Is Germany row more proof that Arsenal DO have a problem?

I am not really sure why Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have decided to make this injury to Mesut Ozil into an issue. And with the terrible record that the club has had with injuries in recent years, you would think that we were the last people to cast doubt on the competence of any other medical team.

The 25-year old midfielder apparently picked up what seemed like a small knock in the defeat at Chelsea last weekend and when he met up with the Germany national squad it was bothering him enough for them to send him for a scan which showed some ligament damage in his left knee, as reported by ESPN, and the German medical team stated that it would mean that Ozil would probably miss around 10-12 weeks.

Bad news for us, but for some reason Wenger has suggested that the German’s medical expert may have made a mistake. In an report the Frenchman said that Arsenal would do their own examination of Ozil and hinted that he might not be out for as long.

When told about this the German assistant coach Thomas Schneider re-stated that they were certain of their own expert’s findings, so what is it all about. If Arsenal are proved to be right, of course, it may go some way to easing the fears that there is an underlying problem at Arsenal. But if not, this needless row will only highlight the injury issue. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. your title is a little misleading. But we have to wait and find out how our “experts” diagnose ozils problem and see how long they predict he will be out for.

    We definitely do have a problem, i think the giroud, debuchy and walcott injuries were just unlucky but all the other players who have muscle and ligament problems is not a coincidence.

    1. the real issue is that we play too many payers who are already injured,Ozil played the whole game against Chelsea,even tho he was poor,an now its pretty obvious he was injured either during or b4 the match.Why did he play?Is Wenger putting politics b4 the football?looks like it.Kos is a similar case if he’s injured now he must have been injured against or b4 we played Chelsea,these incidents are very worrying because clearly we are injuring our own players

  2. Which team do you mean, the medical staff is useless, just fire the whole medical staff. All they will do is bring back the player when not fully fitto cover for the injuries

    1. If you ever watched a press conference at Arsenal you would know by now that if the player does not feel fit then Wenger is not including him in the squad even if the medical team says he’s healthy.

      1. If you’ve ever watched more than two press conference, that’s more than enough as Arsene has been saying ther same thing for 18 years

        1 Er er positive metal spirit
        2. Er er Spirt metal positive
        3 Er er Metal spirit postive

  3. I’m of the belief that the German medical staffs findings are correct,Arsenals medical staff are not to be trusted their findings are usually wrong they will say a player will be out for 3weeks then it ends up as 3months!

  4. Don’t you people see the issue? That was not Ozil that the German doc examined! The fact he couldn’t speak German should have given it away!!!!! Meanwhile a family in Istanbul are left without their son/brother/father. Mustafa’s only mistake was that he looked like Ozil. Meanwhile, Ozil’s cleaner states that she put when she cleaned up on Monday, there was a warm bowl of porridge on the table in the kitchen. This is at the exact same time as the German FA were sending who they thought was Ozil for a scan!!!!!!!!

    The fact that Wilshere yesterday claimed that he is as happy to start an attack as he is to be around the box raises serious concerns now for the safety of Arteta.


  5. Im confused. Your TITLE seems to have nothing to do with the Article written below it. Did you perhaps put the wrong TITLE. Wait I will read it again……… Nope same conclusion! Title Nothing to do with the Article.

  6. Well either way you look at it, Ozil is still injured and still can’t play for quite some time. And even if our medical staff say that Ozil can come back in 8-10 weeks, it’ll still be 10-12 weeks because their timing is never accurate. Look at Walcott’s return ffs. just a disappointment anyway you look at it.

  7. Wenger did not give Ozil a rest even when he was struggling for form and every body hoped he needs a break.
    Wringer’s decision making I will never understand. Why he always think differently then rest of the world

  8. Ramsey and Arteta back soon
    but Ramsey has been in very
    poor form this season and Arteta
    like Mertz moves like a glacier.
    Gnabry is back soon but right wing is not an area of need.
    Wenger says we will make our own “assessment” of Ozil.
    Just like Wenger assessed Sanogo and Diaby in the summer
    as being fit so we did not buy a top class striker or DM.
    Remind me again how many EPL games Sanogo and Diaby have completed this term?
    Talking of wheel chairs how long till Jack wheelchair is out again?
    Walcotts injury seems to have been very serious so it would not
    surprise me if there were further issues this season for him.
    Koscielney has an on going archilles problem, that will put him
    out for months eventually. Ospina is out again after two games !!!
    Chamberlain picks up injuries like Chambers and Flamini pick up cards.
    To be fair we have a run of reasonable fixtures ahead
    and we can give game time to the likes of
    Campbell Podolski Rosicky Coquelin and Hayden.
    Thank goodness Sanchez Szcz and Wellbeck are not injured…..touch wood.

    Nothing to worry about everything is fine… la la la dee dee dee dee …

    1. I don’t know if anyone else has taken note, but the absence of Arteta and Ramsey have made us play better, our game seems faster and direct now.

        1. See, I am capable of detecting sarcasm simply becuz I’m no an AKB. Lol!

          But truth is that we played well, we just weren’t biting upfront.

        2. I reckon our performance against
          Chelsea was our best of the
          season with the City game second.
          With Walcott Debuchy and Ozil out
          we are down to 14 decent players and
          7 tier 2 battlers. Similar to how injuries
          shaped our team selection last term.

  9. Ozil out for 10-12 weeks…are we going to play any worse? is anyone really shattered? unfortunately not me…it’s not nice for anyone to be injured nor do I wish it on any…but do I think the team will be adversely affected by his absence? Not at all.
    Santi or Jack at No 10. Sanchez on the left. Ox on the right. Danny up front.
    And for goodness sake Wenger – get Diaby back on the bloody pitch!
    The rest is fine at the back.

    What’s the problem?

  10. I don’t give a rats arse either way, with him or without him we are no better than we’ve been for the last 9 years. Sorry but im not deluding myself about mister £42million , he’s not worth half that price

    1. @ABK, u are right.

      Somehow, injury to certain players has made us play even better, just that we’ve not really had good results to match our performances.

  11. In medical terms, when it comes to injuries I believe all arsenal players should seek a second Opinion. We have far too many of our players go down, get diagnosed and told they’ll be back in x weeks and at the end of that time it pused back again. Then when they return boom, another injury. Something has to give. Personally I think our training methods are the problem and we need to add a lot more strengthening to our conditioning, more weights and power defining exercises rather than all ball work which is how we train now.

    1. Real question: How do you know that the way Arsenal’s first team trains is “all ball work” as opposed to involving strength and conditioning training? You said we need to “add a lot more,” so does that mean you think they do some strength and conditioning training? And how do you know?

      I think that from an outsider’s perspective who is making a deduction simply due to the physical appearance of the players, that the players are in the weight room. To my eyes, and based on my own strength and conditioning training versus only playing or running, you can’t get the muscle size in the legs or upper body that those boys have. They’re not big hulky beasts up top, but they’re all strong and clearly well defined. And their legs are pretty much all tree trunks for all the first team players. Does that jive with you?

  12. So what did Wenger and Arsenal medical team find out?
    DFB said 12 weeks, and what is the big deal if Arsenal find out it only takes 10 weeks?
    It is not like 12 weeks vs 4 weeks.
    Based on the injury history that we have, we had more setbacks than early returns (rush returns also casued further injuries), I trust the DFB more.

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