Is former Man Utd star right about Wenger wrecking Arsenal’s EPL chance?

With Arsenal having got off to a fairly shaky start to our latest attempt to win the Premier League title, the last thing we needed was for our big EPL rivals to get off to a fling start themselves, but that is just what has happened and now the Gunners are playing catch up to the big three of Manchester United, Chelsea and Man City who all have the maximum nine points from their three games so far.

Even this early in the season this has dented the confidence of many Arsenal fans and made us fear that it is going to be another year of disappointment. At the same time we are all hoping that the two new players brought in by Arsene Wenger at the end of the transfer window will help to make a difference and give us a better chance of ending the long wait for the title.

The Frenchman did finally strengthen the areas of defence and attack that most people thought he needed to but it was all a bit last minute and the former United and England striker Andy Cole feels that Wenger is very stubborn about doing what other people say he needs to and that this trait of our manager is costing Arsenal the chance of becoming champions of England once again.

He said, ‘Arsenal’s best chance of winning the Premier League was last season. Will they win it this season? No,’ said Cole, who won the Champions League and five Premier League titles at Old Trafford.

‘They will be involved in the mix but the more people or experts who say Arsenal need this player or that player then Arsene decides he doesn’t need them. Arsenal might have missed the boat.

‘The way they [Manchester United and Man City] have both started the season it’s tempting to think that one of them will win it,’

Is Wenger really so stubborn that he will cost us the chance of success just to do things his own way? Or is it that he is his own man and does what he feels is the best thing for the club? And which team do you think will lift the coveted trophy next May?


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  1. Why do all the pundits like to have a go at Arsenal?
    Well, Cole, whether we win it or not is none of your business, let us worry about that.

  2. He is spot on and at least 4 seasons of the past 12 barren ones proved, his unwillingness to spend and arrogance has and will not allow arsenal to win.

    Even the signings of mustafi n perez are too late, why were they not made by the season started?????

    Arrogant old sod he is

    1. Shame on you sir. When adversaries stick it to you from outside the club, always trying to cause a stir within and among us and we have so called fans agreeing with these failed pundits who prolly dont even have a voice in their own households, we like illegitimate children back up their unsincere arguments, hell Piers Morgan does it from a place of genuine concern, the AKBs and AOBs too, Fatboy gooner and NY gunner on here even and we are happy to have them but when we thoughtlessly indulge and endorse those who would rather see us fail by always coming up with.unsolicited advise especially without any reasonable bases, we are as much enemies of the club we claim to love, cutting of our nose to spite our face…shame again.

      1. Yes but, Andy Cole came through our youth system when the club had real heart and soul throbing through its viens, It set up his career very well. He has every right to have an opinion on Arsenal and I think he’s right

  3. Ahhh, I see, the Manchester teams are obviously going to walk the season because they managed to win 3 reasonably easy matches each.

    I’ll wait until they face Leicester, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal before I decide they are unstoppable.

  4. Well, sentiments apart, he is right. Whether or not they hate Arsenal, he stated the obvious. It is left to Arsene to right all these wrongs and do something special.

    1. The funny part is only one club will win the league, the rest would have failed especially considering the.exhorbitant transfer fees.they paid for the players they brought in, unfortunately, they tell us we are not.allowed to fail because we have failed for the past decade but conveniently overlooking, whether we agree or not, the things that we have done good at, top of that list is maintaining a consistent run among the elites, not to say its okay not to win trophies but all clubs have their flaws, why do we allow only ours to be the butt of unending jokes, his club has missed two champions league campaigns in the last three seasons, how Bout that.for for failure? Madrid has 32 la liga titles and 11 champions league titles, when they talk, I listen because they’ve.earned the right to fail notsome second rate folk. Ironic that a twat like Mou with all his.clubs 5 English titles.would.refer to anyone at Arsenal with 14 Titles as a specialist in failure.

      1. second rate folk! A guy who has won 5 titles and a champions league is a second rat folk well what does that make our manager then. So is Rma ur sugar daddy now. U will listen to them. I bet if they were competing with us in premier league , jokers like you would have termed them second rate.

        Arsenal fc are the biggest pretender’s and guys like you are one big jokers who spoil the name of our club by living in delusion.

  5. City won the first 5 games of the season last year, and then finished 4th, 15 points off the pace. It’s too early to be predicting the champion.

    I would put our 11 up against anybody in the league right now and give us a chance to compete, it just comes down to a myriad of Ifs:

    – If Perez settles quickly and gives us more than Giroud, or if he simply pushes him enough to get the best out of Giroud
    – If Theo stays healthy and performs (questionable), or if Iwobi continues form and keeps him on the bench
    – If Arsene doesn’t mess up the balance of the team by trying to force Ramsey into the XI

    Bellerin, Mustafi, LK6, Nacho
    Xhaka (le Coq), Santi
    Iwobi/Theo Alexis (Welbz)

      1. Is that an intelligent comment?
        Wenger will be with us to the end of the season whether we like it or not so inane comments like this mean nothing, especially when we are only three games into the season.
        Make intelligent points or don’t waste our bandwidth……

  6. Didn’t Andy Cole start off @ Arsenal?
    He wasn’t deemed good enough. ?
    There’s no denying that Wenger is stubborn and it’s far too early to write off our chances of winning the premier league.

  7. I do not think that the lack of signings in the past or the late signings of mustafi and perez are due to wengers stubbornness. For example, a few years ago he tried to sign Suarez so he knows we need a striker.

    I think that the aim of the club is top four and it comes from kroenke. We have strengthened this year because top four is under threat.

    1. I don’t know why people are thumbing down? he said last season was the best chance to win it and he gave valid reasons, and it’s very true Wenger is the reason for failure and the whole world know about this (except the AKBs). this season is different with the purchase of the two positions that were not filled (due to Wenger’s stubbornness) for some years now. so Cole is very right, though wrong about the Manchester clubs coz everybody has equal chance of winning it, it’s still very early to crown the champion

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