Is Gabriel Jesus shaping up to be the Number 9 Arsenal have been waiting for?

OMG!!! The Curse Is Broken? 🤗 By Victor Stephen.

A 21 gunshot salute to all Gooners floating somewhere in the orbit of the Goonerverse, defying gravity while basking in the euphoria of watching the gunners in action yesterday 8th July, at the Max-Morlock-Stadion, Germany. FC Nurnberg played host to Arsenal FC, with almost every eye locked on Gabriel Jesus, our new number 9. Though just a friendly pre-season tie meant to give both teams a runout, to boost fitness levels, ahead of a demanding season. It was the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of what to expect from the team this season and a sneak peek into Arteta’s tactical thought process for the season opener. If that performance was his (Jesus) audition, then I guess we are in for a good show.

Okay, I get it. I hear you. It was only a pre-season friendly with nothing at stake, so let’s not get carried away, let’s see him do it consistently on a week-in, week-out basis, before we get excited and I understand your point clearly but I am just appreciating his application to the game at the moment and the positive effect he had on the game when he was called upon. His pressing was clear to see and the intent with which he ran at the opposition defence, caused a lot of chaos as he popped up all over the opposition’s final third combining to good effect with Nketiah.

Gabby could have easily had a hat trick but his brace was impressive as well. With the first goal, a sweet shot into the roof of the net from close range and the second, typical of a fox in the box, running in front of the defender and applying a deft and subtle touch off his right boot to guide the ball into the back of the net. Asides Gabby’s brace, his general play was an indication that Arsenal have added to their ranks a very good signing that will tremendously improve the quality of the team’s attack this season.

Assessing him fresh off his general gameplay in this match, he looks like the chosen one prophesied to come from across the seas to break the curse of the Arsenal number 9 shirt. Well, enough of the sweet talk, football is not theatre or some Greek mythological legend, it’s a performance-based sport and Jesus is going to have to prove just beyond one fantastic display, that he can repeat such feats, throughout a 38-match EPL season, Europa League campaign, as well as the two domestic cup competitions. However, it was undoubtedly an encouraging debut that should flip his nitro boosters and set his confidence on overdrive.

So is Gabriel Jesus the one to finally break the curse of the Arsenal number 9 shirt? I guess that question is his to answer at the end of the 22/23 EPL season.

In other news, Ralf Rangnick speaking in April 2019, as head coach of RB Leipzig after securing the loan signing of Arsenal youngster Emile Smith Rowe, for the second half of the 18/19 Bundesliga season, had this to say of our Hale End sensation:

“…He’s shown in training why we took him on loan. He’s got a brilliant mixture of good physique, speed and an unbelievably good shooting technique…”

Rangnick said in April 2019. My emphasis is on unbelievably good shooting technique..’

As I conclude, I refer you to the 14th minute of yesterday’s encounter vs FC Nurnberg, ESR combining well with KT down the left flank, ESR strikes the ball with aplomb on goal forcing the keeper into a good save. The way he struck the ball, is testament to Rangnick’s observation in 2019. Now that you are more aware of ESRs shooting ability, check out his goal in Arsenal’s 2-4 victory away to Chelsea last season.  He took it like a seasoned pro, let’s hope he shows us more tekkers this season.

So that’s it from me, so sad I have to stop here. Wish I could keep writing but I’ll save it till next time out. Have a splendid weekend in the goonerverse.


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Mikel Arteta gives a short press conference after Arsenal’s comeback win over Nurnberg.

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  1. Based on his performance in Nuremberg, he seems more skilled than all CFs at Arsenal. I think he is even more skillful than Aubameyang and Lacazette

    But he was helped by Nketiah’s and Martinelli’s teamwork abilities yesterday. I bet he won’t score that easily if he plays as our lone striker in EPL

    The 3-5-2 formation seems to be working very well for our attackers and we could maximize White’s dribbling abilities in that formation

    1. He is skiller than both in my opinion, Abua was a great finisher who could use his speed to great effect

      1. Yup. Aubameyang has great shooting skills and very pacey, unfortunately he’s never been trained by Guardiola and his coaches

  2. That was a brilliant write up like a keen 0bserver of the match would write.Gabriel Jesus has come at the right time to fill the blank space that, Saka Smith Rowe, Nketiah, Martinelli and Odegard left unfilled in the final third. Our final third will no doubt see more surprising finishes to confirm the Audition of Jesus in Germany
    during our first preseason match.
    Jesus will act as an upgrade booster to the versatility of our young and talented attacking force. There is no doubt that this is the no 9 meant to move the Arteta Project to the next level. What the boys will need to give us GOALS is an Assist-Feeder Midfield
    Crue (Partnership)

  3. From the look of it, he’s looking like a goal God fe real.

    The early signs are really encouraging, add a marquee winger and things could really get interesting.

    Three more good signing could really make a scare.
    Savic a winger and left back

  4. In as much as Gabriel Jesus has shown he can be good in front of the opposition’s goal scoring for Arsenal at away to Nurnberg yesterday. And at sometime combining well with Nkethia in the match. Who hit the woodwork in the match instead of him to have hit the back of the net for Arsenal. A fault in his striking for Arsenal he has to correct to overcome it before next season is opened.
    But nevertheless, i am seriously of the thinking that, if only 2 strikers of Gabby and Eddie will be the only 2 senior team top quality strikers who Arsenal will have in the team next seaso9 to be manning the striker’s position during the 1st half of next season it’s definitely inadequate and risky to rely upon.
    For, next season’s campaign in all competitions could turnout to be a long campaign for Arsenal as the Gunners campaign in all the 4 competitions of the season to win titles for the club. Which I believe they can win and will but if the team is very right strengthened this summer with a no.3 top quality striker’s signing. And a new top quality right wide man and top quality midfield enforcer signings too all this summer window.
    As for a new top quality leftback signing this siumm for option and to cover for Tierney. I think Arsenal should jettison the plan to sign Lisandro Martinez for this purpose till in the next January window when they could revisit the issue if need be.
    Because rightnow, I think Nuno Taveres is more than capable and adequate to provide cover to Tierney at leftback. And he could even give him a good run for his money. But if Arteta gives him the chance to do that next season. But not for any grudge reason he might hold against the young Portuguese Arsenal player send him out on loan this summer. For his act of insubordination to him Arteta during a match when he substituted him off in the match.

  5. It is too soon to comment on his skills. Remember he was assisted by one of the best playmakers and he didn’t finish as the top PL scorer like Auba

    Let’s hope with our playmakers he can accomplish something for himself and this club.

  6. Always liked Jesus so happy to have him at Arsenal. I think with he will fit-in very well and help put away a lot more chances, and efficiency of converting opportunities / lack of being clinical enough has been a big problem at Arsenal for a long time, and he should go a long way towards solving that.

  7. Arsenal still need some authority in the deep midfield area……we need at least one major serious quality signing
    that can push to start ahead of all the guys we already have in there. May be I’m suggesting that Partey needs a partner of his level in that deep midfield. Else no Europe for Arsenal next season cos of shaky and fragile midfield. Elsewhere, the attack and defense looks promising.

  8. Let’s not get carried away, says the writer, and then he gets carried away! Yes the performance from the lads was exciting at times and Jesus looked good but this was a friendly against a German second division team and we were 2 goals down at half time. I’m curbing my enthusiasm as you can possibly tell, and the partnership up front between Nketiah and Jesus looked promising, but I still remember Sonogo scoring 4 goals against Benfica and being hailed as the second coming, just remember how that panned out.

    1. Sensible words Declan.I have always liked Jesus and he has the mobility around the box which was lacking in Lacca.His ball skills are also vastly superior to those of Auba , who was highly dependant on his pace .

    2. I don’t even remember sanogos goals – he had two almost brilliant performances against Liverpool and bayern, which I think were both cut short due to the rest of the team messing up (red cards?).
      You’re right not to get too excited about jesus just yet, but he’s a well established, title-winning player (worlds apart from a youngster, as sanogo was back then), so we can be content in the knowledge he is a very good player – exactly how good he’ll be in the pl in our system/team is still to be determined, but i am optimistic

  9. I think jesus’ movements off the ball are what make him special – he’s brilliant at finding space for himself and creating gaps for others. I’m hoping we will see Saka, GM and others receiving the ball in dangerous positions more frequently next season.
    He is also very very talented with the ball – I agree with the above that his first touch and ball control is generally a step up from auba and laca; don’t think that’s even a question.

  10. A s an enthusiasm raiser this piece worked well. As a sober minded sensible appraisal of JESUS’S future use to us , I found it a bit too fulsome and OTT , despite the writers own comment not to get carried away!

    I thought he then did exactly that in essence, but a little OTT enthusiam is hardly a crime, I need to remind myself.

    Difficult to write a balanced article on simply half a game by Jesus and ID PREFER TO AWAIT TO SEE WHAT TRANSPIRES NEXT SEASON. But each to their own way I suppose!

  11. It was what I’d call “a good start”. A very good start in fact.

    It’s not only the fact of scoring goals, it’s the way they were taken and the runs he made to be in a position to do so. And the fact those runs also open up other opportunities by pulling people out of position – such as the diagonal run across the box for his 2nd goal.

    Yes it’s “only” a 2nd div team, but I’m not sure I’d read too much into the 2-0 first half since that seemed to be more about presenting a display in the shop window (or perhaps giving some of the people who may be sold a chance to show what they have learned in the last year – always keep an open mind).

    When the “real team” got going they won 5-1 in 45 minutes, with Jesus a big part of it. That’s pretty decent by anyone’s standards.

  12. Am I going to be called neagtive for pointing out it was a team who finished 8th in the 2nd Division ?
    In other words , I would hope our players looked good

  13. Lets NOT get excited over friendlies, Nobody likes losing any game but it matters little how we play and what each player does. I remember a certain Yaya Sanogo scoring 4 at the emirates cup and being a complete failure. Its all about fitness. You get nothing for winning drawing or losing friendlies because they just fitness games. To judge successs or failure of the team or a player is futile.

    1. You can’t compare the levels of experience between Sanogo and Jesus when they signed and made their respective debuts for Arsenal. Jesus is coming off the back of 4 premier league titles and scoring goals.
      Jesus netted 123 times in 319 appearances in all competitions for City, including 58 goals in the Premier League. He comes with an exciting track record and is not an unknown.
      I think it’s fair to be excited even though I understand opinions just as yours in a respectful way.
      Let’s look forward to the season opener with optimism and not with our heads low.

      1. Im not comparing anyone, im saying friendlies are a waste of time to make any type of judgement on anyone. People do not realise what goes on preseason and what is done to get fitness, what isnt done during the season. The games are not pressure and are totally not looked at as any kind of proper game by professionals. They are money spinners now and are falsely pushed by some/media as being more than they are for obvious reasons. The games themselves are fitness exorcises only.

  14. We played a ton of combos and blooded new players. First time together, first time trying a “system”. Well played lads. You buggers are tooooo impatient and fair weather to see that this is a positive START to us being back with the big boys. COYG FOR LIFE

  15. So on point, but you know arsenal fans are never patient . I hope he hits the ground running

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