Is Gareth Southgate likely to pick Aaron Ramsdale for his England squad?

England will be set to face off in 5 friendly games over the next 3 months to prepare for the upcoming 2024 Euro’s in Germany this year and with plenty of decisions still to make for Garreth Southgate regarding team selection and what not, Mikel Arteta has urged Southgate to pick Ramsdale.

Saying this about Southgate’s upcoming team selection, Arteta told “I don’t know how Gareth is thinking but if I put that situation into my eyes and my perspective and how I make a decision, I would judge Aaron not for what he has done in one day but what he has done in the last two or three seasons and the consistency he has shown, the quality he has shown. It would give me no reason to make another decision”.

Also adding this when asked if Ramsdale was too emotional of a player “A player has to be himself and one of the biggest qualities of Aaron is his character and his charisma, his enthusiasm, his energy”.

Southgate will pick his team for the upcoming international friendlies on Thursday and Ramsdale and plenty of other Arsenal players will be hoping they are named in the team list, but considering the fact Ramsdale hasn’t been playing consistent first team football, it might be a harder decision than some expect. But as most of us know, Southgate does like to pick players he trusts as backups and, in the past, that’s been Ramsdale, so I do think there’s a good shot of his being selected.

Although I think he might get a call up, I don’t think Southgate will trust him to start as his number one choice. He might be one of the best to be picked, but with the lack of game time and first team football, it’s hard to pick a goalkeeper as you need them to be playing and on form for their club and Ramsdale just hasn’t been getting that.

Last night he made a few mistakes and I think a lot of that is due to not getting minutes and with the lack of sharpness, can Southgate really risk putting his trust into Ramsdale or will he opt to trust Jordan Pickford or someone else?

It’s going to be a tight call and one we as Arsenal fans will be awaiting for and personally, I hope he does get the call up, he’s a great keeper and he’s wasted on the bench at Arsenal, I’ve said it before but I think he needs to be a bit selfish and think of himself, if he doesn’t get picked for England, that would be a clear sign to me that he would need to move on from Arsenal or he won’t be getting international chances in the near future.

We will have to wait and see what Southgate decides on Thursday, but do you think it is likely?

Daisy Mae

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  1. I don’t know what mistakes you saw DM, but other than the one disastrous error I thought Ramsdale had a great game against Brentford, and I’d like to see Southgate show some faith in him, but it’s doubtful.

  2. Southgate knows how good Ramsdale is, because he travels and trains with the England squad every game as a number 2 goal keeper. So when they train ten v ten their are two goalkeepers, one either end of the pitch during training, and Ramsdale is usually the goalkeeper playing the opposite to Pickford in the ten v ten sessions.
    So Southgate doesn’t need the Brentford game to know what he already knows. Ramsdale will remain England number 2 or Even number 3 goalkeeper, because England managers like consistency and experience, unless injuries or a new extraordinary player forces their hands to make new selections.

      1. Hi Jax , …If you mean Arsenal’s training squads , yes all of them. If you mean England’s, I don’t quite understand as they don’t have training squads.?

        1. Sorry GB I was replying to daveg. He mentioned training, so I assumed (probably wrongly) there had been England training.

  3. The gaffer needs to do more for Ramsdale than just lip service if wants the lad become England #1.

    Raya has the gaffer to thanks for firmly in Spain team.

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