Is Costa issue just masking Arsenal failings?

The game between Arsenal and Chelsea is the main talking point from the Premier League weekend, unsurprisingly, or more specifically the controversy surrounding Diego Costa, Koscielny, Gabriel and the myopic referee Mike Dean and his assistants that just happened to be making a cup of tea or something when it all kicked off.

However, looking at the comments on all the stories about it in the football media, it is clear that as well as almost universal condemnation of Costa and his antics (apart from the Chelsea fans of courser) there is a very real sense that Arsenal would not have won the game anyway and that this is just more evidence of the problems at the club.

Is this fair? Well you could certainly say that Chelsea had edged the first half up until then. You can also say that Cazorla´s role as captain was not great, as he basically did nothing to calm his team mate down, bring the antagonism to the attention of the ref or actually do anything. Okay he is not usually the captain but neither is Ivanovic and he ran the length of the pitch to get involved when Gabriel reacted.

So there is certainly an argument but I am not sure this is really fair. For one thing, you would expect a big Premier League rival to dominate at home and with Walcott always looking to run in behind and counter attack, this was Wenger´s tactics and they may well have worked.

For another thing, people are saying that Arsenal should have been better with 10 men and we had replaced Gabriel with Chambers and so could have avoided their goal with better defending. Maybe, but we had also lost our first choice defender Per Mertesacker to illness and that is just bad luck. This is also forgetting that it was not just us being a man down, but the fact that it should have been Chelsea with the disadvantage and if Mister Dean had done his job then Gabriel would have had nothing to react to and we would have still had 11 players on the pitch.

The fact is that there is no way to know what would have happened of Costa had been, rightly, sent off or even if the incident had never occurred, so it is incredibly harsh to say that Arsenal would have lost or that the Gabriel red just masked Arsenal´s failings.

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  1. Supporting Arsenal is Exhausting

    Arsenal supporting it tiring? If the solution is do not expect them? People say it’s too easy to beat Arsenal. The key is not so respect to them! Something went wrong during the last 10 years continues to haunt fans. The more visible, the more light.

    Before losing to Chelsea on Saturday, experts have predicted. Bak psychologists, they highlight the personality of Arsene Wenger. All that exists in the mind through all the attention, energy, and concentration, both the positive and negative vibrations quickly slow to come.

    In the concept of the Law of Attraction, good fortune and misfortune Diego Costa Gabriel Paulista only one chain of the various circuits towards the final result. All the events which guarantee the victory of Chelsea actually ‘already’ is determined by the fixed price concept Wenger who always want fashionable.

    Since Wenger gets ‘DI’ in 2005, everyone knows the problems grand Arsenal only two: the mental blocks and misfortune. In the concept of the Law of Attraction, whatever their plight until now never go beyond the tragedy of 2006 and 2011 against Barcelona and Birmingham City.

    Mental block is an internal problem. Meanwhile, bad luck or bad luck into an external problem. To succeed in football, quality alone is not enough. Characters themselves and the mental attitude is the most decisive. In the elementary level, maknailah mindset Claudio Ranieri aka how to play Leicester City.

    What to expect on Olivier Giroud or Theo Wal cott it was Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez. Words of wisdom that applies is always luck tends to be in the party dared. If Walcott failed to take advantage of the opportunities instead of bad luck, but this mental attitude or lack of exercise!

    Look at the row of bad luck early in the season 2015/16 Arsenal. Aaron Ramsey disallowed goal against Liverpool. Giroud red card that was accidentally tripped make Zagreb players. Gabriel red card. Costa escaped a red card after scratching, slapping, gore Koscielny and provoke Gabriel.

    For Intuition

    To win, you can not seek justice in football. Mental attitude and character in the big-game Koscielny should reviled. He did not react respect like Tony Adams or Martin Keown. He also forgot functions central defender, the defense minister in football.

    Arsenal may be fate was already determined by apathy Koscielny though ditabok and headlong Costa. Gabriel started tomorrow should be the new captain of Arsenal, because the mental attitude and character better than the entire Arsenal.

    Apart from the injustice bear the wrong way. In life elements always affects the character of good fortune. Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho always take risks interpreted as courage. If Wenger did that, people read it as recklessness.

    Reckless and daring separated calculations done by the mental attitude and character. Just like life, football contains the positive and negative. Costa tarnish the opponent’s action in the Italian philosophy called furbizia.

    Football was just a mere game, God is not counting cheating while playing as a sin. In fact, they believe football as war where killing people will not be counted as sin.

    As a result, successful managers Hitler’s authoritarian models are usually more kick than the type Gandhi, Vittorio Pozzo, Herbert Chapman, Rinus Michels, Bill Shankly, Ferguson, until Josep Guardiola and Mourinho.

    Gandhi too long so make the style of the game Wenger underestimated rivals. Obsession never be a winner in the game of his obsession. Focus not on purpose, but the process. This is the answer why he left Ashley Cole, Robin van Persie, Cesc Fabregas or Samir Nasri.

    Instead of love, sometimes intuition is able to give evidence to the supreme desire: to win the Premier League. Goal-directed can cut time, while the innovation process without mental attitude would be spent. This is the drama at Arsenal from 2005 to 2015.

    Never again as fans, Arsenal empathy with the people who will say it was exhausting to support Arsenal.

    1. Good grief!!! @Tank, was that some “copy and paste stuff”? I actually read everything and all I can recall there is “Ghandi”.

    2. I had my eyes so sleepy after reading only the 4th sentences.

      With my age, please someone, sum it up for me?

      It’s like reading my student’s thesis.

  2. Kos did the right thing by trying to exaggerate Costas fouls. Unfortunately he never stayed down long or refs didn’t see it. Costa gets away with more fouls than anyone in EPL. I remember last year him and Skyrtel got into it all game. Teams have to know. Players have to react in a way that’ll see Costa penalized. And Captains need to step in fight for their players to the ref. no excuses. Once again Arsene loses to Mourinho. Feel sorry for him.

    1. The Arsenal petition request is increasing by the minute!……..FA gotta peruse this matter and treat it with utmost concern……. Else , they’d be breaking another rule
      “The VioLation Of Human Right”


      To answer the question
      Yea…..Arsenal failings are being masked by the Costa issue
      How did wenger not sign a coq Aide and a ST…..even possibly a sanchez backup?

    2. It’s a distraction to avoid discussing the obvious problems. With Coq out now we will really struggle, and I’d guess Mert will have tough time without Coq’s help.

      Arsene should be forced to defend his decision to not buy another DM when there were definitely options within price range. Honestly no excuse for an experienced manager to pass that up.

      Now cue the excuses; the same tried and true ready made ones how it’s not Wenger’s fault. Coq injury not Arsene ‘ s fault, but not having solid backup is his fault. DM players were there, available for transfer, and reasonably priced.

      This gave me a laugh. Wenger said Gabriel “unprofessional” and if he was spit on while on pitch he would do nothing. Guess pushing that jerk Jose on pitch is ok? Was that professional?

      Guess Wenger doesn’t know term “hypocrisy”. Looking forward to players tweeting how they’re disappointed, training harder, ready to win next match, and aiming to still challenge for title.

      #groundhogsday, #samesh!@differentday,

  3. The failing goes back to the selection of the Dynamo game.
    Too much pressure after that loss for thenthe selected playr for the Chelsea game, because it was a clear message that Arsene favoured winning at Chelsea…
    only that we lost at Zagreb and that increased the pressure even more.

    Maybe with less pressure they would ve been abke to cope with Dean Costa et al.

  4. Whatever wrong decisions were made in the match we shouldn’t have conceded that soft goal from set piece. Had we conceded a goal from open play it wud still have been okay but on set pieces we can defend with all the players and easily have have man marked each one in the box.
    Any update on coquelin injury?

      1. Where did you read that? Most reports I have seen say that he could be fit even for mid week. Our season is over if Coquelin gets injured. Nobody can do the job he does in the team even with half his efficiency. I wonder how Arsene missed out in strengthening our CM. We missed out on Kondogbia and Vidal. One would have solved the DM problem, the other would have brought much needed aggression and fighting spirit. Now our team is just a bunch of technicians who get bullied off the park and never can come back from a goal down.

        1. I read it yesterday, Somewhere on Arsenal news now,
          I know that elephant’s don’t forget …
          but I can’t remember which forum it was… sorry!
          Trust me, he will be out for a while,
          It’s an Arsenal thing ?
          Where Predictable ? happens alot!

  5. Chlesea beat us on their home ground when we were 2 men short by scoring from a set play and a deflected shot, we were and are the better team and we will prove it during the season …this was our game until Dean messed it up … Gabriel didn’t need to react immediately with the spotlight obviously on him, I would have appreciated the red card if it was one of his trademark slides to take out costa’s legs, I am sure Costa is stupid and would have reacted as well.

  6. Been watching the Costa situation over and over again. Anyone else notice Fabregas behaviour after Paulistas ‘kick’?

    1. Are you in to bondage too? ?
      Whipps, shackles and barbed wire!
      Why would you want to watch that suffering over and over again? ? ? ?

  7. Ding, ding, ding. Of course this Costa situation is masking the real issues. Too many Arsenal fans prey on these scenarios in order to deflect from reality. Our manager is a spent force, and our brilliant club is in need of serious guidance. A complete revamp of the managerial and coaching staff needs to take place, I’d have Klopp and his people tomorrow morning without batting an eyelid.

    Lost vs West Ham at home when we were the form side. Couldn’t score vs a mid-table Liverpool side at home. Lost to the worst Chelsea team in 5 years and extended our scoreless exploits against them to 5 matches. Lost our opening game in the CL vs a team who’d never beaten an English side and were returning to the comp since ’99…..and it’s still September!!

    Can’t blame the players as our manager said it was too difficult to buy better than what we have. So who does that leave responsible for the mess? Mike Dean? Diego Costa? Nahh.. Stand up Arsene, you’ve got lots to answer for.

    1. Yeah, because is Wenger who red carded Gabriel. It’s flabergasting that there are people saying the loss had to do with Wenger in any way. Talking about who’s deluded. In fact it is not delusion, is obsession and hate. But don’t let me stop you, go right ahead and make a fool of yourself.

      1. I mentioned 4 lamentable circumstances in the short season already and as ever your stock Wenger-worshipping response has taken the crumb of doubt in ONE instance and declared that enough to somehow undermine all I say. Good try Budd but an 11 year old could argue a point with greater efficacy.

        What’s deluded Budd? Commenting on what takes place in front of my eyes or finding an external influence as an excuse for every shortfall? Pretty sure even you can get that one right.

        We didn’t lose because of Gabriel, or Mike Dean. We lost because even against a pi$$ poor Chelsea team we created nothing and couldn’t hit a barn door with 140k super ST Theo. Yea the red card was an injustice, but Chelsea should arguably have had a pen via Gabriel too, unless injustices can only be in our favour. We didn’t threaten all game, and as proven vs West Ham, Liverpool, and Zagreb, we were utter garbage.

        But I’m a fool for merely witnessing this. Top stuff.

    2. Another classic example of how people sensationalize arsenal’s failures … we lose to west ham at home, we are not title contenders, wenger out … man city lose, none of that crap, credit to west ham for being a good team.
      Giroud missing easy chances and not scoring regularly, not fit to play for arsenal, but costa aguero and rooney, they reserve their WC title regardless… aguero had giroud-like misses in the last game, but gets to sleep in peace because fans and media are not slaughtering him about it. I am not saying Aguero is Giroud’s level, just that not everyone is being measured by the same measuring stick.
      And for the record we did beat liverpool 1-0, but wenger also unfairly blamed the ref for that one as well for not counting Ramsey’s goal.

      1. Man city lost after winning 5 on the trot and dominating opponents … Though losing to juve was embarrassing granted … They also completely dominated wh … But go ahead and spout your 4th place junkie nonesense … If only this if only that next season will be different … I’m not saying giroud a as good as aguerro or Walcott is better than hazard but look at the statistics… This ain’t a football matter it’s a medical problem

        1. No if’s and but’s, no 4th place junkie crap, I am just overwhelmed by the assessment of arsenal’s issues, and the excuses that apply to other teams but not to arsenal. There is usually no facts backing arguments or sensible reasoning for the arguments … man city can lose to west ham because they won 5 games in a row? Really? And they dominated play is good enough, when we dominate play, everybody highlights how we need a WC striker but city get off the hook so easily.
          I am keeping faith with this team. We had a tough week, and in fact tough start to the season, but the season is not 1 week or 1 month. I am not happy with 4th place, or 2nd or 3rd for that matter, but we are only 5 pts behind city with 32 games to play … way too early to sell the team out.

      2. Context obviously escapes you. If we had beat West Ham and they beat City, would that make us better than City? No. The ABC logic you’re bringing to the table is tired at best.

        Facts: City compete for the title every season, we do not. Aguero is proven world class, Giroud is nowhere near. So to compare similar instances in either case displays a massive void in intelligence towards contextual importance.

        Oh and for the actual record, and not your made up one.. We drew 0-0 with Liverpool because the game ended 0-0. Again, shame we got a decision against but why is a team that couldn’t be bettered in the summer not peppering a mid-table Liverpool team at home that was pieced together 3 weeks prior? Wouldn’t be that old referee cop-out again would it… Oh no, the linesman was the fall guy this that time. I see a pattern developing.

    3. Thank you champagne Charlie you are the only one that gas some real talk. All this Costa Costa garbage is pathetic

  8. We can’t asses that now, can we? Maybe Chelsea would have win it even 11 vs 11, who knows. But Dean’s antics against Arsenal tarnished what could have been a good assesment.
    Oh, yes there are shortcomings. First of all Gabriel should not have fallen for it and Cazorla should wake the fsck up. That’s it. And of course Sanchez and Ramsey. But as said, how can we evaluate now. Arsenal started as everyone thought should start, with pace against their line. And it worked quite nicely for a while. After that …

  9. we were the second best team and so we deserved to lose
    chelsea were in total command even before the incident.
    Now moving foward I would like us to try this team
    chambers debuchy mertz gibbs
    ox arteta
    walcott cazorla sanchez

    just for backup

  10. Costa charged with a 3 match ban. Gabriel will be charged as well.. FOR NOT LEAVING THE PITCH IN TIME, LOOOOL.

    How’s the petition going?

    Off topic, ADMIN. Concerning this new no swearing directive: can you still say FUDGE? Used in a sentence:

    “What the FUDGE is that Gollum Dean doing?” or “Red for Gabriel? Are you FUDGING kidding me?”

  11. FA charged everybody

    1.Diego Costa- charged for violent conduct
    2.Gabriel – charged for improper conduct
    3.Cazorla – warned for his behavior
    4.Both Clubs – charged for failing to control their players
    Costa has until yesterday to reply. Gabriel and both club has until Thursday to reply.

      1. If we were playing by Mike Dean’s rules, your first statement would’ve been more correct, (mind you that would’ve been only if it was an Arsenal player!)

    1. Mike Dean should’ve had a disciplinary charge by the FA – for failing to apply any – he completely ruined the game.

  12. im sorry about what i said on how we should line up any way we were deservedly beaten we played badly they could easily have been 4 0 up at half time but cech saved us dont blame anyone but the person in charge of arsenal fc for deceiving fans and players

  13. Off Topic___
    @Darlingbudofarse, nothing personal against you. Just that when you make a general comment and use harsh words on people just becuz their opnions don’t tally with yours, it’s just not cool. I basically pointed out the words u used. Friend or foe, I won’t abuse anyone just becuz I think they don’t think like me.

  14. and all those weeks out……………now we all gotta have to rely on slow server and the flame to deputize in his absence!…………… I really feel pity for the Arsenal…… How could wenger be so shortsighted and dimwitted not to be able to see an injury to the coq could happen anytime??????

  15. @Admin
    ARSEnal should be classed as a swear word too!
    And banned from being used on this site, as it is clearly upsetting a lot of fan’s lately ????

    1. You may well be right, but I think its ARSENEl that is usually upsetting them, for absolutely no reason I can think of!

  16. “You can also say that Cazorla´s role as captain was not great, as he basically did nothing to calm his team mate down, bring the antagonism to the attention of the ref or actually do anything. Okay he is not usually the captain but neither is Ivanovic and he ran the length of the pitch to get involved when Gabriel reacted.”

    First thing, when Costa started complaining about Gabriel’s flick, Fabregas joined him(you must see his face while complaining), Pedro joined him, and then at the last Ivanovic ran the length of the pitch first to control Costa, then followed Dean until he doesn’t gets the red card out. Finally, Dean decided to take his card out.

    Second thing, when Chelsea players were busy complaining to Dean, Cazorla and Monreal interfered in between. But hey, Mike Dean was in a hurry to make the decision. Otherwise, why the heck he ignored Cazorla and other Arsenal players for listening their side of story?

    Third thing, some fans are blaming Cazorla for not controlling Gabriel or “bring the antagonism to the attention of the ref.” Why didn’t Ivanovic tried to seperate Costa who was busy filling Gabriel’s ears until Gabriel reacted? Because he knew no matter what Costa will somehow escape the situation.

    1. Sometimes i do understand non Arsenal fans when i see you around commenting. Always looking to blame the others.

  17. Listen. Whats is done is done, we have no time to cry about past things. The question is how Arsenal can come out from this hole and perform again.

    Wenger seems so finished to me, its unbelievable.

  18. Given that they are throwing the charges and warnings around, what does the incompetent Mike Dean get charged with?

  19. Arsenal is a badly run club from top to bottom. This one incident does not change that, yes in this case what happened to us was unfair. But even if we had not lost this game, it would not have solved any problems.
    Our board is too conservative and our manager even more so, the result of being so conservative is mediocracy in business and on the field.
    Stan and Arsene are ruining this club, its the perfect one-two punch. An owner who is not interested in winning (look at all his teams in the US) and a manager who either does it his own ancient way or no way at all.
    it is the club and the supporters that suffer. Players that are not happy just cashing a check (i.e. Flamini) will leave to try to win something somewhere where they actually have a chance (Henry, Fabregas, Nasri,RVP etc.. all won a championship after leaving)
    We are the ones that are stuck with the mediocracy of the board and Arsene, and until they both go, things are not going to change for us.

    1. You forgot to mention Bould.
      For the Gabriel red card: The biggest culprit is BOULD, he has played this game and exactly knew what was going on. And has been in similar situations umpteenth times. He should have SHOUTED off the instructions to Gabriel! The way Giggs does for ManU.

        1. Bould struggles with that too but some help from the management and his technical team might be nice from time to time.

  20. um this comment or should i say journal (by Tank Gunners) wasn’t really ere when i dropped my 1st comment…………. How weird it feels to just see it magically appear ahead of other comments!………. 8th wonder! L()L

    1. Hahaha ?
      it was well received by the admin,
      So it deserved to be top of the league ??
      As for your comment… I can’t even remember what it was,
      No hard feelings matey ?

  21. Of course this disguises a whole plethora of problems at AFC.

    I’m not even gonna list them as I’m bored to the back teeth with having done so time and time again here on JustArsenal.

    Suffice to say the Board/their choice of manager/his choice of squad and the type of players he has in it will keep us where we have been for far too long.

    1. Your on to something there lethal!!!

      Now that we are under a **no swearing** lockdown we must find replacement words (if you like ‘codes’) to replace swear words.

      I liked your usage of Costa but may I suggest it be used to describe from here on in the really aggressive word to name a woman’s genitalia and someone who acts like one (starts with a C and ends in a T)

      As in, the referee was a right ‘Costa’.

  22. Just read some converstion between Adm and KS… apparently, have been respecting the site’s rule on No swe**ing,bt i actually don’t know why it’s not allowed,maybe English being my 4th language doesn’t help it,please can someone enlighten me. İs use of the word considered offensive in UK, here in my country everyone use it on daily basis…

  23. Wenger is the problem not dean Jose or Costa. Wenger is finished he is not the same. Couple weeks ago he took swipe at united for spending 35 mill on a kid who knows how to score

  24. He took a swipe, cuz his price is 36 mils quids.

    in his fantastic achievement, it’s like finding anelka for 500k quids.

    if only he and his lousy scouts could only find Varane’s and martial’s talent when they were at 16 years old, he might then could bargain for his penny pinching style to buy them cheaply as he did with anelka.

    but he failed to find the talent of varane and martial, huh?

    but he superbly found the best talent in the world such as SANOGO.

    WHAT UP???????

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