Is Emery the only top manager that doesn’t rate Aaron Ramsey?

Emery Only Top Boss Not To Rate Ramsey?? by Dan Smith

Now that it’s been confirmed how much Ramsey will be earning at Juventus, I’m less angry about the whole saga. Yes, it’s another player we have let run down his contract, but I wouldn’t want the club to be giving anyone 400,000 a week. Some Gooners already hammer Ozil for getting 350 and not starting each week, we would have been in the same situation with the Welshmen.

Learning just how much interest there was in the midfielder indicates that clearly some of the world’s elite managers rate him a lot more than Unai Emery does. We need to back our new boss and let him build a squad in his image with his ethos and beliefs. Yet no doubt his legacy could be decided by this decision. If in 12-month times we are lacking creativity while Ramsey and Ozil are elsewhere, that to me would be a sackable offence.

How can a person become the highest paid British player to go abroad, when he can’t get into an 11 who have a back 5 and 2 DMs? How come Real Madrid, PSG and Barcelona were also interested at a time Iwobi is being picked over him? For Emery’s sake he had better hope the Nigerian starts working on his final ball. I’m not saying Ramsey deserves such a salary, he’s only gotten into double figures for goals in three years out of 11, always having a period on the side-lines.

It should though make Mr Kroenke realise where the game is headed. If that’s the going rate for a good midfielder, how much for a world class one? How can the American expect to compete with a self-financed model in an era where 400,000 pound a week is the price for an individual that his own employee don’t want.

If Sarri is under pressure for moving Kante out of position, in his first 6 months in the UK, then what about Emery freezing out our two best talents for the price of …………. the same points?

Dan Smith


  1. Sparkles says:

    it doesn’t matter what Ramsey earns. Most of us will admit we haven’t really missed him with the whole time out. he has had some impact from the bench but hasn’t done anything to show he is irreplaceable. Arsenal cant afford that kind of fee. How many players in the EPL earn 400000 pounds? i guess 5 or less. is Ramsey amongst the top 5 players in the league? NO. Let’s move on from this please.

    1. Dboy says:

      Totally agree. Let’s move on and realise that Emery is not responsible for Ramsey holding us at ransom, he inherited this bullocks from Arsene. Now what if Ozil refuses to move and see out he’s contract? We sitting whith a big conundrum. Emery is doing well considering all the rubbish players he has because there was no budget to bring in proper reinforcements. People forget how injury prone Ramsey was until he started playing for a new contract. I will not miss him or Ozil never been a fan of either. I’m confident that Emery will replace them with better players.

  2. gotanidea says:

    If Emery doesn’t rate Ramsey, he wouldn’t assign Ramsey as starter in several matches. Emery just selects his players based on his tactics and some players have to be excluded on some occasions due to the strategy

    This applies to all attacking players, including Ramsey, Ozil, Lacazette, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, etc. The rotation doesn’t really affect the more defensive minded players though

    Emery is not freezing our two best talents, but he chooses the ones that are fit into his strategy for a match and the ones that are healthy/ match-fit

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      gotanidea are you really gonna tired of this excuse you constantly create? I don’t think you will…
      Our Tactics now should involve seven to eight defensive players even against lower table teams, well that’s what we’ve been doing for months, play defensive game and tactics and still leak goals.
      I tried to point out how City’s defense had nothing to do because their attack create so much troubles for Chelsea to the extent Chelsea had to worry about not conceding any more goals..we have an attack capable of scoring goals for fun like that, and we hold em back only to be defensive and we say it’s tactics.

      Regarding Ramsey I don’t think he’ll struggle in any balanced and settled team, he’s a good player, that’s why all top clubs wanted him for free.
      If we sold Ramsey for 30 million we could’ve used that money to sign a fvcking Right back or Left back!!
      The more you think of how much we’ve lost, the more annoying it is

      1. Pat says:

        Gotanidea, Emery select players that fit into his method, his method that hasn’t improved us. Am not sure his selection is brilliant and his method isn’t great. I wait to be corrected. Until we start doing well. He rates Ramsey so much he sent him out of the Club, am sure he rates Ozil so much he got angry because of his salary or his style of playing. He rates his method so much we are an average team. Emery hates Ozil’s defensive work so much, but none of the players he has trust in has defended well, we don’t create enough, we don’t defend well, we lack balance, we lack methods, we lack grit. We will soon become a constant 5/6 in the premier league because every team ahead of us has very good managers and better players.

        1. gotanidea says:

          There is no proof Emery dislikes how Ramsey and Ozil play

          We could waste our time here to discuss about Emery, but the final league position or the EL trophy will prove whether his methods are correct or not

          If he cannot get one of the targets, I believe Arsenal would not hesitate to kick him out. Till then, let’s support the boss of the players

          1. I fully agree with your assessment @Gotanidea!!! ???

          2. Dboy says:

            So do I ???

      2. gotanidea says:

        Emery’s tactics mostly worked, proven by Arsenal’s potential in EPL and EL

        I was a Sanchez’s fan, therefore I understand some fans’ assessment on Ozil. I used to think Sanchez was the main creativity engine that made Arsenal’s attacks very dangerous and letting him go would kill Arsenal’s creativity, so I believe Ozil’s avid fan think similarly

        While that is true to some extent, no player is irreplaceable and it takes eleven players in the field to tango. One or two players cannot single-handedly win a match, especially if the player cannot put in an extra effort for his teammates

        1. Pat says:

          And no manger owns the club and he need players in the right places to make things work, right now we are square pegs round holes. And the result isn’t great to look at. If he criticises a player for doing something wrong that is perfectly understandable and within his responsibilities. But to criticise one player for doing what others are doing is called victimisation. Every player should have the same opportunities, the manger should manage what we have to achieve what we want. I am not saying he should become an instant success but it profits us nothing if we have a need, we have the solution but the manger’s ego is getting in the way. Emery’s loyalty to Arsenal Football Club is less than a year old, Ramsey is over 10 years, Ozil’s is over 5.

          1. Mobella says:

            Pat, you best describes what Emery does to Ozil in this statement of yours… “If he criticises a player for doing something wrong that is perfectly understandable and within his responsibilities. But to criticise one player for doing what others are doing is called victimisation” I will never support any arsenal player being treated this way. It doesn’t have to be Ozil only. He was dropped because he didn’t into Emery’s tactics, which player can say does with the way we play. He doesn’t defend very well, our players have not proven they can defend even when their lives depend on it. The proofs are there for us to see. Ozil cannot play pressing game, only 3 of our players I saw doing that constantly ( Laca, Lucas and Iwobi ) others don’t it. Ozil is known as a world class for his attacking play so put in the attack left, right and center and let him do his thing and others do what they are known for and the team will be better for it. Nobody talks about how Kos can attack with the ball regularlly because that isn’t his job. Nobody crucified ( I don’t )our other defenders when they misplaced a pass as the opposition box or failed to score or make an assist frequently because that is there job on the pitch. But Ozil must not play because he can’t do defensive work. To be honest I won’t have been this defensive of Ozil if this tactics works.

            1. ahmad says:

              Well said. Ozil is being pushed out of the door by Dick, with perhaps the support of the board.

            2. ahmad says:

              Well said. It looks like Ozil is being forced out; but he has multiple times said he is loyal to Arsenal. In other words he is telling them that he is not going anywhere! So we have a dickhead of manager who prefers the club to waste 18MM a year on a player!

    2. Taj aziz says:

      For that emery will take srsenal midtable soon this is plno laliga of he thinks iwobi is a better player we can see how the teaml plays no perten at all thank you but just anothermid team coach

  3. OJay says:

    Sigh you do realize that Emery isnt the only one to fail to get the best out of a player, we dont even need to go too far to see an example i.e Sanchez, his talent was there and everyone one saw this in Barcelona with him even scoring 21 goals and giving 10 assists that same season but was still sold to us, he didnt fit in with what the club was trying to build but did they chose him over the coach? no and its perfectly normal to do so. Emery was brought in to effect a change we badly need and yes if allowing ramsey to go join another top club, the same ramsey which divided so many fans and who is leaving for wages higher than our top earner leave then yes i’m fine with it

    1. Midkemma says:

      Barca was pushing to get Biter, they was replacing him with better quality.
      We are not looking to replace Ozil with better quality.

      Do you like comparing apples and oranges?

      It appears as if Ozil is being forced out of Arsenal, Emery is doing nothing to support Ozil, he could look to get the best out of Ozil which would increase his value and get teams looking at him… Or he can highlight how Ozil doesn’t def well enough in a team full of players who can’t defend well enough.

      1. OJay says:

        don’t put it like Emery didn’t try to use Ozil, you can look for any fault in Emery but don’t say he didn’t give everyone a chance to play in his 6 short months may arsenal everyone has been given game time and what we see now is that he has assessed who plays his type of ball and who doesn’t, he has a choice to make, play those who play with your vision the best they can or fit those who don’t see things same as you in the team and he is making his choice, a right one at that imho as he was called here to rebuild a team. I would have really loved Ozil to stay with us just the same way I wanted Wenger but let’s be real with our selves, we needed the change, I stood by the club when we swapped Wenger and will still be here if we decide to do same with Ozil it’s all for the good of our club man.

        1. Midkemma says:

          I’ll say it.
          Emery hasn’t given him enough of a chance.
          I am not the only one who has noticed it.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Many managers fail with players, but still go on to be successful. E.g. Mourinho with KDB, and Salah, yet Jose still went on to be very successful at Chelsea.

    In regards to Ramsey leaving, and for the millionth time, it was an awful situation of Wenger’s, and Gazidis’s making. Nothing to do with Emery, and the new regime. He already has the useless, and not even fit anymore, Ozil, stuck on a monster wage for another 2.5 years, so they cannot afford to dish out another big wage on an injury prone player, who isn’t even WC. Ask any Arsenal fan over the last 10 years if Ramsey should be a starter, and you wouldn’t get a great response. Ask any journalist, pundit, ex-player, if they think he’s WC, and again, I’d be surprised if any thought he was.

    I said three years ago that they should have sold him after EURO 2016 for huge money.

    1. Boluwatife says:

      Just wondering the kind of Arsenal fans you’re asking. Definitely not the majority that voted him as player of the season. I think you should talk about yourself here

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        He had like one top quality season in ten, maybe two at a push? He’s a decent player, but he’s not going to take us to the next level is he?

        1. Ks-gunner says:

          Halft season

        2. Mobella says:

          I don’t have problem with us allowing Ramsey to go on free transfer. Don’t have problem with Ozil getting sold either at the end of the season. My problem is not playing these players when they are better than those he plays.

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            I can see your point. I don’t have an issue with Emery not playing Ozil, because he has been very poor this season, seems to have no stamina, and clearly doesn’t fit into Emery’s philosophy. If Wenger was still here, then I’d say play him, because Wenger’s system was more set up to get the best out of Ozil.

            Ramsey I would play though more often, because he does okay under Emery. I would have started him against City. But if we’re looking towards next season and beyond, I guess it makes sense to use players that are going to be the future of the club. Give them the majority of the game time instead of Ozil, and Ramsey, so they can develop.

    2. Midkemma says:

      “In regards to Ramsey leaving, and for the millionth time, it was an awful situation of Wenger’s, and Gazidis’s making. Nothing to do with Emery, and the new regime.”

      So why did it appear that Ramsey would be signing a new deal until Gazidis left and Raul took over? Ramsey was pushing for a better wage but it looked like him and Gazidis had come to an understanding.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        I guess the new regime looked at it, and thought, terrible deal. So the new regime would have had an input, but their hands were tied to a degree, is what I was alluding to. Maybe if Ozil was gone. or definitely going, they may have agreed to keeping Ramsey?

        1. ken1945 says:

          TMJW, so what your now saying is the new regime DID have a hand in the saga then?

          Why were their hands tied?
          They took Gazidis’s accepted contract of the table, so how was that having their hands tied?
          They decided to run his contract down, knowing he could sign a pre contract agreement in January, so how was their hands tied, as they made all the decisions?

          They had over eighteen months to sort this out under Huss Fahhy, who was employed to sort out contracts.

          Nothing to do with Wenger then was it?

          Gazidis absolutely correct, because he employed Huss Fahhy, supposedly over AW’s head, to take this area away from him as part of the restructuring that was supposed to stop this kind of situation happening.

          Don’t you remember the outpouring of relief and joy that this was proof that AW was losing the power he had?
          I certainly do and I’m sure you will as well once you’ve thought about it.

  5. Boluwatife says:

    Yes Ramsey, Ozil do not fit to his plans (tactics). When they’ve been used, they’ve largely been ineffective. But we can all see what our dear arsenal has become. Our beautiful game play is all but gone while we’re still not getting results. Apart from Lacazette, I don’t think any of our outfield players have been incredible. Forget Auba’s goals. He’s mostly useless in games.
    All in all, I think it’s becoming obvious the kind of team we’re becoming. If we continue like this, in the next two years, our style will be that of stoke, albeit without aggression

    1. Mobella says:


  6. jon fox says:

    People are moaning about what some see as our “lost beautiful Wenger style football”. Those who DO actually believe that our football over the last several years was “beautiful” must have been on Mars. All I saw was sideways, more sideways and still more sideways passing , without passion, without guts, without desire or even expectation in so many, esp away games. So right now we are hardly pulling in crowds to see our current “beautiful” footbll either. We are still as boring to watch as we were under Wengers last years, BUT WE NOW HAVE , PASSION, GUTS AND DESIRE, at least when Ozil is absent with one of his “sudden illnesses” or “injuries” or sensibly left out. Right now I, for one, am if not thrilled (that would be ridiculous), at least cheered up that we have spirit back. I see many positives in our host of young players coming through and some who were regulars but are now out injured this season. I also see rising stars like Guendouzi, AM-N,ES-R , Nelson, Willock and even Saza and coupled with the new realistic regime who, having staunched the wilful waste of the pittance our owner allowed us, are financailly clued up. They have shown this by wirthdrawing the ridiculous offer previously offered to Ramsey and by doing all they can to shift the calamitous mistake of Ozils hiked and extended contract. We who are realists , and there are still many of us, among the self fooling ones on here, KNOW that Kroenke will always remain a massive handicap and a millstone round our neck BUT that we have to get on as best we can , by allowing the new regime time and space to do their restructuring work and by not OVER criticising what they, the regime, know is VITALLY needed to change, get sold, brought in etc. I am not a total fool and well know Emery has made mistakes in selection , tactics. But I also know that going into MARCH WE WILL QUITE LIKELY BE IN FOURTH PLACE, (having carefully compared the fixtures til MARCH) and this, with a squad full of clown defenders , two creative midfiedlers of talent but both lazy and ineffective(Ozil/ Myki) and a tsunami of squad injuries. I regard that as a near miracle . It seems I may be almost alone in saying so, even though other more silent ones on here may well agree with me. I rate Emery, perehaps more than anyone else is prepared to admit. Or are you, you silent Gooners?

    1. patH says:

      Emery is a good manager if you look at his record of success in some of his previous managerial positions. However he is not in my opinion, in the same class as Masimilliano Allegri. I do believe that Allegri was approached by Arsenal after the departure of Wenger but declined which was no surprise to me.If Allegri and the Juventus board have decided to sign Aaron Ramsey they must rate him pretty highly. Juventus do not waste time and money on average players. This statement is based on following Juventus FC over the thirtytwo years I lived and worked in Turin.

      1. Well then, for the first time in 32 years you are wrong because I have watched Ramsey for 10 years and I can without a doubt say Ramsey is bang on average. Imagine Ramsey on 400K, Ozil 350K, Mkhitaryan! That would have been catastrophic.

        1. Dboy says:

          ?? Ramsey is definitely not WC.

        2. patH says:

          WE will see. I did not say Ramsey was WC. He will play much better in a team which has WC players which Arsenal certainly do not have. Juventus will be in the Champion League so why would any footballer given that opportunity not take it. If Emery considers Ramsey as not part of his plans then its obvious that he would go where he feels that he can further his career and have a chance to win something. I am thinking it will take 40-50 million to find his replacement.

          1. jon fox says:

            I have not seen ANYONE saying Ramsey is rubbish. He clearly is NOT. BUT as you yourself say he is not remotely WC. Nor even that special at Prem top level at all. We who HAVE watched virtually ALL his decade long games, most of them live at the ground(whilst not living in Turin, which would be a long, unlikely and expensive weekly trip!!), KNOW full well his decade long unreliability and know how silly it would have been to leave our once offered £180K-£200K a week on the table. It was sensibly withdrawn . I suggest THIS is a true perspective on the RAMSEY ISSUE. AS TO YOUR RATHER POINTLESS STATEMENT THAT HE WILL PLAY BETTER IN A TEAM FULL OF WC PLAYERS, PLEASE SHOW ME ANY PLAYER WHO WOULD’NT!!!

            1. patH says:

              That he will play better is just my opinion, he well might not. Perhaps the ‘WC Players’ was a little OT but sometimes the obvious in only obvious when pointed out. Reading the statement from the Juventus management about Ramsey’s signing they seems to see qualities in Ramsey that Arsenal do not. I can agree with the need to keep players wages at a sustainable level, which is also commensurate with players value in footballing terms. Arsenal decided the the value Ramsey placed upon himself was not acceptable. End of story and time to move on.

    2. AndersS says:

      I am 100% with your comment Jon Fox

    3. Malik says:

      Emery is a fantastic manager. He’s definitely got it right more than his got it wrong and I firmly believe we’ll make it to the champions league whether via 4th place or EL. What i also rate is even our worst players are working their asses off to get results. I don’t think Ramsey is worth 200k plus let alone 400k so good luck to him and I hope we get a very good replacement

  7. Ka-gunner says:

    Ramsey is overrated and the only problem i have with him being gone is that fact that we lost him for free. In todays football you can even make money out of an average player due of the lack of talent and to many team having to much money. Bye Ramsey. You wont be missed and soon forgoten.

    1. Imagine! Liverpool gets millions in transfer fees even for rubbish like Solanke while we get jack squat for everybody.

  8. AndersS says:

    It is getting kind of boring. Almost everyday DS is posting something “Anti Emery”. Don’t really see the point.

  9. Sue says:

    OT well I’m gutted at Cavani missing the United game tonight…

    1. John Wick says:

      If we were playing PSG tonight Cavani and Neymar would recover in time for the game ? how are you anyway Sue ?

      1. Sue says:

        Haha for sure John & would probably score a brace each!! I’ll just have to rely on Di Maria wanting to get one over on his former team ?
        I’m good thanks John, how about you?

        1. John Wick says:

          Haha no doubt about it ? oh yes I’ll have some of that I really can’t stand that little smug grin on Solskjaers face I want it removed tonight ? I’m well Sue thanks, I watched a film called Mother on Sunday my god it was so confusing I’m still confused ?

          1. Sue says:

            I totally agree! Just got one of those faces ? (bit like Dele Alli ?) yes John it has to be removed sooner rather than later!
            I watched the trailer of it & that was more than enough ? looked really weird!! Haha still confused?!!
            What did you think of the game at the weekend? And the City result? ??

            1. John Wick says:

              And Lingard ? it’s gonna be a crunch game when they come to the Emirates I just hope we beat them this time ? it was ridiculous Sue apparently it was some sort of modern day biblical Adam and Eve set in a house in the middle of nowhere ? oh happy we won not happy conceding in injury time why can’t they keep a clean sheet ? haha that was crazy I was out and checked my phone and saw city were 4 up couldn’t believe it and then ending up 6-0 ? I heard Souness saying top 4 was a straight shootout between United and Chelsea, talking Higuain up like he’s a Messiah or something lol I wonder if he changes his mind after the city game ? ? They were hammered by Bournemouth as well ?

              1. Sue says:

                It certainly will be, we’d better win! Can’t stomach losing yet again at home to them!
                Well I’ll defo swerve that film… I wonder why they bother making some films, especially when the director understands what’s happening but the viewers don’t ??
                City were awesome.. was a really good game.. and what made it even better was we weren’t on the end of it!! Yay someone else lost 6-0.. not just us!!! ? never thought I’d see the day Chelsea getting 2 hammerings so close together!! ?
                Souness really does my head in! Haha he probably has but would never admit it as he’s always right!
                Yes I could have killed Kolasinac!! ? so close to a clean sheet!!

                1. John Wick says:

                  I get more upset losing to United than anyone else I just see the red mist ? I know Sue they have these films rated between 15-18 and if adults can’t understand them how the hell is teens gonna understand them! Another absolute rubbish film was that Get Out it started off well then became an absolute mess ? haha Sarri is doing well then they should have kept Conte ? in fact every one including Arsenal fans wanted Sarri (I wasn’t one of them) he’s in his 60s and has won nothing, couldn’t understand the hype! I can’t stand him they’re all anti Arsenal ? haha yeah not so full of praise for him on Saturday night Sue ?

                  1. Sue says:

                    I really liked Get Out ???
                    Poor Lingard is going off to find the ruby slippers ? bloody Sanchez is on now ?
                    Oh god I wouldn’t want him at Arsenal, I can’t stand his voice & it always looks like he’s having a fab (with his gum hanging out of his mouth- which he got from Bould btw ?) reckon he’ll be sacked soon, especially if they lose to United on Monday.. does that mean Eastenders won’t be on? ☹
                    No I was not impressed… he assisted then scored an OG… nice!

                    1. Sue says:

                      Can’t decide who I hate losing to more…

                    2. John Wick says:

                      Haha very good Sue ruby slippers ? Billy Joel you mean? (The piano Man) ?.that’s nicotine gum haha. He’s mediocre at best I’d much rather have Emery although the jury is still out on him as well ? is it Monday? I thought it was Saturday ? it was a weird one he could have easily put it out it was almost like he done it on purpose ?. Did you like it ? ? Brain surgery, cult’s and that’s fellas mate it was too much for me lol

                    3. Sue says:

                      Haha piano man, love it John!! ? my bloody phone, I meant fag but it said fab!! Nicotine gum… why bother?! If you wanna give up, just give up!!
                      Yes it’s Monday at 7.30 so that’s bound to be no Eastenders!!!
                      Tbh I didn’t see it, I saw Iwobi & Laca’s goals but decided against watching his OG… ? let’s hope he gets the right goal on Thursday!
                      Yes I thought it was good although I didn’t like that old gal keep hypnotising him with that cup of tea ?
                      So PSG have scored ?

                    4. John Wick says:

                      Haha I knew that’s what you meant ? I don’t know Sue maybe he hasn’t quit maybe it’s to kill the craving until he gets home ? maybe it’ll be on earlier? Or later ? You’ll still have coronation Street ? haha you should watch it ? it was doing my head in all that stirring lol. Bate will be tough, I know we won 5-2 there last season, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be closer this year. 2-0 yessssssssssss make it 3-0 now please ??

                    5. Sue says:

                      Sod Coronation Street ?
                      How good is Veratti? And Mbappe…. Love watching them… if Cavani had played it would have been even more!! So United have had 1 shot on target at home… bet we won’t hear anything about that!! Billy Joel is back to normal!
                      It probably will be closer.. Auba should be back… hope Sokratis isn’t too far away… that’s gonna be crap not playing at the weekend.. Will have to cheer Chelsea on ?

                  2. Sue says:

                    Pogba’s off to help look for the ruby slippers ??

                    1. John Wick says:

                      I would have guessed you’re a Coro fan ? and Emmerdale lol. Very impressed with veratti can we buy him this summer replace Ramsey ?? embarrassing Sue, we would have been made a laughing stock by the media, but United are exempt from that! Haha he was awful he’s so predictable! They will get beat 5 in France ? I wonder if he found them yet ? ? Definitely Sue, I can’t stand watching much more of Mustafi, it’s torture ?

                    2. Sue says:

                      Nah just Eastenders!!
                      He’d be sooo good for us! If only hey?! Don’t think he’d be up for a loan deal
                      I hope so & Cavani scores all of them ?
                      Haha Oh I bet they have & are cutting a rug round them….& then it dawns on them what the score was… gutted ?

                    3. John Wick says:

                      Haha I haven’t watched that in years Derek branning dying was the last I saw of it ? do you think Malmö will beat Chelsea ? I reckon they will 2-1 haha ? can’t believe I’m saying this but Totts are in the title race, they could actually win it, although I think Dortmund will beat them tomorrow ? PSG is already through haha go on twitter give it to the United fans Sue ?

                    4. Sue says:

                      Derek Branning ? that was a while ago!
                      I bet Malmo will fancy their chances John ? it’s gutting isn’t it?! Although they were in it a few seasons ago & came third in a 2 horse race ?? typical Totts!
                      Reus is out isn’t he? I really hope they win.. ??
                      Might have to have a look on there ??

                    5. John Wick says:

                      Oh I didn’t know he was injured they still have Sancho Pulisic etc they got enough quality to beat them I hope ? yeah why not, and it’ll be like -200 in Sweden this time of year lol. They do have the tendency to bottle it at the last hurdle and probably will again ? haha it was wasn’t it I couldn’t even tell you who’s in it now ? they’ll be having a meltdown tonight ? have you ever seen Secret Window Sue ? It was on the other day, I’ve seen it before but it’s a good film ?

                    6. Sue says:

                      I hope Sancho scores… shut them bloody spuds up! Sick of.hearing about how great they are ?
                      Yes I’ve seen Secret Window.. it is good… Used to like Johnny Depp ?
                      This week could turn out to be great for football (& darts!) John… if we win, Spuds & Chelsea lose imagine how good Twitter will be then!! ??

                    7. John Wick says:

                      Who’s playing in the darts Sue ? Chelsea fans are already close to a nervous breakdown, now they know how we feel ? he’s been on fire this season hasn’t he, he could well score and all ? I wish Arsenal had Son though, I think he’s a great player ? haha didn’t every woman Sue how many men can pull off a ragged look and still have women desiring you ? There’s a new Pet Semetary coming this year won’t be as good as the old one though.

                    8. Sue says:

                      Price has to play Van Barneveld.. interesting!
                      It’s about time they know how we feel don’t you think?! ?
                      My son in law like a Son too… Will have to drop him a text in the morning, just to rub it in a little ?
                      I saw the trailer for it, it looks good but that was a classic!! ?

                    9. John Wick says:

                      That’s right, I forgot he’s a red devil ? he’ll be very quiet tonight haha. Well well that is interesting I’d say van barno will beat him easily ? I haven’t seen the trailer but must look at that now.. yeah I loved the first one, you can’t beat classics although I prefer Rob zombie’s Halloween to John carpenters.. John Carpenters best film was the fog and the thing imo ?

                    10. Sue says:

                      Ah christ I meant likes Son (not like a Son!!!) ?
                      Oh yes very quiet… about time!!! Hopefully my daughter will have given him some stick too ?
                      Hahaha I hope not… he was brilliant last week so more of that will do nicely!! ?
                      You really are a film buff John, more than me!!! I didn’t like The Thing it was weird.. agree about the others though ?
                      Right it’s an early start for me tomorrow John.. sleep is needed!! Hope you have a good day at work & hopefully we’ll have more to cheer about tomorrow night! ??

                    11. John Wick says:

                      I was wondering Sue, I thought he knew him personally or something ? yeah but isn’t van barno a world champion? She must or you must encourage her to give some stick ? haha I could give that Alex Zane a run for his money ? no work tomorrow I’m having 2 fillings, oh the joys ? I’d rather have a tooth pulled than fillings ? haha hopefully Sue goodnight and fingers crossed for tomorrow ?

                    12. Sue says:

                      He’s 5 times world champion! But Gerwyn will be fine ? ?
                      Good luck with that, the dentist scares me ?? never had one out… the thought of that terrifies me… I’m such a wimp ?
                      You’ll be alright ?
                      Goodnight John.. no nightmares about the dentist ?? haha Alex Zane ??

  10. Grandad says:

    I suspect Dan is playing the Devils Advocate when he has a pop at Emery who may well rate Ramsay but is reluctant to play him at the expense of players who he considers ,rightly or wrongly, the future of the Club.Had he not been saddled with the drain of Ozil’s wages I suspect more efforts would have been made to retain Ramsay.

  11. Declan says:

    He wouldn’t be getting £400k a week if there was a transfer fee involved.
    Presently over a 4 year contract it’s costing Juve £83.2 million. With a transfer fee of approximately £40 million (in today’s valuations) he would be on about £200k a week which over 4 years would have cost Juve £81.6 million. He certainly wouldn’t be on £400k otherwise.

  12. kristoman says:

    just read that Ramsey actual wages is €8.3m a year which is a about €161000 a week after tax. it is been reported by all Italian media right now. they’ve Just rubbish the BBC claim of £400000 a week.

    1. Declan says:

      £400k is gross, before tax, so yes £161k after tax, we all knew that.
      So reported gross pay is not rubbish, capish?

  13. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Ramsey is gone, and definitely will be getting a wage higher than he’s getting from us. He’s no Xavi or Modric, but he’s still a player who offers something to a team.
    I’m not a big fan of him, but I don’t see him as useless the way most people on here do.
    Whatever he’s earning from next season, he has worked hard enough to get into that position so I don’t care if he’s earning 500k per week or 700k per week.
    It’s a big news and upgrade in his career in all ramifications.
    That’s something I hope everyone of us achieve in our lives, the raise we’ve always wanted.
    If you’re a worker under a company, and you’re earning 30k per month, you asked for a raise and your company offers you 80k per month, you won’t reject it because people or fellow workers around you think the money is too much, and it also means the company values you and sees you as an asset to them .
    It’s something you’ll accept, so if you’re calling on Ramsey and saying stuffs because he’s earning that much.
    I’d say to you, work hard, become a footballer, boxer, politician, anything and earn your big bucks too..I can’t stand discussing someone and picking on someone just because of how much the said person earns, the same way I hate discussing Ozil’s wage every time we talk about him.
    Emery wanted him to stay, it was clear as crystal but the board has other plans, leaving Emery no choice.
    So that’s just it, Life’s bigger than being mad over someone getting their dream paycheck

  14. patH says:

    Totally agree. Arsenal are not paying his wages so what is the problem. If he is smart enough to get a deal that suits both him and Juventus good luck to him. Lets move on.

  15. rkw says:

    happy hes gone a leagacy of a lost decade and a very average footballer which is what juve will soon be finding out … we are so far behind teams like psg its frightening now … veratti is the kind of player we need asap … can suarez play that role? no idea but i hope its where emery tries him out hes not got the pace for a winger

    1. Jah son says:

      Emery said that saurez was here to play on the wing. But I noticed when he played he did the same thing Ozil does. Suarez likes to drift in the middle which disrupts the formation.

  16. NMC says:

    Ramsey is a good player when he is on the pitch and given that role of driving forwards and finding the pockets inbetween the defence and playing in behind. The fact that we are feeling like we are loosing a big player of the team shows how bad the team has become, I would have liked Ramsey to stay as I feel he has a place in the squad and let’s say aprenhensive we won’t replace with better not because there isn’t better but the recent years of not investing properly back into the team.

    I hope Suarez comes good and if so affordable.

  17. OJay says:

    don’t out it like Emery didn’t try to use Ozil, you can look for any fault in Emery but don’t say he didn’t give everyone a chance to play in his 6 short months may arsenal everyone has been given game time and what we see now is that he has assessed who plays his type of ball and who doesn’t, he has a choice to make, play those who play with your vision the best they can or fit those who don’t see things same as you in the team and he is making his choice, a right one at that imho as he was called here to rebuild a team. I would have really loved Ozil to stay with us just the same way I wanted Wenger but let’s be real with our selves, we needed the change, I stood by the club when we swapped Wenger and will still be here if we decide to do same with Ozil it’s all for the good of our club man. lastly you said Barca offloaded Sanchez to get someone better, won’t you want same for arsenal?

    1. jon fox says:

      Well said!

  18. Tissiam says:

    The reason ramsey will be getting 400 000/week is for the obvious reason that he is a free signing!!some players get a sign on fee or like in rambo,s case a high salary.

    1. NMC says:

      Yeah if the figure is true it is down to the fact he is a free transfer, he wouldn’t be anywhere near that if he wasn’t

      1. Tissiam says:

        I agree with you if he was not a free transfer no one would pay 400 000/week or may be the Chinese!!

  19. Sal says:

    we do recycle our articles so i’ll recycle my response to ken about ramsey:

    you do , you just chose to not answer back :)…you asked the same question a few days ago about ozil’s state of mind and i gave you a dissertation!!! still haven’t heard from you?

    ramsey is average his stats prove that would like me to reveal that to you? I don’t think you should feel like we lost someone thats not easy to replace, he might do well in the italian league, but he has been inconsistent for us and i for one will not be wishy washy about being happy he is leaving us…he might do well in the italian league as it’s a slower paced league, but if people think he has been the superstar for us in the past decade here are his stats to remind you:

    256 appearances 38 goals 46 assists….lost more duels than he has won in midfield 1053 to 1283 so less than 50 % not great for protection, amd his shooting acc is 34 %, this season’s pass percentage 80, he also spent a short amount on the treatment table 669 days to be on the ball. so where is this superstar you seem people have awakened and realized he is like losing sanchez or RVP to Arsenal?…. or is it that 400 k was spent on him that means he’s amazing?

    i see people buying expensive and ugly cars/houses/paintings/clothes/etc…. all the time doesn’t mean they have taste, it just means they can spend the money!!

    Ps: the commercial and shirt sales alone would recoup alot of that wage, and it’s good for their unwatched league they need the names to bring that league back from the dead, everyone tunes in to the PL the italian league was in the early 90’s, and in the PL ramsey’s stats are above, so don’t worry dudes and stop flipping sides, it’s good for us he’s leaving don’t care what other think!! and for you stat lovers, look above that’s what he brings..thank you for the important goals and the joy you brought us, good luck Rambo and most importantly enjoy the paycheck!! no need for mourning seriously!!!

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