Is Eddie Nketiah on course to become Arsenal’s new Ian Wright

Arsenal have had many prolific scorers come up through the academy only to fail when it came to the biggest stage, but our latest goalscoring sensation Eddie Nketiah seems to taking the step up in his stride so far. At just 17 years of age he scored 27 goals for the Arsenal U18 and U23 sides, and was quickly promoted by Arsene Wenger to join the first team squad.

He hit the headlines when coming on as an 85th minute sub in the League Cup against Norwich and within a minute he had scored our equalising goal, and added the winner in extra time. He also scored in our last game of the season against Burnley, and also started this season in spectacular style with four goals in our pre-season games.

Although Emery wanted Eddie to stay with us for the season, it was decided that he would be better going out on loan to gain regular game time, and the player himself helped choose his destination. “The manager wanted me to stay so it’s really confidence-boosting for me that he had me in his plans,’ Nketiah said in the Mail.

“But I felt like it was a good step for me to come to Leeds. I hope it’s a good year that can leave me in good stead going back to Arsenal to fight for a place.

“There were a lot of options, there were options for me to go to Germany but me, my family and the club decided Leeds was the best place.”

The now 20 year-old carried on his form straight away and has already scored three times for Leeds, despite being second choice behind Patrick Bamford, and he believes that he is improving under the mentorship of one of Arsenal’s legends, Ian Wright. “I feel like in the last year or so he’s started to communicate a lot more,’ Nketiah said. ‘He messages me, asks me how I am, how I’m finding things up in Leeds.

“It’s a dream come true to have one of your heroes speaking to you. It’s about expressing myself and (giving) tips for being a striker. It’s been like an arm round the shoulder, being nice and friendly, comforting me, seeing how things are going.”

It is obvious that things are going really well for the youngster but it must be fantastic to know that a legendary striker like Ian Wright has faith in you and wants to help nurture his brilliant talent. Could Eddie become our new Ian Wright in the future?



  1. Good choice from Nketiah to go on loan.It will help his development a lot mentally,physically and give him the experience needed for him to become better with consecutive games.He was the one player from the academy I felt was surely going to make it.When you look at his game all that he needs is to make sure that he finishes well.
    I didn’t watch Ian Wright in his time but what I know is that Nketiah is a combo of Lacazette and Aubameyang in terms of his qualities.I see him becoming better than both in the future if his development continues this way.
    I believe Arsenal will not let him get away and have plans for him to be the main striker for them in the future.
    This guy will always get the chances because of his fantastic movement and pace and he also has so much ability on the ball to go with it.We are lucky to have him.

    1. “He was the one player from the academy I felt was surely going to make it.”

      Errrr! Kev so soon?
      What about Nelson?

      1. Should have phrased that better.Im not saying he’s already made it but my judgement is based on his showing in the senior team.
        Most of the elements of his game are good.Now all that is required is to know if he possesses the talent of a good finisher though he showed that in the academy.
        Nelson needs to be played at a proper position for me to know.Ahead of Nketiah and all U23’s if it’s based on talent

  2. I rate Eddie very highly. He has such natural instinct and always puts himself in the best positions. You can’t teach that.
    He’s going to be a excellent striker for us

    1. All that is left is to see if he can maintain that good finishing ability he had in the academy.
      If he can maintain that then we have a possible world class striker on our hands and very dangerous too

  3. BTW AdMart, I’ve been researching and writing an article, I actually decided to write something different from the normal team news and updates because it’s the intl break. It’s divided into three parts actually because I have to break stuffs down. I have some information written in bold, and I’ll need your assistance to help keep those parts bolded when you publish it.
    I should be able to conclude the final part of it today..
    I don’t know, should I send you the first two parts already?

  4. What an absolute sweetheart Ian Wright is.. one of a kind ?
    The Leeds faithful love Eddie already.. and with Wrighty right behind him, he couldn’t ask for more!!
    I’m really glad things are going well for him… but will also be glad when he’s back with us!

    1. Sure Sue, though the article is a bit technical, it’s the positions and roles assigned to positions?.. Hope you’ve been good?
      She I’m glad you won’t be having any meltdown this weekend

      1. So what you’re saying is i may not get it? ??? ha all joking aside, it’ll be good – your articles always are!
        Yeah, sorry about that.. you know how it is though, always want to beat that lot.. I’m over it now though (hallelujah!!)
        Arsenal women play West Ham on Sunday, will give that a bash instead!!

        1. Lol….Sue you will understand it, I made it as simple as I can. anybody who loves football as you do will understand it

  5. Nketiah is a talented striker that could be a club legend, as long as he doesn’t get long-term injuries

  6. Good thing he’s gone to a very good footballing team and a manager who will actually play him. Probably the best league to learn his trade as it is so uncompromising. As long as he is focused, a bit obsessive and gives his all, he will become a quality footballer.

  7. Hope eddie makes it.
    Seems a very level headed young lad,
    Would love to see wrighty back at the club ,maybe as a forwards coach ,he would learn those young arsenal strikers so much…

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