Is Chelsea flop Cuadrado really the right transfer target for Arsenal?

If the recent Arsenal transfer rumours are not way off the mark then Arsene Wenger has identified the Juventus and Colombia international star Juan Cuadrado as one of the players who might be able to replace the seemingly exit bound Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez in the Arsenal side.

According to a report in The Sun we have already made an opening transfer bid of a little over £17 million for the dynamic and pacy player but the Serie A champions are looking for almost double that amount.

Even £30 million or so would not be a massive price in today’s crazy transfer market but my question is whether Cuadrado is the right transfer target for Arsenal in the first place. After all he did not exactly set the Premier League alight when he signed for Chelsea back in 2015.

Their boss at the time was Jose Mourinho and he stated a few times that he expected the Colombian to take some time to settle and show his class but he never really got the time and went back to Italy after being loaned to Juventus just six months later.

Can Arsenal really afford to be patient and wait and hope that Cuadrado comes good? Also, he may operate like Sanchez does in wide areas but not in the centre forward role where Alexis shone so bright for us last season. What do you guys think of this possible signing?



  1. Cuadrado=Gervinho mark 2!replace Sanchez?r u on meds? .that would be typical of our cheapskate deluded so called class player let go cheaply.replaced by 3rd grade replacement.sound familiar?really is taking the piss…

    1. On a serious note, this Lacazette of a player think he is Ronaldo or Messi. Seems to me that he is less interested in joining Arsenal, guess he wanna wait till January to join Athletico. If so, we should pass on after all am not convinced of his success, first time I saw him play, he didn’t impressed me at all. At least Mbappe did.

    2. Yup, he could fail like Gervinho in Arsenal. I have seen him played for Chelsea and Juventus, and I think he is not as good as Sanchez, Hazard, Salah and Mahrez.

      Rather than gambling on him, Arsenal should gamble on players like Jese Rodriguez, Rafinha, Vazquez, Asensio, Turan, Munir El Haddadi and Adama Traore. Even Chamberlain could be better than Cuadrado in Sanchez’s position.

      Arsenal has to focus on players that can give immediate impact in the next season, such as Aubameyang. He is tall, strong, quick and has good technique, which is very suitable for set-pieces and counter-attacks.

      1. Concur

        Asensio cost 309m

        Veratti cost 132m

        both are world class players that we badly need

  2. That is all made up stuff from the press, the Lyon president has just said Arsenal have made a very nice offer for Lacazzette but he is playing hard ball. Wenger’s top targets are Mbappe, Lacazzette and Lemar anything else is either made up or are back up options if they don’t succeed with the top three

    1. Have a feeling that the player doesn’t wanna join us. Before he was for sale but when Athletico had the case against them, he isn’t for sale anymore. There have been talks of him waiting till January. At least it’s Wenger fault also because of our Europa league status. Pass on the guy.

  3. This one has to be labeled as ??Bull?

    Even Sky Sports are now confirming that Arsenal have bid for Lacazett.
    The asshole Lyon President has stated today that they have received a very nice offer from Arsenal but then switched to say that the player isn’t going anywhere.

    Ronaldo has pooped his pants regarding tax allegations made against him and is said to be wanting an exit from Spain. ?? Delusional Gooners on Twitter are now begging Wenger to spend the whole War chest on bringing him to Arsenal lol & lol again ?

    1. Latest….
      Lyon president, Jean-Michel Aulas, is now denying that he mentioned anything about an Arsenal bid for Lacazette despite a number of reporters claiming that he did just that.
      ?? Can someone just shoot this fag already! Jeez ?

  4. Lyon present’we have a very nice offer from Arsenal for lacazette’ Lacazette deal is done and dusted next one please! Wenger is learning he wants to retire in glory!!!

  5. Juan Cuadrado seriously i call a capital B.S on this story. Why do these stupid papers do this crap. Over here in Australian AFL nothing is reported in the press unless there is concrete evidence. Alot different cause its one league in one country but its madness with this reporting i Europe. I think they should bring something like we have over here there. You have to be at a club 6 years before u can ask to leave unless the club wants to get rid off you and even then club you play for has the option to match the bid off the clu chasing you and keep you. However if a deal is made the club you are going to has to guve your existing club players as compensation or draft picks. Once you are at a club 8 years you can go as you please

  6. No thank you don’t want him or mahrez, not good enough to play for us…. you want to replace Sanchez with him? No way!!! I’m not having it…. Sanchez replacement is one of those ( mpabbe, reus, dembele from Dortmund) or make him stay and play every single game,with the World Cup later on that year I would rather burn Sanchez to the ground than have caudrado for 4-5 years

  7. some times we really don’t know what is happening in our beloved club concerning transfers. sometimes players are the one who don’t wanna play any more for our team for so many reasons, money, trophies and especially we really not challenging for the league nor the champions league. if Chelsea, united or city need a player arsenal can’t get that player. and if these teams are hot behind our best players, it easy for them to get them because Arsenal is no more attracting best players not even in the premier league. no one can confirm that Wenger never wanted to keep Van pay slip, Fabre gaz or Sanchez, it just our team with this Kroenke, has lost its prestige, few kids in the world are now dreaming to play for Arsenal, thanks to you Kroenke!

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