Arsenal star’s loss of form due to “hurt pride”?

Arsenal’s French striker Olivier Giroud was in fantastic form after returning from injury in December and was banging goals in against all-comers (except Monaco!) until the fateful day when Jose Mourinho parked the bus at the Emirates. Since then he has not been able to hit a proverbial barn door and poor Giroud has now gone five games without a sniff at goal.

It has now been revealed, by Giroud himself, that he was very hurt after the Chelsea game, when the Arsenal legend and all-time top scorer Thierry Henry commented that the Gunners could not win the Premier League title with Giroud as their main striker, and he obviously took it to heart. “I heard he was saying too many dull things. That was a bomb and it had its desired effect,” Giroud reportedly told L’Equipe.

“It was surprising to hear him take apart the team. I say ‘team’ because it wasn’t just me, it was the spine. I think he’s wrong.

“I didn’t enjoy hearing it. Coming from an ex-France and Arsenal striker, it’s a shame. It was a bit easy for him to say that after Chelsea game.

“We were doing well, unbeaten in 10, my stats were good. It hurt my pride.”

The Frenchman has admitted before that he is a bit too emotional and it may have been such a strong attack on his prowess that he has perhaps been trying a little too hard since then – and failing to make any impact whatsoever.

What Henry actually said was that Arsenal “need a top, top-quality striker in order to win this league again.” and even Arsene Wenger thought it was prudent to come out and publicly support Giroud. “Nobody can win you the Premier League title alone,” Wenger retorted. “Olivier Giroud is part of the squad and he has done extremely well. He’s scored 14 goals in the Premier League in 20 games. He works very hard for the team. Alone, of course he cannot win it.

“It is always like this when a striker misses chances. It happens to everybody. They are criticised but I always believe there is a difference between saying the performance of a player today was absolutely bad or is a difference between that and always saying, ‘Look this player is not good enough. He is not the level.’

“You can never convict definitely a player. The players accept that they had a bad performance because top level players acknowledge when they don’t play well. I believe that he has done extremely well. He has won the championship in France, let’s not forget that.”

But was the damage already done to Giroud’s esteem? He said that it was “a bomb” and that it had “the desired effect”. Is it that effect that has resulted in his drastic loss of confidence? I think it has…..

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  1. Here’s hoping olivier giroud comes good for us next season, scoring 30 or more goals! Coyg!

  2. Caught between a rock and a hard place. What Henry said was harsh but true and on the other hand I see what Giroud brings to the team besides just scoring goals. I think the solution is simple, get someone in who can rotate, compete or even play along side him. Someone that offers something completely different. Personally I like the looks of Lacazette…

    1. Agreed we just need a forward like lacazette so when we play against teams that park the bus, we have a player capable of recieving the ball, turning, beating a man and getting a strike on goal. Or when wenger wants to play w 4 CAM’s we will still be balanced with pace up top and on the LW or RW

      1. No.the solution is not to get some1 to rotate with Giroud,the answer is to get some1 better than Giroud,period.It worries me that Giroud really thinks that Henry is wrong,this shows how much Wenger an the people at Arsenal are caught up in their own bubble unable to see an overview from outside.We’ve been saying that Girouds not good enough since he came 3 years ago,an im afraid nothing has changed,he still not world class,i can’t think of a top team in Europe he would get into.

  3. Honestly giroud’s poor form and finishing at times, made my blood boil! But lets give him some credit where its due his performance this season was much more improved than last season! He scored some crucial goals for us this season including the winner against man city, so lets give him some slack and support him towards being a better striker for the arsenal cause! Coyg!

  4. I like Giroud, he has really stepped up this season. The only thing with him is that he cant make something out of nothing like lacazette, greizman and lewandowski can do. We cry out for that when teams park the bus. Thats why i think we need a different type of striker in our squad who has that kind of quality. Lacazette would be great. Welbeck is not close to that level yet, still had a lot of work to do on his finishing.

    1. Forget about that ridicules amount there is always a bargain price….if hr player want to come it will be a lot easer than that.

  5. Arsene forgot to remind us that Charmak also won the French league.. I want to believe none of you here knows better than Thiery Henry about what it actually is to be a TOP STRIKER FOR A TOP TEAM…..
    Now it depends on where you class Arsenal Fc..
    Are we a TOP TEAM or ALSO RANS…
    Mourinho sold Mata and i thought…what is he thinking???…..but guess what…he brought in what they needed even though it seemed harsh but we all know the result..and let me stress this..Giroud is lucky RVP don’t play for us anylonger…because he would have made the bench his own

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