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Is Emery going to play some of his first XI in the Europa League?

I was absolutely certain that Unai Emery would be using all Arsenal’s squad players when Vorskla come to visit tomorrow and even wrote a post about who would Emery pick from his reserves. According to, Vorskla’s most valuable player is only worth 750,000 so you wouldn’t have to win many jackpots on the online slots to pay for the whole team, so why would an Arsenal manager risk playing your top players?

But according to the coach in yesterday’s press conferencce, the Spaniard says he will pick his best XI so they can continue to practise his Emeryball tactics, and also said that some players could play tomorrow and at the weekend. He said: “For me, every match, each moment, is about finding the best performance with the players. We have four competitions this season. Tomorrow is the Europa League, Sunday is Premier League, then it’s Carabao Cup and then we’re going to play in FA Cup.

“I want the same thing for every player because each match is important. The second situation is that we need to give minutes to the players who can produce the best performance for us. The best 11 will play tomorrow so that we can continue to improve in our way both tactically and individually. What’s important for us is to produce a winning performance but also to continue to improve.

“I told the players the same thing that I’ll tell you. The Premier League is the first competition because it’s giving us a big responsibility, maybe bigger than the others, in the season. There are 38 matches, so your first analysis is like this. Other competitions are very important too.

“Today, we are only thinking about giving our supporters the first performance and a good 90 minutes on the pitch at the Emirates. We are excited about every match. I want to give the players the same excitement when they are at the Emirates. Then we are going to think about Sunday. First is tomorrow. Tomorrow we are going to change things to give players the opportunity to find minutes, to find confidence on the pitch and then maybe tomorrow’s players can play on Sunday too.”

This would suggest to me that he could play the first team players that don’t seem to have grasped his tactics yet, like our defence, which seems to have struggled so far by any measure. I would imagine he thinks it is important to start our Europa League campaign with a nice win under our belts, so perhaps tomorrows team selection is going to be a bit more interesting than usual!

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21 thoughts on “Is Emery going to play some of his first XI in the Europa League?

  1. gotanidea

    I hope he would give all players the same opportunities, no favoritism and no tolerance towards the underperforming players

    I think he would most likely use his main defenders, but maybe he could change some of his midfielders

  2. Grandad

    I suspect what Emery says and actually means are lost in translation given he has been only learning the language for 4\5 months..Rotation of the squad is a must for a number of reasons not least the danger of burning out certain players who are regular first team picks..In addition now can be assess the strength of the squad unless he tries out the likes of Lich,Holding and Mav in meaningful matches such as the Europa Cup games.I mention these defenders as this is the area where we are weak.Players such as Bellerin , Czech and Mustafi are not of the quality we need so we really must try out others who may prove to be better.From what I’ve seen young Mav could well make the grade.

    1. jon fox

      Well said and though his English IS making progess, I still struggle to understand exactly what he is trying to say in Press Conferences. I long for the day, soon hopefully, when those three players you list are gone for ever from Arsenal. Mav should be a regular NOW in PREM MATCHES and would be were I in charge.

  3. ken1945

    Well at last I can boast about having real insider information.
    This was posted out to me ( as a season ticket hollder) from Head Office:

    ARSENAL LEGENDS vs F.C.VORSKIA k.o. 7.45 Thursday 20th September.

    So could we be seeing the greatest team ever yet again strutting their stuff?

    As soon as Gazidis leaves, we start getting top top players again!!!!!!!

    1. Phil

      I too got that Ken.Line up for tomorrow
      Dixon Adams Keown Winterburn
      Viera Brady
      Woodcock Bergkamp Henry

      PS (Hillier in there for Jon Fox)

      1. ken1945

        Phil, what no Sanoga up front?

        Not sure about Woodcock either, rather have Malcom Macdonald.

        subs: Geordie Armstrong, Pat Jennings, Sol Campbell, Gilberto, Kenny Sansom and managed by Arsene Graham (so that defence and attack are rightly coached to perfection), with Herbert Chapman as the owner and David Dein as the CEO.

        1. Phil

          Ken-I was always a huge Tony Woodcock fan.He signed for us over Bob Paisley’s Liverpool saying he wanted to play for THE Arsenal.That swung it for me.He WANTED to play for the Club.We were a good side at the time but not a great side.A couple more Tony Woodcock’s would have made us a great side.

      2. jon fox

        Loved the Hillier dig Phil, but I am too long in the tooth to rise to that bait. REMIND ME THOUGH HOW MANY ENGLAND CAPS HE WON!( Sorry Phil, I did rise to it after all. Can’t trust me an inch!)

          1. jon fox

            good one Phil, and if we said he was therefore like Martin Peters in being “ten years ahead of his time” then only us oldies would have a clue what we mean. In fact we oldies could have private conversations on here , about long ago ,as the kids wouldn’t have a clue what we were on about. I may be wrong in calling YOU an oldie though . I am 68 and still think of myself as late middle age. Sadly, those who know me don’t agree. I wonder why!

  4. Xxnofx

    Are the fans on here happy to be playing in this embarrassing competion ?
    I would rather we just concentrated on the league than play teams that quite frankly most have never heard of .
    How the mighty have fallen .

    1. Phil

      No of course we are not happy about playing in this competition.But the fact is we were not good enough for the last two seasons to qualify for the CL so we have no choice other than to try and win the competition.It gives Emery the chance to bring in a few players for some game time and Leno is the one who we will be most keen to see.
      And as much as it is without doubt second tier European Football I can think of 14 other teams that wish they were playing tomorrow in our place.

      1. ken1945

        Also Xxnofx, I don’t think Atletico Madrid would echo your thoughts.
        I trust Emery to approach all four competitions we are in with a professional attitude.
        As fans we still await Emery’s ideas on how/where he sees the players from his squad playing and in what formation.
        I’m actually looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.
        Not CL but hey, let’s try for the second time to win the second tier european trophy.

        1. jon fox

          Ken , I loved your final post on the previous thread. I wanted to reply but there was no reply option. Not an “old f..t at all” and right up my street.

  5. Alldwayfromafrica

    Given the fact the we have never won this ” embarrassing competition” I don’t mind us playing in it and as pointed out by Phil we haven’t been good enough these part years and don’t deserve playing in the championship league..
    Hope to see some rotation especially with leno so I can finally see how good he his with the ball on his feet..and lichsteiner..we really need to see more those players we haven’t playr much this season.

  6. Break-on-through

    He’ll make allot of changes with the Eve game being priority, but he might have a couple big hitters on the bench. Mkhit, Danny, Iwobi, Holding, Mavro, Litch, Leno, Elneny, Guendzi, so it’ll still be a strong line up compared to FC V. I hope Litch plays his way onto the first team, our CB’s have a good opportunity too. None on that selected back four have nailed down their place, so the guys need to really put their name in the hat. The biggest hurdle will be that they haven’t competitively played together regularly.

      1. jon fox

        That is a great pity. I would have MAV as a regular oin thr Prem too. He woud be my first CB choice of all

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