Is Danny Welbeck out for the whole season?

The plot thickens as it is revealed by Roy Hodgson that the Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck is expected to be out of action for the next six months, after the Gunners were a little vaguer on how long in their official announcement. Welbeck had already been out of action since April when revealed that he needed another operation on his knee.

The report said: “It had been hoped he would avoid surgery but after increasing his training workload, the injury to his cartilage did not respond as well as hoped and the decision was taken last week for him to undergo surgery by a leading specialist in the field.

“Danny is now expected to be out for a period of months and everyone at Arsenal wishes him well.”

Now the England manager Roy Hodgson has admitted that he is not confident that Welbeck will be available for the Euros if his injury does not heal by the end of the season. Hodgson said: ‘Welbeck bothers me now. He has already been out for me since March and for Arsenal since April. And now I hear it’s another six months so I can only hope that Danny recovers a bit quicker and then hits the ground running.

‘Daniel (Sturridge) is a little bit the same. It’s getting on for a year now. They are always in my thoughts because I think they’re very good players and they did extremely well when they were playing. But we can’t keep going around talking about the ones who aren’t there.

‘We’ve got to be quite sanguine about it and we mustn’t start thinking, “When this one comes back, we’ll be better still”. We can’t do that. We’ve got to make sure we’re good with the ones who are playing.’

It is well-known that Hodgson and Wenger keep each other informed about Arsenal’s English contingent, so if Arsene has told the England boss that Welbeck could miss the rest of the season then Le Prof’s failure to bring in another striker is now looking even more risky. If Walcott doesn’t cut it as centre-forward then we may have to keep Olivier Giroud as fit as a fiddle all season….

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  1. The ZAZA to Arsenal SAGA is making me go GAGA……….. The rumour don’t wanna end even after the close of the window!…… *sighs*

  2. “is Danny welbeck out for the whole season”?????……… (According to the Title)This is one of the many Annoying questions being asked on ere! …….pls direct this question to Wenger who stated Welbeck would be back in a week or two (before he went under the knife)……Looks like he gambles even with his answers to simple , straightforward questions being asked!

    1. How come we haven’t heard from the board of directors regarding anything and nothing that happened this summer,
      and when did they knew about Welbeck’s surgery to his knee?

  3. When Wenger says hes out for 4 months trust me its 8months…we alrdy knw…in one of the previous articls the author said ‘WAT IF our playrs wont get injurd n we win the league’ haha that ws fun bcoz winnin the league is already imposible wt wenger and Arsenal goin a whole season without serious injuries is anothr miracle! 😀

    1. Dear Admin,

      The international break is tiring enough. Why are you publishing these horribly boring articles?

  4. One man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity. It’s the perfect time for Iwobi or Campbell to step up. Last year we got Bellerina and Le coq. Coyg.

    1. Exactly. This is how Coquelin came in the squad. If Campbell is really good and really determined he can make this place his.

      1. Hahahaha !!

        I always look forward to reading your reply in every article. You are really a dogged fighter.
        …And to be frank, I can’t fault you on this: Le Coq is a product of injury crises. Fact!

      2. @ BUDD if I recall correctly your Uncle Wenger gave Le Coq on loan when we badly needed a DM and only when we were plagued with injuries he recalled him to save us and of course your Uncles arse……more proof that the deluded one is becoming clueless with age.

        1. Alright and where did I said otherwise? As for deluded I doubt someone realizing his mistakes and trying to fix them can be called deluded.

  5. I wish Arsenal also gave some money to to the migrant crisis. Madrid and Bayern already did. 1mill euros isn’t a lot for a club like Arsenal but it will change a lot of lives.

    1. according to Lord harris……..if actually arsenal has well over 200mil kitty sitted in a north London bank……. I want it all gone into charity!….pointless keeping it without neccessary expenditures!

    2. The only money I want going anywhere near the “migrant crisis” is to reinforce our borders to keep them out!

  6. Last season we
    had 14 regulars
    and 17 part timers.
    Wellbeck Wilshere Rosicky
    Ox Walcott Sanogo Arteta Flamini
    Campbell Gabriel Debuchy Podolski
    Ryo Ozil Giroud Sanogo Diarby
    were injured out of form or loaned.
    This year it’s around 14 part timers.
    Wellbeck is typical. A 16 mill panic buy
    and 10 mill in wages down the drain.
    But then Wellbeck’s useless anyway.
    Dead Wood Danny. It’s how we roll.

    1. David… You realize we can only field 11 players on the pitch at any one time in the first-team yeah?? Please explain how you knew players were ‘out of form’ when they weren’t playing? There’s always going to be ‘part timers’ by your definition. For any team.

      The concept of a squad, youth development and loans in general really seems to elude you… I’ve never heard a fan winge so much at players who weren’t even at the club. You’re aware Chelsea, the team you presumably seem to look up to have 30 odd players on loan?

  7. The fact that Welbeck injured is bad but how it is handled by Arsenal Medics and Wenger is embarrassing. For the last four month Wenger said different things as for the press and the fans if Welbeck is going to be back.Last season during the press confreres for the swansea game Wenger said, “He will play again this season. It’s nothing major but he will be short for the weekend.”And this season he said the same thing. He said before the Crystal Palace game, “I would say he is at least three weeks from today.”And he said the same thing before the Newcastle game, “Welbeck is progressing well and should be back after the international break.”

  8. Well

    what should I say?

    Welbeck out for 6 months?

    well I’m not surprised.

    Giroud, Walcott and Ramsey could be next

    under the dictatorial regime of the failure specialist

    my hopes are always at it abysmall lows

    Nothing to look forward to.

    In simple terms my yearnings and aspirations are for the worst to happen.

    Moaning upon moaning
    Wenger out upon Wenger out



    Just hope people in the next century will escape this experience

    1. WTF is this… Let me get this straight. You’re down in the dumps because players might get injured?
      Yeah… Unless in the future they play in bubble-wrap, I doubt next century will be any different.
      There are sooooooooo many of these comments appearing more and more… People sooking about things there are no guarantees will even happen.

      ‘Nothing to look forward to’ – yeah… well we’ve got three big games next week. I for one, am extremely excited for those. If all you want is bragging rights and the end of the season why not just tune in then?

      1. Damn

        u need a PHD.

        Nothing to look forward to –

        We ought to have stepped up to challenging for the EPL and Ucl .

        Every blind football fan could see that we are short in the cf and DM.

        anyone with a brain cell could see that the team is not balance and Wenger is predictable.

        Any ambitious afc will have nothing to look forward to this season.


        …but. the akb????

        The akbs, Wenger balls licker,

        They can’t think

        They can’t see


        All they know is that their lord knows best.



        I wish d akb what dey wish for themselves.

        Hopefully people in the next century will not experience this Wenger induced gloomy feelings,


        WHO would have discovered the vaccine for delusioned mind

  9. I had said it b4, I’m saying again… Us Arsenal fans are the most deluded of all fans. How Wenger still remains the Boss at Arsenal baffles me with even some fans finding excuses for a manager who has not won the league for a top club like Arsenal in ten (10)years. Arsenal CAN NEVER move forward with Arsene Wenger as the manager. He lacks ambition, and knows nothing about motivation. Wenger’s time is up.
    Wenger Out, Wenger Out, Wenger Out!!!!!!
    We want our Arsenal back….

    1. @okayblack
      You don’t have enough self respect to warrant being respected…Aw’s job is not to molly coddle immature fans. It’s to try and manage AFC.

  10. Welbeck shall be back by the end of the winter transfer window……….according to the LIAR Wenger……

    Then we won’t buy a new striker……and we shall be informed that he won’t be back till end of the season……

    He can make up this story once, why not twice in the winter then?

    Wenger the LIAR, OUT NOW!!!!!

    1. Hmm a public statement about being happy with the strike-force while the window’s open… Then a statement about his surgery as soon as the window’s closed.

      Wonder what the motivation could have been there? (I don’t really, it’s pretty obvious for anyone who wants to look….. I’ll give you a hint, it’s to do with other clubs prices!)

      1. The truth was we needed a striker no matter Welbeck was injured or not.

        And even with the smoke created, WE DID NOT MANAGE TO BUY ANY fuxking STRIKER.

        That’s FACT!!

        Wenger is USELESS. Those who still support him even WORSE.

        1. Ergh… People twist and complain. This and that.
          We have Giroud, then Theo and then Sanchez is very capable of playing there in an emergency with plenty of players capable of filling in out wide.
          People were crying out for a ‘pacy, mobile striker’ and we have two players with better finishing and movement than Welbz, but the excuses come in already about ‘not being a true striker.’ Or whatever that means. Neither was Henry or RVP once upon a time…. If Theo starts banging in goals can’t wait for a select group of doubters to act as though they believed all along…

          1. We WASTED the whole window to find world class striker (or maybe you and Wenger just don’t bother)

            Now you start your many excuses.

            We need someone to score. Not someone to bullshxt. Only suxkers don’t think we need a new striker.

            1. ‘Excuses’ implies we’ve already failed. You’re assuming we don’t have any players in the squad capable of leading the line. That’s fine, but just don’t talk to me as though that’s the only possible outcome.
              Yeah we need someone to start scoring, i’ll agree there. Funnily enough though, we somehow managed to do it last season!! That was without Theo or Ox in the squad, or Giroud for a large portion of last season.

              1. Managed to get a third place, not the usual fourth…And that makes you happy and satisfied.

                I am not assuming, but we TRULY have no one to lead the line.

                How come Ozil perform much better for Germany than for us? Because our existing strikers waste too much of his chances created.

                1. Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.
                  Funnily enough with Giroud, Ozil and Coquelin in the team for the second half of last season our form was the best in the league.

                  Ergh. I’m done with this convo though. Capitals don’t change the fact that it’s still just your assumption we don’t have the required strikers. Having faith doesn’t equate to a lack of ambition, continue being negative mate, sure it’ll be a fun season for you.

  11. A week ago half the fans on here were questioning Welbeck’s place in the squad….
    Now those same fans are using his injury as an excuse to cry doom and gloom. Far out. You can never win with some people.

    1. Welbeck has no place anyway whether he is healthy or not. We have vacancies for strikers though.

      With or without Welbeck, we won’t win major trophies ( FA cup is just a mickey mouse cup, no EPL guaranteed).

  12. Sold Podolski, loaned off Akpom, Sanogo
    Walcott hasn’t proven he can be a good CF
    Campbell hardly scores. He is more of a winger

    Giroud is our only dedicated CF

    Wenger has created a right mess.

    With an additional Top CF, we could have had the best attack in the PL.

    1. There’s still a lot of question marks.
      Yes, I’ll agree, Theo hasn’t proved he can play at CF. He hasn’t proved he can’t though… If 118 minutes was all we’re going to give him as a trial there, surely Rooney, Kane and Costa will be dropped for the remainder of the season from their respective teams having played triple that time and failed to score this season?
      And the curious case of Campbell… I’m not saying it’s bound to happen or anything remotely close. But if he’s a player to step up and nail down a regular first-team place this season, I won’t be that surprised. His record for Costa Rica is extremely impressive as are the goals he’s scored over the years. Could still surprise for us. Seems a fighter.

      1. We performed the best in the second half of last season and we were nowhere near trophy. And people like you still talk about it now.

        We rely on others own goal now to win.

        You Genius.

        1. Damn those own goals!!! It’s really annoying how they count for less than an actual, proper goal that counts towards fantasy points! We would’ve got four points per win if they weren’t deflected shots!

          1. Be rational.

            If we weren’t that lucky, we would be having 3 points right now.

            Our strikers right now simply can’t score. Esp your beloved Walcott.

            1. Lucky would be Ramsey’s perfectly legal, great goal (That pass!!!) counting vs Liverpool. Unlucky, is the fact that it didn’t and we’re 5pts off the pace instead of 3.

              1. But not the current 7 points. 7 is more than 5. You Genius….

                We are lucky bastard…..ours strikers can’t score.

                Let’s hope for more own goals from other teams.
                Thanks to Wenger…..

                1. Haha if we’d gotten all 3 vs liverpool then we’d have 2 more than we do now.. Which would put us on how many points??.. and how many off city?
                  Gee wiz maths is so hard when only dealing with 1’s and 3’s!!

  13. Thats a shocker. We all knew we needed another Striker – and that was assuming Wellback was back soon-

    2 games back we had 2 central defenders unavailable- What happened when Giroud and Walcott are both injured?

    Lets be honest its not the best striker line up in the league when all fit, but with just 2 injuries we are totally buggered. Honestly thats unforgivable!!!

    We even loaned out Akpom for god sake Arhhhhhhhhh!

    1. Concur.

      Wonder how much money people like josh37 get from Kroenke and Wenger for posts supporting our current shxthole condition…..

      One quid? Five quid? Or ten?

      1. Yep. How could anyone support the team without being paid to so!? That just seems like madness!!!! Obviously I’m an undercover spy…….
        We should’ve used purely fifa as our scouting network. Anyone rated higher than Giroud is welcome!!

        1. Martinez, Benzema, Cavani….
          200million to spend…..

          Not a single striker signed.

          Ten quid per post from Kroenke and Wenger to help cover their axx…

          1. Only one of them moved… And I’d argue that Giroud’s a more complete striker than Martinez. Scoring for fun in the Portuguese league doesn’t equate to performing in the PL.
            Look… I’m not going to sit here and say I wouldn’t have loved another striker to join. But I’m not going to act like it’s the final nail in the coffin for this coming season. We have players capable of leading the line. Whether or not you disagree is your business, but you’ve yet to put forward an argument. You’re just throwing assumptions at me for this coming season.
            So i’ll support the team. You continue to winge and moan….

            1. That’s not assumption. Everyone knows we need a striker. Even Gary Neville from manshxt knows.

              We had 200 million to spend.

              We didn’t buy a striker.

              Those are not assumption. Those are fact. Hard fact. You keep support your Kroenke and Wenger then.

              And you continue to enjoy the own goal, 4th place and your beloved Walcott.

              1. “Everyone knows we need a striker even Neville”: The fact that an opinion is repeated a million times does not transform it into a fact, it remains an opinion. “We have 200 million to spend”: Having 200 million in the bank does not mean the money is available for player purchases. You would do with a bit of accounting lessons before you make a complete fool of yourself.

                As a matter of fact no one knows which team will finish in what position at the end of the season. No one knows who will be the top goal scorer come end of season. No one knows which team will have the best defence come end of season. Similarly no one knows how the acquisition of Cech will impact our defensive performance this season. No one knows what impact Joe Campbell will have on the team, and so will be the impact of players coming in from the academy. Everything said and written by sports journalists, pundits, and fans a mere opinions based on assumptions, most of which are illogical.

                It is therefore about time you give us a break about this “fact this, fact that nonsense”

                1. We know from the fact that for the previous 9 seasons, we don’t have a single league trophy. We kept being kicked out in EPL.

                  We were nowhere near the trophy for all those seasons.

                  And we keep on doing the same thing and going on the same path.

                  What I say here is just prediction based on the past. And we have not changed our transfer strategies and tactics. If you find it bullshxt, just forget about it.

                  Don’t cry like a baby if we finish third or fourth again this season.

                  Don’t worry, there is still a next season.

                2. So the fact that we haven’t won the league in the past 9 seasons means we cannot win it this season? What same transfer strategy are you talking about unless you are just trying to repeat Merson’s tired lyrics? Between 2004 and 2012 we had to sell our best players to stay relevant in the league. During that period we had a shout at the title in 2007/2008, 2009/2010, and 2010/2011. Since the summer of 2013 we have been holding onto our best players while adding top class players that include Ozil, Alexis, and Cech. So clearly there has been a remarkable change in the club’s transfer strategy

                  Before you start repeating other people’s baseless statements you need to first grow your own brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Are we better than a 3rd place since we started to spend?

      The rule of winning is to spend and buy players every season. Look at Bayern, PSG, Man city, Chelsea, Barcelona (They got 2 players despite on ban, better than us)

      And also MONACO….they kicked us out last season….

      We want a major trophy. not just mickey mouse FA cup (no EPL place guaranteed).

      1. That’s directed to josh37 and the so-called ANALYZER….

        That’s why we should change our manager and big boss as well. Instead of just blindly support their decisions.

        They don’t aim at winning trophies. That’s what we HATE most.

      2. I have the patience to respond to your sub par arguments because I have time to do so.

        ‘The rule of winning is to spend and buy players every season’ Where did this rule come from? In 2003/2004 Arsenal only bought lehmans in the summer with Antonio Reyes being added in the January transfer window yet the team went the whole season unbeaten, winning the league with a 11 points gap. Where was this rule then? In 2014/2015 Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Man United, and Liverpool spent big, but only Chelsea and Arsenal won trophies that season. Why did other big spenders not win as the rule to win is to spend? This season almost every EPL club spent big except Arsenal. So are we going to see multiple EPL, FA cup, and League Cup winners?

        As you are obsessed with rules, I would say the rule to win is to outscore your opponent. I would further say the rule to win the league is to amass the highest number of points than rivals. For the second rule to work at team has to defend better than its opposition and score more goals than its opposition, in each game. That is why it is ridiculous to try and predict the outcome of 34 games. The focus should be on the Stoke game.

        Is Arsenal not capable of doing that? Yes it is very capable. The second half of the past season bears testimony to that as Arsenal had the best defence (13 conceded goals, by the way Chelsea may surpass that number in six games, having conceded 9 already), had the highest win rate, and highest number of points. All the team needs to do is to view each and every game as a cup final.

        You harp about the Monaco game, without telling us what happened in the return game. The same team that was beaten 1-3 at home went on to win 0-2 away. Doesn’t that help in putting matters into perspective? All you care about is to pick on isolated facts that support your negativity.

        1. You also pick on isolated facts by saying the second half of the season, while hiding the truth that we DIG a BIG HOLE in the first half of the season.

          You used the fact that we were the best defense team in the second half of the season. But I am talking about strikers here.

          You think we have the best striker combination in the league? You better ask your non-Arsenal supporter friends.

          To win a league needs consistency, esp to the teams weaker than you (like West Ham). It is not something to do with you do particularly well in part of the season (no matter first, second or whatever part of the season). I simply cannot see that in the current squad.

          1. Sanchez and Giroud got 28 goals from open play in the league last season despite Giroud spending 3 1/2 months on the sidelines. Find me a better duo?…
            If Theo can regain his scoring touch that’s a very able scoring front three, with the best creative duo in the league behind them!

          2. 19 games can never qualify as isolated facts because they represent half of a season’s games. The fact that Arsenal was able to amass the highest number of points, means the team was scoring goals. As a matter of fact Arsenal scored 4 less goals than the eventual winners Chelsea, and this should tell you that the goal return was not as bad as you want us to believe. Only people that lack a mind of themselves tend to rely on the opinions of their rivals, which is pathetic.

            While you make a point about consistency, especially against weaker teams, you trip yourself by projecting a loss to West Ham as a sign of lacking consistency. The word consistency applies when analyzing a number of units. The form displayed in the second half of the season tells something about consistency not an isolated result. So in future learn to base your arguments on solid facts not to just grope in the darkness for facts that may support your myopic views.

            1. Swansea last season then? That’s during your so-called last season best period.
              To win a league you don’t need to beat every single team, but at least you can’t lose to the teams weaker than you.
              Unless you think West Ham is better than us.

              By doing well for half a season, sadly won’t give you silverware, and no one would bother to remember.

              And to Josh, if you tell someone we don’t have room for improving our striker, they think you are just crazy.

              And for Walcott, how many seasons has he been with us already? If he can score, he should have become a world class striker already. Bullshxting won’t help. He is simply over-rated.

              1. We are talking about consistency and you continue to pick on isolated cases. You make another ridiculous argument that you cannot win the league when you lose to teams that are weaker than you. As a matter of fact in 2013/2014 season three of Man City’s first four losses were to Cardiff City, Aston Villa, and Sunderland, teams that spent the season in a relegation dogfight. In the 2014/15 season Chelsea’s three losses were to Newcastle, Tottenham, and West Brom Albion, hardly teams as strong as Chelsea. Your argument therefore is baseless.

                1. Yes. Our league has only 19 games, period based on what you choose.
                  They lost 3-4 games. We used up a quota already. And both teams beat us at least one game or both during their season victory.
                  Your title hope can well be over within 1-2 game. Remember the Famous Gerrard slip which eventually hand Man City the title?
                  I simply can’t see any consistency for the WHOLE SEASON in the current Arsenal squad. I can’t see us losing less than 5 games in the current season with the current squad. Oh we LOST 7 games last season…. TOO BAD.

                2. I can’t your argument here. Man City lost more than four that season I just picked their first four losses, so have your facts in order before making an argument. Arsenal has only lost one game so far, so what do you mean we have used our quota already?

  14. To Analyser,

    Even we changed slightly, we are still a fourth or third place team. Others have improved a lot more than us.

    Money splashing for world class is needed. See what Bayern Munich, PSG, Man City and Chelsea do during transfer window…..

    See even Barcelona bought two players despite they are on ban.

    Let’s not forget Monaco…..another big spender as well for the last few years…. And kicked out butts out of EPL last season.

    You now have have money and you don’t spend. That only tells Kroenke and Wenger are not aiming for trophy.

    I believe you also want a major trophy not just FA cup which doesn’t even give you a place at EPL.

    We didn’t buy enough good players. Our title hope has ended for ages. Let’s aim at something more realistic.

    You can’t transfer a player now, let’s transfer out the manager then.

  15. We started to spend. But anywhere closer to trophy?

    The world has changed a lot. Winners do splash a large amount of cash every season.

    Have a look at Bayern Munich, PSG, Man City, Chelsea, Barcelona…… Even Barcelona got 2 players (better than US), while they are still on ban.
    Lets not forget MONACO, they spent a lot and kicked us out at EPL last season.

    Others keep on improving, and we are just sitting there.
    You want someone to spare you a trophy? FA cup maybe (which is useless as it won’t give you a EPL place).

    We all want a major trophy, not just mickey mouse cups anymore.

    1. The only thing that has changed a lot in the world is that thanks to the convergence of information and communication technologies dimwits think they are now geniuses in everything. They spend time posting on the net without saying anything.

      1. Splashing money does not guarantee trophy (look at Tottenham and Loserpool), but without splashing you can’t win major trophies (have a look at Man City, Chelsea, PSG…..)

        It is sad to see that we have the money and we don’t spend and at least show that we have the ambition for league or EPL trophies.

        I deliberately talked about MONACO as like league trophies, your season can be over in just 1 or 2 matches. If you could still remember the famous Gerrard slips which delivered Man city and Uraguay the win.

        1. Spending doesn’t guarantee success. Without spending you can’t win major trophies. Do you see the contradiction in your statements. first you realize that Arsenal won two FA cups and Community Charity shields in a row, so you have to prefix your argument with ‘major’ so that your argument doesn’t sound ridiculous. However, the point remains that your prejudices have no bearing on what is success and what is not.

          To follow your line argument, can you tell us how much Atletico Madrid spent to win the La Liga and reach the CL final? How much did Baryen spent to overhaul Dortmund’s dominance in the Bundasliga in the past four seasons? How much did Arsenal have to spent to reach the CL final in 2006? Why did Arsenal not reach the CL final in the period of the invincibles or earlier? Why did the worst Chelsea squad won the champions league in 2012? How many major trophies did Real Madrid win with their mega spending?

          Success, which ever way you define it is a factor of much much more determinants than just spending. If you were to take a proper analysis of determinants of success in football you will find that spending will rank fifth or lower as a determinant. But for people who only think in one dimension it should always be spending that matters.

            1. Real Madrid at least won the league and champion league within the past 10 years.
              Arsenal: NONE (sorry…..).

              1. One League and a CL trophy after spending how much that is the issue. And to put matters into perspective the CL final was against a team that had hardly spent anything compared to them.

                1. You will understand the difference when we get trashed by Bayern twice this season.

                  If you tell others we can be 1st in the group stage, people will send you to mental hospital.

          1. Community shield is just a friendly, come on.
            FA cup as I have explained does not guarantee a place at EPL. Is that a major trophy? I don’t really think so.
            Bayern did spend a lot and dig away Dortmond’s best players to beat them. Do we dig away players like Hazard? Drogba? Ageuro??
            La Liga is just like 2-3 teams playing with a bunch of unambitious shxt. Maybe you tell me how much Atletico spend in the previous two seasons to maintain their EPL place? (They bought more than us this summer.)

            And you used isolated examples as well. Not fair enough as well according to your so-called high standard.

            If we continue to be like this with no ambition to win EPL or league, we will soon become another Ajax….a training camp for youngsters and a selling club.

            1. Facts matter when making your argument. State how much they spent not to just they spent lots of money. The same core group of players they had between 2010 and 2012 are the ones the led them to three successive league trophies later.

              Community shield is the equivalent of super cups in other leagues which are taken as major trophies. If it was a friendly why didn’t Man United and Man City got selected for the competition, because its just but a friendly game. Going by your logic the CL can also be regarded as a friendly competition because it is not open to all teams in Europe.

              1. Winner of CL will get a place in next year’s CL.
                Community shield….I can’t see that. It is just a pre-season friendly game.

              2. And going by your logic, we are champions of 3 major trophies already.
                Emirates Cup
                Asia whatever cup (compete against Premier league teams… haha)
                Community Shield.

                We are so GREAT!!
                Stop your stupid narrow minded thought. You fool.

                1. We have used up 1 quota already as we lost to West Ham. Chelsea lost 3 games last season only.
                  Mancity lost 6 games in 2013-14.

                  But I can’t see any hope for Arsenal to lose less than that this season. I simply cannot see the consistency.

                  Don’t worry, maybe by the winter transfer window, we may have lost more than 5 games, and out of the title challange early.

                  Please continue to live in your own paradise. I won’t disturb you.

                2. For your own sake, stop insulting people. Can’t you just make your point as you did above, but why finish by insulting him?
                  You do that again and you’re out. I am sick of warning people!

  16. It’s comical at best when some try to explain the reason for Arsenal/Wenger not publicly declaring the extent of Welbeck’s injury buy stating that players prices would’ve suddenly become inflated, this is ridiculous as there’s no evidence this would’ve happen. Last year we lost Giroud and bought Welbeck for the market price and Mario’s price did not budge from 15 M, in addition we surpassingly were only interested in that special player, well I fail to see how that special player’s price would have risen based on Arsenal’s purchasing history. It’s also naive if we think that Real Madrid or any one else with resources wouldn’t have know about Welbeck before entering into a multi million dollar negotiation, please. If the fear or justification for this blatant deception was the possibility of inflated prices, well why come out with the truth at all. It was always likely that Welbeck would be out beyond the next transfer period, and it would be likely that Wenger would have to dip into the market then, so we are not fearful of inflated prices in January, but are afraid of them in summer? Please spear me, this was diabolical at best and a clear dereliction of duty by Wenger and the board.

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