Is Citeh the only real Premier League rival to Arsenal?

I know I am jumping the gun a bit here by assuming that Arsenal will continue to be more like the side we saw win away to Crystal Palace last week, rather than the one that slumped to a dismal defeat at home to West Ham, but the end of last season and the way we were playing in pre-season has given us good reason to think that will be the case.

And although it is still way too early to form a proper picture of the way our big Premier League rivals will perform over the course of the season, the early indications are pretty promising for the Gunners and Arsene Wenger.

We never really expected much from them but Tottenham, or the spuds to give them their proper name, are outdoing themselves this year. Two points from three games, and not particularly tough games at that, is a shoddy start and they might well soon be aiming daggers at the boss again. Harry Kane has not scored yet and without him, the spuds are mashed. So keep it up lads.

Man United, really? How bad can you be after spending so much cash? For all their talk of commitment to the boss and continuity, will they really keep letting van Gaal and his team play like a bunch of over the hill plodders? Liverpool have been no better either and hopefully we can expose their weaknesses to the full tomorrow.

And then there is our good friend Mourinho, the master of moaning, the king of spin. To borrow a phrase from Corporal Jones of Dad´s Army, `he doesn´t like it up him´. I can see real trouble ahead for him and Chelsea and I would not be at all surprised to see him leave during the season. It is as if someone has released the Chelsea players and the football media from a spell to reveal a spiteful little man who has somehow been fooling them all this time.

But even if all this proves to be true and Arsenal do show that the first game was a blip, I think we have a problem Houston, in the shape of Man City. They are looking ominous. The determination and desite that was missing last season looks to be back with a bang.

I only hope that they hit an obstacle soon or that they get complacent as they keep winning easily. Do you see Man Citeh as the only real rival to Arsenal winning the title?

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    1. This is one of the most delusional articles I have read here.With the current squad we should be worried about the likes of Swansea, Everton and Crystal Palace because we are no where near the big guns.Send in the thumbs down ya dumb akbs

      1. I thought bhang is illegal..what are some people consuming in private and exposing it in public via mental disorders? OPEN YOUR HEARS AND HEAR THIS.ARSENAL IS NOT A TEAM PLAYING TO WIN EPL.WE PLAYING FOR #4.naked truth.we nowhere near challenging…wait and see how a mediocre Liverpool will expose us tomorrow.a draw is the best we can get.don’t thumb me down.wait till tomorrow and thumb me down if wrong..otherwise the thumb downs that follow are meant for Wenger

  1. We don’t know. No possible way to say. The EPL is so competitive and full of surprises as Leicester is showing us. Any of 4 or 5 clubs have a great chance.

    1. Totally. This isn’t la ligas two horse race.
      Every other league doesn’t have many strong teams to fight against

  2. Nice article and nice read.
    It’s too early I agree with Greg
    Nonetheless the signs of spuds and manu are kind of there.
    I wouldn’t rule out pool but also….lucky win and then reality bitten.
    I see chelsea closer to city though.
    But again….too early.

  3. Last year I thought we were the best team once Coq started to see the pitch. Clean sheets will determine where we end up.

  4. after watch Newcastle vs Manchester utd.
    need to remind you guys all team in epl are dangerous rival,
    ini epl. even your team full of wc player / not at all ,they will struggle so fcking hard to win or atleast make it draw.

  5. This is a ridiculous topic after two games. I assume the City you are referring to is Leicester?

    See my point?

  6. 3 signings and people start talking about European glory. Lewandoski, Bender and Varane. 1 and I’d be thrilled.

  7. OT
    Dino Zoff arrived in Juventus at 30 yrs old.
    Still got to be a legend and played for a lot of years and won the world cup at (I believe) 40.

    Just a clue for those (like een myself) that are doubting Cech cuz of his age

    1. not his age…its his performances….

      Cech was number 2 at Chelsea, a bench warmer…

      conceding 10 goals in 15 games in that season….

  8. haha…What an article!! Delusion, amnesia, false hopes, delusion, delusion and did I mention delusion? etc..all the ingredients needed to turn AKB’s on. They can’t help themselves I bet.

    “Is Citeh the only real Premier League rival to Arsenal?”
    lol…Chelsea did not win the EPL last year. They are in a “crisis” now after playing Swansea and Man City (two teams that Arsenal EASILY beats every season). It was Arsenal who won the 2014/2015 EPL and this season Man City are the only real Premier league rival to our crown.

    Being an AKB is a fun high. Lighter please? Puffff, inhale, blow fumes out…pass it around fellas, will ya?
    And John Henry wonders what we smoke here at the emirates…the hardest sh*t John. The hardest. 🙂

  9. We have benzema,(if any of think the move is not happening you guys are idiots.The deal has been completed a long time ago.You guys are so naive believing what players and managers say during a window. Also it should be noted that real have signed reus. Both benzema and reus did not make the bench and they are not injured.) Krychowiak, Alexis, cech and ozil. Players like chamberlain theo wilshere ramsey santi bellerin ospina i would say we have a very very good chance of winning a major honour this year.

    1. I know mate.
      I bought Benzema for Arsenal in career mode on fifa 15, just like you did.
      What season did you buy him?

      1. I bought aguero on fifa he is way better. Benzema is a gunner 48m 7.2m p.a 9 shirt. It is 100% certain.

        1. Come on man. You really believe this?
          There is no concrete report supporting this. Its just speculation.
          Nothing on skysports Nothing on espnfc.
          I wish though. I would be happy don’t get me wrong. I am tired of watching an immobile untalented pole as our striker week in week out.

          1. @Alexisdun85 reported the chelsea hijack days before anyone else. All this after skysports and bbc reported saying that the deal to utd was done. Do not be so naive. He reported the otmamendi deal first. To you all, all i can say is do not be so naive. Arsene said he did not who santi cazorla was then he signed him. He said arsenal were not signing cech. #benzyfrenzy

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