Is Draxler or Gotze the answer to Arsenal’s striking problems?

Arsenal’s priorities may be up front, whilst we also anticipate the signing of Rob Holding from Bolton in the coming days, but could we still do with one more versatile midfielder?

There’s no doubt that Arsenal are in need of a striker and a winger this summer and with Wenger seeming unlikely to sign both or perhaps neither at this rate, then it’s worth pointing out there’s two names I think could fit the bill perfectly at Arsenal.

The first target is Mario Gotze and the second name is Julien Draxler. There is little point in divulging into the story behind Draxler, given that Arsenal’s supposed interest in the German international has gone quiet once again, but I do think given Draxler’s ability to play on both the wing and as a striker means that he would be a perfect fit in the Arsenal set up.

Mario Gotze on the other hand is a player that Arsenal must show some form of interest in this summer, if he is truly available at a cut price. Gotze may not be the most predominate striker, but he has played the position for both Bayern Munich and Germany on occasion, instead of his much favoured central attacking midfield role. Gotze also offers versatility on the wing and would be a much better ‘Ramsey’ so to say, when Wenger chooses to play the Welshman on the wing. Again Gotze is not a conventional winger and his game is based on ball control and dribbling rather than pace, but not every winger needs to base their game upon speed at Arsenal, otherwise we may as well stick with Theo Walcott.

Gotze is known to be available this summer after wanting to leave Bayern Munich to find more regular playing time. The German international has been linked with a return to former side Borussia Dortmund, but so far there is no agreement in place. Gotze wouldn’t cost too much this summer as he is now entering the final year of his contract at Bayern and with a fee of around £20 million rumoured to be on the cards, I think that Gotze should certainly be a target for Arsenal. Given the prices that are flying around in today’s market, £20 million could be a decent buy for a young, talented and versatile player. It’s also worth mentioning that as Gotze is also looking to move on this summer, Arsenal should have little difficulty in trying to tempt the 24 year old away from the German giants.

I’m not suggesting in the slightest that Gotze is the answer to all our prayers and there are certainly much better and more experienced, conventional players available in those positions that Arsenal should have a punt at signing. However if Arsenal cannot move forward in their attempts to sign the likes of Morata or Mahrez, then I think they should at least show an interest in a player who is openly available, in the form of Mario Gotze.



  1. Gotze does not have physique to lead the line in EPL. and he is Dortmund bound
    The same can be said for Draxler. We should sign him as a winger that can score goals, not to lead the line.
    The number of quality strikers is very limited at the moment. Gomez leads the line for Germany, Pelle for Italy, Morata for Spain and our Giroud for France
    Knowing that we are desperate, but I’m not completely convinced with lots of striker we are linked with (Lacazette, Lukaku, Icardi), they are faster than Giroud for sure, but not overall better. Lacazette, Icardi stats are not better than Giroud, although starting more games and play in weaker leagues. Lukaku went through even longer than goal draught than Giroud last season, and completely invisible in big games during Euros, both his managers lost the job.
    Striker like Aubameyang is not world class when joining Dortmund, in this crazy market we should try to invest in young strikers with great potentials like what Man Utd did with Martial than splashing cash on average strikers.

    1. Of all the strikers sold this summer, Dambele for Dortmund looks good, may be one can argue Spurs got a bargain. Zlatan is good and was a free agent, but he had Mou links. Morata was a cheap buy for Madrid. So overall, not many top strikers moved yet. Everyone is putting their money in unfinished product and making them gr8. Wenger has lost that knack for growing talent in last years, and we dont attract top forwards, as they are the costliest in fees and salaries. I have no problem with Giroud staying and may be playing 25 games overall whole season, but we need a pacy striker, with an eye for goal, not a lamp post

      1. I have different view… pace and power is both essential for our game, we have quite a few players that are really fast but when it comes to power we only have Giroud up front.

        So I would like another striker to complement Giroud, but not to replace him.

  2. AW is looking to sign the invisible striker. He can claim he has paid millions for a unique talent, all the missed passes can be blamed on trying to pass to him, all the missed goals can be blamed on trying assist to him, he will never be injured, and the explanation for the usual shambles can then be referred to him.

  3. Arsenal striker problems answer: Arsene open lock door where he hides and purchase striker. Cheslea, Men UTD, Men City, Steamed Spuds, all purchase strikers! They not hard to find ARSENE!!!

    1. But the right striker is hard to find….

      I’d give Apkom / Sonogo the opportunity rather then buying another average striker.

  4. Icardi/Draxler Sanchez Ozil/ Xhaka Cazorla / Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin/ Cech

    Goes back to sleep 🙂

  5. Gotze is returning to BVB….. & Draxler, wenger won’t fork out over £50mil for him………..sadly

    1. My Barbecue sauce informs me that Wenger has put 60 million a side for a striker! ? Just waiting for him to dip into it!! ?

  6. neither of them are coming to Arsenal. Gotze already has one foot back in Dortmund anyways. And Wenger wont spend any money after already completing a 30mill transfer. He’s done for the summer folks.

  7. No we need actual experienced strikers
    They are both wingers primarily. We need specialised strikers
    Draxler is Left winger
    Gotze plays both winger and striker

    I don’t think either Gotze or Draxler have even scored more than 10 league goals in one season

    I still would love either Gotze, Draxler or Mahrez to come to us because we need another winger
    But we still need a proven striker ie Higuain, Lacazette, Icardi, Bacca or any striker who has scored more than 20 League goals in one season (i have doubts about Icardi and Bacca though but at least they have scored 20 or more in league competition)

  8. I have to say both players are very talented and would add depth to our squad, however as far as strikers are concerned, for once I wish we would not go for a project and convert a Draxler or Gotze into a striker but sign a guy who has mastered the position in at least one of Europe’s main leagues and preferably in the PL. A guy who does not need time to learn how to be a striker.

  9. I just don’t understand the love affair with Draxler as a striker. As a winger he would be a good buy, but not as a striker. I think Campbell has to leave if a non home grown winger comes in, and his recent comments suggest that is unlikely. If Arsene won’t change his tactics to accommodate Walcott up front what makes anyone think he will do that for Draxler or any other quick, technical striker?

    I know most here hate Walcott, but I think Draxler would be no better in the central striker role than Walcott is.

    Gotze, he would have to be a winger in this league or bulk up quite a bit to play in the middle. People thought Ozil was soft his first year in the league?

    1. I think it has to do with our most recently dominant striker who was RVP who was technically pretty much perfect!
      The way draxler moves has shades of him…
      Personally I think we should go the other way however.. I’m a big fan of Lukaku who has pretty much everything in his locker other than technique. If there’s one thing you can guarantee will improve at arsenal its technical qualities. Eye for goal, finishing, physicality and movement are a bit harder to teach..

      1. I like Lukaku, but I don’t see much if any improvement over Giroud. Different types of players. Lukaku is much more direct and can do a bit on the ball (though not in any sort of traffic) while Giroud is second to none in hold up play and involves teammates well.

        To me it comes down to an issue of the style the team plays. Arsene seems to be fully committed to having a holdup player that slows the attack down. Even when we release Sanchez or another player, they usually have to wait on help unless they get behind the last defender.

        I just don’t understand how they are expected to score goals at any higher rate than we do now when our game is based on waiting for both teams to set themselves up. We should have 2 runners charging any time the ball goes over the top toward a quick player. Instead we have Giroud making a run, the other winger setting up for a switch, and the midfielders jogging into position to provide the outlet and setting the shape to get into or stagnant offense. At least doing this several times a game will force the defense to guard against it and allow the midfielders more space if Arsene wants the team to pass the ball back and forth around the penalty area.

        If Arsene lets the team get the ball forward quickly and get behind defenses more regularly, Lukaku would be a better fit than Giroud. Otherwise, I don’t think there would be a difference. I don’t think Lukaku is any more clinical as he is also generally near the bottom of the league in conversion rate with Giroud.

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