Is Edu planning for life after Arteta?

Brazil coach Tite could manage Arsenal once he steps down from the national team after the 2022 World Cup, according to TV Globo.

Tite, 60, recently announced he would not continue at the helm of the national team next year, with the tournament in November being his last in charge of the Canarinha.

According to TV Globo, negotiations between the Gunners and Tite’s representatives have started, despite current manager Mikel Arteta turning the club around in recent years. The Spaniard won the FA Cup in May 2019 and is on course to bring Champions League football back to the Emirates this season, but if he fails then Arsenal could look to replace him.

Should Tite join the Premier League club he would reunite with friend Edu Gaspar — the Arsenal technical director worked with him at Corinthians and with Brazil.

Tite has been at the helm of the national team since 2016. He has vast experience coaching in Brazil but his only stints overseas have been with two clubs in the United Arab Emirates.

Would we want to replace Mikel “The Boss” Arteta if he failed to bring Arsenal to Champions League next season?

Thoughts Gooners.

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  1. Tell Tite 2 go look 4 a job somewhere else cuz Arsenal will not sack Arteta even if he fail 2 deliver champions league futbol.

  2. No we should not look to replace the boss if we fail to qualify for the top four, not if we continue to play as we are doing.

    There are just too much positives surrounding the team and by extension the club and fans, we need this stability

  3. Yes according to super rich club owner Harold Steptoe Mr Edu has plans to bring in a more experienced panel of managers including Arsene Wenger 72, George Graham 74 and Terry Neill 77.

  4. Arteta is proving there might actually be something about him after all. If he bags the top 4 with the current squad it is a sign of greater things to come.

    1. “The club have already publicly stated this link is cobblers. So why perpetuate it”
      Simples !!, Click bait.
      I can now read the headline and know its written by @Admin “click bait” Pat. Soo predictable.

      1. Haha, i like observational skills, but if you look a bit more closely you will see it was written by Goonersia!

  5. Edu needs to be sacked if these rumours are true. Mikel can handle both positions just as the greatest manager Mr. Wenger did. We do have a dedicated person to handle contracts. Tite over Teta? Never.
    BTW, another news item stated that the greatest assist king in the universe was dropped from the first team by Ismael Kartal. Arteta boo boys any comments? Mikel was right and so was I, to support Mikel.

    1. You forgot to mention that Özil has 9 goals and 3 assists this season for fernabahçe and even captained them for their last league game. You also forgot to mention that Özil was not the only player dropped. And for all your accusations of Özil being over hyped, don’t forget that he was German player of the year for 5 years in a row and was their best player in the 2014 world cup. His first season at the Emirates saw us break many years trophy drought. I believe his time at Arsenal was up and I wanted him gone. But don’t try to paint the guy in a bad light especially now he’s gone cos he’s been one of the best in this generation and has a CV that most footballers (yes, Arteta included) would only dream of

      1. Notice the eagerness to blast Ozil when failure shows, yet blind to the failings of Arteta early in his tenure.

        Club should come first over players and managers. Otherwise one may fall into the same trap of emotional attachment like Wenger that hinders needed change.

      2. dgr8xt, like so many who big up idle OZIL AND TROT OUT HIS STATS FROM VIRTUALY ANCIENT HISTORY, WELL 2014 ANYWAY, YOU FAIL TO REALISE THAT WHAT WE NEED IS GOOD PLAYERS NOW. Not players who were once upon a time, good back in virtual Roman times.


  6. Possibly Edu trying to undercut Arteta. Edu is an under the table dealer. His knowledge of players outside Brazil is nil. The director fascinated with photo ops.

    Get rid of Edu before he continue to give out players for free

  7. It is very much absurb to suggest a new coach, now of all periods. Even when we were struggling big-time, no step was taken to discharge Arteta off his role as a manager, let alone nw that we are doing well. Whoever cooked that rumour should try again, yeah again…… Because Arteta is going nowhere, I mean nowhere…… Trying to disrupt our progress by making up an untrue story won’t work! Because we are the ARSENAL 💪 UNITED WE STAND!

  8. Seeing we didn’t replace him after our worst season in 25 years I dont think they will be thinking along those lines unless he messes up getting top 4 .
    The story I read was that it’s a position up stairs anyway for Tite .

    1. And sticking by Arteta is proving to be the correct call. Luckily they didn’t listen to those reactional fans!

        1. And he’s proved nothing yet unless you count top 4 as a trophy ,came back to me when you have something to back up you’re comment .

  9. The one who needs replacement is edu himself cos all of his recruits pre arteta are nonsense excluding martinelli and tierney of course,which was out of the fact that arsenal are always interested in young players.imagine him trying to sign royal who is overpriced to incompetent.

    1. Add Willian to that list of flops, and thankfully someone higher up killed off the Arthur Melo nightmare.

      Bit concerned his obsession with Brazilian players is either showing a bias or ignorance in the overall market.

  10. Seems like we have a unpopular Director of football.

    The signing of William and the attempt to sign Spud Royal does not inspire confidence

    Such rumor is not only unproductive but disgusting and not worth repeating .
    Though may well have been someone just seeking a forward or sensational story to print.

  11. From the › football
    During ESPN’s broadcast of Brazil’s 4-0 win against Chile on Thursday, in which Gabriel Martinelli made his international debut, TV Globo reporter Eric Faria spoke of the talks.
    He said: “There is already a negotiation of Tite to work in English football.
    “To work at Arsenal. He worked with Edu Gaspar.
    “There is the intention, negotiations have started.”
    The journalist didn’t disclose what role Tite would be in line for, but it is highly unlikely he would be considered to replace Mikel Arteta in the dugout.

    All the other news outlets say he is here to replace Arteta including coughtoffside and football 365….most of us don’t think so

  12. If Ramsdale, Martinelli & Tomi had been available eight of the team selected against Villa would have been bought on Edu’s watch

    Cedric was also brought in under Edu and actually I think Leno probably was as well, possibly even Laca, I can’t remember, that would leave Saka and ESR (there’s a song there somewhere!) as guys who have come through the ranks to make up the team

    There seems to be a consensus just now that we have a good team that will get Champions League football next season and are young enough and capable enough to kick on to better things

    Arteta, who again most fans now seem to think is the right guy to take us forward was brought in by Edu

    But because Edu brought in Willian before the start of last season he’s bad at his job?

    I doubt that there is anything in this story at all but extremely unlikely that this guy would be someone we would be looking at as team Manager

    However Edu could be moving on himself, headhunted, found something that suits him better or just wants to go back home to Brazil (who knows), and has been charged by Kroenke with handling his own succession plan, he could be talking to Tite about that?

    Arsenal have improved quite a bit over the last 18 months or so and of course Arteta should take a lot of credit for that but so should the players, Edu and Josh Kroenke in my opinion

    By the way, Many Happy Returns on your 40th Birthday Gaffer

    1. Not just the Willian debacle, but the totality of his decisions, both good and bad.

      Willian a flop, Martinelli has been brilliant.
      Cedric solid backup, Mari a busted flush.
      He wanted Royal at RB? Thankfully Arteta went with Tomi.

      Let’s not forget Ceballos flop, but Odegaard has been emense. White was Arteta choice, not Edu.

      The Arthur Melo debacle, thankfully someone higher up (maybe Josh?) killed that transfer before Juve mugged us for their trash.

      Not to mention losing Mavro for 2 million and Guendouzi for 8 million coming up soon. Add the other devaluations as well.

      Edu hasn’t been terrible, but hasn’t been fantastic either. Another great Summer could swing things and him into high praise.

      But getting nearly £250 million to spend plus another kitty this Summer, one would expect talent and improvement brought in.

    2. Ramsgate, Whyte, Tommy Lokoga and Nuno were Arteta purchases. Edu was just asked to do the deal

      His palling around with Kia and the sacked Raul seen holidaying together makes Edu corrupt by association

      He only knows the Brazilian market hence his interest in Brazilian players

  13. Had it not been for Arteta, Arsenal would not have signed Thomas Partey, Ben White, Ramsdale, Odegaard and Tomiyasu. Edu could not convince the Kroenke family to buy Partey and he had different choices for the players Arteta wanted. I have never been impressed with Edu in dealing with transfers, because of his poor negotiations skills and his incompetence to complete deals swiftly and expediently. If Edu is really interviewing Tite, for replacing Arteta, then Mr. Kroenke needs to sack him immediately, as this is another attempt by Edu to try and undermine Arteta for not letting him have his way (especially with deals made with his super agent friend).

    1. He’s not interviewing to replace him he’s apparently being offered a job higher up , which wouldn’t be a bad thing seeing his knowledge of the Brazilian game .
      Don’t read the article header read the actual article or the dozens that have been printed over the interweb in the last few days .

  14. I think Arteta made it clear he wanted Wenger back at the club, in some sort of senior role. Whether Wenger declined that, Edu did or the Club did, I think that idea has not gone away in someone’s mind?

    Rather like United are planning with Rangnick, I think that is in the mind of Arteta.

  15. Ramsgate, Whyte, Tommy Lokoga and Nuno were Arteta purchases. Edu was just asked to do the deal

    His palling around with Kia and the sacked Raul seen holidaying together makes Edu corrupt by association

    He only knows the Brazilian market hence his interest in Brazilian players

  16. The comments on here are ridiculous. How the hell do people seem to know the inner workings of arsenal? As a director of football they probably have meetings to discuss players that we are looking at, and come to a consensus together. Saying “this player was his, and this player was his” just show complete lack of understanding of how things would LOGICALLY happen.

    All i believe is what I see on the pitch. Im happy with that and as long as we are bringing in quality players and improving as a team, I wont pretend to have some clairvoyant knowledge about what happens behind the scenes.

    And anyway, the improvements that have been made just show how little these people actually know about what is going on. Thank god that arsenal is run by these people, and not the fans

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