Is Giroud REALLY happy that Arsenal are after Vardy?

Is Giroud feeling the pressure of Vardy’s proposed move?

The debates are continuing on whether Jamie Vardy’s proposed move to Arsenal is a good move for the Gunners. But one person who truly must be uncertain is Arsenal frontman Olivier Giroud, who may start to feel that the pressure has been cranked up another notch in terms of starting for the Gunners.

Speaking about the Vardy rumour, Giroud told SkySports: “I have been told that Jamie wants to join us and it’s very good news for us. I think we can be complimentary and that’s all I can say. He’s a fantastic player, so it’s good news for us.”

Giroud seems to be content and pleased to know Vardy may be soon joining him at the club. However deep down, Giroud must be thinking about his position in the team and if this means that he’ll lose his place in the starting line up. That said, Oli definitely seems to play better when he has competition breathing down his neck.

Arsenal traditionally have played a 4-5-1 system under Arsene Wenger in recent years. Such formation would see, when fit, Welbeck, Vardy and Giroud all competing for one position and one player is sure to not be happy with a lack of playing time. With Welbeck’s performances last season brightening Arsenal’s style of play, you’d assume that he’d be ahead of Giroud’s chances of getting a regular set of games and so The Frenchman must surely be worried. When asked about a formation change, Giroud said he’d obviously prefer a ” four-four-two” System. However overall Giroud reportedly welcomes the competition that Vardy would bring.

He added: “As I said in the past I am happy with competition. We have always had fantastic strikers at Arsenal and I want the best for this club. Hopefully he is going to help us win this title.”

It’s good to see that Giroud welcomes such competition and looks on it as a positive manner to improve not only his own game, to ensure he keeps his place in the side, but that also the team as a whole would improve with the signing of Vardy. But seriously he must know his place in the team is in real jeopardy.

I guess we’ll see how things pan out come the start of the season though Oli!


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  1. Good Giroud, buckle up for competition. Also I am seeing so many non Arsenal supporters bashing us for moving for Vardy, saying we poach other teams, no match between playing styles etc etc, Sad really, No one never once mentioned these things when we were being robbed of our best players left, right & centre. Now since we are buying one player, we are evil all of a sudden. smh in disbelief.

    Just you guys see, IF Vardy does join us, he will go from media darling to target of abuse from media.

    1. I want Mahrez along with Vardy. I don’t give a s**t what the media or other fans think, like you said where were they when our players were being snatched up left right and center? I’ve come to realize for a while now that people always want us to fail by showing hypocrisy, cowardice or favoritism. Gary Lineker comes to mind more recent…

      1. Exactly… Liverpool – pillaged southampton, look what happened after they signed Benteke from Villa? United – Fellaini, RVP, Shaw, Schneiderlin, City – Delph, Sterling, Nasri.. Chelsea – pushing hard for Lukaku, Stones.
        When other clubs do it it’s good business, when we do it it’s not nice!! double standards.. what? we have to be nice now we’re willing to spend money? screw that!!
        If, at the start of the window you’d have told me we could shore up DLP and striker with the quality we’ve supposedly nearly completed for around 55mil I’d definitely hope we go in for another wide player. No shortage of quality either rumoured to be available or interested in a move. Would take Mahrez, Mhka or Carrasco in a heartbeat!

  2. We started well in the transfer market. One very important position is done.
    Now Vardy is connected with us. We fans are confused, we are happy if we sign 34 year old full of attitude guy who can change the entire atmosphere of the dressing room and also we are happy if we sign 29 year old guy who ditched us last time also Higuain. But fans are confused with Vardy who just scored 25 goals, who is having a premier league medal with him and can be good for us.
    Now coming back to gossip again, my shopping list :
    1: Finalize the Vardy deal
    2: Go after Maharez
    3: Buy Gotze – This guy will bring the more directness in our play and we can rest Santi who is very important for us.. This will be a luxurious signing but why not.
    4: No need of CB as we have 4 CBs plus Jenkinson will be back.

  3. We need one cb I believe.koss is gud someone gud and reliable for longer periods in the season.mert and Gabriel hve many bad days which cost us.just can’t wait for vardy to be announced.getting mhrez and I will be screaming the whole season coyg!! Let’s turn it up next year in the emirates,wenger should prove us wrong thay he still got it lets see

  4. I say improve our squad as much as we can no matter at who’s expense. If we can get someone for £20m and he is better than what we have then you have to take him. I am hearing now that mahrez is only £15m Kante £20m and Vardy £20m plus Rodriguez £19m

    Well I am sorry but for £74m you cannot get 4 players that good. Are they better than wellington, flamini, sanogo and gibbs? You bet your bloody house they are. We might even recoup £14m from the sale of 3 of those players, meaning a net spend of just £60m.

    Yes I would still look to improve, if the Armenian fella wants to come, ask yourself is he better than campbell or Walcott or chamberlain? If we can sign koubilily is he better than Debuchy, mertesacker or gabriel? Would you sell ospina or Szczesney to land jack butland?

    It should be all about making the squad as strong as possible. Sentiments should not come into it. We can have 25 players born 1994 or before 17 of which can be “overseas” 4 homegrown and 4 association trained. Bellerin, chambers, iwobi, akpom, hayden, toral are not even included in those figures.

    Also remember welbeck will not play this calendar year. So I say be ruthless, leave hi out of the 25 then reassess things before the January window closes.

    1. I would be very happy with Mahrez and Kante and I have also read that Wenger’s eye’s nearly popped out of his head when he saw how low Mahrez’s release clause was! ?
      well.. the report didn’t take it to that extreme, but that’s how I imagined how Wenger’s reaction would have been.??
      Some rumours are suggesting 25 million.

      I’m still not keen on Vardy, especially the 4 year contract part!… We could easily get Jansenn or Milik for less than 20 million and at least, we would get our moneys worth out of them! … Jansenn has been scoring at international level, of late ( 2 in 2) and keep your eye’s on milik for Poland, during the Euro’s…. You’re going to be impressed with him. ?

      1. Hehe knowing arsene if he wants a striker he will pick the right one.he will just be showing us one name and boom u will be screaming what has he done haha

  5. When Liverpool raided Southampton off their players. The media didn’t say anything. Now we want Vardy and they are talking thrash. They are simply jealous. When Manu took Vanp, they said Vanp wanted the move to win trophies but they didn’t mention any negative comments on manu. Oh well, they must talk. Their business.

  6. Giroud is a good guy and does his best to say all the right things. Of course he will feel threatened but he also understand that a team needs more than one player in one position. I am surprised by the way fans treat him. He is no Luis Suarez but he does a job and fights for ninety minutes. For a long time, we simply did not know how to use him. He is good in the air and thrives off crosses. He is also above 30 now so he knows for sure that Arsenal will beginning to plan for the future at some point. I like the guy. He actually does better coming off the bench and we will need a fully fit and deep squad if we are to challenge for anything next season.

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