Is Edison Cavani worth 50m to Arsenal? YES HE IS!

Edinson Cavani – is he worth it? by Big Gun

Our current squad is looking stronger and believably more optimistic than it ever has since the era of the Invincibles. It has taken almost 10 years to get to the point where we can confidently say – Arsenal are back. Everyone is talking about it, especially after our sublime display against league winners Man City last weekend to clench another high profile trophy in the short span of 2 months.

Although things are looking extremely promising, we can all agree that Arsenal still need one or two more players for added quality and assurance for success this season. Most of us have been crying for a defensive midfielder and I personally think this should be our first priority as Arteta is getting on with age and with all due respect, seems to struggle a bit against more physical teams who apply pressure. Flamini is not bad when paired with another holding midfielder, but we need a player in that position who can thrive in isolation.

Many fans have expressed their desire for another striker/centre forward to rotate with Giroud. Personally, although I believe Giroud does have his place in the squad, I think we do need another hit man up front. Perhaps it is more of a want than a need, considering we now have Sanchez and Joel Campbell to add to the cause up front, but I feel we need someone a bit more versatile than Giroud, especially in games where we can utilize the counter attacking pace of strikers like Theo, Chamberlain, Joel, Sanchez etc.

Enter Edinson Cavani. In recent posts, many have expressed mixed feelings about his possible acquisition. He did not have a great World Cup, and this has obviously affected opinion. Many have also said that he has not performed well enough at PSG to warrant his price tag. 50m is a hell of a lot for any player, but I still think he is world class and if we can afford him, we SHOULD buy him and I will explain why.

He was second fiddle to Zlatan Ibra at PSG, and was forced into playing in a foreign position on the RW all season where previously at Napoli and earlier he was bred and groomed as a central striker. If you know anything about football, it takes time to get used to playing in a different position as there are many factors involved that need to be ironed out in order to excel in that new position. Rooney is a prime example. Before RvP joined, he was their primary central striker and was bagging close to 30 goals, sometimes more successively each season. After RvP joined, he was pushed into a deeper role as a CAM or deep lying CF where he struggled to achieve as many goals as in previous seasons. It was not only the fact that he was further from goal, but he had to change his whole mentality and game dynamic on the pitch, which ultimately affected his game. I bet if he was played back in his old position, he would be scoring just as many goals as before RvP joined.

Even though at PSG, Cavani was played out of his natural position, he still managed a tally of 16 goals in 25 starting appearances in his first season at PSG. Any way you look at it, those stats are pretty good. That is about a goal and a half every two games. I would love to see what he could accomplish as a central striker at PSG, and even more so at Arsenal. Giroud, on the other hand, has amassed 27 goals after 60 appearances, and that is in his natural position as central striker. Basically just below 1 goal every 2 games. Not bad, but not great either seeing as most of his goals are tap ins and headers a few feet away from goals.

Cavani might not be Sturridge in terms of pace, but he is a lot quicker than Giroud and not to mention skilful. He is also excellent in the air and not easily bullied of the ball. In a nutshell, an extremely versatile striker and deadly when played in his natural position. The only issue I have is his wages. If he wishes to join Arsenal, he will have to take a wage cut, something I think which is quite likely to happen because the player himself has expressed his unhappiness at being no2 at PSG, being benched and played out of position. Some players out there are content to sit out and be shoved around, as long as they are earning exorbitant wages they don’t seem to mind. But Cavani’s attitude differs in that he would rather take the pressure and responsibility of being No1 and getting the game time, than sitting out and watching the rest of his career fly by. He is a winner, and winners want the ball. This is why I believe he would be an excellent buy because Arsenal need a no nonsense striker up front who has the ability (as we have seen in Cavani) to smash 30 goals a season and take us to the title. He is 27 years of age, perhaps on the wrong side of it, but still got a good 3-4 years left.

After looking at those stats and seen what he is capable of before and during his tenure at PSG, I think 50m can be justified. We are not talking about Torres here, who lost form even before he went to Chelsea. Cavani is still on form and he is definitely a major upgrade to Giroud. Again it all depends on finances, but I’d say if we can actually afford him, then why not? It is not like we have four central strikers like City, Chelsea etc…we only really have Giroud and Sanogo. It is a position that has been slightly overlooked since we acquired Sanchez, but never the less a position we still need some depth in. Sanogo has major potential, but if Giroud gets injured, I do not think placing so much pressure on his shoulders would be wise, especially if we are aiming at winning the double, perhaps even the triple. With a player like Cavani on board, the triple is definitely on the cards.

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    1. If cavani is coming, it means one person is leavn… Podolski? Giroud? Cus we actually hav 4 players in that position… Adding cavani wil mk it five, dats yy I think sum1 else is on his way out.

      1. Reus is younger, cheaper and WAY better than cavani. The Germán should be our main target not cavani. However arsenal need to sold in order to buy, podolski is not getting enough game time here, we can sell him to galatasay who are suposed to be interested in him, podolski for reus look’s like a HUGE upgrade for me.

        1. Poldi stays! Look at Man City’s bench, Bayern’s bench, Chelsea’s bench, Real Madrid’s or any other top team, the quality of the bench is outstanding. Remember Poldi’s goal against Bayern in Germany and all his other ones, he performs whenever called upon.

    2. Yes, it seems like Reus wants to leave what he has stated several times is his favourite club, in addition to his local / homeclub. It also seems like Dortmund suddenly has realised that they no longer want to be a buying club, proven by forcing Lewandowski to finish his contract. Dortmund might sell if someone puts £90M on the table, but not even Real Madrid would do that.

      and £50M for Cavani? Crazy shit. Too much for a world class 27(!) years old guy. Too similar to Giroud, if we should buy another striker, he should be more like Carlos Vela (aka Alexis Sanchez). All we really need is a CB or CDM, whatever position Chambers is not going to play.

    3. Did you watch Wenger’s press conference earlier? To me he seemed quite clear he doesn’t think we need another attacking player. But he then said there are some areas we’re short, so that tells me that we’re definitely getting a CB and/or DM.

      1. Since when has he really bought for need? We have needed a 4th CB, DM, and a LW for years, while he has continued to strengthen the midfield, RW, and striker position, and now apparently RB as well. I think Arsene sees PLAYERS that he wants, and then tries to see how to use them.

    4. Mate it was Sanchez OR Reus. Cavani plays a completely different role as Lome striker which neither of those can do effectively. The Reus to Arsenal ship has sailed IMO. Shame

  1. for me yes, we need a strong number 9 to win premier and maybe champions league, cavani is one of the best and if we have the opportunity to sign him we must!!

    this dont rule out a new defender … and for the dm issue we have chambers, he has played very well and his best position is dm, in defence we have debuchy and bellerin and the pair koscielny and mertesacker on the middle, where will chambers have game time if not as a dm?

  2. well written article… Cavani is more of luxury to arsenal at the moment. CB is th main priority then DM after that we can start to think of the CF position. Looking forward tomorrow’s match..COYG !

    1. I don’t get this logic. How does getting a BACKUP defender make us a better team than buying a star striker who will improve the first 11?

      Gibbs-Kos-Mert-Debuchy is our back 4 and whoever comes in will be support to that. So how is a backup priority over actually strengthening a position?

      1. You don’t get how a backup defender makes Arsenal a better team? I am very glad you are not in charge of player personnel. If you don’t understand something so basic I cannot help you.

        1. Can you do something so basic as read a post?

          I would prefer a star striker over a backup defender…pretty self explanatory why.

    1. I am not in favor of Cavani would not score so many more goals than Giroud and because I believe 50 mil would be better spent on a very good DM, CB or LW – they are needed more.

      But to say Cavani would hurt the team is ridiculous. Of course he would help.

      1. Would you spend 50m on cavani or to replace giroud and maybe sonogo on loan to somewhere else or add medi benatia to the centre backs for 30m?

        Both of these represents the very best available in both position.
        Rues is more a luxury player and would cause problems in the dressing room as sant,roiscky,podolski,chamberlain,Campbell may struggle for game time. He would make the perfect star signing next summer, because Rosicky and poldi may leave by then

        With wenger saying it’s an important year for jack and artetas influence on the pitch I can’t see us adding a dm specialist just yet. I can see this happening in January if! Flamini departs then or next season when arteta and flamin will depart. For now I think a young dm like rabiot or yuri teilemens will be added if coqulan is to depart

  3. I know I hate those tap ins and headers that hit the back of the net. I seldom raise my pint glass and only sing half of his song when he scores those types of goals.

  4. At 27 cavani is too old for a team like arsenal to spend 50m on. Yes we have a lot more financial clout these days but we are still not united or PsG. We have a financial model we need to stick to and I think that’s pushing it.
    As many have said, DM and CB are an abseloute must first.

      1. He’s spent a long time in Italy. It’s not the same pace and style as the prem.
        all I’m saying is it would be a risk, and he could take a season at least to adapt.
        I’m always a little catious about players coming. From Italy to play the prem.
        I know he’s been in France a year, but again it’s not the premiership!

          1. It’s not logic, it’s an observation. Italian players I don’t think do as well coming straight from Italian leagues. Sanchez spent a couple of years in Spain which is a good transition to the prem. look at the likes of shevchenko and Veron, I know a few have made it, but in general it’s a big step up. The two styles of league are so different.
            Also, you are a bit premature, we havnt seen how Sanchez handles it yet. Lol

            1. well, so Bergkamp and Henry didn’t come from Italy to Arsenal, I suppose….I understand the difference in the style, but it does not mean every player from Italy is only good at that style and thus crappy at the premier league. Shevchenko was sh!tty but crespo was good, same team and both coming from Italy… AND, of course I’m premature, Im excited to see sanchez, the guy was one the better players from barshitlona last season and a great player at udinese, it”s great that those idiots preferred the overrated Pedro and marymar and let us sign Sanchez.

              1. I never said it was a rule, it’s a generalisation.
                50m is a huge gamble for a club like arsenal, and I don’t know why we are all discussing it because it’s blatant paper fantasy. Can you honestly see Wenger paying that out?
                Cavani wants to let PsG know he’s unhappy so his agent is stiring some shit up.

      2. Exactly . We are arsenal. We have a certain policy.. Well the thing with cavani is that wenger is a great fan of him. He openly admitted that in last season. Still i dont think he will shell out 50mil for a striker. If he is available in january then we can give it a try. Reus wont be moving this summer. Same with hummels. So why moaning!! We cant get everyone in same window. Now we should buy a cb. If available a classy dm. That is enough for now.

    1. Pretty disrespectful to Alteltico. They are the Spanish champs and made the CL final give them serious credit.

      1. They will go for schurle Chelsea need to sell one more foreign player and they need a David villa replacement. Rues also seems out of their price range plus it could mess up a potential move to real or Barcelona in the future for him.

        If rues is available we shouldn’t think twice

    1. Agree. We need a quality CF and a CB. We have plenty of option in midfield Ramsey, Wilshere,
      Diaby, Flamini and Arteta. Chambers is also a CDM don’t forget that.

  5. For us yes …
    we need more prestige to win EPL .. super striker willl strike fear into defenders..

  6. Laurent Blanc said he wants to use Cavani in a 2 striker system next year. Ibra has 1 (maybe 2) year left so he’ll want to keep Cavani. We have more chance in signing Reus and Carvalho for that amount of money and that seems like a better route to solve our squad problems to me aswell.

    1. they have to sell cavani or someone else if they want di maria perez is already in talks regarding di maria’s sale was spotted n paris + Madrid need 2 sell di maria 2 get falcao

      domino effect

      1. hey leo well put,

        hey fellow gunners been a great summer so so excited about the opening game tomorrow,… Indeed leo we have reached the business end of the transfer season..

        the great game of chess awaits and who is going to make the first move.. (often the one that ends up paying the most)..

        Madrid want falco >>>
        psg want to get di miria from madrid>>
        rues might end up in athletico (personally i can’t see this they have some great talent on the left already>>

        that leaves psg needing to sell someone to finance this transfer FFP 🙂 arsene finally gets to see his master plan work

        what i can’t figure out is what will monaco get from all of this “rues maybe”??

        Now from my little calculations we have probably only spent 32 ish million so far
        and the release of many dud players has help the weekly wage bill

        also we must factor in Arsenal AFC is a Money making marketing machine.. the way they timed all their marketing kit launch, player signings is all done to a grand plan to maximise taking money from the fan base…

        so i think we have maybe 65 – 70 mil ish to spend “if the right player became available”

        so Cavani is a possibility plus a decent 15 – 20 mil cdm / cb

        last day of the window stuff i recon.. Arsenal Brand and the website will get so many clicks and advertising exposure that way..

        keep my eye on kike’s and david twitter feeds should be interesting 🙂

  7. we need in order:
    1- DM (to put Arteta as a backup)
    2- CF (to put Giroud as a backup)
    3- CB (as a backup)
    so DM and CF aremore important than CB

    1. CDM= Chambers
      CB = We have only 2 CB and we don’t have a top quality striker.
      CB or a versatile player who can play CB and CDM and ST is needed.

  8. but I would rather see marco reus than cavani
    “Reus has never been on our agenda” – Atletico Madrid deny links to German

    1. Source? My mother language is spanish and i didn’t find that quote. Who said that? Enrique cerezo? Simeone? Gil marin?

      1. Found it… Apparently reus is not moving to altletico. Want reus so.badly, the PROBLEM is that he is not vital and we still Have to afford vermaelen’s reemplacement, also we still Have to sell someone if we want an UPGRADE because that’s what reus is. A non vital Upgrade but still… World with look at us with fear if we get reus.

        1. Tony alder wield is available on loan
          If not let’s go get benatia this would menan no real talent left for Man U toto sign for centre back

  9. I don’t have a problem with Cavani, great striker. But the likelihood is that to get the best out of him we will need to re-gear and re-organise our team and change the way we play. You have a £50M traditional striker leading your front line you assemble the personnel and adapt the tactics to serve him. These guys run off the shoulders of defenders, poach around the 6yd box, they create their own chances, shoot on sight and bury chances from service out wide etc. They are often out of the game for long periods and pop up with a winner. I believe you will need different types of wide players to accommodate this; “touchline” wingers hitting in crosses. It will also mean a more direct style of play, the standard “out-ball” will be the threaded pass through the middle and this will come earlier than we are accustomed to in any passage of play. I also couldn’t see the likes of Ramsey running on beyond the ball in the way he can now. In short our creatives would be more stifled and the logical next step would be to replace some of the flair and creativity we have with a different type of player; more work ethic, industry etc. If you want a good example of how this plays out look no further than Chelsea. They are solid, solid, solid behind their front main man with a sprinkling of creativity behind. They generally sit patiently then pounce when they can then sit again. It is one way to skin a cat. Wenger, for whatever reason you care to choose, has gone a different route, Giroud is there to serve the team and others play around him. This is the root cause of much of the criticism thrown in his direction. I think Cavani on the team sheet looks sexy as hell, and probably plays out all right on a console or PC simulation but it would be foolish to think such a purchase immediately converts in to an extra 30 goals a season, glory on all fronts and a continuation of the Arsenal playing style we admire.

  10. First transfer should be Carvalho, who can be our DM or our back up CB depending on the game and injuries. Two birds with one stone, the type of versatile player Arsene likes.

    If we are going to have a second transfer I prefer Reus to Cavani but either one would present extreme luxury in this squad and knowing Wenger who has just stated that he has many options for forwards I dont see either one happening.

    I would love to be surprised.

    1. Carvalho can’t play centre back how many times he is a dm. Who can play box to box aswell

    1. Completely agree with you. 2 players is needed at any cost to challenge for titles.
      We should remember that Chelsea and Man Utd are much more stronger this season.

  11. Any of you fellow gooners that have sky but not sky sports – tomorrow is sky sports open day so catch the game for free!!!!!

  12. I don’t mind the wages, I think Arsenal should also offer top wages and stop the tendency of players leaving to mansh!tty or cacalonia for a wage raise. AND, if Reus is available for less than 30, then it makes no sense to pay 50-55 for Cavani, when their quality is similar and in fact Reus has more pace; that extra money could be used on Khedira, and that would be a mighty squad.

  13. The Napoli Cavani is worth 50m, the PSG is not. If we could get him to a price close t 37m that would be fair. Face it people, good striker do cost a fortune, and Arsenal knows it.

  14. I always say to people as a fan that the money shouldn’t be what you think of, it is the question of do you want the player?

    Let the club think about the cost, if they’re willing to buy either Cavani or Reus then as a fan I’d love to see either play for this team.

  15. I’m probably the only one, but a little bit of me wants to see sanogo get more game time. He obviously got the 4 against benfica, and his movement and pace against city was a real suprise.
    If he can stay fit now I think he will be a class player. But it’s a big if.

  16. Cavani at that price??? Bloody madness.. !!!
    and NO we do not have enough CF’s in fact we do not even have 1!
    Look at MC the have 3 top rated world class CF’s Everyone of them will keep our guys out of the side.
    Zeko their number 3 in line is streets ahead of the mediocre guys we have – In fact the guys we call CF will not get a game in any of the top 6 sides in the league.
    If we are going to spend that kind of money lets hit the target.

  17. I think we will sign one more big name before the window ends. Depending on how other clubs transfers work out ( e.g Di Maria to PSG ) we will probably get either Cavani, Reus or Carvalho.

  18. To really compete on all fronts we need a CD and CDM plus upgrade/cover at wide left/striker. My dream scenario is CD: Manolas or Hummels, CDM: Carvalho or Khedira; Wide Left/Striker: Reus (sell Podolski). Reus can also play down the middle w/ Cazola, Ozil or Ox on left side. If Reus is deployed correctly, he can approach Henry. The remaining weakness would be left back where we need an upgrade on Monreal.

  19. With Reus and Carvalha, imagine a 4-2-3-1: Gibbs/Kos/BFG/Debuchy; Carvalho/Ramsey; Reus/Ozil/Sanchez; Giroud. Or, with Reus as striker, attacking 4 become: Sanchez/Ozil/Theo or Ox and Reus. Frightening pace, guile and intelligence. We would have near world class cover at every position except left back

  20. Cavani, Reus… I mean COME ON !!!
    Wenger will never, NEVER, go for those 2 guys… At least not now !
    Have we forgotten that we still need a CB and DM ?????

    Let’s not be naive… Wenger has reinforced (quality wise) the squad, but without a proper DM (and a CB to replace Vermelean), we will get bullied again by the big firms in the league.

    1. You are thinking logically and considering important but less exciting acquisitions. How dare you. Some fans choose to ignore the boring reality and only dive toward the excitement of super striker transfer mania.

      Many fans think that only attackers are important/exciting until the defense falters and then they whine about the poor defense that they themselves originally claimed was fine.

  21. A top attacker needs three qualities: pace, skill and intelligence. Henry was a 9 or 10 in all three. This is what Sanchez brings to the table; he’s a 8 or 9 on all three. But to compete on all fronts, in attack we need another player with all qualities. Compare Reus to Wolcott:
    Reus: P:8, S:9, I:9; Theo: P:10, S:6; I:5. Theo was improving last year, but he’s a player with world class speed, and not a world class player.

  22. personally i don’t mind who we get BUT we need a quality CF

    So for a minute lets imagine your the manager of the opponents team be it liverpool , man u .. whatever and you look down at the gunners team sheet and it looks like this

    Giroud, Alexis, walcott, ozil… etc

    or it looks like this

    Cavani, alexis, walcott, ozil…..

    which one of these line-ups would you go oh shit we are in for a tuff day!!

    unfortunatly giroud athough has a place in the squad any day.. does not put the fear of good into you…

  23. Wenger has said it AGAIN. no more forwards
    No Cavani, no Reus.

    He said today that we have incredible strength up front and that there is no need for any more.

    Why would Wenger lie?

  24. Facao is older, benzema/higuain inferior, reus a false winger and gotze a false 9. Other than that good points…

  25. So where is the problem…. just et him signed and doen…no more out the sky under the bush bullshite!

  26. The 50 mil and the associated massive salary would be MUCH better spend on a top quality DM, CB or LW.

    Cavani might score 25-30 goals in the EPL. That is only a few goals more than Giroud in reality and for a huge layout of cash and at the expense of other positions that will not be filled as a result.

    The entire world agrees that Arsenal need a DM. So what is the controversy here. Get a good DM and a CB that is also needed now and for the future.

    If Cavani cost 25 mil, then I could see it.

  27. First point- the charity shield is definitely not a high profile trophy, it’s the biggest joke out of the competitive trophies arsenal could win.

    Second- cavani is a very good player but not worth 50mil, he should be worth nearer 35mil in my opinion

  28. If any these rumors about a big money move are to believed we’re going to win the league barring we don’t have any injuries to our big players. Money talks and Arsenal can compete on that level now so these next 2 weeks will show if wenger wants to win the league or come up 2nd or 3rd.

    ST/CDM/CB and the league is a wrap….

  29. Cavani for 50 Mil is a yes for many managers but not Wenger. I believe Wenger will sign a defender first before a DM Or a striker

  30. I think at best we finish 6th this season as we still Ned CF and a must DM but yet again nothing just replaced players that have gone. And he is keeping sanogogo wtf is that about

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