Is Giroud really Arsenal’s only hope of EPL title?

For Arsenal to win the Premier League title we need quite a few things to happen. Starting from the away game against Bournemouth on Sunday the Gunners need to get back to winning ways. We really need to hold our nerve and deal with the expectation of winning games against so-called lesser teams and then we need to step up and cope with the pressure or the games against the big boys.

Keeping it tight at the back is essential, of course, as it gives the team a platform to work from and means that there is less pressure on the creative and attacking players at the other end to produce their very best form on a week to week basis.

But even with a solid back four and an in form Petr Cech, Arsenal will need to score goals and that is the hot topic around the club this week after drawing a blanks for the three games in a row for the first time since 2009. Normally this would be a cue for Arsenal fans to start getting on the back of our French striker and bemoaning the fact that Giroud squanders too many chances.

Not this time, though, as a stats report in Metro shows that the big man is in fact the only one of the Arsenal strike force that is anywhere near clinical in front of goal. The report shows on a graph the difference between the conversion rates of our five main goal threats Giroid, Alexis, Ramsey, Ozil and Walcott compared to their expected goal rate, worked out by the likelihood of all of their chances resulting in a goal.

The Frenchman’s conversion rate is higher than expected and that is very good news for Arsenal fans. The big worry is that the other five Gunners are all converting some way below their expected rate. So does this mean that we are pinning any hopes of the EPL title on Giroud?

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  1. When Giroud if off-form who is our next striker to rely on??Sometimes I wonder how Wenger doesnt see the needy for a striker!!I could fight to get a striker than getting Elneny!!some will disagree but trust me Wenger will not be playing him regulary bcoz he is not want we needed the most!!Assume Giroud gets Injured??When Giroud and Walcot(our strikers??!!) are both in the squad and they are struglling to score,then who comes off the bench??are we going to rely on Sanchez or the time….ooh Wenger!!!

  2. we only saw the best of giroud when we saw the best of walcott.
    when he knew walcott was takin his place he became a beast.

    problem is theo has taken 10 years of perfecting his skills to become mr inconsistent i talk myself up like im arjen robben but deliver rarely.

    im not a fan. if that fateful day at southampton wenger chose bale not walcott. life coulda been so different for gooners

    but giroud i like. he makes plenty mistakes an isnt quick. but he grafts, is difficult to play against and gets 20 goals a season.
    worth keeping in my mind

    1. Excellent critique of
      Giroud , Muff.
      Has flaws but scores 🙂
      Ozil is in sublime form and
      has already created 40 chances.
      Sanchez can be frustrating but remains a threat.
      Campbell +Iwobi are inexperienced battlers.
      while Wellbeck has been out with injury.
      To me galvanizing senior pros Walcott, Ramsey
      and Ox is the crucial factor for our premiership aspirations.
      They have their flaws but like Giroud if they score
      “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”

    1. Lmao, we need articles pointing out the flaws of the club instead of trying to suggest our players are world beaters

  3. Arsenal do not have the mind set to be champions and haven`t had for a long time, irrespective of what Wenger says.

  4. if u want to get the best from giroud *coughs* …….. Give him a competitor for f**k sake

    how many times must u be told this?

    Don’t u ever Learn?

  5. Wenger is not to blame, walcott and giroud also not. the ones who are to blame are the idiots of people who call them selfs fans.

    Smart enough to spend money on arsenal, stupid enough not to question anything.

  6. Wenger knew about welbeck’s injury and didn’t replace him. He knows about Walcott’s inconsistencies, he knows about wilshere’s injury spring, he knew about needing cover for coquelin and 30 year old cazorla. Wenger is making money for the board controlled by Kroenke who uses this money to build his stadium in LA. All his sports teams don’t win a title and the only reason he has wenger in there is because he’s in line with the club’s philosophy. Even usmanov and many other prominent figures came out and spoke about this but until the fans put their foot down nothing will change. Same story, every year, the truth is football has changed and fans need to stop looking at the sport as they did in the 80-90s.

    we will never win the league under this current regime, that I can guarantee you all.

  7. fingers crossed welbz comes good because it’s euros soon so he has to, with the form all the other English bpl strikers are in he has alot to prove but i believe in him, remember our boy welbz scored his first hatrick for us in his first season giroud only got his first this year after how long being at the club……….. but anyway wenger knows best

    1. @Just another gooner

      I really hope you’re right and he comes good, but where does your belief come from? Welbeck is an average/poor player and has been out of the game for almost a year, why is he going to suddenly start banging them in?

      Facts on Welbeck – In 6 full seasons he’s only reached double figures twice, with 12 goals being his best return. The most he has in a league campaign is 9. Last season he only scored 4 in 25 league games for us.

      Welbeck, along with many others, is not Arsenal quality. Having said that, I’d take him all day long over Walcott. So hopefully his return will see less game time for arguably the worst finisher in the league.

  8. Some of U guys are funny, same anger, same emotions yet U don’t change a thing. Can’t Arsenal fans protest against Wenger and d board?
    Who buys d tickets every season? Who goes to stadiums every game n return with frustrations? Wenger has all d smoth-good talk, he’s a psychologist, and a business man. Now Ur best players will leave in d Summer, bcos d likes of Ozil, Sanchez, Koschieny are angry at lack of ambition from d Board. I will be clear to U all in d summer.
    I’ve said it b4, Arsene Wenger is the problem of Arsenal!!!!
    The likes of Walcott, Ramsey, Ox, Gibs, Flamini, Mertesacker, shouldn’t be in Arsenal talk more of being starters… Giroud can’t lead Arsenal attack consistently, every idiot around knows this let alone football followers. Arsenal are still in d tittle race but… That’s d best they can be!!!!!
    Wenger Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. giroud is a 13 goal per epl season striker, thats one goal per 3 matches, said it before, that will never win a leaque, last. time we finished first Henry scored 27 goals in the epl season,

  10. The weakness of many commentators on this site is obsession with individuals. The problem lately has not been individual players singly but the team’s lack of spirit. Save for the Stoke and Chelsea games the team hasn’t been clicking as before. You can see lack of conviction even in the shots on goal. The agility to close down teams and move as a team is all gone. Now you see only a bunch of players struggling to have any form of rhythm! It is really disappointing. There is no sense of urgency and the players’ legs seem very tired as if they have been playing for ages! It is still a puzzle to me why in the Southampton game Wenger did not start with Coquelin. It is true he had just returned from injury but then against a team which had beaten us 4-0 it was not correct to leave our best DM on the bench and then almost play the same team that had lost miserably on 26th December 2015. You can see how other ambitious managers do it. Aguero was made to start on his first appearance from injury because the manager wanted goals. Similarly Wenger should decide whether he wants to win or just to participate. We are yet to see Elneny in the PL. Why wasn’t he given some minutes after all Ramsey had disgusted us enough? Perhaps Wenger should stop giving his team a massive rest because whenever he does players return when they are rusty. Let him rest a few, maybe 3, and then put the rest on the bench to keep alert. Although none of us is privy to the goings on in the dressing room, I feel the manager needs to get ruthless with under-performing players like Walcott, Ramsey and the rest of the British core generally. There is no excuse whatsoever for the players to behave as if they have no purpose for being on the pitch.

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