Is Flamini right to blame ALL Arsenal problems on injury?

We all know that Arsenal have had more injury problems than any of our rivals in recent years. And there has been plenty of discussion as to why (and whose fault it is) and also whether Arsene Wenger should have planned better for this sort of situation.

But that is not what I am taking about today. Because Mathieu Flamini has claimed that the Gunners have enough quality in the squad to compete with the very best clubs, in an interview reported by the Daily Star. The French midfielder also believes that only the injury problems have stopped Arsenal from doing a lot better this season and possibly winning the title last time.

Flamini said, “It’s the belief of the team that we can really achieve something, and I think you [media] guys agree as well that we have top quality.

“We have a lot of quality – strong at the back, good in midfield and up front as well – so the only problem is we’re very unlucky with injuries.

“I definitely believe we have the quality in the team to achieve something big. It’s not easy to go through all these games with so many injuries, but I believe in my team and I believe in their quality.”

The 30-year old did accept that the performance in Stoke was not good enough but he also praised the resilience and character in the team to bounce straight back. I wrote a few articles last season about how the injuries to the likes of Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain, Podolski and Ozil was a big factor in the falling away of our title challenge and this season has been even harder on Wenger.

So is Flamini right? And if so, will we ever stay injury free long enough to prove it?

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  1. Injuries do not explain
    1. Playing Ozil and Cazorla on the wing instead of the centre
    2. Playing Monreal as CB instead of Chambers and Bellerin as RB
    3. NOT playing Campbell
    4. Hardly playing Podolski (our best finisher)
    5. Not getting enough defenders before the season tarts
    6. Not getting a top striker (as good as Aguero, RVP, Costa who are all playing for teams ahead of us in the table)
    7. Not getting a top DM.

    Yes injuries hurt us but we would have had more points had our manager managed better, specifically more top quality transfers, better formation and player selection/positioning.

    Wenger cost us any chance of winning the league because transfers should be done in summer with January being for emergency. Even if Wenger gets top signings in January (highly unlikely) Chelski is too good and far ahead for us to ketchup

    1. 1. Give it a rest. Heat maps after each game shows free roaming for both.
      2. We lost only one match with Monreal as CB and Chambers as RB
      3. Self explanatory. The game in Istanbul shows everyone he’s not ready
      4. I give you that. Maybe Podolski should have played but then who do you leave on the bench?
      5. Yes, and keeping Vermaelen, right? Vermaelen not playing even today. Probably a CB would have been alright but every coach thought to ease in a youngster as Hayden next to Mert,Kos,Chambers. Everyone is smart after things happens.
      6. Attack is the least concern. Giroud scores for fun and Welbeck can actually complement him albeit he is an unfinished product still. Not to mention our top scorer is Sanchez.
      7. This is open to debate. I can understand B2B players as Ramsey or Wilshere idea. Unfortunately this season we have seen these two are pretty much weaklings and prone to injury more than we thought.
      Do you know the joke with son tomato and papa tomato?

      1. Well reasoned, however do not expect to achieve anything when dealing with birds parroting the media narrative.

      2. I agree with most of your points except 5 and 7.
        5. Vermaelen’s injury has proven that Wenger was right to sell him. But a club like Arsenal MUST have at least 3 top CB with a youngster or two fighting to break in. A replacement of the similar quality should have been brought in at all cost once TV5 was sold.
        7. Danny Murphy and Andy Townsend said something yesterday before the Everton game that i agree with. Matic is more of a box to box midfielder. he’s just the more defensive between himself and Fabregas. If Wenger doesn’t want a real DM, he should make sure that one out of the two midfield pivots is physically imposing and more defensive minded than the other. We need a specialist DM or a physically imposing, defensive minded CM.

  2. A message to all arsenal players. If u lose a game say little, if u win a game say even less. There needs to be more action on the pitch to back up this never ending belief in quality and mental strength in the team. I agree that we have an overwhelming amount of injuries at the moment, but every player in the squad should be able to perform well when selected because that’s what they’re paid to do. The players need to keep their heads down, focus on their game, and stay clear of the media. And us fans need to get behind them no matter the feelings for wenger.
    And on a lighter note I had an idea, for the London fan base of course. We as fans complain about lack of rotation and substitutions, why not chant that players name in the second half. Namely podolski since I think he’s awesome even if only against weaker opposition. Kinda somehow force wengers hand. Make it happen London fans

      1. somehow you can’t totally disagree with that. Our unending injury list is definitely NOT bad luck. Its either down to the training methods or the frailty of the players. On both counts the manager takes the responsibility. He decides the training methods and he identifies the type of players to be bought.

    1. There is no single answer for that and that is why we cant find a solution.But It think its more to do woth our style of play where we hold on to the ball for too long and in the EPL opposition teams will not allow that and the referees are too lenient!

  3. Yes Injuries ruined our season. This is fact. But yes we have real quality if all the players are fit.
    Arsenal players need to show the hunger which they showed against Newcastle in every match.
    Koschilemy loss is the biggest so far. the defence looks altogether different when he is in the team.
    I am really praying that OX remains injury free as i think this could be his season specially middle.
    He is strong , pacy and have good dribbling skills.
    The team has real quality upfront.
    World class Players- Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott.
    On the verge of world class- OX, Ramsey and Cazorla
    Concern is in defence we only have Koschelmy as world class.
    So common point is Wenger needs to spend 70 mill in defence.

    1. If Ozil is WC then Carzola is too. Both have been inconsistent this season but both are best at what they do. Ozil is the best passer we have, Carzola is the best dribbler we have.

  4. Ofcorse it is, the injuries are to be blamed for all Arsenal problems.This year it is the injuries, last year it is the injuries and the year before that it is the injuries.It is really shame for a club like arsenal to give excuses for their problem on injuries season after season after season.According to the manager, the players and the majority of the fans, the problems has nothing to do with the fact that the club did not strengthened the most problematic area in the team, DM and CBs; it has nothing to do with the fact that players were played out of position;and it has nothing to do with the fact that Wenger’s tactical inability(for games like Liverpool 5-1, Chelsea 6-0, City 6-3, Everton 3-0, Andrelechet 3-3, Swansea 2-1 ).

  5. if wenger had spent and sign another



    2 CB




    and another striker we will be in this crisis at all…8 signings and we will be topping all tables

    1. Do you realize that a club must have no more than 25 players above the age of 21? At the moment the club has 23 and where would your additional 6 go?

  6. The thing is the criticism isn’t really hindsight. Almost all of the fan base (including AKBs) were crying out for defensive reinforcements at the start of the season. Yet, the manager ignored them and started the season with just two establsihed CBs. What makes it even worse is that they also knew that Koscielny was having problems with his achilles and was an injury suspect. Yet we had no back up plans.
    Don’t blame the injuries, blame the way we handled those injuries.

  7. Come on guys we cant solely blame it on the injuries. Injuries and Arsenal are as definite as cold weather in winter, I would blame the people in charge for not anticipating this and dealing with it accordingly. I mean:

    – We all knew Diaby is always a risk
    – We all knew it will take Theo a long time to get back
    – We all knew players coming from the WC could pick up knocks (OG / Ozil / Kos / Debuchy)
    – We all knew Sanogo’s record in the nursing room
    – We all knew Arteta / TR7 ages ( with age, some players pick up more knocks than ever)
    – We all knew Ramsey / Wilshere / Chambo / Gibbs don’t go season long without injuries
    – We all knew Wenger’s zip coat could start acting up

    – I admit the injuries to both goalies come as a shock

    All in all is that we should learn from the past and find means of playing around these injuries which are always guaranteed at Arsenal each season. Whether improving the squad depth and quality – improving the training methods – change of playing style – bringing in bigger and stronger players I have no idea.

    I see teams like Chelshit – R Madrid – Barca Bayern have “very few” injuries and look how they perform.

  8. One day justarsenal title:

    next day at justarsenal:

    this is a cycle that keeps repeating,and is d ROOT cause for club’s failures.not sure if that is going to change anytime german fitness coach was supposed to solve it,but…

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