Is Deeney right to defend David Luiz decision? (opinion)

Troy Deeney has claimed that the concussion protection rules in place are sufficient, but TalkSport seem to have been forced to remove their video clip on his comments.

The radio show posts a number of their interviews onto their Twitter page, and this one was no different as they posted here, but they have moved to remove the post.

Troy Deeney’s quote can be found below however, as quoted in the Mirror, and I actually believe that he has some valid points, but when he moves to criticise the science being used in the game to protect players’ careers is when I think his point fizzles out, as he defends the decision by the medics to allow David Luiz to carry on for Arsenal against Wolves yesterday.

“So what I would say is, from watching David Luiz for the next 20 odd minutes afterwards, he never looked shaky on his feet,” he told TalkSPORT’s listeners.

“His legs weren’t gone from underneath him, so they followed all the protocols in terms of he’s ticked every box.

“Then afterwards you don’t see anything other than blood to suggest he’s in a bad way.”

He added: “How many things have already been taken away from players? You are already told how much you can run, how much you can’t by sport scientists.

“At some point there has to be an element of trust between player and doctor. You do have all the protocols in place.

“At the start of the season you will come in and they will do – as well as testing your heart and all these different things you do – concussion tests, which is obviously a variation of questions, which will be repeated back.

“Some are very simple, which you should normally pass and get five out of five in.

“They will do those little tests on there, something simple like ‘Who are we playing today?’, ‘What’s the score?’, ‘What day is it?’.

“Things like that, which you should know instantaneously.

“And because if you’re obviously concussed at all that will blur your memory and you might get it wrong, and that’s where they will go ‘All right there are certain things we need to start checking now'”.

Do you agree with some of Deeney’s comments, or is he completely out of line here? Do we think TalkSPORT were forced to take down the video to protect the Watford star?


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  1. Regardless of concussion protocols, Luis should not have been allowed to carry on moral grounds.The collision with Jimenez ,while a horrendous accident, was at the time, potentially life threatening, or life changing.For the player who was directly involved in the incident not to be taken off the field shows a lack of respect for the injured player and his Club.Not only that, but his presence on the pitch acts as an additional incentive for the opposition to win the game for the injured party so to leave him on becomes counterproductive in more ways than one.My views are unlikely to be accepted by the majority of fans, but the career of one of the finest players in the EP L could be at risk, and that to me is more important than any three points..I sincerely hope Jimenez recovers fully and is able to take his place in a Wolves team at the Emirates when I am sure he will receive sustained applause from all decent Arsenal fans.

  2. No way Luiz should have either been allowed to carry on or carry on for as long as he did. If the medics didn’t think he had been concussed when they examined him the fact he was badly cut and Jimenez was out cold should have rang an alarm bell. When he did carry on it was plain to see he was struggling, looked spaced out and couldn’t head the ball properly. Not only that, his bandage was bloody and the ref should have stopped the game for that to be attended to. So many mistakes made and I really hope Jimenez makes a full recovery, plays again and has no ill effects later on.

  3. No, this was silly and dangerous. He was bleeding the rest of the game and was clearly struggling from that point onward. Why risk your long term health over this, I dont get it. Imagine if he had a second collision with somebody. Deeney would not be saying this

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