Is game management the BIG problem for Arsenal?

One thing that everyone can agree about the Arsenal v Atletico Madrid game is that it was an absolutely glorious chance for the Gunners to take a big hold of this Europa League semi-final, and not many would argue that we did not do it, but I’m sure that the debate about why is a bit more complicated.

I reckon that a lot of people will be laying a large portion of the blame at the feet of Laurent Koscielny it was a horrendous piece of pantomime defending from the Frenchman. To be fair to him, though, he is not the only current Gunner to have had such moments.

Martin Keown suggested that we just need a bit of luck in Madrid and you could argue that we deserved much more than one goal at the Emirates, but I think the big problem we have is all about game management. Of course we could have done with a second against Atletico and it looked like we could get it, but with 10 minutes to go against a tiring but dangerous team there had to be common sense and patience.

Which other big team but Arsenal does this on a regular basis? Barcelona, maybe? They do tend to win more games though, while Arsenal never seem to learn.



  1. barryglik says:

    By tomorrow things will calm down.
    1-1 means the tie is still alive.
    All to play for.

  2. RSH says:

    arsenal- zero EPL away wins in 2018
    Atletico- 4 La Liga home goals conceded all season
    We can lie to ourselves about how this 2nd leg is going to go, but it wont change what we know is about to come. You could not have asked for a better opportunity like the one we just had. This game just proves this squad are losers and not good enough. Major clearout needed, not just Wenger. I’m just thinking about next season because I don’t see the point in hoping for a good result Thursday. Can we change the name of this tournament to FA Cup?

  3. Sony says:

    Hope is last thing we can loose so i will say lets trash them in second leg with Iwobi hattrick !! In Arsene i trust !!!
    I would play Holding against Costa (remember FA cup ?).

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Arsenal have essentially had a bye to the semi-final, given how poor our opponents were, and then look what happens when we finally meet a quality side…we fail to win, yet again! Even when they give us an extra player for almost the entire game, we still find a way of messing things up!

    I have been banging the Simeone drum for a long time, and that performance is why. We desperately need that kind of defensive organisation at Arsenal.

    1. Phil says:

      That kind of defensive cohesion is what wins games.Its why they never looked rattled even when under the cosh.It will now take a mammoth performance next week.But I’m still confident we have it in us to produce something.The problem is do the players have that belief?

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Also Simeone was sent from the side lines and the discipline never waned; this comes from hours of training and practice.

  5. Andrew E says:

    Without our best striker (Auba) it is a big handicap and I cannot see us beating them next Thursday. Stranger things have happened so fingers crossed.

    Anyway I’ll be glad to see the back of this season and hope they announce AW’s successor soon and hope it isn’t Brendan Rogers. That will really ruin my summer.

  6. Durand says:

    All that possession and 1-0 lead pissed away by defenders not concentrating on Greizman!
    What are Kos and Mustafi doing? Do they even communicate? Why were Monreal and Bellerin still so far forward, especially in last 10 minutes?

    This game shows why Allegri should be next manager in my opinion.

    We had man advantage with 80 min to play, Allegri would have tweaked tactics and slit their throat.

    Not us, no change, just same ole pass pass pass pass, get caught out. Again and again and again….

  7. HA559 says:

    Sevilla beat Atletico in copa del ray 5-2 on aggregate this seaon. But with Arsenal it is different. I can see us scoring but with leaky defence not sure. Mkhitariyan has to play to stand a chance.

  8. Rkw says:

    No … just a deficit of quality players … need 2 (at least) new defenders and a world clas DM … kos is past his sell by date mustafi never had one … bellerin for me is average st best … xhaka is the biggest waste of 35m in epl history … sell one or both of Ramsey and Wilshire … sell welbeck … but the big question is who will come in and instill the discipline and determination that has been drained during wengers lost decade …

  9. Abel says:

    Good thing Iwobi didn’t play or he’d have been blamed for the poor result.

    1. Phil says:

      You know-I dislike Iwobi enormously.He is in my opinion never ever good enough for this club.But even I was crying out for him to be brought on in the second half to give us something different.Last 20-25 minutes i would have taken off Wilshere and moved Ozil more central.Played Iwobi Wilde left and put Welbeck alongside Lacazette.It would have given us something different.But no.As always we only play one way.Wengers way.Even when it’s obvious it’s not working.And he wonders why he was SACKED

      1. ArsenalGR says:

        Spot on mate, exactly what I wanted to say! The main reason is indeed Wenger, not Xhaka or Koscienly. A real manager does not seat at the bench saying nothing or making no changes at all… I really hope the next manager possesses these virtues…

  10. Malaysian gunner says:

    The game shows Wenger cannot be compared to the top coaches.
    His predictable style and over elaboration is the main reason.imho.
    Its still game on though Arsenal are underdogs.But I think AM will get through.
    Its good he is bowing out otherwise ,I believe,the gunners will be
    forever playing catch up.

  11. Nick2741 says:

    I rather play great exiting football like and lose or draw 1-1 than play defending football like semion
    Of ath ..Madrid and win Any day

  12. Arnold says:

    There is no such a thing in football like leadership or game management it’s down to one thing “quality “ either you have it or you don’t

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