Is fatigue going to ruin Arsenal’s season? Arteta needs to rotate more

Is fatigue going to ruin everything? by Shenel

So, going into the weekend’s game, I myself was positive we were going to come out with all three points!

After a fast start and a goal inside the first 15 minutes it seemed as though we were going to run away with the game, but that was not to be the case.

We could have and should have scored more than a few goals in the first half, our press and pace was something that Southampton couldn’t put up with.

But as we know football is a game of two halves, and in the second half our tempo and press dropped off, maybe not massively but maybe it was just a combination of us dropping our tempo and Southampton stepping things up.

We did have some chances to kill the game off in the second half, but you could see from a mile off that the equaliser was coming. They caught us on the break too many times and finally it paid off for them.

I get we are an attacking team, but we should not leave ourselves that open at the back.

It does seem that fatigue is getting to some players. Tomiyasu’s pace dropped off and I thought he should have been subbed yet he stayed on, and Jesus, whether he was tired or annoyed at himself for failing to score only he knows, but he does look a little fatigued too.

I do not know why Arteta didn’t start Nketiah and experiment with Marquinhos and Vieira and even give Cedric some minutes, and if it went wrong he would have had the second half to change things up.

He needs to remember he has other players he can use but this first 11 will not be able to handle the Thursday/Sunday combination every week, not if yesterday’s game is anything to go by.

And if Arteta cannot see when his players are struggling and maybe need to be subbed than that in itself is worrying because lets be honest, his subs did not impact the game too much, other than Tierney who made a few good runs.

Now it may be just a blip and a one game thing, and lets hope it is, but Arteta needs to remember he does have other players he can start to give others a rest otherwise we can kiss goodbye to even the thought of first or second place.

Should we be worried Gooners?

Shenel Osman



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  1. You can’t avoid dips in form. No team can.
    We have a young team, and they will learn to pace themselves better.
    If our dip in form means a narrow win over Leeds and a draw away at Southampton, we are actually doing very well.

    1. Let’s be real, I hope we all watched the match yesterday it’s not a matter of fatigue. In the last two games including against PSV our attackers have not been clinical and G.Jesus a major culprit yesterday. With chances created against PSV and then the Saints yesterday we should be having 5 goals against this two teams. G.Xhaka a midfielder came to our rescue twice. Fatigue can’t make players create chances upon chances and not score them. Our strikers convertion rate is very low at the moment and Arteta need to work hard with them going forward. We are still topping no worries.

  2. We ‘r not at the level of City even regardless of yesterday’s result…..Lets delude ourselves ……Let’s enjoy our positon but don’t get carried away it won’t last.
    OT:Jésus spoke to the ref at half Time and Guess what he was told “would have you gone to ground before i would have gave you a penalty!!!!”…..Spechless

    1. Pires I saw kEN 1945 quotethis ref too. However, I am not inclined to believe ANY ref would have said that directly and precisely, to JESUS. He may, or may not, however have alluded to it. JESUS SIMPLY SAYING HE SAID IT, IS NOT ACTUAL PROOF REMEMBER!!

      IF he did indeed say precisely this ,then that is alarming and ought to be actionable.

      Worth knowing, one way or the other for CERTAIN, before deciding any further action.

  3. I think he wanted to win this PSV game last Thursday and that is why they look a little fatigued. Now I will be more than ok if no one from our starting team is fielded this Thursday because even if we lose the game we will win against Zurich and win the group. To play Turner, Cedrik, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney, Sambi, Vieira, Smith, Marquinos, Nelaon, Nketia and then sub Gabriel at half time with Saliba for PSV game will be super I believe. And also leave Saka, Martinelli, Jesus, Odegaard, Xhaka here in London. Then field best eleven for Forest game, rotate to have Saka, Jesus, Odegaard, Partey, Martinelli, Xhaka rested in Zurich game and then against Chelse full strenght. For Carabao cup field any player you want except the regulars and then against Wolves full strenght.

    1. this seems reasonable. i hope he does do something like that. i know he’s said regular players in top teams have to be ready to play a lot of games, but this is not a normal season. and we have some good young players on the bench that could use the experience and deserve an opportunity to show what they can do.

  4. Its good we r experiencing this now and world cup is fast approaching. The solution is very simple,come January transfer window go to the market buy one player each to each position and not just players!players dat can change situation on the pitch.Gunners till i die.Adekunle from Nigeria.

  5. Rotation is not just about swopping teams for different comps which seems to be our policy.

    It’s about making early subs when you can see someone is struggling and also watching the players in training to see how fresh they are looking. Players are humans, not robots.

    1. well it was a disappointing performance which has been the norm for the last 4 games or so.

      If it was a once off then no problem but this is becoming regular.

      hopefully we bounce back in PL.

  6. I think the our flanks are tired(Saka and Martinelli), Oedegaard isn’t contributing much, we need to inject need bloods in the attack (Smith-Rowe and Zinchenko) , they both bring a different kind of attacking style.

  7. It’s a tricky one. At the moment, our bench doesn’t quite have the quality needed to keep up the standard of the first choice 11.

    The squad would look very different with ESR, Zinchenko and Mo available. We’ve been unlucky in that regard.

    MA has opted to play as close to the first 11 as long / often as possible. That’s a valid option, but brings risks. Remember Wilshere playing 45 games in a season at 18-19? he never recovered from it. I worry for Saka and Marti with this in mind.

    The first 11 look leggy. IMO, we need to start rotating more now, or risk big injuries to key players.

    Jan transfer window cant come quick enough. Luiz + maybe Tielemans plus a winger, and ESR and ZIn back ( Mo is long term IIRC) and we’re looking good.

  8. The thing is, the starting 11 have been found out by the opposition. This was our problem last season. Our bench wasn’t match fit enough, or of good enough quality to contribute at all. Arteta should have been giving the second string more match mins to prepare them to pitch in when needed. New tactics wouldn’t hurt either…IJS

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