stop please.. it’s too early for jokes ?

  4. Chambers was lousy as a CB in a two-CB formation and he also didn’t play well as an RB. But he was good as a CB in a three-CB formation and apparently he played well as a DM at Fulham

    If Emery plans to use four defenders in the back, he definitely can’t use Chambers as one of the CBs. Chambers is too slow to play as an RB as well, as shown when he got skinned many times by Jefferson Montero from Swansea

    Because we’ll face Newcastle at away, I bet Emery would use a three-CB formation again and Chambers is perfect as a right CB. He can also be rotated with Torreira, since Torreira was having a hard time in coping with EPL players’ physicalities in second half of last season

    1. I just believe Chambers is lousy all round.. people raving that he was player of the year at Fulham, that wouldn’t be hard they were absolutely atrocious last season.. I could have been they’re player of the year and I’m 37 ? plus he has that unwanted record of being relegated twice.. he really isn’t that good.

      1. I have to agree, Kev… I know this will probably rile a few on here, but he doesn’t do it for me either…I wouldn’t lose any sleep if we sold him

        1. As I said before, I concur.The only position I wouldn’t mind Chambers occupying would be to replace Elneny as a backup to Torreira.

          The 3rd of 3 CB is the second best option, but that’s already dubious and would rather see Mavropanos or Bielik instead of him because they’re still a work in progress and we may at least hope for major improvement.

          Seems a nice lad, but he is neither focused enough nor is his positioning all that great nor does his excel in physicality, so bottom of the Prem is his level realistically, or midtable if he does progress another 10 percent.

        2. Yeah Sue they can be riled all they want that’s our opinion.. I think they’re overlooking the fact Fulham conceded a record number of goals and I don’t see any clubs knocking at the door to sign him up for how supposedly brilliant he was last season! And if he’s that good why does fans want us to sign a CB ? Van Dijk came in at Liverpool when they’re defence was awful and now they’re rock solid.. surely Chambers will do the same ?

      2. 100% agree with you. His positional play is poor and I don’t think he is strong in the tackle. A guy I know is a season ticket holder at Fulham and said how excited they were to have a player on loan from The Arsenal, he said he thought Chambers had a poor season. So it really doesn’t say much for the rest of them if Chambers was POTS!

      3. So it’s Chambers fault that Fulham got relegated? The last time I checked, a football team is made up of 11 players.

  5. One player. Beilik

    Give him a go.

    Chambers can stay also, what’s the harm as we are keeping Mustafi, Monreal & Koss if it doesn’t get sorted soon. Mavraponas there also plus we just spent 27m on Saliba for next summer. By next summer Koss, Mustafi & possibly Sokratis will all be gone.

    Young guns needs to step up or step aside now. Take there chances now & we could have a good season.

    1. Sean , i have seen this guy play.
      i can say for certain he will end up in juve, PSG or Barca.if he continues his devt.(mark this down)and i need his twitter handle.
      i scratch my head and i do not understand the snubbing.
      people saying he played in lower league should also look at rob holding.
      infact this guy is better than disrespect here.
      didnt VVD come from SPL. Didn’t Wenger say he is slow.

      Chambers is not decisive, He is jittery like mustafi, commit silly fowls in the 18 yard box and hand ball error prone.
      he is good at covering but cannot time his running like kosceinly.

  6. I read that Holding is a month ahead of schedule & there’s a chance he could be ready for the start of the season ?
    Sorry but I’m not that keen on Chambers….

  7. If Arsenal do not sign a CB we will know there is something dreadfully wrong. Mustafi must NOT be allowed to play. Why not bid for Cisse etc. Why did we not go for Lewis Dunk. Maybe Emery doesn’t understand how badly we need a CB this year…..??? We do!!! He must know the defence is shite. They’ve had months to get a CB. Maybe Emery is thick and deluded. If you have a hole in your bucket you fix it….as in the chilrens nursery rhyme. If we have the same players in defence we will ship another 50 goals. De Facto. It’s what we needed from day one Arsenal…are you going to give another season up by not signing a good tall CB? Ore are you an ineffectual whimp of a manager Emery? Is Emery a mouse ? or a ??

    1. He has to be a mouse if he thinks we’re good defensively! How Mustafi is still an Arsenal player is beyond comprehension the fella cannot defend.. he could be coached by Baresi and Maldini it will not make a difference he’s stealing a living! Socratis is a liability.. Koscielny has gone AWOL and is too old Holding has a serious injury that still needs monitoring.. and Monreal is no CB although tell Wenger and Emery that ?

    2. Why not wait till season start before releasing your anger? Am sure you will have enough time to ‘bully’ mustaphi when season start. Dont you think

  8. A Holding Chamber for EPL attacks will be erected at Arsenal, if things go to plan.
    Hopefully, the Chamber is built strong enough to Hold(ing) the strongest and quickest of EPL attacking talents, so help us G-d.

  9. Like i said in one of my post that got deleted, we as fans know how to criticise, its our duty, its a way of asking our darling club to be responsible-which is fine.
    However, the fact that we all saw the team deficiency doesnt meanthe technical crew are blind to it, all this must have been analyzed , we have professionals working round the clock to ensure we have a better window and season ahead, lets support and be patient we them. Its too early to criticize our summer business

    1. Adajim…..Any business we do should have been done sooner. How can we start a season when we can’t integrate anybody in to the poor squad we have.
      I have been a loyal supporter for 47 years. Going to games since 1974, season ticket holder for 26 years, go to away games. I will always support this club until the day I die BUT it is being run terribly….You quote “too early to criticize our summer business” our summer business should have been addressed two years ago….. WE ARE IN A TOTAL MESS!

  10. Arsenal net spend £000,000. Nothin. Not a Dinar. So our owner/managers are….. Innefectual. Ignorant. Selfish. Not good enough. Deluded. Know it alls who know FA. Jobswothies. Scared. Greedy. There are our adjectives, pick the ones you believe are best. We need a CB…yesterday. Wake up Emery.

      1. Declan, Emery is “Head Coach”; he is not responsible for recruitment. Please refer to my longer post below in response to Des Moran.

        1. Ozzie, I stand by my comment, Raul stated at the fans Q&A session last night they are acting on Emery’s requirements. Correct that he’s not responsible for recruitment but the recruiters are acting in his recommendations. It’s also Emery who picks the team, no one else!

        2. Ozzie, I stand by my comment, Raul stated at the fans Q&A session last night they are acting on Emery’s requirements. Correct that he’s not responsible for recruitment but the recruiters are acting in his recommendations. It’s also Emery who picks the team, no one else. If the team is 10th at Christmas it will be Emery who gets the chop, no one else.

    1. Sean, our net spend as you say is £0 and yet we have been able to bring in Martinelli, Sabali, Ceballos and aren’t done yet. I think we are doing something right. Don’t you agree?

  11. Arsenal fc are not blind
    The world at large knows
    About our cb/defensive
    Problems.. The problem
    Here is arsenal doesn’t
    Want to spend not for now
    If it’s not about spending
    We would have gotten a whole
    New backline by now. So are
    Looking for other solutions
    Remember we have defenders thou
    Not good enough defenders but we
    Don’t have any winger in the team
    Just like we we had no DM.. you
    Can play players out of positions
    But that doesn’t mean they can give
    Same performance like someone playing
    In his natural position(Most of the times)
    I think the management is looking to have
    A more balanced squad than looking at the
    Individuals right now..
    And I can’t quit totally disagree with them
    Balance before quality it’s what the club has
    Settled for even a kid knows who is bad in our
    Team so we know they(management team) also knows
    About that

    1. arsenal FC and or the coach are “blind”; “very blind” and in addition lack wisdom and hindsight.

  12. Des, who do you think Arsenal can attract to coach Arsenal given the conditions Emery (and as you are aware Wenger before him) has had to operate under?
    The possibility of Emery being sacked is remote given he has a two year contract, which expires at the end of the 2019/20 season with Arsenal holding the option to extend.
    Should he not be supported by management in the transfer market you would expect him to fulfil his contract and leave at the end of this season. However the interesting thing in the transfers completed thus far, is that Emery and the Club have not gone for the quick fix but are bringing in younger players with potential for now and the future.
    There are two possible scenarios:
    1. Emery has been given agreement that he is to coach Arsenal for some time under a limited transfer budget to bring in young lower priced players, to work with Lundberg to integrate with the Academy prospects to build a winning side.
    2. Emery will walk and Kroenke and management will make him the “sacrificial lamb” to fans, so that the churning of coaches can begin. It is less costly to keep changing coaches, than to address the real issues of lack of player quality and squad depth.

  13. At the beginning of the season arsenal played I think 21 unbeaten, there was this resilience about them. Then boom injury struck us, I think lack of squad Dept cost us more than anything..we had series of injury at the back. Don’t get me wrong but having Chambers and holding back is like adding new defender.then add bielik to that mix if he stays…I think where we lost last season was in the midfield, none of our midfielder had a good season they we’re that bad, but Dani ceballos is one player I’m positive about because for a start he can put in the shift,aside Ramsey I don’t think we had/have any midfielder who consistently put in that shift.maybe guendozi but he is still inexperienced.
    I am excited about the new season.I would like us to sign Everton Soares and KT and maybe look for a rb to loan or we promote our accademy right back if we are selling jenkinson.

    Koscielny for me has lost a lot of respect from arsenal fans,past players and current players.he has a contract but until that contract expires, he need to oblige to the demands of the is unhealthy for the club, no one is bigger than the club I say get rid..keep players that want to be here and give their all not half hearted players. For me he has never lead,surely not up there as one of the best captains we have had. All in all have a great day

    1. even if Koscielny play in arsenal under 18, he has my full respect.
      this is someone that gave his all for the club. scored goals for us at back breaking times even to his own detriment of injury.
      played with injury and u tell me he has lost respect,
      sir, we have many,
      Henry left, fabregas left, RVP left, this were players who at their time were the hope of the team.
      but the club lacks wisdom.
      they want to rubbish his career, no trophy. he was rushed last season back from injury. u want him to play with mustafi so he can end trophy-less.

  14. Krystian Bielik is the player i know we need.
    i have seen this guy play.
    i can say for certain he will end up in juve, PSG or Barca if he continues his devt.(mark this down)and i need his twitter handle.
    i scratch my head and i do not understand the snubbing.
    people saying he played in lower league should also look at rob holding.even saliba the 18 year old is playing in another league has no EPL experince. and we paid 30M
    infact this guy is better than disrespect here.
    didnt VVD come from SPL. Didn’t Wenger say he is slow.

    Chambers is not decisive, He is jittery like mustafi, commit silly fowls in the 18 yard box and hand ball error prone.
    he is good at covering but cannot time his running like kosceinly.

  15. I concur with lekan gunner on this very important player krystian bielek
    If UE has not appreciated the qualities of this particular player then he must be blind,with just a matter of time I can see him landing in Juve,man Utd PSG or any of Europe’s elite better than that notorious and habitual liability in Chaka
    Please he be given a chance and also Joe willock
    Our problems partially lie in defence but the contributor by and large are our midfielders

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