Is Giroud still Arsenal’s main striker in Wenger’s mind?

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is remaining relatively coy over the situation regarding Olivier Giroud, with Le Prof maintaining that Giroud will be an important player for the Gunners once he gets back to full fitness. It is understood that Giroud may be ready to return to the squad within the next week or so, however my main topic for debate is the fact that I don’t think Giroud deserves to be placed back in the starting line up so soon after injury without proving himself, especially as Alexis Sanchez is doing so well.

In my opinion Giroud may well be the club’s main striker, because let’s face it Alexis is a converted winger rather than a striker. On that basis Giroud doesn’t have much competition and so on paper he should be listed as a first choice striker. However Giroud hasn’t done anything to prove himself so far this season, nor does he earn the right to start based upon performances from last season. With Alexis Sanchez doing so well now in the striker’s position, the Chilean has finally adapted to the new role and for as long as he remains confident and consistent in front of goal with his performances, I don’t see why he should be dropped for the less favourable Olivier Giroud.

Arsene Wenger has had his say on the matter in a report written by the Evening Standard. Wenger is quoted saying: “Sanchez can also play on the flank, like he has before. He’s happy to play on the flank and up front. I will have to try to find the best solution game by game.”

First of all I think it’s fantastic that we have a world class player in Alexis who is capable of performing to the highest level in a number of different positions across the pitch. It’s also great that he’s content with playing as either a striker or a winger, but in my opinion, with Iwobi and Walcott proving effective so far this season, why would it be right for one of them to be dropped so Alexis can move back out wide for the French forward to regain his place upfront.

For me this situation surrounding Olivier Giroud has caused enough problems already this season because not only is it ridiculous that he has struggled to regain his fitness after returning late from the Euro’s, but that his head also doesn’t seem to be in the game. Although he cannot help the length of an injury, prior to the setback he was already struggling to keep up his fitness. He also came on against Chelsea and slowed our gameplay right down, whilst also offering no means of attack whatsoever. Giroud also looked hot headed and out of the game against PSG, which consequently saw him sent off. In his 72 minutes so far this season, Giroud just hasn’t been up to the task and so I think that not only does he have to prove himself to get back into the starting eleven, but he also has a big challenge on his hands to show the Gunners his value to this team overall.



  1. I don’t know what’s in Wenger’s mind. Only he does
    I see Alexis staying up front until he starts to struggle, then Giroud will come in
    If Iwobi starts to struggle, Perez will play left

    But really as long as we keep winning, I am not too concerned

    1. Wenger has already said that Giroud will not be available for at least another two weeks so it will be Lucas on the bench to replace Sanchez.

      The Ox will be the cover for Iwobi I think.

  2. i dont see Sanchez being dropped any time soon.Wenger said that Sanchez can become his Suarez which i take ro mean that he wants him up since the Sanchez switch is working wonders Giroud has no starting place.Wenger spoke the other day about the need for speed in his strikers which Giroud seems to lack.i see him falling further down the pack especially with the return of Welbz soon.

  3. A bit of an old topic. Har to respond in a new way. I believe if Giroud becomes our main striker again we will have the same or worse results as previous seasons.

    IMO we play much better with faster strikers and a faster game. This precludes Giourd as striker and Ramsey on the right wing.

    Is there any reason to believe Iwobi – Sanchez – Theo will not continue to improve?

    Giroud also makes Theo look bad because part of the strength of Theo’s game is being able to go behind defenders. When we play if Giroud we play so slow that there is no threat for defenders that Theo might run in behind them, making him much easier to defend against.

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