Is ex-Man City boss in line for Arsenal job?

Roberto Mancini is claimed to be a potential successor to Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager, according to the Italian reports.

The FA have denied any interest in the former Manchester City man, but the theory that they could talk to him about the England job was bolstered by his appearance at Wembley for the Malta match at the weekend.

Arsenal are now said to also be interested in the Italian, who is currently out of work after falling out with Inter Milan’s new owners during the summer. In September, the 51 year-old hinted at a return to work in the Premier League, having enjoyed his time with Manchester City previously.

He said: “I’m waiting for a serious project, I’m not rushing.

“Every now and then it’s good to unplug. I don’t have any pre-conclusions, working in England was fantastic. The Premier League remains the top.”

Arsene Wenger is into the final year of his contract at present, and has talked up the possibility of leaving when his deal ends, but he has always stated that he would stay as long as the club felt the need to keep him, and there is always the chance of an extension.

Arsenal are in top form at present, and a serious challenge on the Premier League title this term would likely see the Frenchman kept on for at least one more year.

Mancini is said to be especially keen on taking over the reigns from Wenger, with his supposed ‘close friend’ naming the job as one of his top choices.

The supposed friend said: “Roberto has plans to return to the Premier League.

“He likes Arsenal. He thinks they’re a great a club. I believe Arsenal would be a top choice for him.

“He prefers to take on a team at a club with strong ambitions… He really, really likes Arsenal.”

Is Mancini the ideal replacement for Wenger? Will the Frenchman be offered a new deal?

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  1. Not Mancini. A good track record, but I think his character is similar to Mourinho. This guy is almost the opposite to how Wenger runs the club, honestly, there is no better manager to replace Wenger but himself. haha

    Hopefully we also sign a director of football and a manager as well, I dont see the new manager being able to be hands on with everything like Wenger did at Arsenal.

  2. Honestly I rather not…dunno what’s going to happen this year but if we have a great season and win the EPL than Wenger & the board might consider a continuation of the partnership beyond this season. Remember Wenger has been offered a 2 year extension.
    Now be it at the end or the season or later I really believe they should time his exit with Tuchel exit from Dortmund whenever that happens (if ever). He fits perfectly with us.
    His ideas on the pitch is similar to those of Wenger: playing a fast pace expansive football with a lot of possession & technically skilled players. He also seems to nurture young players properly (sure Wenger’s acumen in finding talent is unmatched).
    Finally I do see Wenger slowing into the role of footballing director with his ability to spot talent & respect he commends as a lot of players point to Wenger being the reason they came to the club!
    Diego Simeone though not fitting at all in the on pitch philosophy would be an interesting choice! He is definitely a winner, his players work & do everything he asked them to do.

  3. I think we could do allot worse. Mancini is more proven than Klopp Pochetino, but is not in same league as the manchester brats. I think he’s good, but I’d prefer someone else. As a ship steadier I can see how he might be able to come in straight after Arsene and possibly do well.

    I’d rather sooner or later we find our next Mr Arsenal.

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