Is Emery the biggest problem at Arsenal?

I am Larry Dunlop and I can say that I am currently a “very frustrated” Arsenal fan, like many many others. The season is still very young but most fans would say they we had a “much better than expected” summer transfer window. We had the BIG signing of Pepe coming in, along with David Luiz a shock and the surprise of Iwobi going out. The squad is still not at full strength (Holding, Bellerin and Tierney out) as as usual our defence is still the main liability.

Our Coach Emery is now at the beginning of his second season in charge but.. “what did he learn from last season, his first in the Premier League?”

To be honest and frank with you, my beloved Arsenal fans, this is my analysis of our Coach Unai Emery: “HE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO GET US BACK TO THE TOP FOUR IN THE LEAGUE”. I believe Arsenal has the current squad of players capable to finish in the TOP FOUR this year but our Coach is the REAL problem. He is lacking something, and I feel that he is “experimenting” with the team selection. His team selection for all the gamesso far this season are questionable. Even the Sky TV Pundits and The Debate Forum analysts question his starting lineups and substitutions.

I have decided to expect very little from our team and our Head Coach this season. Its too stressful to watch a game so I will only watch the post-game highlights. I sincerely hope that he resigns early or gets sacked. Arsenal is a BIG and successful football club with a strong global brand. The Owners and the Board should know that Emery is not the right coach for the job. I hope they don’t wait too long to realize that themselves.

“I love to win and can accept losing, but I can’t accept how we lose”.

Our coach is simply not good enough for Arsenal….

Larry J Dunlop


    1. It’s very disappointing the way Arsenal in being handled by Emery. The substitution against Watford was completely wrong. How will a coach substitute the game maker. Emery quality is questionable, the earlier something is done about it the better.

    2. I agree with you.
      As a motivational leadership speaker. I don’t consider U.Emery as tactically good enough. A visionary coach should have used last season break to evaluate his team performance and know what he needed to achieve success in a competitive league. Without PEP last season we still got decent goals ahead of Chelsea and Tottheham so the issue is not adding PEP. But to buy a strong defensive midfielder and an experienced defender apart from William Saliba. Even if expensive like PEP. We are yet to replace A.Ramsey.Liverpool coach-G.Klop bought V.Dighk to improve their leaKing defense and they won Champions league. They also do high pressing. Does U. Emery knows the real players needed to achieve result in a difficult league and what is his Arsenal plan or philosophy?. It’s a shame Arsenal coach said after Watford game that Watford are physically stronger than Arsenal. Then what’s his training style.

  1. Raul Sanllehi seems like an intelligent man. And Josh Kroenke is more involved in club affairs now and has his fathers ear. I don’t think Emery will be here past May, if he even makes it that far.

  2. Lmao..Really guys you won’t believe how much I laugh at your reactions so far.
    So everybody’s seeing Emery as the average manager he is now and everybody’s blowing up???
    Feck me sideways!!?
    This man showed what a poor manager he is last season, all through that unbeaten run of a scam, you know the unbeaten run we were playing poorly and getting lucky wins?
    The one fans were saying it’s what top teams do? win lucky and dirty once a while?
    Only problem is it wasn’t happening once a while, we kept getting lucky and outplayed and everyone stayed blind.
    Jesus!! all of a sudden y’all expect improvements from the man?
    I mean well, he seems to be getting worse, that to me is an improvement though.
    If you ain’t good at something, at least be very bad at it, and that’s what he’s showing.
    Well, what do I know?
    I’m just a football lover

    1. Yesterday Was a disgrace so we have a right i like the manager but hes not doing it and we have better players now and still wenger like results.

  3. Good and genuine concern Larry. Every fan here should stop justifying the role of the coach. We are watching week in and out that Arsenal are not playing decent football meaning they do not have a clue of what their responsibilities are. It is established that these guys playing for Arsenal are Footballers who are paid to play the game but one should also understand they play their game based on the instructions from the head coach. So the blame is on Emery. Forget winning and losing atleast play the game where the fans get to acknowledge the hard work and be proud of the team. Emery is reducing Arsenal to joke with his Comedy of Errors.

  4. He’s bland with no style, can’t coach and tactics? Yeah that playing out from the back is going well isn’t it?
    By the way, I’ve been calling him out from day one. He’s a fraud.

    1. I do agree with playing from the back, but that is with polished teams. Even Barcelona are having issues playing from back to front and they relieve pressure by playing the long ball due to their age and quality. Truly from this style, only one team can in the EPL this year, and they are Liverpool. ManCity defensive issues, Chelsea defensive issues, ManU defensive issues. Sad part about this is, most of these teams have made changes. I will wait on our injured players to return, prior to calling for a sack. But every single point matters.

  5. Coach that hate attacking midfielders like carzola,ozil,ramsey,rene ,iwobi etc, is that a coach who want to win?

    1. He doesn’t hate attacking midfielders, proven by the inclusion of Ozil and Ceballos in the starting line-up yesterday

      Apart from that, he used four playmakers to control the game, despite the ineffectiveness of the tactic

      I predict all would be forgiven after we beat the likes of Eintracht, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest, then got punished by Man United on the 30th

      I don’t think he would get sacked unless Man United embarass us at Old Trafford

  6. That is not an analysis pal ?
    I think our board will wait until the end of this season, they have been very patient with Wenger and I expect the same with Emery. The bigger problem is who will replace him?
    This club culture rewards managers like Wenger and Emery. Soft spoken, positive, cultured, shield their players, and so on. Would our board appoint “brash” managers like Jose, Diego Simeone, Klopp, etc? I don’t think so. They will clash with our culture and won’t last here. Per said in his biography about our culture and so the cycle will continue.
    In my opinion, we need someone who is brave enough to confront his players and hold them accountable, not pamper them like Wenger and Emery. Drastic, brazen, strong-willed, we need some characters.

    1. I don’t think Emery has been pampering Ozil and Mustafi. But I agree that we need a brazen character as our new manager

      Regarding Arsenal’s preference in hiring soft spoken managers, I see Allegri as one of them and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is hired in the summer

      1. Yeah gotanidea, he may be appointed because we are after proven managers.
        I’m okay with anyone as long as he can fix our defense ?

    2. The abuse on Wenger in this forum is terrible, in the history of EPL only 1,2 or 3 coaches can truely be said that is better than Wenger, we were privileged to have Wenger its obvious we never appreciated his efforts,we thought emry will be a consolation to our repeated abuse on him its a pity we got it wrong, we r lucky we still have the likes of aubu and lacca in this its a shame that despite the hyped applause bn given to the new management not even a single match winner have bn brought to this team, what a shame! We r now jealous of Liverpool and city that is how they used to be jealous of us under Wenger!

  7. Very true with all your comments.
    I have said all this last year ,
    We played over 50 games last season and 5 this season out of those games id say we played 5 really good performances ,
    Thats not good enough ,and could he please stop that shite pass around when we have a goal kick its inviting pressure and please emery when everyone fit dont play kolas…sok…luiz..xakai…in important matches …hope he plays this team…
    Bellerin. Holding. Chambers. Tierney

    Torrer. Gunnez
    Pepe. Lacca. Auba..

  8. I really wish we go back to the 3 cb’s system and stop playing Xhaka as our CDM, If we play with 3 at the back with Chambers on the center i really don’t care who else makes the missing 3 but chambers playing in the center in a hybrid position of CB and CDM I think he will do a great job, and then it will give Kola and Niles more freedom to attack as i believe they perform way better as Wingbacks, Please Emery make this your Starting 11 until Laca comes Back
    I would rather play our players rather thank our loaned player, maybe Willock for Ceballos and ceballos replacing Ozil or Pepe,

    1. Interesting, Chambers as a libero. Yeah Emery may resort to the back three to solve the defensive crisis. I hope the holding midfielders are as you suggested, Emery is head over heels for Xhaka and Guenduozi at this moment.

      1. or Luiz as the Libero would work, But Emery will surprise us vs Frankurt with a Xhaka and Guendouzi midfield you can bet.

  9. This coach Is the wostest coach i ever see in my international live. Emery u want to kell Arsenal with our gun. God will not let u. U don’t have formation. No game change i don’t think u are capable to coach ARSENAL MY NAME IS RISE FROM LAGOS NIGERIA

  10. Like myself, most fans gave Emery a free pass last season given all of the huge changes going on within the club, on and off the pitch. I think that was fair. So we’re essentially judging him from this season onwards…which is only 5 games old. Is it fair to judge someone on so few games, where he has also been crippled with injuries? Even going back to last season, when was the last time Emery had a chance to field anywhere near his best team? Do lots of injuries to key players not weaken a team?

    I am not blind to the problems though. Last season, Emery’s in game management was some of the best in the league, with his subs being the most effective out of all teams when I saw that stat towards the end of last season. But that’s now changed this season. Emery is fast becoming Wenger 2.0. No plan B, no penetration, shocking defending, bizarre team selections, and substitutions, players in the wrong positions, and not even reviewing player performances. How does Xhaka start every game? Why does Chambers get overlooked for Luiz, and Sokratis? Ceballos maybe only a loan player, but he’s clearly our best midfielder, so why isn’t he playing all the time, and in his best position?

    The players seem very lost at times, and I get the impression that maybe Emery is overloading them with information, as we know how meticulous he is. Wenger wouldn’t give the players enough information on their opponents, and I feel Emery gives them too much. I do feel our poor defending is more of a cultural issue than anything, which I will explain more in an article.

    I am standing by what I said last season. He gets a free season, then I’ll judge him, which is what I am doing now. He has not impressed at all this season, but I am not too worried at the moment given how many key players we’re missing. When Emery has his best starting XI fit or almost his best starting XI fit, then it will be interesting to see what he can do.

    But if Emery keeps playing the likes of Luiz, then he only has himself to blame. Talking of Luiz, are we looking at one our biggest flops of all time? 3 goals conceded in just 4 games directly from his mistakes, and he also played a big part in Spur’s first goal with yet more shocking defending. Luiz is making Mustafi look like VVD!

    1. Sensible comment ?
      Regarding Luiz, because Emery worked with him at PGS. He hasn’t been moving on from his previous players. Denis Suarez, Nzonzi (I heard UE was very keen to be reunited with him, but the board didn’t sanction the deal because they prefer Torreira), and so on.
      I bet he thinks Torreira lacks the physical stature, hence he plays Guenduozi.

  11. No. Not yet.

    I don’t see a major problem at the moment that can’t be fixed.

    I’m happy to give him more time

    I still support Emery until January at least

  12. Emery has no I idea about how to build a team,all he continue doing is experimenting. From the day Emery was appointed even with out watching his team I know we are in trouble. The problem here is not that we are not winning,the issue is that he has destroyed everything about arsenal,he has destroyed our beautiful football and as well as possession game.

    1. Very true. Under Wenger even when losing Arsenal still play well and give the fans value for their money. I now sleep while watching arsenal matches, the games are boring and it will only take a mistake from the opposing team for Arsenal to luckily score.

      “WENGER BACk” give us our old Arsenal

  13. An excellent response Third Man with which I agree wholeheartedly.To keep on playing centre backs who are clearly not fit for purpose will harden the attitude of the most rational of fans.

  14. Emery is arsenal problem he don’t have regular starting 11 no captain no tactics he keep on gambling every week doing wrong substitution playing out from the back emery is not a good coach to coach arsenal

  15. I completely agree that Arsenal needs a new coach. We have the players to be top 4 at the end of
    this season but with this coach I doubt it. His selections and tactics are questionable.

  16. Like alot of fans on here and in general when the announcement of emery was confirmed as coach I was neither impressed nor disappointed as I was so desperate for a change in vision and direction u could have employed robbie savage as coach and most would have been happy!! But we ended up with Emery a coach who was known to have highly detailed “information” about players, clubs, game management and tactics.. IMO he is a fraud!! Here we are 16months into his reign and already fans calling for his head.. let’s be honest most of us gave him his 1st season as a “freebie” a chance to make his team his own bringing in new players shifting out deadwood.. finding a settled 1st 11 and adapting formations and tactics to the relevant opponent. Now we are in to year 2 and I struggle to see a settled 1st 11!! formations, tactics and substitutions are quite frankly laughable and amateurish.. the constant change in formation and tactics is doing my head in.. i dread seeing the team line ups on match day because we all know emery will cock it up someway or another.. continuously playing players out of position.. keeping the same players in starting 11 who keep making mistakes week in week out and play 90mins no matter how crap they play is the same rubbish we all moaned about wen wenger was in charge!!
    All the people that say we had a decent summer spending and once injuries improve we will improve.. well 12months ago people on here was slating rob holding, chambers and bellerin as not good enough they lack defensive understanding and now we are pinning all our Hope’s on these guys coming back after 6plus months out to hit the ground running.. its laughable and not gonna happen.. Tierney I hope will be a good signing but he will need time to settle in and to be honest the way emery sets his defence up he will be all over the place like the others!! Its a shambles and I hope that emery sorts this out because if he doesn’t its his head on the chopping board

    1. Chambers and Holding should be our first choice pairing at CB with the 2 Greeks as back up.

      To make that ready for Villa, let’s play Chambers and Holding against Frankfurt. Then against Forest play the Greeks with Luiz sitting in front of them. After that Forest match I want to see our best x1 playing all Friday-Monday matches.

      Bellerin chambers holding tierney
      Pepe Guendozi Ceballos Aubameyang

      With our 2nd x1 playing Tuesday-Thursdays

      Niles Sokratis Dino Kolasinac
      Nelson Willock Ozil Smith-Rowe

  17. Well, just wondering, when you said emery is not good enough, is it about how we play or about getting back into the big 4? Play enjoyable football but end up out of big 4 or Mourinho’s play-for-the result style and get back into the big 4? Don’t say play beautiful attacking football and get back into the big 4, it’s kind of too much considering the quality of the players. If it is just get back into the big 4 then just wait until the end of the season. To be honest, top 2 will be for City and Liverpool. Pochettino has already proved his long hard work by consistently bringing spuds into Champions league. It leaves us to compete with United and Chelsea. Still manageable I guess considering they’re both also struggling. Seeing how close we were both in premier league top 4 target and European league. Sacking Emery wouldn’t be a wise option as the replacement most probably someone who has even less reputation. Remember, reputation wise, Emery handed European trophies and former PSG coach, so he is a considerably top coach. How many top coaches left out there that you think would be better than him and willing to manage Arsenal? United and Chelsea maybe struggling but with the money and reputation they have it would be easy to get top coach every season, but not Arsenal.

  18. From what I noticed so far in all of Arsenal games this season. Arsenal coach need to improve tactically. No Philosophy or playing pattern yet. How long is U.Emery going to keep expermenting his formation? that should have been done last season. U. Emery seem not to even know the kind of players he needed to achieve result in a difficult competitive legue. Our only then box to box defensive midfielder (A. Ramsey) is yet to be replaced instead we bought PEP. Our last season duo of Lacazette & Auba are still the one scoring. Hunnnnn, I am not too optimistic this season.

  19. Unai is not a gud coach,its better we consider for Mikel arteta or even Vieira,actually it,s better we play a direct football with long passes rather than sideways futbal,then we have to sell xhaka,sokratis,luiz

  20. I am ashamed to see Arsenal play like school boys. Drop some players and they will sit up. Play Chambers and Holding at centre backs and they will deliver. Drop Luis. Torerra’s mind is not in the Premiership because it is too tough for him. He goes down easily. No good and powerful midfielder to drive the ball forward to the strikers. Very sad and confused coach.

  21. Emery is useless… This arsenal team has no identity.. Can someone please tell me what Emery’s philosophy is.. How can a coach not play to his teams strength.. till now, he doesn’t have a first eleven.. Starts the dreadful xhaka in all our games.. He is even the club captain(laughable).. Makes rubbish substitions that’s if he doesn’t start the wrong eleven to begin with…

  22. Now here are a few problems I have seen in the team
    (1). Emery is weak: When he came into the team last season, we saw some glimpses of the pressing and it was good. We could press teams like Chelsea and United. Something we haven’t seen in a long time. One would think that it will continue and improve but boom, it vanished into thin air. Now why did it stop all of a sudden? The only thing I can imagine is players complaining of working too hard. So what did he do, instead of standing to his ground and implementing his philosophy, he succumbed to the players.

    (2). The team has a low average stamina. What I mean here is that we are far behind other players when it comes to man-marking to win the ball. Now a lot of people ask why Emery often picks Xhaka. Answer is simple he’s one of the players with high stamina (a one eyed man in the land of the blind). A team so weak that Xhaka is one one the strongest.

    (3). No motivation: And this goes down to the manager too. I remember Mourinho telling his players in Inter things that spurred them up to beat Barca in a 2 legged know out with old men. After we went 49 games unbeaten, I watched United play us on that 50th game as though their lives depended on it. Where does that come from? The manager.

    (4). 5 captains: Has anyone bothered why he’s choosing 5 captains? because he doesn’t want to step on toes. If he choses Xhaka, Socratis will not be happy, if he chooses Laca, Xhaka will be mad. and a manager does not have the nerves to say what he wants…

  23. No, Emery is not the problem at Arsenal. The problem is lack of confidence and ? fans.

    People complain of lack of identity and style, to me I can see what he’s asking of his players. To play out from the back like all the top teams and high intensity pressing as a team.

    He wants to play 433 but he doesn’t have the personnel. 433 + intensity doesn’t work for Ozil. We have no one ready to play on the left in the front 3. Aubameyang is a good compromise, but would but huge pressure on Kolasinac with lack of cover.

    My only complaint would be his love for Xhaka. But to be fair, Cebellos has just joined, Torreira has been injured/recovering/looking tired. AMN needs to be used as RB. Willock needs to be introduced gently and Ozil doesn’t fit with the intense press. I hope now Cebellos has settled a little and Torreira has had a good break that Emery goes with a midfield threesome of Guendouzi + Torreira + Cebellos and gives them a few games to gel.

    Watford played their hearts out, they were fully up for it in the 2nd half.

    1. Yes Emery is the problem, If the other team has already read that you would play from the back and leave you no space to play stop that tactic. We could play 433 if he choose to play the right players in positions where they can give us a Good performance (Emery’s Words) with our current Squad and the preferred players that Unai play every week. HE could Give a Chance to Torreira in his right position playing something like this,(vs Watford he could have replaced Guendouzi with Torreira and nothing more)

      now When we have all our players back without injuries, he has to play diamond442 or 3412(my preferred one because we don’t have exp wingers)

      Tier.HOld.Luiz.Bell (if he gets back to his best)



  24. Let the man do his job…… only team that never lost a league game was the invincibles….. it’s too early in the season to be judging the team. They need our support not this pessimism

  25. .. I watched Chelsea play last season and saw how dreadful luiz was so why on earth did we go for him.. Also anytime I see Maitland Niles play, it annoys me because he is so casual and has that non-chalant attitude when he doesn’t have the talent to back it up.. gendouzi should also stop believing his own hype because he is not that good

  26. True.. emery failed to see the problem last season and miserably continues still into this season. And to play from the back like that?!! We’re not playing against schoolkids you know, 2 or 3 watford players just waited to pounce & n poor sokratis had to take the blame. Its a disaster waiting to happen. Honestly, i think its a stupid set up. Its really frustrating to watch after all the good efforts of auba n co up front. Better start looking around for better manager

  27. I have never since watching Arsenal from 1958 seen such a mis-managed, tactically absurd Arsenal setup. Emery is more like Mandy, Dick Emery’s famous incapable woman. He needs to go soon as he has no idea what is going on. Allegri is the man. Right now.

  28. We have lost our identity under Emery.
    I can’t tell you what style of football we play, I can’t tell you what formation we play, I can’t tell you who is our best X1 is.

    He’s not gonna take us back to the top, I doubt he will even bring us back to top 4. The players are confused, the defence is weak.

    Why would Auba & Laca stay? Why would Torreira stay if he is not getting game time?

  29. Well, u just got some cofee but still not awake. Emery nor any coach nor Tierney Bellerin will solve our pb.

    It is situated in center back area, we have no top CB nor beast DM infront of both CB.

    Everywhere else, we fine… At some point Ceballos made an impressive defensive rescue close to Leno; thought we had a defender doing that…Nope!

    For Kolas or Niles, xhaka gendouzi have to cover Luiz and Sokratis for 90 minutes must be so frustrating. They both gave a free goal anyway.

    Yo all saw Auba, he was just numbed, coulent believe it,like no way out, no matter what he and team do, that central defense area kills it. So happy to score, win, then all shot down, useless, Hope hé doesn’t mentally fall out depressed…Insane!

    1. It can be fixed really I believe in our players and they just have to be played in the right positions and be given tactics that would actually get the best of them,

      We are not strong defensively because tactics have ruined the self-esteem of our defenders.

      Stop playing Xhaka as our CDM Torreira is way BEtter
      Stop Subs when the team does not need to be fixed.

      Vs Watford there was two options that could have been done to protect the lead and don’t lose the midfield.
      1. Guendouzi or Xhaka out and Torreira in as the CDM with a setup of diamond 422 looking like this

      2. Sub Guendouzi with Chambers and setup 343 With Luiz playing as a Libero
      Both options would have helped with keeping the Midfield in control there was no need for the youngsters to play, maybe if we had scored a third goal but no.

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