Is Emery key to Arsenal success? Or the players?

The Manager, tactics or Players, which is most important? Adewole

The Complexity of the modern football game.

The modern football game continues to evolve and as such become a complex game to read or analyse. Complexities ranging from technology, fitness, stats, analysis, and most importantly tactics, all of these things shape up to make the modern game so complex.

You cant talk about the game without mentioning the fans of course, as they are the bed rock of any successful and relevant sports not to mention football, which thrives so much on the passion of its supporters which in turn adds to the complexity of the game. For any successful team, the fans satisfaction must always be considered because without them, there is no show…

Thus, i have been asking myself, for a team to be successful, what is the most important factor?
The players, or the manager? If you want to consider the trend now, one would likely say the manager. Modern football with its do or die nature expects managers to become magicians, they have to always achieve certain targets in a particular period of time and failure to do that will cost their jobs, things like the quality of players, fitness of the players, competitiveness, team chemistry, spending power, to name a few does not really matter anymore. The manager is still expected to come up with some sort of “Almighty tactics” to always overcome the opponents.

For every failure on the pitch, the manager has to answer for while the players who are actually responsible for results receive little or no blame as the case may be. Add in fans opinions, “the omniscience” pundits, the “ever perfect” analysis of so called legends or ex-players and you will see how complex the modern game is.

To quote Le Prof…”Look, it is difficult to please everyone because everybody has an opinion”.
The ball boy, the mascots, the kits manager, the pundits, the fans, the “pitch” has an opinion on how the game should be played, on how the manager should have avoided that loss…the manager does one thing, everyone comes out to say “oh, he should have done it this way and vice versa.

A lot of things determine a manager’s success, ranging from the players,tactics and most importantly, TIME. The modern game does not really care about the long term, but the short term, the modern day fans want glory at all cost, not careful building and planning.

From an Arsenal point of view, it is evident that the appointment of Unai has lifted the spirits around our club, fans are united and looking forward to the new season with great excitement and EXPECTATIONS are soaring HIGHER everyday, which makes me fear for the new man. But amid all these, are the fans of the modern game ready to support the new man through thick and thin? Are they willing to give him enough TIME? Will they complain at the first sign of failure?

No matter how good Unai might be, he is not a magician and will need time to change the mentality of most of our players and this change can’t happen overnight. We could be lucky but if we are not, our duty as fans is to always be positive and show SUPPORT!

Lets us “bind” every spirit of the modern day fanatism and offer our undying support for the club we love. Maybe if time permits me some other day, we will discuss more on the Complexities of the Modern game as there are surely more factors to highlight. Right now, i already feel like a bore with my rantings…feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section.

Upwards and onwards



  1. auba arsenal of lagos says:

    At this point its Emery.
    Who brings in the players?
    Who blends them?
    Who does the tactics
    Who inspires them
    Who merge the clubs ambition whit that of his and the fans and that of the players?
    We could go on and on but the answer is right there very obvious EMERY!!!!!!

  2. kev says:

    Based on the players which are being tied down to contracts and those who we are hearing he’s going to be building the team around Emery’ s tactics are going to be very very important this season.
    He also has to help some players with their mentality to account for their lack of talent.I just hope things don’t backfire because Emery’s strength lies in defense and for that you need a solid backline not some inconsistent defenders.

    1. Arsene Wenger. says:

      I think that’s the reason he is bringing new faces to protect Leno.All the defenders for last season are not up to expecto

  3. auba arsenal of lagos says:

    Monday announcements:
    Sokratis signs for arsenal
    Torreira will complete his move to arsenal after WC
    Ever banega to arsenal gathers pace
    By Friday:
    Welbeck to leave arsenal
    Lucas Perez and Joel Campbell to resume arsenal training
    Ospina will join fernabache
    Ever banega to complete arsenal move

  4. jon fox says:

    The answer to your question is “THE FANS”. Without any manager who has ever managed clubs still survive and thrive . Same without any player who has ever played. BUT without fans the club is dead, at least at top level. This is the main reason Wenger was sacked when the owner saw consistent fan power , ie EMPTY SEATS, in operation. Next in importance, but a distant second, to the fans, is the manager. A further distant third is the players, who come and go all the time. Fans stay true, and that proves which is the most important. BY FAR. A moments proper thought should lead anyone with any real life experience to the same conclusion.

    1. Ingleby says:

      Unfortunately Wenger thought the priorities were Owners followed by Players with Fans a distant third who didn’t understand that football was art first and ambition second. Very strange from a once great manager but I can’t now shed any tears and look forward to seeing the ‘new Arsenal’ perform under Emery.

      1. jon fox says:

        HEAR hear to that!

        1. Phil says:

          @Ingleby-you were nearly correct but not quite.
          Wengers priorities were these and in this order

          The Owner
          The Board Members
          His entire Coaching(sic) and Backroom team
          The Players
          Whichever TV Channel willing to pay for his appearing on International or CL games
          His own Agent
          Blah Blah Blah -add any other 100 you can think of
          And finally -THE FANS

          And he wondered why he was SACKED

    2. Goonerboy says:

      Chief Jon, ( Royal highness)?

      Spot on as usual.
      What do you think about the task before, like what is that immediate thing he has to improve on from last season?

      My opinion? I think he has just ONE major task and that is to improve our away form, if he can do that and maintain our home form, we will surely challenge for the title..

      1. Goonerboy says:

        * what do you think about the project before Enery, the immediate thing he has to do to improve the team*

  5. Lugdush says:

    Torreira > 2 william carvalho

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Within football, success will always be a mixture of quality managers, quality players, and the environment you’re competing in. E.g. you can be an average manager, but be a huge success at a club like Barcelona, because of the players being so good. Or you could have zero competition like at Bayern, Juventus, or Celtic, making success pretty much guaranteed every season.

    I think at Arsenal right now, we have a quality manager, but the squad isn’t that great, especially in the defensive areas. What gives me hope, is that Emery has the ability to do a Simeone, and squeeze consistent performances out of seemingly average players.

    Our biggest problem is the environment we’re competing in. Most, if not, all of our rivals will probably outspend us in the summer, but more importantly, is the fact the Premier League has so many top quality managers these days. The league is so competitive now, that anyone can beat anyone else, on any given day. Apart from Arsenal beating a rival away from home of course!

      1. Ozziegunner says:


    1. Goonerboy says:

      Well said!

  7. barryglik says:

    Of the 26 PL Champions only
    Leicester was not a super club.
    Blackburn was rich when they won.
    Utd 13 Chelsea 5 Man City 3 Arsenal 3 are the richest clubs.
    This is proven even more as since City and Chelsea
    received oil money they have become the dominant clubs.
    1st. Money.
    2nd. The top class players you can buy.
    3rd. Manager to turn the squad into a title winning group.
    4th. Leicester gives hope to every one else that once
    in a 100 years a non super club can win.

  8. Footfetisharsenalboy says:

    Good manager and better players we need

  9. ruelando says:

    Both coach and players are of equal importance to where or in which position Arsenal finish for the upcoming season.

    The coach has to ensure he has the type of players needed to carry out his pressing game plan and also must have tactics that affect his opponent game plan.

    The players must be prepared to sweat blood and tears for the Arsenal cause, by following the coach instructions and executing the instructions to the best of their abilities.

    Also we as the fans must become the 12th man where ever we play in whatever condition, because not only the coach and players represent the arsenal, but we are THE ARSENAL

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    We need to bring in Mbappe….

    Emery needs to visit his home in Paris

    1. Michael says:

      Since Wenger left, you’re about bringing every player that kicked the ball into the net.

      I hope you’re ready to dole out your billions for him

      That’s a taste of your own medicine hahahaha

  11. Chiza says:

    It’s one thing to have a quality coach, is another thing to have great tactics, and lastly is one thing to have the players to implement those tactics on the field of play…. Coach comes first, tactics come as the second and lastly the players……… Even the great Barcelona team failed under Tata Martino…. So it is not all about having great players

  12. auba arsenal of lagos says:

    Pavard is a Wenger signing

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