Is Eddie Nketiah good enough to be Arsenal’s main striker next season?

In an amazing turnaround it seems that Mikel Arteta has offered Eddie Nketiah a new contract that is good enough to keep him at the Emirates, and has enough confidemce that he has the ability to take the Gunners to the next level.

During most of the season, it seemed that Arteta did not have any confidence in the England U21 international, but now, having scored 5 goals in his last 7 outings for the club (which is more than both him and Lacazette had scored in the whole season previously), it has persuaded Arteta that our Academy product can really make it in the big time.

The Arsenal oracle David Ornstein has made it public that Nketiah has also had a change of heart and is now willing to stay as part of Arteta’s project. The report in the Athletic said: “Eddie Nketiah has changed his mind about leaving Arsenal and is on the verge of signing a new contract, The Athletic understands.

“The Arsenal striker’s new deal would be expected to be up to five years in length, although it is still in the process of being finalised.

“The 22-year-old’s current contract is due to expire this summer and there had been an expectation that he would end a seven-year association with the north London club.”

Personally I think this is great news, as Nketiah has proved to all Arsenal fans (and his boss) that he has found his scoring boots after afew seasons on the sidelines as a rarely used backup.

He could be the winner of the Golden Boot next season. Who knows?

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  1. Bad news because now we only buying one striker I don’t believe that Eddie is better than Florian we going to be stuck with Eddie 3-4 years joke thing

    1. This could be an indication yes that we may only sign one striker.

      Now that changes the whole dynamic, because if it is we are only going to buy one striker that has to be in the mould say of a DCL, here we would have to go all out for Osimhen/ Nunez for a very effective foward line.

      In my opinion Eddie is similar to Jesus

  2. This is the reason why we are not progressing to the level of top clubs , mediocre players get new contracts with 1 or 2 best game in whole season,

  3. Winner of the golden boot?
    In which league please, he is not even as good as Abraham Chelsea sent out on loan

  4. Not really the striker we need at the moment but at least we have protected our interests in the player. Another upside, Nketiah has a second chance to prove he is worth keeping for the future. A win-win for all. First Elneny and now Nketiah – two successful deals completed.

  5. Great news! Nketiah’s hold-up play isn’t great, but he clicks well with the other young players and has been playing at Arsenal for many years

    I bet Arsenal couldn’t convince Jesus and decided to sign a tall CF as an alternative to Nketiah

        1. There are far better players out there and cheaper options he should stay in Rome for a few more seasons.

        1. I know he has and there are still far better players out there than him.

          Lukaku scored more at inter and struggled in a far better team Chelsea team than us

    1. Gai, personally I don’t fancy G. Jesus goals return and aerial ability. It’s good to keep Nkethia but the reality is Arsenal needs a towering prime CF. The players Arsenal sign would determine by personal judgment of how the team would fair next season. Nkethiah will only be good as a backup striker. There is still a need of a marque signing as top4 won’t be easy next season for any EPL team.

      1. Jesus couldn’t score many goals, because he was a second-choice at Man City. I agree on his weak aerial ability though

        You’re right about towering CF. We need one for the cold rainy nights in Stoke

        I also agree we shouldn’t rely on Nketiah alone to lead the line. I hope the marquee CF is Abraham, Havetz or Lukaku, but I heard we’re chasing Hlozek

        1. Hlozek is out of the picture. Agreed deal with leverkusen for 13mil+30% on future sale. Don’t give up on Jesus just yet guys.

          1. That’s too bad, but Hugo Ekitike, Kasper Dolberg, Breel Embolo and Randal Kolo Muani are still available

            1. Ekitike seems like a gem, but he may be too young to lead the line at the moment. dolberg and embolo have nowhere near the quality that we need. Huge prospects a couple of years back, never delivered what was expected. No opinion about Muani, havent watched him.

            2. GAI those are useless players, why not go for proven players???
              we already planning for failure with these kind of players…

      2. Why would you hope for the top 4, when Newcastle and manure will strengthen so much that the best we can hope for is 6th?

  6. To be honest,I don’t really know what to think about it.does that mean we won’t be buying a new CF?and if we are still after another CF,will it impact the calibre of CF we will try to buy?
    I mean for Nketiah to change his mind and stay at the club,he must have been given certain assurances surely?what has changed?so many questions.

    1. An extra £30k a week and the no.9 shirt?

      Might sway any 22 year old, lol

      Look at Mbappe, nailed on to leave to join his dream club, then an extra £1m a week, from PSG plus team selection input and now he is a lifetime Parisian kissing the badge and patting his heart

      1. Number 9 shirt?that would be some statement from the club/MA wouldn’t it?also I thought Eddie’s problem was playing time no?

        1. It will be a massive joke if he is given the No9 shirt. He has improved as a player but he isn’t the top draw player needed for us to move to the next level

          1. I agree,if we were to go after a “big” name CF,there is a good chance that he’ll ask for that number 9 no??

            1. Yeah course they would. I mean it’s reported we are trying to sign Osimhen but this is more than likely the club trying to show us that they tried for the top players. So frustrating

        2. Well it looks like he has been offered £100k a week. Announcement should be tomorrow, will get no.9 or no.14 as I heard from a former player tonight who was shaking his head.

          Hoping he is wrong.

          1. Giving him one of those shirt numbers just tops this all off. N.o 9 and N.o 14 has unfortunately lost their prestige

          2. I read 100k and 5M on signing ehich is crazy to be honest.
            I wanted to sign him but not on all costs.
            I really hope he steps up to that type of contract.

  7. he is fine as a third choice striker. he is mediocre and no team can have 4th place finish with him as a first and even second choice striker
    giving him a new contract only makes sense if we use it to sell him and raise some money. otherwise it’s a evidence for the low standarts at our club.

  8. This is great news.

    – he will be squad player, not main striker (unless he does really well)
    – homegrown and still young
    – now can be actually sold if things don’t work out
    – now we don’t need money to buy a 2nd striker, money which can be directed at other positions

  9. It is a good step that he signed imo, but can he be Arsenal’s main striker?
    For me, not yet. He needs more than few good matches.
    Class A strikers are consistent for seasons. Now, he has a place on the team, and he would try to compete and prove that he can.
    Why it is a good signing?
    It was difficult to buy two quality strikers because squad needs improvement and depth in several positions. With budget limits and probably not that many strikers available and willing to come to Arsenal for different reasons, Eddie is needed.

    Eddie is finally gaining confidence and experience. Experience in tactics, positioning and in translating aggressive pressure to end product rather than commiting fouls and receiving cards. He has the speed, an eye for goal and decent overall technique in shooting, passing and dribbling. He is learning to compensate height with adjusting jump timings and taking a quick step infront of defenders.
    He is still improving ofc but he is developing in the correct path.
    He also knows the club, staff, teammates, city, language and most importantly tactics. Zero risk or adaptation time.

    1. it’s not a question of giving him more time. he is a mediocre striker and his celling is very low. he can never get the crucial half-step to get space and shoot when facing decent defenders. he can’t dribble. he can’t force his way to goal by sheer strenght and determination like Laca did at his best. his first touch is bad. exept for his work rate, he is not good enough, not even to be a second choice striker. thinking he is shows how low our standarts have fallen.

  10. Answer to the headline .
    Absolutely not .
    Quite worrisome that the club have now
    Extended a players contact who they have been trying to flog for 2 seasons .
    Unfortunately this goes deeper into the fact that Arteta couldn’t get us a CL spot .
    Obviously we will know more as the summer transfer window progresses ,but personally I expect the same old same old .
    What top class player would want to come to a club that over the last few Seasons seems more interested in pulling the wool over the fans eyes (gullible is a word I would use for some )rather than actually doing what they keep promising.

    1. Some fans refuse to accept the mediocrity, Nketiah as a backup striker, top 6 is the new top 4, rewarding one manager for 5th, but sacking two others.

  11. Nketiah??? No way Jose. We would waste another year. Nketiah is a 4 out of ten striker. Even you don’t believe Nketiah is Arsenal quality. Sell him quickly.

  12. I’ve ummed and aarged about Nketiah for a couple of seasons. Clearly he’s a talented player, and he’s improved this season.

    My issue is that I don’t think he’s the right player in 4231.

    Partner him with Alan Smith or Olivier Giroud in a 442, and I think you’ve got a really dangerous player. Up front on his own, he can only run onto passes from the MF.

    I’m not unhappy that he staying, but we need a CF this window, someone big and ugly who can hold up and brings the AMs behind him into play.

    This might leave Nketiah on the bench and playing cup games…not sure he’s gonna be happy with that…or maybe the style rotates per the opposition. Rather keep him than see him go on a free though. I hope his agent hasn’t negotiated a stupid wage too….

  13. No, he either plays 2nd fiddle to a more experienced player or goes on loan. Similarly, watching Nelson now, he looks a much better team player. I would give him a new deal and loan him back to Feyernood for a season or two.
    We have many youngsters that are not quite Saka level. Players like Balogun, Tavares, Lokonga, Clarke, Hutchinson, Azeez, Patino, Ballard (though it looks like he is leaving) and even ESR. They are not ready to win us the Europa League or probably not get us into the top 4.

  14. The Elneny and Nketiah deals only confirms what I thought.there was no way we were going to buy/bring in the number of players we really need during this summer transfer window looks like it’s going to take few more transfer windows to do that.

    1. These were just two easily achievable deals that had to be done…so we can spend more time on the difficult ones to come….low hanging fruits.

  15. According to reports Arsenal have offered Eddie Nketiah a five-year deal worth in the region of £100k-per-week. Nketiah has also been offered a huge signing on bonus, believed to be up to £5m over the course of the deal.

    If this is true, I can see why Eddie’s had a change of heart!

    1. That would be ridiculous sue – would just show again how we never learn.
      That’s the sort of offer you’d make if he’d scored 20 goals and really convinced everyone he’s the real deal, but he’s not done it yet. We need to start giving these contracts as a reward for consistent output, not potential.

        1. Let’s give Eddie a chance to prove himself. If Chelsea did not give Mount chance, they would have regretted it. Do you remembered Nabry ?

      1. Spot on, Davi, I agree. He’s not done it yet and to be honest I have my doubts that he will…

    2. 😂yeah me too!I thought that playing time was the issue?
      No wonder that more and more players decide to run their contracts down.

      1. That’s gone out the window, Siamois 😄 He wasn’t going to get this sort of money elsewhere

    3. £100k a week screams pure desperation. He’s not saka or on his level. Could’ve gave Kamara that £100k and signed him on a free.

    4. We tried to sell Nketiah for 10 mil last year and had no takers. We have been trying to give away Elnenny for 3 years for peanuts and no takers. Both to clubs a lot lower in the leagues than us but we think now they are good enough for bumper payrises. We are giving Cedric a new contract. Says it all.

      1. I would trust the full process if we actually played well and played attacking football. But we are awful to watch sideways backwards gutless. And these 3 mentioned are part of the issue of why we will not progress

      2. That’s probably because Cedric scored a beauty, Reggie – yep, give him a new deal 😂
        All joking aside though, I am surprised. How many players can you see us bringing in?

        1. Sue, i see us retaining more players than we were going to and we need at least 4 additions but what will the quality be? We will have to wait and see on that.

          1. 4 players still doesn’t give us a massive squad to compete in EL & PL & both cup comps. And 2 of the 4 need to be CM &

            1. Agree Palmer but i think the Europa league we have to gamble on young talent and hope they get us through the group stages at least.

      3. @Reggie. Do you have prove that arsenal wanted to sell Eddie and Elene? As far as I know, arsenal succeeded in getting rid of players they wanted gone. If arsenal they did not need Eddie and Elene, they would have at least send them on loan.

    5. So Sue we reduced the wage bill so that we increase it by giving players such Eddie a massive pay rise. Anybody that blames Stan or Wenger for any future problems is a fool. I’m against extending Eddie’s contract but give him 100k is a wastage. Players with similar skills set to his are receiving less than 50k in epl and other league. Palace refused to give 75k and we are dumb enough to over 100k pathetic.

  16. Well that’s then. No more strikers need to be signed then!😹😭😢🥹

    Ok as a squad player but beyond that..

    1. I am now expecting Arsenal to announce that Laca has signed an extension too, transfer window done!!😂

      1. Then use not getting top4 as the reason why we had to do this then celebrate finishing 5th as progress

  17. Elneny’s new contract along with Nketiah’s (if it happens) suggests to me that Arsenal will be prooritising quality over quantity this window. I’m betting on three new signees all between £30-60m

  18. I’m not sure if anyone actually understands what a long term project is, Eddie is young and without a doubt very talented, without him and the likes of Elneny and Cedric, We wouldn’t even be in Europa Football next season, due to all the injuries we have. We are building in the right direction. Eddie going forward maybe your next Ian Wright. Maybe we should show a little gratude, and start backing the players, instead of knocking them all the time, a little faith

    1. You use the word very talented for Eddie as a striker/attackers. Let me tell you what talented his at Eddie’s age bracket…. Haaland, Mbamppe, Zaniolo,…..etc.

      1. Yes players we can’t afford and who won’t be interested in playing for us.He is worth the gamble and with a player with a few years on his contract if it doesn’t work out at least he can be sold on for a few millions

    2. Thank goodness the voice of reason among the 90% jaded commentators on this site. We’re well past being the Invinsibles but most on here still think that’s who we are. We’re at a point of trying to rebuild after 5-7 years of mediocrity. Even the last 4-5 years of Wengers tenure was a slow decline. Arsenal were a much better watch this year than the year before, and the year before. You need these academy players to help build the ethos if nothing else. You can debate the wages as he probably is only a 65-70k type of, player, but ask yourself what we would get for $25M plus wages? Eddie showed he could do the business in a pressure packed time of year., and wouldn’t be a surprise to have him score 15-17 goals next year. It should be one marquee striker signing and then Flo, and Eddie as a part of the mix, then we will have the rest of our money to spend in the midfield, and on full backs.

  19. I think the reality of the failure to get CL football (which was expected) will hit home in the next few months to those who think it wasn’t a failure finishing 5th.

  20. An unequivocal NO!!! if this player was given assurances about playing time, this will be an unmitigated disaster…unless we properly address our Striker position we will continue to struggle for goals, as our only hope, tactically-speaking, was that we could acquire the kind of talent who could come good in spite of the tactics usually on offer under this rather timid manager

  21. Maybe but probably not

    Until tactics change there’s no point in even signing a new striker to be honest

  22. I don’t see any problem in giving a young arsenal player a 5-year contract. Do you want him to leave for free? If he doesn’t deliver, then the club will sell him. Has arsenal officially said that Nketia is going to extend his contract to avoid signing another striker? People should remember Nketia is only 22 years old. Not all players reach their full potential at early stage of their career development like Haaland or Mbappe. He still has time to learn and develop. Let see how he performs next season now that he has recovered his confidence.

    1. Which club in the future are going to pay his £100,000k wages plus a transfer fee? #weneverlearn

  23. Nketiah staying is good news if Arsenal also sign a proven scorer like Gabriel Jesus and take a risk on an under-used player like Moises Kean or Timo Werner.

    1. 13 goals in 41 this season, 14 in 42 last season. I wouldn’t say Jesus is a proven goalscorer. I seem to remember Bendtner returning similar stats.

      Let’s not forget who is teeing Jesus up as well and how many times.

  24. @ Clemento. You should know many fans here only wanna moan and nothing else. The new deal means we can focus on getting a Grade A striker who will complement Nketiah. On a flip side, he doesn’t leave as a free agent, not forgetting he is only 22.

    Armchair pundits and mangers here expect Xhaka, Elneny and Nketiah all gone while we replace them within a single transfer window with 2 class Strikers and midfielders.

    They expect we compete as soon as next season for quadruple with G.Jesus, Nunez and Osimhen all in our ranks and expect 2 world-class players in every position. They do not know agents negotiate the role a player will play during contract negotiations. Based on Nketiah’s weekly wage and the AFC wage structure, he will be a first team player not a key player, meaning we can expect a high-quality attacker. Leave those fans alone to continue living in their phantasmagorical world!

    The purported $150M transfer kitty and $60M to be made from player sales could be better channeled at securing a Grade A striker (Osimhen/Nunez/Jesus), quality CM and maybe another Winger/Attacker.

    1. No one in their right mind here expects us to compete for the quadruple geezer!;)))) what are you on!

      Maybe get 4th place though, and a trophy of any kind might be nice!


  25. I’m sorry but this is absolute madness,£100,000k a week+ £5m signing on, based on what exactly? Further more this almost certainly rules out us bringing in two new strikers. Xhaka new deal last summer, Holding the season before, Elneny (fair enough) now Nketiah, all we need is new deals for Cedric, Bellerin and Lacazette then we have completed the set. Shambles!

      1. TRVL, it’s going to be a very long season. I will be surprised if Arteta makes it till the end next season(maybe I shouldn’t be)if these shocking decisions are anything to go by. A serious club with Ambitious owners would have replaced him with a manager like Mancini and snapped up brilliant Technical Director Michael Edwards who has left Liverpool to replace the hapless Edu sigh!

    1. Every person who really have knowledge on football can tell nketiah has the potential to become one of the best strikers in the future,i trust him to deliver the goods when given the chance.

        1. just ignore that Fk…my greatest fear is that when we tripped over our proverbial dicks in the final weeks it would make things infinitely more difficult when it came time to recruit players, which, in turn, might lead to a whole mess of settling…I can only hope that the reason why we overpaid to retain his services was to overcompensate for the fact that we didn’t give him any playing time assurances and that our real starting Striker will be unveiled in short order…if not, this has potential dumpster fire written all over it

          1. 👍 yh it’s all good, just thought I’d throw some sarcasm in. But on a serious note, all we have been hearing lately is how this club deserves to be challenging for the biggest trophies from the manager, Edu, Vinai and Josh but we then go on to handout new contracts to players(Eddie to a lesser extent give his real ‘lack of opportunities’, who have proved over many years they are good enough to take us to that level. It just doesn’t add up!

    2. i hope it’s just really bad reporting. The ppl running this club are total morons if they seriously put Eddie on 100k a week.

  26. 5 goals in his last 7 matches but unfortunately only another 5 in his previous 52 PL appearances. Is that worth a new 5 year contract for a cool £5.2m per year? If Sue is right, a signing on fee of a further £5m really beggars belief.

    Nothing wrong with his attitude and always gives of his best, but I do not see him as a top striker now or in the future.

    1. Nothing should really come as a surprise, Andrew, I mean Arteta got a new deal; still trying to work out for what exactly!!

      One thing’s for sure though- it’s going to be an interesting window- in a good sense? Who knows… 🤷‍♀️

  27. Could be, but will he get service??
    AFC are 17th for creating big chances.
    Auba still scored when he left, nuff said.

  28. 5 goals in 7 games, that’s 27 goals in 38 mathematically, golden boots number !😊
    I didn’t think much about Eddie before but I also have a change of heart about him, not so much because of his goal count but also in the way he travels with the ball. Plus, he is an academy product, he his one of us!

  29. On behalf of the Arsenal Board, please can any of you our beloved and esteemed fan loan us £500M?? We will no longer extend Nketiah’s contract, we will purchase all the players you’ve been asking for (Osimhen, Gabriel, Nunez, the Monaco guy, Tielemans, Bissouma, Madison, Nkunku, etc.) and even more and we won’t even mind how we will be playing all of these players at once. You guys really feel all these marque signings you’re requesting for can be made in one season? From which fund? Please be realistic. Nketiah IMO, is a great signing so we can channel the funds to other part of the team which needs addressing. You’ll still be the on to moan if next season or in future, Nketiah makes impact in the other club he leaves to and be blaming the club for letting him go, just like you did in the case of Serge Gnabry. Subsequently, all your dream squad will come together and play in Arsenal, but it can’t happen in a season

  30. The same fans that usually complain about Arsenal not managing assets well and letting go talent for free now complain that Arsenal are extending the contract of an academy 22 year old striker that has proved in the last few games he can score goals in the EPL…

    …Because it’s too expensive to pay him half what Laca is on….

    1. I believe that you’re missing the point.we are talking about a player who wanted to leave and previously refused several offers because he wanted more game what has changed for him to make a U-turn?was he given assurances about playing time or was it the money(5M signing on fee & 100k/week)?and if it is the case,are you happy with him being our main striker?with both he and Laca leaving we had the chance to bring 2 new strikers,fresh blood,also who will sign for us to be his backup? lastly had he signed for an English,we would have received some compensations for him.

      1. The U turn comes from the fact he’s been playing as our main striker in the last 7 games and proved he can score goals at this level, don’t you think?

        The only thing I know for sure is that this young man is hungry for goals and I quite like that. He no longer looks like an inexperienced academy graduate.

        We need 2 strikers next season anyway and I hope Nketiah will be one of them. We would all be p* off if he left for free this summer and banged 20 goals for Villa next season.

        There will be competition for the striker position at Arsenal next season and we will see who comes out on top as our main striker. Impossible to predict who that will be.

        1. I cannot argue with what you said about Eddie’ character/qualities, I’m just surprised that he changed his mind just because he played the last 5 games, that’s all.

          1. There was probably not a 100k/week contract on the table for him 2 months ago.
            Nketiah’s proved everyone wrong (including me) in the last few weeks about what he can do in the EPL

  31. It is good Nketiah is staying by signing a contract extension but surely we need another striker. I would prefer in the following order, the choice of a new striker:
    Victor Osimhen
    Christopher Nkunku
    Ivan Toni
    Any of these strikers could rotate with Nketiah or could play together, given we will have a congested fixture schedule as we have made it to Europe.

    1. Osimhen all day long.
      The type of fighting spirit in that young man is out of this world, besides his apparent positive injury status.

  32. poor decision honestly. we will only be buying one striker. If it’s Jesus then thats not good enough. Neither Nketiah or Jesus are capable of scoring bundles of goals. Thats another 3-4 season of Arsenal not having a top striker, lmao.

  33. Okay, it’s taken him some time to get into gear and it might be too little too late from a seasons point of view but, he’s shown, albeit belatedly that he’s at least got the desire to do well and his physical efforts are testimony to that. As suggested above, Nketia could, providing who’s playing along side him, could be a useful foil.

    However, alot of his progression and prospective success will depend a lot on how he is deployed. He’s obviously got the drive and with the right education, I think he could come good. I think he’s your more rugged no thrills centre forward, battler poacher who could be useful. Again, all about overall team tactics, education and deployment.

    It’s a new season and clean slate for Arsenal and the players. I hope they all answer their calling, are successful and together with the club, progress upwards beyond our expectations

    1. Someone mentioned that Nketiah can travel with the ball without losing it unnecessarily, and it’s true. He does it so often, although he still needs to work on his finishing. But he’s on the right track.
      He looks and plays like Gnabry shortly before he left – something similar. The only part I’m not so impressed is the 100k per week. However if that is the only thing to keep him from coming back to haunt us, what’s the bid deal?

  34. Definitely good enough for a club with no ambition and with a manager who is clueless about how to create a lethal attack ….🤔

  35. As a fan we should support the players of afc. This is actually a very good news as we can see how good he can be if been given a trust and support. He showed and has a great character to be a good cf. We don’t see much often this kind of st nowadays. I’m pretty sure he can be a deadly poacher soon. Might be our new Eduardo9. Only should be adding an experience dominant cf (like Ivan Toney) for now and wait for our academy players to blossom. We have a very good players coming up from there. As in the past we had let too many of them left. I bet not many people have heard of harry kane when he was at our youth academy.

  36. Nketiah is perfect…… For KSE.

    He is a home-grown player, he scored a few goals, and if he overperforms (scores 10 goals next season), off he goes to the first suitor.

    If any of you wondered what “the project” is, it’s a transfer scheme where the club invests in coaching staff and young prospects they can mould, increase their value and sell on.

    Southampton from the early 2010s=Arsenal from the 2020s

  37. My view is that I see a fast improving player who looks -in this last two months or so- a completely different and far more effective one than the player he was up til then .
    I am easily old enough to remember a good many players who looked rubbish and sometimes for years but who then rather suddenly too, when the time was right, blossomed into really top players.

    Bob Wilson had been in our reserves for years and was widely called Wobbly Wilson but suddenly in his latter twenties took his chance and the rest as they say was history. For those fans too young to know him he became atop and ferociously brave and effective keeper and won the Double and Inter Cities fairs Cup( which evolved into the UEFA cup) around 1970-71.


    So although I personally much doubt Eddie will ever be even remotely a world class player, he is good enough to be in our squad and will clearly get games this next season with all the extra games and squad numbers we will quickly need .

    A sensible and welcome extension , assuming it happens, which is far from certain as yet.

    It is ONLY IF we fail to sign other top strikers and have to rely on him, that we will be left short. IMO that will NOT be the case!

  38. Eddie is as good as Gabriel.Remember Jesus has been playing at Manchester city with quality players who supply him with the ball.Arsenal’s main problem is in the midfield and wingers who can pass the ball to the striker.If arsenal get another player like Saka,Nkethia can score more goals because he has the ability.Arsenal needs a player like Maxmin from the left wing and Youl Tielmans at the midfield so that we can control the game as it has been

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