Is David O’Leary even qualified to advise Arsenal?

Is David O’Leary Qualified To Advise Arsenal? By Dan Smith

If I said ‘name an ex-Gunner with worldwide knowledge of the game who could come in and advise our board’, I’m not sure David O’Leary would be one of the first names that come to mind?

Even in terms of interviews with the media, television appearances, etc, for a man who has played for the Arsenal more than anyone else he has kept his distance compared to other legends.

O’Leary slightly tarnished his reputation when manager of Leeds when he felt he had broken up the dominance of us and Manchester United.

This was an ambitious young coach who like his squad believed in their own hype before they actually won anything. 2 European Semi Finals with young British talent made him a darling with the press, but in reality, he was unaware just how much he was being allowed to overspend, sums of money the Yorkshire club still are yet to get over.

He failed at Aston Villa, his last job in Europe. That was 13 years ago.

In 2010, O’Leary showed up in the United Arab of Emirates where he stayed for a year. So, if we are being kind and calling Al-Ahli top-flight football he was last involved at the highest-level 8 years ago.

So, this wouldn’t be the same as when we appointed Edu, a former gooner but who had done previous work and could boast a sound knowledge of the South American market which we can benefit from.

What contacts/sources does the Irishman have that makes him qualified for such a role? Maybe he’s been doing his homework, but, according to the Mail, clearly Raul Sanllehi doesn’t think that’s the case, disagreeing with Sir Chips Keswick’s opinion.

The Arsenal chairman has been part of our set up since 2005 but isn’t part of the team in charge of recruiting/scouting, etc.

That’s a network that has taken a long process to set up, and with Sanellehi’s CV he doesn’t need anyone’s advice, especially if it lacks credibility.

I would love us to adopt the Bayern Munich model, where ex-players are invited to the board, the more people who understand the club are around the better. But they have to have the qualifications/experience for the post, not just buddies with the top brass since taking an ambassador role. That’s what this kind of smacks of.

I much rather read our old centre back will be on the training pitch in charge of our defence, then I would see it as a step forward.

So, unless the Irishman has some sort of business ideas that can make us richer, or has secretly been scouting a select market, him advising us is not going to help. His appointment may even undermine Sanllehi and see him walk away?

Dan Smith?


  1. If all of us arm-chair managers that have never even managed an amateur toddler team in our entire life are allowed to have an opinion about The Arsenal then surely David O’leary is also qualified to have an opinion regarding our club. At least he played for Areenal as well as managing at the highest level.

    Just saying 😊

    1. Yeah and spent all his Managerial Career ( Trophyless AND very short lived ) slagging Arsenal off at every opportunity.
      Someone tell me what he would bring to our Club.

      1. How many trophies have you won yourself as a player or manager?
        But it seems like you think your opinion about Arsenal more qualified than O’leary. Even if your football CV as great as mine.

        1. What a ridiculous comment but so typical of you PAL.Its not me trying to brown-nose my way onto the Arsenal board is it? We’ve seen with Emery exactly what you get when someone is appointed who lacks the credentials to be Manager of a big club.And tell me, trumpet gob, exactly what role is it O’Leary would have if he is appointed? Who exactly will he be reporting to? And what purpose would anything he did advise actually serve?
          I look forward to receiving your reply seeing as all of a sudden you seem to know so much more than anyone else

  2. why do you have to emphasise his nationality as if to make him thick, your stupid comment as to his ability is more anti Irish than any other reason to dislike him, go back to the drawing board and try finding any one at Arsenal including Bould that has his knowledge about football, Adams Keown Merson Parlour Smith etc all get opinions across without being made out to being English so don’t make a case about O’leary because he is Irish. We are Arsenal fans and know better you blatantly are neither

    1. You don’t mind me using the word British or Spaniard though
      The only person who said Irish people are thick is yourself
      I also described his as a defender and an ex manager, should I not emphasise that ?

      1. the only nationality you mentioned was Irish did you not read what you wrote, you wrote the comment with emphasis on Irish but failed to mention where the other four people where from, after you read this comment go read your own and try talking about what might be good for Arsenal without the bias you seem to have.

    2. Proud Gunner, It is ONLY YOU, who has even given a thought to Irish meaning “Thick” and you alone mentioned it(until me and another poster chided you for thinking it!) The clear Irish prejudice is in YOUR mind ALONE. YOUR OWN WORDS BETRAY YOUR PREJUDICE AND REVEAL EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE, SADLY! Mentioning anyone’s nationality is not prejudice; it is information, except to sad little you!

      1. Okay I just read an article about Messi scoring in Brazil
        It says , the Argentine striker …….
        I read about Giggs, described as ‘the Welshmen’
        does that mean they are being called thick ?

    3. Ridiculous comment and rightfully condemned by others on here. I actually deleted your first attempt at this baiting but somehow this one got through. I am allowing it to remain because you have been shown up. That said, you are welcome on here as long as you do not try stirring up this rubbish again.

      1. Hear Hear Martin! It is so awful to see this of prejudiced unthinking tripe on here. He is more daft than racist though, IMO!

  3. To be fair, whatever job or title is being or not being given to O’Leary isn’t going to ne a game changer.

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