Is Gibbs pricing himself out of transfer from Arsenal?

A lot of Arsenal fans have been wondering for years about the possibility of our left back Kieran Gibbs making the decision to leave Arsenal and seek more regular game time at another club. After his early playing career with the Gunners was plagued by injury the former England international who has not been capped by the Three Lions since 2015 seemed to be set for a first team place and was neck and neck with Nacho Monreal for a while – but now seems to be a distant second choice in the mind of Arsene Wenger.

Perhaps Gibbs is not that bothered, because if he was you would think he would already have gone to another Premier League club where his international career may have been helped. Maybe that is why the Gunners are struggling to offload him now.

The defender will be 28-years old in a couple of months but according to a report in The Mirror he does not seem all that desperate to secure a transfer, as he is said to be demanding a weekly salary of around £70,000 – which is a bit steep to say the least for a player who made just 11 appearance in the league last season.

Reports had been saying that Arsenal were looking to get something like £15 million for the player but are now seeking around half that, probably because his wage demands are too high, so is Gibbs going to just stay at Arsenal and collect the cash? Or will someone take a chance on this talented but unfulfilled left back?



    1. Mahrez and Ozil, looks excessively on the limp side. Mbappe and Lacazette, you’re right not enough room for both CFs. People imagine one of them playing on the wing, not gonna happen, players are selfish, well not that unselfish anyhow. They are vying for same national team too, they are foes.

  1. @twig, that is what we deserve always, nothing is excessive if you consider yourself a big club,we need them and more ,let us be like RM if possible to win back to back CL titles!

  2. Lyon have confirmed that Lacazette deal is done.
    He is a great player imo. He will thrive in our system. Even athletico Madrid wanted him… Great business… Onwards and upwards….

    1. People should not under estimate Atletico wanting a certain striker above all others. They have a great record at not spending too much and having strikers who become deadly for them. The money they were gonna pay, it’s allot, must mean they planned on him becoming much more valuable in time.

  3. Looks like we might have to supplement his wages. We pay 15 to 20 grand a week on top of Newc 40 to 45 grand. We’d be still saving a sizable chunk, maybe add an add-on which says if they stay up we get some of it back and they have to pay it alone the following seasons. Allot of money for staying in the prem, so they should make do if they are a prem team come the following season.

    An extra 40 grand a week, still a long way to go to get Alexis wages freed up.

  4. Yesterday’s reports suggested that Arsenal are willing to accept £8 million for Gibbs. Maybe that’s an attempt to start a bidding war for him? ? Watford, Newcastle and a few other mid-table teams are interested but all bulked at the £15 million valuation.

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